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Robin Trower Still Rocks, Days Before His 73rd Birthday

One of the most magical and inspiring moments in life is witnessing an artist doing what they were born to do. And when a someone plays with such incredible passion after over 50 years of touring and recording as Robin Trower does, making music must truly be their calling.

Trower has released 22 studio albums with his power trio after leaving Procol Harum in 1971, the latest one being last year’s ‘Time and Emotion’. His solo work is dominated by powerful, bluesy riffs, and only the occasional psychedelic-inspired solo makes it ever so slightly reminiscent of the five LP’s he recorded with Procul Harum.

The set list at Islington Assembly Hall offered a good overview of the several decades of his career, with highlights including the explosive ‘Day of the Eagle’, the sublime ‘Bridge of Sighs’ and the multifaceted ‘The Turning’, featuring an extended, beautifully ethereal solo.

Trower doesn’t talk much; he didn’t say anything to the audience until after the first couple of songs. He clearly prefers to express himself through his music and let the notes speak for themselves.

Bassist Richard Watts sang lead vocals on most of the tracks, but Trower also took the opportunity to prove that his voice hasn’t lost its strength on a few numbers, such as ‘Where You Are Going To’ and ‘Can’t Turn Back the Clock’. Watts and drummer Chris Taggart are a formidable rhythm section, laying down a strong foundation, on top of which Trower’s legendary guitar playing floats effortlessly and majestically. When listening to him live, it’s easy to understand why he’s considered an important influence by many guitarists, and why King Crimson’s Robert Fripp had once asked him to give him guitar lessons.


Visit Robin Trower’s official website to find out where you can see them live next.


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