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SONOMA, Calif. – James Hinchcliffe entered the dancing world last week with his first performance on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” with professional dance partner Sharna Burgess.

On Friday at Sonoma Raceway, it was time for Burgess – the Australian – to enter the racing world for her first ever lap in a two-seater IndyCar, with the “Mayor of Hinchtown” behind the wheel.

A specially arranged two-seater ride was set up where Hinchcliffe would be behind the wheel of the ARROW two-seater IndyCar, a car usually driven by others such as Davey Hamilton, Zach Veach and Gabby Chaves, with Burgess as his passenger in the backseat.

Dancing is a physical task and it’s something Hinchcliffe’s had to learn through thorough preparation.

For Burgess, however, with no time to prepare other than getting suited and booted – her high heels took a tradeoff to driving shoes for the moment of the ride – it was a surreal experience.

“My legs felt like jelly! I felt like everything else was in slow motion after going that fast. It was an indescribable feeling,” Burgess told NBC Sports right after the ride happened.

Burgess, who called the ride “better than a roller coaster,” described the physicality after just two laps.

“It’s hard for me to even understand,” she said. “My job is physical, and I know how to push it.

“But what James and IndyCar drivers do is a whole other level. Turning a car with no power steering, and with that exact precision for three hours, is unbelievable. It far exceeds the athleticism that I need as a dancer.

“I completely terrified myself! I just didn’t know what to expect. Going 165 mph is a lot faster than I ever have gone or will do. I knew I was in safe hands with James. But you can’t expect what it will feel like. This is amazing.”

Hinchcliffe, for his part, weighed in during a press conference on Saturday morning.

“I think she enjoyed it. The interesting thing for mere is educating people about IndyCar racing, what it takes to do what we do. Sharna has had quite an education over the last couple weeks, learning how athletic drivers have to be, how focused they have to be, the concentration level required to compete at this level,” he said.

“She kind of saw from the periphery of Texas, but didn’t really see anything on track, we didn’t really know each other. Now having learned all these things from me, getting to come here, see some of it on the track, experience the car herself, again opens her eyes to the next level of what it really takes to do this.”

Here’s more from the ride-along itself on Friday.

Hinchcliffe, for his part, said his dancing the first week went better than expected as he looks ahead to this week’s show.

“I hadn’t been through anything on a dance floor, good, bad or indifferent. There were a lot of unknowns for certain,” he said. “Doing it not only in front of a live studio audience, but a live television audience, something I’ve been doing for two weeks versus something I’ve been doing for two decades.

“It was very nerve wracking. But I have an incredible partner in Sharna Burgess. She kept me calm. We were joking literally right up until the count came down. We almost missed the start of the song because we were cracking jokes on the dance floor. I didn’t see the video package leading into it. I don’t remember what we were joking about. We were joking about something.”

His logistical challenges trying to get from place to place in the last couple weeks have been helped and aided by his personal PR rep, Fiona Hewitson.

“I think there is a lot of time in an IndyCar driver’s career we’re pulled in a million different directions,” he said. “We have to be able to flip the switch, focus on one thing, flip the switch off, focus on something else, travel, whatever. It kind of goes with the lifestyle. In a lot of ways doing this for a living prepared me for taking on this extra responsibility and extra task.

“The scheduling and logistics have been a bit of a nightmare over the last couple of weeks. Fiona deserves a ton of credit for getting me all through it.”

Overall, INDYCAR has released a series of political posters for voting for Hinchcliffe, designed as much to promote the “Team Stop and Go” and also to spoof/troll the actual candidates running for office in the 2016 presidential election.

Donald Trump’s “Trump: Make America Great Again” is changed to “Hinch: Make IndyCar Dance Again,” Barack Obama’s 2008 slogan of “Hope” is replaced with Hinch and “Dance” and there’s also an overall ballot posted. Hillary Clinton’s “I’m with Her” is swapped to “I’m with Hinch.”


dwts-hinch-hope-poster dwts-hinch-decision-2016

The “Mayor” also called in some support before he started dancing last week from his roommate/good friend and fellow Verizon IndyCar Series driver Conor Daly, who starred in the following video shot at Watkins Glen.

Hinchcliffe’s first dance is linked below, along with some support from the INDYCAR community.

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Four stars Très bon produit

Lapeyro 17/02/2019

Les délais de livraisons ont été tenus. La qualité du driver livré est supérieur à mes attentes. Après 15 jours d’adaptation, je commence à produire des distances plus élevées et moins aléatoires qu’avec mon ancien driver. Du coup, je regarde pour trouver la suite de la série en bois 🙂


The basics of “lift notes” in direct mail | 60S Today


If you’re putting together a direct-mail campaign, you might hear the term “lift note” in the course of planning and strategy. In case you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of this mail tactic, here’s a quick primer.


