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Angel Number 500: Be Happy

Angel number 500 is a reminder from the divine forces that it is essential to give happiness and know how precious your life is. In other words, you should make sure that you are doing something that will make you happy. Basically, you need to live a life that has a greater impact and do not let anyone’s opinion destroy your life.

Significance of Angel Number 500

Things you should know about 500 is that you should live to enjoy life and be extraordinary. More so, you should not take anyone for granted and live a life of no regrets. Equally, do not take your life for granted

500 has been showing up everywhere you go. Besides, you have seen it on the movie ticket. You just won a lottery using it. You wake up at 5:00 am in the morning. This is a sign that the guardian angels are talking to you. You do not know exactly what they are saying; that is why I am here.

500 Numerology

Answers are a symbol of angel number 500. These are the answers to mysteries. Things have been very mysterious of late. No wonder you see the number 500. Things have been showing up and disappearing.

You do not believe in ghosts. But clearly, something is not right. The angel numbers are telling you that all is well. It is just your spiritual being is awakened. You are going to find the answer to your queries. Just be ready for those answers.

Angel Number 500 Meaning

Angel number 500 is very vast in meaning. The numerology is of number 5 and number 00. Number 5 definitely means attraction. The number 0 means wholeness. This is the completeness of a phenomenon.

Change is the pioneer meaning of angel number 500 symbolism. It means the transition from the old ways. You have been doing things in a prolonged manner at work. No one gets to the papers in time. Your system is crazy. The government is doing better than you. It is time to change that old rugged system. Get a new system which makes things faster. This is an error of change.

What does 500 mean?

Eternity is the signature by angel number 500. This is living forever. It is a show of the presence of God. You have been worshiping. Your faith has been recurring since you were born.

The angels are telling you that all this is not for nothing. One day you will be where you see. Your soul will rest in peace. You will be in joy.

Angel Number 500

Spirituality is a symbol given by angel number 500. This is a connection to your inner being. It may also mean a connection to God. This is a link with your forefathers. Your ancestors are very important in your life. They have answers that you do not have. The angels are telling you it is time to continue carrying on your faith. Meditate and do yoga. Invite good vibes to your life.

The angel number 500 has been speaking to you. That is a unique number. There are very few people given this number. Could you not take it lightly?

Biblical Meaning of 500 Angel Number

500 spiritually means that incredible people surround you. Actually, you have to wake up every day and appreciate the people around you.

Facts About 500

500 spiritually means that you should live a life that excites you. More so, it is your responsibility to choose the life you want to exist in.


Seeing 500 everywhere implies that you need to become the person that you want to become by identifying your true path. Besides, when you understand what you want to do in life, then you are growing your knowledge. Equally, make a decision that will make you do what you want to do with your life.


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Shining Victories

Shining Victories

Shining Victories is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the eighth set in the OCG‘s 9th series, following Breakers of Shadow, and followed by The Dark Illusion.


  • It contains many new cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V animated series on TV.
  • It has plenty of cards suited for novices and fans of the TV series, and plenty of cards for more experienced players included, each of which are balanced, making it a product that appeals to a wide variety of players.
  • With powerful new Pendulum monsters, as well as other existing products, this pack is full of a wide variety of cards.
  • Introduces cards used by Yuya Sakaki, Zuzu Boyle, Shay Obsidian, Celina, Yugo and Crow Hogan.
    • The TCG version also includes cards used by Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas.
  • Includes members/support for the “Blackwing”, “Blue-Eyes”, “Dinomist”, “Yo-kai Girl”, “Melodious”, “Performapal”, “Odd-Eyes”, “Raidraptor”, “Speedroid”, “Red-Eyes”, “Toon” and “with Eyes of Blue” archetypes/series.
    • The TCG version includes members of the “Fire King”, “Geargia”, “Kaiju”, “Kozmo”, “Stardust” and “Red Dragon Archfiend” archetypes.
  • Introduces the “Amorphage” and “Lunalight” archetypes and the “Digital Bug” series to the OCG/TCG.


In the Japanese OCG, there are 5 cards per pack and 30 packs per box. The set contains 80 cards, or 103 cards in the Master Set. This comprises:

  • 1 Holographic Rare (also available as Ultra Rare, Secret Rare, and Ultimate Rare)
  • 6 Ultimate Rares
  • 16 Secret Rares
  • 6 Ultra Rares (all available as Secret Rares and Ultimate Rares)
  • 10 Super Rares (all available as Secret Rares)
  • 18 Rares
  • 46 Commons

In the TCG, there are 9 cards per pack and 24 packs per box. The set contains 100 cards. This comprises:

  • 8 Secret Rares
  • 10 Ultra Rares
  • 14 Super Rares
  • 20 Rares
  • 48 Commons




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External links

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  • Les Victoires Scintillantes (French)
  • Shining Victories (German)
  • Vittorie Brillanti (Italian)
  • Conquistas Brilhantes (Portuguese)
  • 샤이닝 빅토리즈 (Korean)
  • Victorias Brillantes (Spanish)
  • Shining Victories (Spanish)

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PGA Championship 2015 picks and predictions: Rory McIlroy returns and Jordan Spieth goes for ‘American slam’


The PGA Championship got a huge boost last weekend when world No. 1 Rory McIlroy showed up to practice. A week before that, Rory seemed like a longshot to make his return to the game in time for the season’s final major. But he’s back for one last 2015 chance to add to his career tally of 4 major titles.

