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Five stars Reponse

belhomme 14/12/2020

Totale satisfaction comme pour mes at hats precedents . Si par hasard vous rentrez une serie de Ping G 2 ou G5 Lady droitiere je serai acheteur. Amities Bernard Belhomme.


Appels d’urgence 18 ou 112 – Quand et comment appeler les secours ?

Dans quels cas appeler ?

Vous pouvez appeler les sapeurs-pompiers lorsqu’une ou des vies sont en danger (malaise, blessure grave, départ de feu, accident de la route, noyade, inondation, etc.).

Quels renseignements donner ?

  • Où vous trouvez-vous ? Indiquez le lieu le plus précisément possible pour permettre aux secours de vous trouver rapidement (ville, rue, numéro, étage, code d’accès à l’immeuble si nécessaire, etc.) ;
  • Que se passe-t-il ? Indiquez la nature du problème (feu, malaise, accident, etc.), le nombre et l’état des victimes ;
  • Y a-t-il un risque que les choses s’aggravent ? Evoquez les risques éventuels d’incendie, d’explosion ou d’effondrement ;
  • Répondez aux questions qui vous seront posées par la personne que vous aurez au téléphone.

Ne raccrochez jamais le premier ! La personne qui a pris en charge votre appel vous dira quand elle a toutes les informations nécessaires. Donnez votre numéro de téléphone et si possible, restez sur place, en sécurité, pour guider les secours.

Gardez votre sang froid

Une annonce calme, claire et complète garantit la rapidité des secours.

Attention : appelez le 18 ou 112, mais n’en abusez pas !

Lorsque vous composez le 18, votre appel est pris en charge par le centre de traitement de l’alerte des sapeurs-pompiers (CTA), qui reçoit les appels pour tout le département. Pour garantir l’efficacité des secours, il ne doit pas être encombré d’appels inutiles !

Souvenez-vous, n’appelez les sapeurs-pompiers que lorsqu’une vie est en danger !

Communiqué de presse 2018 : Pour un numéro d’urgence unique : le 112 – Efficacité et gain de temps en perspective



Package Guard Guide to a Missing UPS Package | 60S Today


Package Guard Guide to a Missing UPS Package

Losing a package sucks! The process for replacing that missing UPS package and recouping some loss also sucks. That’s why we created The Package Guard Guide to a Missing UPS Package. We try to make navigating the system a little easier — from starting your search to filing a claim, we’re here to help!

UPS has different rules to follow depending on whether you are the person receiving the shipment or the person or company who shipped it. Generally speaking, UPS works more with the shipper than the receiver unless you received a UPS InfoNotice (one of those little yellow notes taped to your door). Also, it’s really important to realize that *lost* versus *stolen* packages are treated differently. Generally speaking, UPS doesn’t take responsibility for packages that were successfully delivered but then stolen. However, they will participate in the investigation with law enforcement officials. UPS truck out for delivery

You’re the Recipient of a Missing UPS Package.

You’ve decided that your missing UPS package was lost, and you want to pursue the issue with UPS. If the UPS driver completed the delivery, then the package’s tracking status will show that it was delivered. This means you either signed a signature release for your address allowing drivers to leave packages unattended, or the driver found a safe place to leave it. If the package couldn’t simply be left, the tracking status will show UPS InfoNotice was left.

If no InfoNotice is present, it means the package either hasn’t been delivered or has been lost or misplaced.

  1. If your package’s status shows a missing delivery, your first step is to contact the shipper.
  2. After you contact the shipper, UPS works with them to search for the package (see the process listed in next section).
  3. You’ll need to work with the shipper through this process to determine if a replacement item or refund will be granted.

If you received a UPS InfoNotice, then it will give you more information on the state of the package. This means the UPS driver didn’t feel comfortable simply leaving the package on your doorstep. UPS drivers have a good deal of discretion regarding where they can leave the package, so the InfoNotice will give you important information about the decision they made.

