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Rolling Stones Release Book and DVD About 60s Performances

A new official book about the first eight years of the Rolling Stones’ career is to be released, accompanied by a DVD. Rolling Stones on Air in the Sixties tells the story of the band’s early years through their many live radio and TV performances and interviews.

It all started with an appearance on the British TV show Thank Your Lucky Stars, where the young musicians were forced by their manager Andrew Loog Oldham to play in matching hounds-tooth suits. Another noteworthy performance featured in the book is the televised free concert in London’s Hyde Park in 1969.

Rolling Stones on Air in the Sixties invites the reader to travel back in time, recreating the atmosphere of a very special decade in music history. It’s an exciting journey that wouldn’t be complete without the music, the clothes, the fans, the rivals and the friends, and without getting a peek at the world at large around one of the most influental rock ‘n’ roll bands ever.

The book includes countless stunning previously unseen photographs, as well as facsimile documents from the BBC and other TV and radio archives. A remarkable example is the letter Brian Jones wrote to the BBC in January 1963, requesting an audition for the “Rollin’ Stones Rhythm and Blues Band”. The DVD features never-before-released footage, both in front of and behind the cameras.

This is history told with great justice to how it had really happened: in context, in an immediate and vivid fashion, offering new insights and unexplored perspectives on the captivating story of an iconic group. The 320-page book is going to be released on 7th September, by the Virgin Books imprint of Random House.

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