The PGA sometimes gets lost in the shuffle because the other three majors have such an instantly recognizable identity. But in recent years, it’s often delivered some of the best drama and most exciting final rounds of the majors season. Rory’s return, and the PGA of America’s decision to pair him up with Jordan Spieth for the opening round, amplified the hype. It’s also on a fantastically scenic and world class venue in Whistling Straits. The SB Nation golf staff bats around some picks and predictions for the week.

Has Rory McIlroy come back too soon? What are your expectations for the world No. 1?

Brendan: It sounds like he was ready and wanted to play last week at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational but his doctor reined him in and pushed the return to the PGA Championship. Everything does seem to be back in working order and it’s hard to criticize him for doing anything wrong. I do think some effects of the injury may pop up late in the weekend after walking around this place for a full week and playing more competitive rounds. But no, he hasn’t rushed back and he should be fine and back to contending at the game’s biggest events.

Mark: As long as he’s healthy, which it sounds like he is, then I don’t think so. Not unless you think shaking off rust in a major is a bad idea. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had a very rough week as he regains his feel, but he has to go through that at some point, so if he’s healthy why not play.

Trevor: If his ankle is 100 percent like he says it is, I think he should play well and be a factor over the weekend. [golf emoji] [thumbs up emoji]

Emily: Probably. He has gone overboard to prove to everyone that his ankle is as strong as ever, bouncing all over the course, but four days of traversing the treacherous terrain of Whistling Straits will take its toll. No doubt he’ll contend but will be shaking off some rust as he keeps a close eye on Jordan Spieth’s bid to replace him at No. 1 and pull off the American Slam.

Eric: I don’t think he’s rushed his return. From the videos and pictures he’s been sending out, he seems to be confident enough in his recovery. I don’t think he’d be in Wisconsin if he wasn’t. That being said, having Whistling Straits be the course you get back to action on is interesting, given that few shots will come from an even line. I don’t expect him to struggle significantly, but I think knocking off physical and competitive rust is a real hurdle and that may keep him from making any serious push on the weekend.

Who is your darkhorse pick to win, or just contend? (Ideally odds that are 80/1 or higher)

Mark: Danny Lee didn’t find success at The Open, but he’s otherwise playing really well. At 100/1 he seems like a nice gamble. Four top-six finishes including a win in his last five events.

Eric: I don’t think he’ll win, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Justin Thomas (100/1) is hanging around the first page of the leaderboard at the end.

Brendan: Marc Leishman seems to be a guy with great value at 100/1. He’s been really hit-or-miss this season and after middling result last week in Akron, now it’s time to make a another run to the top of a leaderboard, right? Thomas will be a trendy and nice pick but I’ll back Leishman as a darkhorse here. Bill Haas at 100/1 also seems like a good value.

Any rookies or first-time PGA Championship players to keep an eye on or that you expect to make a run at the top 10?

Mark: Tony Finau has played some really impressive golf at times this season. He was right in the mix at the U.S. Open before finishing T14. I think he could make a similar run this week and he’s got that distance off the tee we always tout as such an advantage.

Brendan: David Lingmerth has just one PGA start and only three major starts, but he has the form to settle on the first page of the leaderboard for a good chunk of the week. The obvious rookie pick is Thomas, the long-hitting Alabama product who has been so impressive in his first season on the Tour.

Eric: He may not finish around the top 10, but Kevin Kisner could make some noise this week in his first PGA Championship. He’s had a solid season and I think his success at Chambers Bay may be helpful at Whistling Straits.

Does Tiger Woods have a chance? Will he make the cut?

Emily: Even Tiger says things can get “ugly” for players unable to keep the ball in play at Whistling Straits. For someone who did not fare well at Sheboygan’s links-like track (T24 at the 2004 PGA, T28 in 2010) before his game became a crap shoot and his tee shots failed to find fair territory, it’s likely to be another short week marked by an unprecedented third consecutive missed cut at a major, and the end of another lost season for the erstwhile world No. 1.

Trevor: I made it perfectly clear that I am done with Tiger after his disappointing performance at St. Andrews. In 2004 and 2010, he was incredibly average at Whistling Straits. His misses off the tee have caused problems for him all year and I expect to see more of the same this week. Maybe he will be close to making the cut, but I feel confident in saying he misses the weekend and we won’t see him again until December.