UPS infonotice

1. If the package was redirected to a UPS Access Point, you’d be able to go pick it up there. Much better than driving out to the nearest UPS hub.

2. You may also have the opportunity to reschedule a delivery and leave additional instructions for the driver. Sign the UPS InfoNotice and place it outside your door for the re-delivery attempt. 3. InfoNotice might say that the package was left with a neighbor or in a good hiding spot like behind the house or a shed. Locate your package there.

You’re the Shipper of a Missing UPS Package.

Likely, you’ve just received a call from someone you sent a package to. Maybe an upset customer. Now you’ve got to figure out this lost package issue and quickly. If you receive a report from a recipient of a missing or stolen package, UPS will want to work with you to find the package or provide reimbursement for the replacement or purchase cost, whichever is less. Responding promptly to these occurrences is essential to good customer service and return business. This is especially important with UPS because they prefer to deal with the shipper.

  1. Report the Missing UPS Package

    • UPS requires the shipper to report any lost packages.
    • Wait 24 hours AFTER the delivery window.
    • Once the report is received, UPS will perform a package search.
    • Package searches can take up to 10 business days.
  2. UPS Authorizes the Claim

    • If the package is not located, a Damage/Loss claim letter will be sent to you, the shipper, via email, fax, or post.
    • If the package is found, UPS will not approve the claim and will route the package on to the recipient. UPS will notify you when the package is delivered.
  3. Document Review

    • You will need to send UPS documents that determine the package’s value. This includes an invoice, purchase order, and proof of mailing (make sure you keep copies of your documents…but I didn’t need to tell you that).
    • UPS will determine the potential value of the package contents and verify that the product falls within the guidelines of UPS terms fo service.
  4. UPS Pays the Claim

    • Once the claim has been approved, UPS will make a payment (to the shipper).
    • UPS will pay either the replacement or purchase cost, whichever is less.
    • UPS will also contact you if they refuse the claim.

No matter your role in a lost or stolen package, shipper or receiver, the process of delivery replacement is not simple. With UPS, if you’re the recipient, you are going to need to contact the shipper, because all reports of lost packages and claims must be filed by the shipper. If you’re the shipper, then you’ll be working through a long process with UPS. As package theft continues to rise, people and companies who ship and receive a lot of packages should seriously consider how they might prevent this crime before it happens. Even if package theft isn’t the fault of the shipper or carrier, it’s all too easy for the recipient to direct their understandable frustration in that direction. If you’re one of the 23 million Americans who’ve had a package stolen, hopefully, you have a clearer sense of what you can do. Above all, it’s worth thinking about ways to prevent package theft.


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Name Rater姓名判断師 Onomancer Name Rater 60stoday.comThe Name Rater in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Gender Male Hometown Varies Region Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orre, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola Generation I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII Games Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen, Colosseum, XD: Gale of Darkness, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver, Black and White, Black 2 and White 2, X and Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Sword and Shield

A Name Rater (Japanese: 姓名判断師 Onomancer) is a man who judges how suitable Pokémon nicknames are. Name Raters allow the players to change the nicknames of their Pokémon, as long as they are the original Trainer.

Renamable Pokémon

If the player shows the Name Rater a Pokémon they are the Original Trainer of, the Name Rater will offer to give it a nickname or change its existing nickname.

If the player shows the Name Rater an outsider Pokémon, he will normally refuse to change its nickname. In Generation VIII, the Name Rater can give a nickname to an unnicknamed outsider Pokémon, but will still refuse to change the name of an outsider Pokémon if it has a nickname.

The Name Rater in Orre will also refuse to rename a Shadow Pokémon until it has been purified.

The method by which the game validates whether the player is a Pokémon’s Original Trainer varies between generations:

  • In Generations I and II, a Pokémon can only be renamed if its Original Trainer name and Trainer ID number match the player’s.
  • In Generation III, a Pokémon can only be renamed if its Original Trainer name, Trainer ID number, and secret ID match the player’s.
  • In Generation IV, only the player’s Trainer ID number needs to match in order to rename a Pokémon.
  • From Generation V onward, a Pokémon can only be renamed if its Original Trainer name, Original Trainer gender, Trainer ID number, and secret ID match the player’s.


In Generation I, if the player presses End with no characters in the nickname space, the process will proceed as if the player canceled the nicknaming process, giving the Pokémon its species name. In later games, this is treated as giving the Pokémon the same nickname as before.

In Generations V and VII, tapping the Pokémon’s sprite on the nickname screen replaces the currently entered text with the Pokémon’s species name. In Generation VI, this replaces the currently entered text with the Pokémon’s current nickname.

In Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, since the player can freely nickname their Pokémon at any time, the Name Rater has been rendered a normal NPC.


Pokémon Name Raters can be found in the following locations:

Region City Location Kanto Lavender Town In a house south of Mr. Fuji’s house Johto Goldenrod City In a house north of the Magnet Train station Hoenn Slateport City In a house south of the Contest HallRSORAS/Battle TentE Orre Agate Village Inside the Day Care Sinnoh Eterna City Inside Eterna Condominiums, first floor Unova Castelia City Inside a building north of Central Plaza on the leftBWInside the Medal Office buildingB2W2 Kalos Camphrier Town Inside the Pokémon Center Alola Heahea City Inside the Tourist Bureau Galar All Inside any Pokemon Center (as one of Jack’s services)

Since Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver encompass two regions, these games all have two Name Raters.


050Diglett.png This section is incomplete.Please feel free to edit this section to add missing information and complete it. Reason: X and Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Sun and Moon, and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon sprites Overworld sprites Kanto Name rater Kanto I OD.png Name rater Kanto II OD.png Name rater Kanto III OD.png Mr Fuji OD.png Generation I Generation II Generation III Generation IV Johto Gentleman II OD.png Mr Fuji OD.png Generation II Generation IV Hoenn Mr Briney OD.png Generation III Sinnoh Name rater Sinnoh OD.png Generation IV Unova Artist OD.png Generation V


Main article: Name Rater/Quotes

See also

  • Jack (Galar)