Mark: He’s coming off his best showing in a long while, which is encouraging. I don’t think his game is in a place where he can play championship golf for four rounds. Maybe two or three, but not four. I don’t think he has a shot to contend. If he plays well early, I could see him making the cut and even hovering around the top 10 before fading on the weekend.

Eric: I feel pretty confident that he won’t make the cut. I don’t think that Whistling Straits is going to be forgiving to his shaky drives, and there hasn’t been enough consistency from Tiger to make me think he’s going to put together four quality rounds. But hey, I’m willing to be proven wrong.

Brendan: I thought for sure he would post a respectable, if not contending, result at the British Open. Now we get another major where he’s coming off an improved week at a lesser PGA Tour event, his own Quicken Loans National. I don’t think it means anything, though, and expect Tiger to miss his third straight major championship cut thanks to a couple days of wild drives.

Photo via Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Which big name, or names, are the best candidates to disappoint and exit before the weekend?

Brendan: Sadly, Mickelson is my choice here. He’s just not grooving it right now. That was the case last year and there he was in the darkness pushing Rory to the limit at Valhalla. I think Phil makes the cut, but he’s done early each weekend day and goes away quietly to finish a disappointing summer at the majors.

Mark: Bubba Watson is playing really good golf this year, but that hasn’t translated to majors. Since winning the 2014 Masters, he’s missed four of six major cuts and hasn’t finished better than T38. He hasn’t broken 70 in eight major championship rounds this season. He played very well at Whistling Straits in 2010, but just doesn’t seem to be up to majors recently. This could be the week that changes, or he might miss a third straight major cut.

Trevor: I think Phil might have a tough time. Except for a top 5 finish at the St. Jude Classic, he hasn’t played well this summer. Going T65, T64, T20, and T63 doesn’t give me a lot of confidence heading into this week.

The PGA has provided some of the best major championship drama of the past five years. But is the PGA still the fourth major? If last, why? Is its rep warranted?

Brendan: It’s fourth because the media assigns it that place. It also still lacks some identity that people in the press harp on, but I think it’s better than the drudgery of the U.S. Open. At the U.S. Open, the focus is always on the course and the conditions. It’s harder to shoot a low number and make a late run on the weekend. The only leaderboard movement is usually some guy tumbling downward with bogeys or an implosion.

The PGA keeps delivering perfect tests for the best fields in the world. Birdies are fun! It’s good to have leaderboard movement and the opportunity for a mid-60s round that brings more big names and the best talents back into it. We saw this all weekend at Valhalla, which was incredible over those manic last 36 holes and delivered a shootout among the best in the game. The PGA takes a beating but it’s perfectly executed and set up right now. A major does not need to be a slog.

Trevor: It’s hard to compete with the history and traditions of the other majors so I think the fourth major title is warranted. That being said, I don’t remember a time when the best in the world have been playing so well at the same time. Spieth, McIlroy, Fowler, Rose, Bubba … they are all in top form which should make for some great drama this weekend.

Eric: If I were to rank them, I’d go Masters, PGA Championship, Open Championship, U.S. Open, so that answers whether I think it’s last or not. Being in August doesn’t help its case, but I think by this point in the season you’re usually getting the best players rising towards the top of the best field, so I don’t see how you could consider it the fourth major.

Emily: The PGA lacks the cachet of the other three grand slam events but it has not historically lacked for theatrics. This year is no different, what with story lines that include Rory’s comeback, the Summer of Spieth, and the ongoing mystery surrounding Tiger’s game.

What will be the winning score? What’s your opinion of Whistling Straits, a place that the PGA of America and this major have clearly staked a claim to?

Eric: I think the score will be closer to the 2010 finish (-11) than the 2004 finish (-8). I’ll even go up a bit and say 12-under wins the tournament. The forecast doesn’t call for a ton of wind, so I think the course is going to be more fair than people expect, even if it does dry out a bit heading into the weekend.

I’m biased since I live in Wisconsin, but I think Whistling Straits is a really great test. It will allow you a low score if you play it wisely, but can also punish you, especially in the final four holes. That stretch has set up great finishes in the previous two championships held here, and I expect another one this week. I’m excited.

Mark: I like the course and think it’s a fun, but fair test for a PGA Championship. The bunkers draw a lot of attention – especially when they draw penalties – but I don’t think they diminish the course. I think the design forces players to hit good shots and gives adequate penalties when they don’t which is exactly what a major championship course should do. Play well and you can post a number. Play poorly and it can turn bad very quickly. I think the winning score drops slightly this year. I’ll say 7-under.

Where does Jordan Spieth finish? Does he complete the American Slam and if so, would it be the greatest season ever?

Emily: The PGA has a history of producing the most one-hit wonders of the four majors – 33, according to Dan Jenkins, who notes the Masters is runner-up with 15. Spieth will come close, as he did at the St. Andrews, but there will be no American Slam this year. And even if there were, Tiger owns the greatest season ever, with three major victories and seven worldwide Ws overall in 2000.