In other languages

Language Title Mandarin Chinese 姓名判斷師 Xìngmíng Pànduànshī Denmark Danish Navneændrer France French Spécialiste des Noms Germany German Namenbewerter Italy Italian Giudice Onomastico South Korea Korean 이름 감정사 Ireum Gamjeongsa Brazil Brazilian Portuguese Nomeador Spain Spanish Inspector de Motes Sweden Swedish Döparen Non-player characters in the core series games Kanto Professor Oak • Mom • Red • Blue • Green • Trace • Daisy • Old man • Bill • Mr. Fuji • Safari Zone Warden • Copycat • Primo • KoichiPokémon Fan Club Chairman • Celio • Lostelle • Teala • Selphy • Cal • Steven Stone • Maylene • Mina • Cameron • Mr. Game • MorimotoTeam Rocket • Gym guide • Gym Leaders • Elite Four • Professors’ aides • Magikarp salesman • Name Rater • Day-Care Person • Mr. Hyper Johto Professor Elm • Professor Oak • Mom • Ethan • Lyra • Silver • Mr. Pokémon • Eusine • Lance • Red • Kiyo • Baoba • Magnus • Earl • Kurt • CarrieMary • Buena • Radio Director • Haircut brothers • Webster • Master • Li • Wilma • Primo • Maximo • Jet • Caitlin • Dude • Cameron • Mr. Game • Felicity • TealaTeam Rocket • Gym guide • Gym Leaders • Frontier Brains • Kimono Girls • Week Siblings • Name Rater • Day-Care Couple • Professors’ aides Hoenn Professor Birch • Mom • May • Brendan • Wally • Wanda • Steven Stone • Wallace • Scott • Mr. Briney • Mr. Stone • Gabby and Ty • LanetteBrigette • Professor Cozmo • Pokémon Fan Club Chairman • Rydel • Winstrate family • Captain Stern • Trick Master • Treasure Hunter • DockApprentice • Pokémon Center Ladies • Old guys • Mr. Bonding • Teala • Aarune • Lisia • Zinnia • Looker • Inver • Chaz • Fossil Maniac • Kiri • Memory GirlTeam Aqua • Team Magma • Gym Leaders • Elite Four • Frontier Brains • Battle Chatelaines • Gym guide • Name Rater • Day-Care Couple • Stats judge Sinnoh Professor Rowan • Professor Oak • Johanna • Barry • Lucas • Dawn • Cynthia • Looker • Stat Trainers (Cheryl • Riley • Mira • Buck • Marley)Bebe • Teala • Felicity • Roxy and Oli • Roseanne • Rad Rickshaw • Eldritch • Wilma • Jasmine • Caitlin • Julia • Jordan • Dexter • Keira • Dr. Footstep • Mr. GoodsMr. Fuego • Pokétch Co. President • Pokémon Fan Club Chairman • Massage Girl • Scarf Guy • Helena • Ketch Appy • Team Galactic • Gym guideGym Leaders • Elite Four • Frontier Brains • Name Rater • Day-Care Couple • Professors’ aides • Stats judge Unova Professor Juniper • Mom (BW) • Mom (B2W2) • Cheren • Bianca • Bianca’s father • Hugh • Cedric Juniper • Fennel • AmanitaCilan • Chili • Cress • Lenora • Hawes • Loblolly • Charles • Iris • Drayden • Alder • Benga • Curtis • Yancy • Brycen • Sabrina • Pop RoxieHilbert • Hilda • Nate • Rosa • Ingo • Emmet • Cynthia • Morimoto • Nishino • Looker • N • Colress • Ghetsis • Pokémon Fan Club ChairmanTeam Plasma • Clyde • Gym Leaders • Elite Four • PWT participants • Name Rater • Day-Care Couple • Judge • Magikarp salesman Kalos Professor Sycamore • Grace • Calem • Serena • Shauna • Tierno • Trevor • Alexa • Cassius • Inver • Sina • Dexio • GurkinnBonnie • Diantha • AZ • Looker • Emma • Mr. Bonding • Phil the Photo Guy • Memory Girl • Pokémon Fan Club Chairman Team Flare • Gym guide • Gym Leaders • Elite Four • Battle Chatelaines • Name Rater • Day-Care Couple • Judge Alola Professor Kukui • Mom • Lillie • Nebby • Hau • Rotom • Professor Burnet • Molayne • Samson Oak • Ryuki • MohnRed • Blue • Wally • Cynthia • Grimsley • Colress • Sina • Dexio • Looker • Anabel • Morimoto • IwaoTeam Skull • Aether Foundation • Ultra Recon Squad • Team Rainbow RocketTrial Captains • Island Kahunas • Elite Four • Name Rater • Judge • Mr. Hyper • Gester See also: Galar Professor Magnolia • Mum • Hop • Bede • Marnie • Sonia • LeonSordward • Shielbert • Mustard • Klara • Avery • Honey • Hyde • Peony • Peonia • Ball GuyTeam Yell • Macro Cosmos • Dan • Gym Leaders • Morimoto • Cara Liss • Jack • Watt Traders Rui • Eagun • Beluh • Professor Krane • Jovi • Lily • Chobin • Dr. KaminkoWillie • Mayor Es Cade • Justy • Cail • Duking • SilvaAncha • Fateen • Chief Sherles • Officer Johnson • VanderThe Kids Grid (Megg • Nett • Bitt • Secc • Perr • Marcia) • Makan • Mr. VerichTrest • Battlus (Somek) • Infin • Inity • Name Rater • Move ReminderMove Deleter • Cipher • Team Snagem • Shadow Pokémon Trainers Project CharacterDex This game character article is part of Project CharacterDex, a Bulbapedia project that aims to write comprehensive articles on each character found in the Pokémon games.


Best 2016 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Golf Deals | 60S Today


Click here to view this year’s 2017 updated list.

Welcome back to that magical time of year when golf retailers slash their prices in honor of our two favorite shopping “holidays,” Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

If you shop smart and play your cards right you can take advantage of these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and load up with enough golf gear to get you through 2017 without ever having to purchase anything at full price.

So with that said, let’s round up all the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday golf deals we can find.

We will continue to update this list as more deals roll in.

Amazon Golf Deals

Amazon is very quickly shapping up to be a golfer’s online shopping paradise, and when the holidays rolls around, they bring out the best gear at some of the best prices around.

Check out their current golf deals page for regular updates as we move through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There is a little bit of something for everyone on that page and the deals will really start to heat up later in the week.

Some of the best deals of this year’s hottest golf accessories are:

Arccos Golf 360 Golf Perfromance Tracking System – $249.98

The brand new version of Arccos’ already popular golf performance tracking system hit the shelves this month and it’s sure to be one of the hottest gift items this holiday season. Grab yours while the price is at it’s lowest point this week.,

Rukket Haack Golf Net 10 X 7ft (Lifetime Warranty) – $109.99

Time to build that home driving range, and what better place to start than a good golf net. This collapsible net is super easy to set-up and take down. Not only are these nets extremely durable and conveinet, but it comes with a lifetime warranty!

Voice Caddie SC 200 Portable Golf Launch Monitor – $349.95

Maybe 2017 is the year that you take your golf game to the next level. Now you can have your very own portable “Trackman-style” launch monitor in your golf bag. Whether practicing in your backyard facility or out on the range, you can easily learn how you hit each club and get all of the information that you need to improve.

The VC will spit out your swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, distance, and more! This makes an amazing gift for the hardcore golfer in your life (or for yourself!).


Global Golf Sale

Some might overlook Global Golf because of the mega brands out there, but these guys always seems to slash a load of prices around this time of year. Once again they will be running major discounts on hundreds of items from just about every top golf brand.

Check out their Black Friday Sale page here for a quick roundup of all of this year’s deals.

One item that stuck out for us was the Callaway Golf stand bags. A new golf bag might be on a lot of holidays lists this year and Global Golf has the perfect deal. They’re selling these Callaway Golf Bags for only $79.99 this week, marked down from $200!

Rock Bottom Golf Deals

Rock Bottom Golf hasn’t officially announced their Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals for 2016 yet but they have upped the stakes this year with a sitewide clearance off 20% of everything in stock with free shipping!

We’ll update you as this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals become available later this week but in the meantime RBG has the Cobra Golf AMP Cell-S Driver for only $79.99!

On top of that, their “Clearance Cave” is the central hub for all golf equipment at a 50% off discount.


Adidas Golf Sitewide Sales

This might be the best deal of the season. With Adidas slowly backing out of the golf industry, there is plenty of gear remaining at super low prices. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, Adidas is offering 30% Off Sitewide + an Additional 25% Sale with code ADIGOLF25 with Free Shipping as well!

Golf Galaxy Black Friday Golf Deals

Golf Galaxy’s Black Friday Golf Deals are already starting to trickle in and you can grab a sneak-peek at their sales on everything from clubs and accessories to apparel and tech gear by visiting their website.

Now you can score a pack of Titleist Pro V1’s for $39.99 and a Nike Blue Vapor Driver for only $149.99!

Stay tuned for more great deals as we continue to update this page through Cyber Monday.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Sales

Since acquiring all of Golfsmith’s bankruptcy assets, Dick’s Sporting Goods has become an even bigger player in the Golf Equipment world (as if it wasn’t already).

Dick’s usually teases us with Pre-Black Friday Golf Deals but no official announcement has been made yet so stay tuned on this one.