Mark: Until Jordan Spieth doesn’t contend, I expect him to contend. He has to be the favorite heading in. His mindset and the way he approaches majors gives him a shot to win every one. I would still say Tiger in 2000 is tops, regardless of what Spieth does. Spieth has been great this season, but he hasn’t dominated courses and fields the way Tiger did in 2000.

Trevor: I think Spieth will be close. The only thing that worries me is that the PGA is notorious for some, uh, interesting winners. A guy like Y.E. Yang or Shaun Micheel could always sneak up and steal one at the PGA.

If Spieth does take home the Wanamaker, I still think I put him second to Tiger in 2000. Tiger won by such decisive margins at the US and British Opens and I think that puts him slightly ahead of Spieth.

Eric: He’ll be in the top 10 but won’t win, so he won’t be completing the American Slam. If he did though, it’s hard to argue that three major wins and a putt for a chance at a playoff in the fourth isn’t right up there for the greatest. I wouldn’t say it’s the best because Spieth hasn’t necessarily been dominant in victory, but the results would firmly put him in the discussion.

Brendan: I doubted his ability to contend at St. Andrews and the way he kept coming back from a poor bogey or double bogey was the most impressive thing I’ve seen this year. The way he is rolling, it’s stupid to say he won’t be in the mix on Sunday. Like the others, I think he’ll be close. But the odds of an American Slam are long.

If Spieth does somehow win another one, I think it’s the second-best season ever behind Tiger’s 2000. This becomes a “First Take” style debate real quick, but the margin and start-to-finish dominace of that entire season is the greatest year we will ever see. The fields maaaay be deeper now, but Tiger will always be the standard unless someone wins a Grand Slam.

Who wins the Wanamaker Trophy?

Eric: I think one of the “bridesmaids” is going to break through and capture their first major this weekend. It’d be a great story if Dustin Johnson could win – especially at this venue – but he’s had a few funky rounds of late that won’t let me pull the trigger. I’m going to take Jason Day. I eagerly await Jim Nantz shouting, ” And finally, Jason has his day!”

Mark: Spieth is heaving the best year of anyone, but Louis Oosthuizen has played some unbelievable major championship golf. He shot in the 60s in six of his last seven major rounds including five rounds of 67 or better. He would have won the U.S. Open had he not gotten off to a terrible start. I think it all comes together and he wins this week. He deserves a victory after back-to-back runner ups.

Trevor: I’ll go with Rickie Fowler. He let me down at St. Andrews, but hey, he’s got to win one of these eventually.

Emily: If he can keep his desperate desire to win a major under control, Jason Day will lift that apparently really heavy piece of hardware on Sunday. If not, those nine top-10 finishes (and counting) in grand slam events will weigh heavily on the Aussie and capturing a major may become as onerous for Day as winning the U.S. Open is for Phil Mickelson.

Brendan: The great thing about this season is there are so many wonderful and plausible options at each big event. Many of them are in their 20s or just starting to ascend and quickly erase the fondness for the Tiger era. Day seems like the smartest choice, but I’ll go with former major winner Justin Rose. The Englishman is in form, has the game to move around in the air and hit the targets of Whistling Straits, and consistently proves he plays best on the toughest courses in the tougher conditions. His worst result in his last three starts is a 6th place finish at The Open. I like Rose to get a Wanamaker to pair with his U.S. Open Trophy.


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EZGO golf cart running slow

Why your EZGO Golf Cart Runs Slow

A EZGO RXV and TXT golf cart can run slow because of a faulty speed sensor, low battery charge and insufficient levels of water in the battery.

  • A problem with the speed sensor.
  • A faulty speed magnet.
  • Accumulation of stones, mud, pebbles or other caked-on particles under the cart
  • One or more batteries could are weak and don’t have sufficient charge or the water level could be low.
  • The cables used for connection are low current cables or defective.
  • The controller has a lower than optimal current rating.
  • The bearing encoder is faulty or damaged.
  • The J1 pins 4 and 5 of the controller don’t have the required full pack voltage rating.

How to Fix a Slow EZGO TXT

A EZGO TXT golf cart that is running slow can be fixed by replacing the speed sensor and replacing the batteries.

  1. The speed sensor wire and magnet may be damaged or malfunctioning. Using the wrong wire for connecting the speed sensor can also cause the problem. Replacing these can get the cart running at a decent speed. In case of wrong wire usage, the wire replacement alone may work.
  2. Check the overall battery pack voltage when the cart is under load. Connect a digital voltmeter to the pack by pushing the pedal to the floor as much as possible.
  3. If the reading isn’t at least 34 volts, then there could be a battery problem that hinders with the speed. On the other hand, if the voltage is okay, it means that the speed sensor is problematic.
  4. The contactor cable may be jammed against the plug of the speed sensor. Moving the cable away from the plug will resolve the issue.
  5. If the cart takes off at normal speed and slows down even if it has new batteries, there may be a malfunctioning bearing encoder. Replacing the old one with a new encoder can serve as a fix to the problem.
  6. The golf cart might have a bad ITS that is indicated by a low battery pack voltage. This problem can be rectified by getting a new ITS fitted.
  7. Burnt solenoids can cause the cart to start at full speed when it’s fully charged and then slows down or doesn’t move at all. For such a case, the solenoid must be replaced.
  8. A low ampacity controller, small or faulty cables or weak batteries can slow down the golf cart. Checking them and replacing the defective components is likely to help you regain the speed of your golf cart.

How to Fix a Slow EZGO RXV

A EZGO RXV golf cart that is running slow can be fixed by replacing the encoder bearing and speed sensor.

  1. The brake fitted in the golf cart may be incompatible with the motor. Changing the brake to a compatible one is likely to solve the problem.
  2. The encoder bearing could be cut at the point where it gets plugged into the wiring harness and prevents the controller from receiving a speed signal from the motor. Replacing the encoder bearing can serve as a fix for the slow speed issue. Sometimes, the encoder may need a replacement.
  3. The brake pads may have got dislocated from their brackets present inside the drum resulting in locking of the wheel on the driver’s side. Pulling the drum and putting the brake pads in place is a possible solution.
  4. Check the motor temperature sensor for its resistance. A 0 Ohms reading or an open circuit instead of the desired 400 to 1300 Ohms can trigger the slow speed problem. Consider getting the sensor replaced to address the problem.
  5. The speed sensor could be either faulty or damaged. In either case, replacing this part will solve the problem.

How to Fix a Slow EZGO Marathon

A EZGO Marathon golf cart that is running slow can be fixed by replacing the speed controller and forward/reverse switch.

  1. The four wiring connections on the motor may have been swapped or interchanged. Getting the wiring redone according to the wiring diagram may solve the problem.
  2. There could be a problem with the speed controller of the golf cart. A replacement or upgrade is likely to increase the speed of the cart.
  3. If the golf cart is a resistor cart, an upgrade to the resistor setup will often help to achieve the desired speed.
  4. The battery cables or other wires that are connected to the motor and other parts of the cart may be getting overheated. Consider making the appropriate cable or wire replacement with higher gauge wires. It’s a good idea to replace all the battery cables even if only one of them has a problem.
  5. Compressing the spring on the governor setup by adjusting the big and small nuts often helps to increase the speed to a considerable extent.
  6. The forward/reverse switch could be malfunctioning or not operating properly. Removing the switch and putting a new one can often be a solution to the problem.

How to Fix an EZGO PDS that Runs Slow

A EZGO PDS golf cart that is running slow can be fixed by tightening the J1 pin on the controller and by using a large speed controller.

  1. The speed sensor may be at fault. Push the golf cart and check if you hear a beep as there is resistance to the push. If you don’t, the sensor is faulty and calls for a replacement. You may want to first check that the battery pack voltage is correct under load is correct.
  2. Broken wires or bad connections can slow down the cart. Replacing broken wires and fixing up bad or loose connections may solve the problem.
  3. If the cart has 22-inch tires and a freedom chip installed, there are chances that the already fitted speed controller is too small. A bigger speed controller can help to enhance the speed.
  4. The J1 pin on the controller may be loose. Fixing it back tightly in place is likely to be a solution.
  5. There could be a problem with the solenoid. Removing it and putting another one in place may resolve the problem.
  6. The microswitch on the floor under the floor mat near the ITS of the cart could be stuck. Releasing it may help the golf cart pick up speed.

Why Does an EZGO Golf Cart Runs Slow on a Full Charge

A EZGO golf cart can run slow on a full charge due to a faulty solenoid or micro-switch.

  • The golf cart may have a faulty solenoid or micro-switch that needs replacement. To check for a defective solenoid, remove the negative battery cable as well as the diode, restorer and all wires from the solenoid.
  • Set a voltmeter on continuity and connect it to the two big terminal studs. There should now be no continuity on the meter. If there is, a solenoid replacement will help.
  • You can also test the solenoid by connecting jumper wires from the main positive and negative terminals of the battery pack to the small solenoid studs. Check for a clicking sound when the solenoid engages and see if the meter shows continuity on the big terminals. Replace the solenoid if it clicks rapidly or there is no continuity.
  • Hot cables can slow down the golf cart. Recheck the cable wiring for loose connections and replace cables that get heated up.

Why your EZGO Golf Cart is Running Slow with New Batteries

A EZGO golf cart can run slow on new batteries because of a faulty solenoid or insufficient water levels in the battery.