GolfEtail Black Friday Golf Deals

GolfEtail is running a huge deal of pre-owned Titleist Pro V1s. The online golf mega store is selling three dozen of these mint condition “used” golf balls for $59.97 which is only $19.99 per dozen!


And check this deal out: a TaylorMade SLDR C Driver for only…drumroll please…$39.99! That’s right! If you want to impress that special golfer in your life with a top notch name brand golf driver that was once hundreds of dollars, this is your chance!

Founders Golf Discount

We recently reviewed their Laser Lock 600 Golf Range Finder and this holiday season, the price has been slashed from $249 down to $119!

This amazing range finder deal will go live on Amazon beginning Friday and ending on Monday.

Golficity Premium Membership

Last but not least, it’s the gift that keeps on giving: a discounted Golficity Premium Membership. This year we’re we’re going to offer something sweet for all of you fantasy golf fans out there. Simply use the promo code BLKFRIDAY2016 now through November 30th and you’ll receive a 30% discount on any mew membership purchase to receive access to all of our exclusive Premium perks like:

  • Weekly In-Depth Fantasy Golf Picks
  • Our Official The Tuesday Sleeper Report
  • Our Premium Weekly Fantasy Newsletter
  • Plus More

More Black Friday & Cyber Monday Golf Deals

Be sure to check back to this page between now and November 28th as we’ll be updating all of the biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday golf deals as they go live over the next few days.

Did we miss any killer deals? If so, post the details in the comments below and share the love.

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Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 Driver | 60S Today


Four stars satisfait

pataye 05/04/2016

très bon état du club par rapport à sa note. très content des performances attendues merci golfbidder


hilton head island hurricane matthew damage | 60S Today


Since 1851, approximately 25 tropical storms have hit Hilton Head Island. With the exception of the 1893 “Sea Islands Hurricane” there isn’t really any mention of a “memorable” direct hit for Hilton Head Island. There were plenty of close calls. We felt the winds and rain from plenty of large storms that ravaged Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, etc. However, none of them were “the talk of the town” months after the fact. That was until the early morning hours of Saturday, October 8, 2016 when Island Club and the rest of Hilton Head Island was mangled by the then category 1 storm, Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew formed east of the Lesser Antilles on September 28, 2016. Three days later, Matthew had attained Category 5 status, the highest on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. The storm weakened to a Category 4 after making landfall in Haiti and Cuba on October 4th.

That same day, Governor Nikki Haley declared a State of Emergency and ordered a mandatory evacuation of the coast of South Carolina. Lane reversals of many major highways and roadways were scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday, October 5th in preparation for the mass exodus from the coast.

Over the next few days, Hurricane Matthew slowly crawled up through the Bahamas and along the east coast of Florida, losing “major” category status.

By October 7th, all emergency responders and government workers were evacuated to a base camp set up at the USCB-Okatie campus.

Meanwhile at Island Club, we had evacuated all owners and guest, except one full time resident who elected to stay. All Courtesy Team & Landscaping staff were allowed to leave early Wednesday, October 5th after finishing up securing the grounds. October 6th was spent double checking balconies, windows, and doors, performing manual data backups of computers, and moving electronics to safer areas within some of the buildings. By mid-day October 7th, the rain began and the strike from Hurricane Matthew was imminent.

Property Manager, Patty Pearson along with Director of Landscaping, Louie Dragoone and Courtesy Team Night Manager, Alex Brannon remained on property to see it through the storm and begin immediate disaster assessment and begin coordinating the clean up.

Somewhere around 2:00am Hurricane Matthew struck. The island was blasted by 90 to 105 mile per hour winds and heavy rain. From our estimations, power was lost sometime between 2:00am and 3:00am. For three to four hours, Hilton Head Island was battered.