  • A welded solenoid may cause the golf cart to run slowly. The cart will run properly when the solenoid is replaced.
  • The speed controller may have a faulty voltage comparator. The entire speed controller will have to be changed to solve the problem.
  • The ITS switch, foot control or forward/reverse switch may be malfunctioning. Identifying the faulty component and doing a replacement can help the cart gain speed.
  • Check the distilled water levels in the battery and ensure that they are always 50% or more. This is important to get good speed.
  • Check the battery connections and ensure proper series wiring. Mismatched wiring can slow down the cart even if the batteries are new.
  • Check the drop in battery pack voltage when the accelerator is pressed and also the ITS output. There should not be a major variation in the pack voltage from when the pedal is released. Similarly, the ITS output must produce a 100% throttle signal. If not, it’s time to change the ITS.

Why your EZGO Golf Cart is Slow to Take Off

  • If you have a controller golf cart, check the throttle potentiometer to see if it reads 0 Ohms at rest, not more than 10 Ohms when the solenoid is activated and rises to 5,000-5,500 Ohms at full throttle. Remove the white and black wires connected to the controller to do the check.

  • Jack up the golf cart and check if the hubs are out of alignment. If they are out of place or striped, you will have less torque and therefore less speed. Fitting them back properly may help.

  • Check if the golf cart has hot components, cables or connections. Fixing these components that get hot could solve the problem.

  • The golf cart may have a larger gates belt than required. Substituting this with a smaller one may be a solution.

  • Confirm if the valve lash is set at 0.004 inches. If not, set this right to resolve the problem.

How to Fix an EZGO Golf Cart that is Slow Uphill

  1. Check the battery pack voltage when going uphill by connecting a digital voltmeter to the main positive and negative of the battery. If you don’t have the required pack voltage, check each battery individually.
  2. Check if the amperage controller and solenoid are compatible with the motor, especially if it’s a high-speed motor. A stock controller may get burnt with a high-speed motor and affect the speed.
  3. The connections, contacts or wirings may have a high resistance that results in them getting heated up. Doing appropriate replacements can help.
  4. Check for problems like dragging brakes or dry bearings. Some lubrication may fix the problem.

Read more: Is your golf cart still going slow uphill?

Why Your EZGO Goes Fast Then Slow

A EZGO golf cart can run fast then slow because of faulty tachometer sensor and batteries that perform poorly while under load.

  • Check if the throttle box and Molex connector are clean and dry. If not, cleaning them well with a dry cloth may help.
  • Check the battery pack voltage and water level in each battery. Ensure that they are at the desired levels to fix the problem.
  • The tachometer sensor may be defective and slows down the golf cart after it goes fast initially. Replacing the sensor may be a good idea.
  • One or more batteries may not be performing well under load. Identifying them and doing a replacement is advisable.
  • The ITS near the gas pedal could be faulty and not functioning as required. Use a voltmeter to check the functioning before doing a replacement.
  • If you’re using a lifted golf cart, the bigger tires are not likely to work well with the stock controller. The controller tends to get overheated and will eventually fail. A controller upgrade could solve the problem.

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Carpenter大工, Daiku “Weapons and armor of steel and alchemical elixirs? No, yours is a more practical craft. What good is a Paladin if she has no bed to sleep in? All other crafts rest on the product of your skills. Literally.” Weaponry Weapon Dagger (Default) Tools Tool Saw Class information Life type Crafting Master Woody Characters Sawyer, Cherry, Beavy, Beavo, Decker, Marimo Game introduced Fantasy Life

The Carpenter is a Life you can choose to lead in the game Fantasy Life. It is one of 12 Lives that can be chosen as the player’s main life at any time during the game by visiting the Guild Master (except during a story mission).

The Carpenter uses saws to make weapons, tools and furniture. There are 117 alchemist recipes in the base game and 161 with the DLC.

The Carpenter’s Life Shop is located at Elderwood Village


Rank Stars Vitality Dexterity Novice 0 – – Fledgling 100 +2 +1 Apprentice 600 +4 +2 Adept 2000 +6 +3 Expert 8000 +8 +4 Master 18000 +12 +6 Hero 30000 +16 +8 Legend 59830 +20 +10 God/Creator 80000 +24 +12


When the player chooses the Carpenter life he learns 4 skills: Carpentry, Furniture Carpentry, Weapons Carpentry and Tools Carpentry. The max skill level is 15 (20 with the DLC). To unlock the new cap Legend rank must be reached and then, with the Carpenter life active, talk to Divinus. He will increase the cap of these 4 skills to 20 and upgrade the licence to God-in-Training rank.

Icon Name Description Carpentry Carpentry Your proficiency at carpentry. Raise your skill level to increase your selection of saws and improve your crafting speed. Furniture Carpentry Furniture Carpentry Gives you access to furniture item recipes, like tables and beds. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of crafting high-quality items. Weapons Carpentry Weapons Carpentry Gives you access to wooden weapons recipes, like staffs and bows. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of crafting high-quality items. Tools Carpentry Tools Carpentry Gives you access to wooden tools recipes, like fishing rods. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of crafting high-quality items.