It has been reported that:

  • Over 120,000 trees were downed on Hilton Head Island
  • More than 2 million cubic yards of debris on Hilton Head Island
  • Power was out for four days at Island Club, longer in other areas
  • A boil advisory was in effect for the first few days
  • On Hilton Head Island, 2,800 of the nearly 20,000 structures reviewed by the town received some damage.
  • Over 700,000 cubic yards of sand was moved in 12 hours
  • There was a 6 foot storm surge
  • Debris removal costs are now estimated at $55 million dollars
  • Tuesday, October 11th the island was reopened
  • Fortunately there were no lives lost on Hilton Head Island
  • There were 4 deaths in South Carolina, 47 deaths in the US, and 586 deaths total.
  • As of June 1, 2017, Hurricane Matthew was the 10th costliest storm in the United States, causing $10 billion dollars in damage nation-wide.

As for the Island Club we got off incredibly easy despite our location:

  • No ground floor flooding in any buildings.
  • Half a dozen or so trees down
  • Over a foot of water in some places
  • The lagoon flooded beyond our wildest imaginations
  • No major structure damage to any buildings
  • (Only) two roof-top displaced HVAC units
  • A handful of missing manspar shingles
  • No roof leaks in Atlantis or Neptune buildings
  • Minor water leaks to a few Waterway top floor units
  • A few units with minor water infiltration at windows/doors
  • Some destroyed tennis court fences
  • The loss of the Tennis Court #1 bleacher cover and parking lot lights
  • Damage to the tennis center awning
  • Several mangled chain link fences along the property perimeter
  • Uprooted beach mats
  • Lots of spoiled food

Within two weeks of the day the storm hit, the property was restored to a state that you would not be able to tell that a hurricane ever passed through. With only the fence replacement, a few trees awaiting tree surgeons to remove them, and the tennis court rebuilding left to complete, over 90% of the property was back to its well manicured state as though nothing ever happened.

Within a few weeks after the hurricane, we had the last of the trees removed. And within a few months of that, the installation of a brand new wrought iron fence along the Folly Field perimeter of the property had been completed, the tennis courts were fully restored, a new cover was installed over the repaired bleachers, and new lights were installed. The property looks better than ever.

Below is a gallery of the aftermath and cleanup process of Island Club. All photos were taken by Alex Brannon, except photos of him which were taken by Carol Deeb or John Outing. For more information about the preparation, impact, and rebuilding efforts on Hilton Head Island, check out the video at the bottom of this page, produced by the Hilton Head Island / Bluffton Chamber of Commerce with commentary from Town Manager, Steve Riley, Emergency Management Coordinator, Tom Dunn, Beaufort County Sheriff, PJ Tanner, and many other vital personnel.

Video Credits: Produced by the Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce.


Nike SQ SUMO Squared | 60S Today


Five stars Encore plus droit

gege24 05/04/2008

Ce club carré permet d’obtenir beaucoup plus de balles ayant une trajectoire droite !!!


Mizuno MP-H5 Driving Iron Bois de parcours | 60S Today


Five stars Superbe

FGUIMTRANDY 23/07/2018

Après un test très positif, je l’utilise pour mes départs, plus facile que le drive et plus fiable, montée de balle forte, équilibre à l’impact, excellent choix


Deutsche Bank Championship expert picks: Can Rory McIlroy find a putter?


Another week, another FedEx Cup Playoff event. This time the PGA Tour heads to Boston for the Deutsche Bank Championship where Rickie Fowler is the defending champion. We got a big boy winner in Round 1 (Patrick Reed) which often doesn’t happen because of field size.

As these fields get whittled down, the cream should rise even more.

Let’s take a look at this week’s contest.

What: Deutsche Bank Championship | Where: Boston, Massachusetts | When: Sept. 2-5

How to watch (all times ET):

TV: Golf Channel (Friday-Saturday from 2:30-6:30 p.m., Sunday from 1-3 p.m. and Monday from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.) and NBC (Sunday from 3-6 p.m. and Monday from 1:30-6 p.m.)