When leveling a life, the player will gain several abilities. This abilities help by improving the life itself. Below is a list of Carpenter abilities:

  • Hop ‘n’ Chop
    • Upon reaching the Adept rank, the ability Hop ‘n’ Chop is unlocked, allowing the special skill gauge to be chargeable. Once fully charged, it can be used by pressing X button. This automatically completes the next 3 tasks perfectly in a row with Great performance.
  • Chop ’til You Drop
    • At Master rank, the Hop ‘n’ Chop ability becomes Chop ’til You Drop, increasing the number of tasks to 5.
  • Crafty Carpenter
    • At God/Creator rank, the Chop ’til You Drop ability becomes Crafty Carpenter, further increasing the number of tasks to 7.
  • Firm Grip
    • Upon reaching God/Creator, the ability Firm Grip is unlocked, allowing the special skill gauge to be chargeable twice. Once double-charged, this ability allows you to instantly finish your current recipe.
  • Extra Materials
    • Upon reaching Expert, the ability Extra Materials is unlocked, allowing the addition of an extra material. To view which effect each material has, see: Crafting Effects. At God/Creator rank and with the Carpenter life active, it’s possible to add a second material. This material can only be a Divine Orb, and when used, the item crafted will always be of divine quality.
  • Wood Worker
    • Upon reaching Master, the ability Wood Worker is unlocked, allowing the name of the player to be added onto items they craft. This can be viewed by looking underneath Rarity on an item, in which it says Made by: “Player Name”.

Carpenter NPC List[]

There are a number of other Carpenter class NPCs around Reveria, who unlock challenges, provide equipment and plot. Talk to these when they have a ? over their heads.


  • Master Woody (Life Master): Royal Castele Workshop – Castele Artisans’ District
    • Gives Carpenter’s Trophy (Master)
    • Unlocks the “Bow & Hero” challenge (Hero)
    • Unlocks the Ancient Saw recipe (God-in-Training)
    • Joins party at God (when the special request is initially accepted)
    • Unlocks the Dreamy Rocking Chair recipe upon reaching God rank and accepting the Alchemist’s special request.
    • Unlocks the Portable Patio recipe upon the first time completing the special request.
  • Beavo: Near Well (Day), Near Pet Shop (Night) – Castele Artisans’ District
    • Unlocks the “Berth Right” challenge (Adept)
    • Unlocks the Secret Door recipe (Master)
    • Unlocks the Dragon’s Tail recipe (God)
  • Beavy: Near Well – Castele Artisans’ District
    • Gives Pine Nuts x3 (Fledgling)
    • Unlocks the Starry Beam recipe (Master)
    • Unlocks the Wyvern’s Breath recipe (God)
  • Cherry (Poppy): Near Well (Day), Woody’s House (Night) – Castele Artisans’ District
    • Gives Boiled Egg x3 (Fledgling)
    • Unlocks the “Carpenter’s Choice” challenge (Fledgling)
    • Unlocks the “Barrel Role” challenge (Apprentice)
    • Joins party at Adept
    • Gives Royal Saw (Master)
    • Gives Star Cluster x3 (God-in-Training)
  • Sawyer: Royal Castele Workshop – Castele Artisans’ District
    • Gives Oak Log x10 (Fledgling)
    • Gives Pine Log x8 (Apprentice)
    • Gives Sugar Log x6 (Adept)
    • Gives Water Mana x2 (Expert)
    • Gives Qualitine x1 (Master)
    • Gives Starry Log x4 (Hero)

Port Puerto[]

  • Decker: Leftmost Ship – Port Puerto Marina
    • Unlocks the Scarecrow recipe (Adept)
    • Joins party at Expert
    • Unlocks the “It’s Elementary” challenge (Master)
    • Unlocks the World Map recipe (Hero)
    • Unlocks the Sea Cloud Rod recipe (God)

Elderwood Village[]

  • Marimo: Elderwood Village
    • Gives Criticaline (Fledgling)
    • Unlocks the “Exterior Decor” challenge (Expert)
    • Unlocks the Serpent Staff recipe (Hero)
    • Unlocks the Dragon Skeleton recipe (Legend)
    • Unlocks the Giant’s Axe recipe (God-in-Training)


Class Challenges reward the player with Stars which accumulate to raise the rank of the player within the Life Class. Talk to Master Flamel to cash in challenge rewards.

The U.S. Localization has differing names for many challenges. As such they will be listed after the U.K. localization names.


Main article: Carpenter Recipes

There are in total 161 recipes in carpentry divided into 4 main components: materials, weapons, tools and furniture.

Recipes for Carpenter items are given by the Carpenter Master, Woody, by all of the characters related to the carpenter life, by leveling up within the Class and for the DLC recipes by Divinus.