Participants and odds

  • Jason Day: 13-2
  • Dustin Johnson: 9-1
  • Jordan Spieth: 12-1
  • Rory McIlroy: 12-1
  • Henrik Stenson: 16-1
  • Rickie Fowler: 20-1
  • Adam Scott: 22-1
  • Patrick Reed: 22-1
  • Justin Rose: 25-1
  • Bubba Watson: 33-1
  • Phil Mickelson: 33-1
  • Sergio Garcia: 33-1

Field strength: A+

When Garcia, Mickelson and Watson are all 33-1 to win a tournament, that’s a freaking tournament. It’s been interesting to watch Day separate himself from the rest of the top players from a Vegas standpoint. Books are clearly wary of somebody who is having one of the greatest putting seasons in recent memory, and the odds certainly reflect that.

Story to watch: The story to watch this week is going to be the same story we’ll be watching over the next three tournaments. Who is going to be a captain’s pick for the 2016 United States Ryder Cup team?

“Rickie [Fowler] is trending up,” said U.S. captain Davis Love III on Monday. “That’s the great thing. I look, he’s going into some tournaments that really suit him. He’s playing very, very well. And you look at right on down the list, when you watch The Barclays as a whole … We have a lot of guys that are playing very, very well, and I keep saying, past eight, we’ve got literally got 80 guys on that points list. OK 40, because they are American players, but there are a lot of guys that could play their way on.”

So what will the process be for deciding who to pick?

“The statisticians are going to help us with this, but those eight players on our team and the four assistant captains, they are pretty good golfers,” added Love. “They know what’s going on. They know the players. They know who they want to play with. But if we’re looking for one particular reason to choose between two guys, then we’re going to dive into the stats a little bit more.

“Are we looking for a great wedge player to match up with this guy; are we looking for a great driver to match up with another guy. Our alternate-shot is a big part of how we pair, how we pick. So it’s going to be looking at Hazeltine, how it suits certain players. I think there’s going to be two obvious picks, and there’s going to be two we’re going to have to waffle about a little bit. The stats will help us narrow that down.”

Past winners

  • 2015: Rickie Fowler
  • 2014: Chris Kirk
  • 2013: Henrik Stenson
  • 2012: Rory McIlroy
  • 2011: Webb Simpson

A pretty strong list, and it includes my pick for this week.

Expert Picks (Kyle Porter)

Player Pick Analysis Deutsche Bank Championship expert picks: Can Rory McIlroy find a putter? Winner Rory McIlroy will win by five if he putts at all. If he putts averagely, he’ll be in one of the final three groups on Sunday. I’m essentially betting that he’ll have an outlier week with the flat stick, and get his first win of the 2015-16 season. Odds: 12-1 Deutsche Bank Championship expert picks: Can Rory McIlroy find a putter? Top 10 Rickie Fowler is coming off his best performance in months, and is the defending champion here. As I noted above, he has more to play for than just $1.5 million. Odds: 20-1 Deutsche Bank Championship expert picks: Can Rory McIlroy find a putter? Sleeper Gary Woodland has three top 5s since June. I had to look that up because I didn’t believe’s Rob Bolton when he said it. He’s coming off a top five at The Barclays and can thrust himself into the Hazeltine talk with a W. Odds: 70-1

Expert Picks (Robby Kalland)

Player Pick Analysis Deutsche Bank Championship expert picks: Can Rory McIlroy find a putter? Winner Henrik Stenson is the 2013 Deutsche Bank Championship winner and finished second to Fowler last year. With his history at this event and the way he’s playing this year, I feel pretty good about his chances this week. Odds: 16-1 Deutsche Bank Championship expert picks: Can Rory McIlroy find a putter? Top 10 Jason Day has finished in the top 15 here in four of his last five appearances and he’s really, really, really good. Odds: 13-2 Deutsche Bank Championship expert picks: Can Rory McIlroy find a putter? Sleeper William McGirt was T12 here last year and has been steady all season on the PGA Tour, occasionally popping up into contention for wins. At 125-1, he’s worth a look. Odds: 80-1