Full EVO 2018 Schedule: When Does It Start, How To Watch It


Gaming’s most prestigious fighting game tournament, EVO, is just around the corner. This year’s competition takes place this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, and features some of the most recognizable names in esports battling for the top spot in a number of popular fighting games. Even if you can’t attend the event in-person, however, you can still follow along with all the action online.

EVO will stream the entire competition on Twitch, so you can catch all of the matches as they unfold from the comfort of your home. The tournament kicks off on Friday, August 3, at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET and runs through the weekend, concluding with the Top 8 Finals of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and other games on Sunday, August 5. You can see the full tournament schedule below.

No Caption Provided

Eight different fighting games will be featured at this year’s tournament, including the aforementioned Super Smash Bros. Melee, Tekken 7, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, and the newest addition to the EVO lineup, Dragon Ball FighterZ. These will be streamed throughout the weekend across EVO’s seven different Twitch channels, while the Capcom Fighters channel will exclusively broadcast matches of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The full stream schedule is outlined below.

No Caption Provided

Aside from the intense competition, EVO is where developers traditionally reveal big fighting game announcements. Last year’s competition featured the most world premiere announcements in the tournament’s history; it offered fans their first glimpse of Trunks in Dragon Ball FighterZ and revealed the return of Skullomania, among other announcements.

This year’s tournament seems like it will also feature a few surprises for fighting game fans. EVO global business dev Mark Julio teased on Twitter that gamers “definitely do not want to miss out” on the event and reiterated that last year’s competition featured a “record number” of announcements. What announcements await this year remains to be seen, but you can learn more about the tournament on the official EVO website.

EVO 2018 Finals Schedule

August 5

  • 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET – Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2
  • 10:30 AM PT / 1:30 PM ET – Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • 1:30 PM PT / 4:30 PM ET – Tekken 7
  • 4: PM / 7 PM ET – Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • 7:30 PM PT / 10:30 PM ET – Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Taylor Made Burner 2.0 | 60S Today


Five stars parfait

j.georges1 15/01/2021

Le matériel a été reçu en parfait état. le suivi du transport s’est fait sans souci. Joueur peu expérimenté, je constate que le matériel annoncé en assez bon état est à mon niveau considéré comme en très bon état. A noter que le conseil par téléphone a très bien fonctionné et est rassurant pour un joueur débutant. L’offre GolfBidder m’a permis de réaliser un premier équipement complet avec du matériel de qualité au regard du commentaire du pro de mon club.


lights in the heights houston 2016 | 60S Today


Take a Saturday evening stroll past Christmas light-covered homes in the Woodland Heights at the 29th annual Lights in the Heights on Saturday, December 10, 2016, from 6:30pm to 9pm.

Most neighborhood homes, already decorated festively for the season, will pull out all the stops. Select homes will feature musicians performing holiday, folk and other tunes on their front porches.

If you’re looking for charm and community (coupled with some traffic congestion in order to arrive), you may want to head over. If you’re looking for raucous Christmas-themed alternatives to holiday parties, you’ll likely be disappointed this year.

Light in the Heights 2016 Route

This year, the Lights in the Heights will take over Bayland Avenue and Woodland Street between Studewood Street and Beauchamp Street, Norhill Street between Highland Street and Euclid Street. Street closures will last from 5:30pm to 9pm.

Lights in the Heights Route 2016As always, Lights in the Heights promises to offer a unique, warm and friendly taste of holiday cheer in the Heights. However, visitors should keep in mind that they are guests in the neighborhood.

Although the streets are open to the public, the homes and yards are not. Many of the homeowners in the Woodland Heights have private parties of their own during Lights in the Heights, so please observe “Private Party” signs posted in yards and do not enter any yards unless you’ve been invited.

History of Lights in Heights

The Lights in the Heights celebration began in 1988 as a neighborly Christmas gathering with lights, music, and cookies. It grew dramatically over the years and by 2012 it became too large for the Woodland Heights neighborhood.

Given large crowds and disorderly behavior a few years ago, the neighborhood association has continued to try scaling down event, preferring it to be a neighborhood-only occasion. However, with the closure of public streets, it remains an event that anyone can attend strolling down the streets and sidewalks and enjoying the free entertainment.

If you can’t make it out to Lights in the Heights, homes in the Woodland Heights remain decorated throughout December and can be viewed any night of the month by car or by foot on the sidewalks.

Police will be on hand to enforce laws on public intoxication and underage drinking at this event.

Lights in the Heights 2016

  • Date: Saturday, December 10, 2016
  • Time: 6:30pm to 9pm
  • Location: Woodland Heights, Houston, TX 77009
  • Parking: Parking is very difficult to come by in the Woodland Heights during this event. Visitors from outside the neighborhood are encouraged to ride bicycles, use public transportation or Uber. Barricades will be erected on surrounding streets starting at 5pm. Barricades will be removed at 9pm.
  • Admission: Free to attend
Lights in the Heights | Photo courtesy of Woodland Heights Civic Association