A lift note is a short letter that precedes the main letter. Usually the note comes from someone other than the main letter’s author and is the first thing the reader sees when they open the outside envelope. The primary objective of a lift note is to “hook” the recipient and encourage them to read the rest of the package’s contents. However, the note’s ultimate goal is to deepen the reader’s connection to the organization and give a donation.


There are several different approaches to lift notes. These are the most common:

  • An endorsement from someone who holds currency within the target audience. These lift notes prove to the reader that the organization is both legitimate and effective—and therefore a cause worth their investment. These notes work to establish trust between the reader and the organization before the main letter’s actual “pitch.” The endorsement tactic works particularly well for acquisition mailings when the reader might be unfamiliar with the organization.

As an example, a faith-based organization might include a note from a leader in the religious space that organization operates in. The recipient might recognize the name of the lift-note signer, who will note the organization’s importance and then ask the reader to continue on and read the president’s letter.

  • A personal note from someone who has benefited from the organization’s work. This approach builds an emotional connection with the reader, which is vital to a successful direct-mail campaign. Personal notes blend seamlessly into house-file mailings because they show the donor how they are helping real people in concrete ways—and they provide an excellent way to thank the donor for their support. Personal lift notes tell heartfelt, poignant stories and stoke the feeling of gratification—the “warm fuzzies”—that comes from having done a good deed. (Do not underestimate the power of emotional rewards—they are a potent tool in fundraising!)

An example here might be an addiction recovery center sharing a note from someone who benefited from the center’s services telling donors how the center helped them—“thanks to your support,” it should read—in order to engage the donor and get them interested in reading the actual letter.


A good copywriter can capture the lift note signer’s voice and compose a couple short paragraphs that the signer can either approve for print or use as an example for their own writing. It’s worth noting that ghostwritten copy is the norm within the direct-mail world because it allows for a relatively quick turnaround, which will help you keep to your production schedule.

If the note is more personal, writing out the copy by hand can prove particularly effective: it lends an element of authenticity and is more likely to build an emotional connection with the reader than typed text.

Finally, smaller sized monarch (executive) paper can make the note stand out from the rest of the package. Typically the lift note won’t use the organization’s letterhead, but it should still match the design and branding of the whole package.

In short, a solid lift note can make an excellent addition to your direct mail package because it builds a relationship with your readers—and relationships are at the heart of effective fundraising.


Arie Luyendyk Jr – Bio, Âge, Marié, Épouse, Valeur nette, Le baccalauréat


Arie Luyendyk Jr

Arie Luyendyk Jr est un homme différent de différentes personnes. Pour les accros de la télé-réalité, il est une star de la télé-réalité après son apparition dans Le célibataire émission de télé-réalité. Pour les amateurs de course automobile, il est le fils de l’ancien pilote automobile Arie Luyendyk et également pilote automobile, tandis que pour d’autres, il est courtier immobilier. Proche et personnel, cependant, il est plus que toutes ces choses.

Arie Luyendyk Jr Biographie (Âge)

C’est aux Pays-Bas qu’Arie Luyendyk Jr. est née de Mieke Luyendyk et Arie Luyendyk le 18 septembre 1981.

Au moment de sa naissance, la carrière de son père en tant quepilote de course avait déjà commencé et il était déjà champion dans son pays d’origine, les Pays-Bas. Il courait également dans différentes parties du monde, y compris aux États-Unis.

Cependant, les choses ont rapidement commencé à s’effondrerles voitures lui manquaient et il quittait les courses. C’est à ce moment que l’aîné Luyendyk a rencontré un compatriote néerlandais, Aat Groenevelt qui a accepté de le parrainer et une équipe de son choix. Par conséquent, il a déménagé avec sa femme, Arie Luyendyk Jr., qui avait alors trois ans, sa fille et une équipe de trois personnes aux États-Unis pour poursuivre sa carrière.

C’est aux États-Unis qui sont devenus son foyer que le jeune Luyendyk a grandi aux côtés de deux jeunes frères Alec et Luca qui sont jumeaux et d’une sœur aînée, Maida Luyendyk.

Alors qu’il continuait à grandir, Arie continuait de voirexploit de son père qui a remporté le championnat Super Vee immédiatement après son arrivée aux États-Unis et qui, bien des années plus tard, serait intronisé au Motorsport Hall of Fame of America ainsi qu’au Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame. Grâce à son influence, le jeune Arie est également devenu amoureux des sports de voitures rapides.

En 1992, alors qu’il n’avait que 11 ans, Arie a commencé à courirjusqu’à l’âge de 16 ans, puis il a participé à la Formula Ford pour le Sports Car Club of America. Surtout en compétition en Amérique du Nord, Luyendyk Jr n’a pas enregistré le genre de succès de son père. Dans le Stadium Super Trucks, où il est le plus célèbre, il a enregistré deux victoires en 52 départs, mais aucune pole.

Épouse, est-il marié?

Arie Luyendyk Jr

Bien que ses parents soient mariés depuis plusdepuis quatre décennies, il a été dit que Luyendyk Jr a été plutôt indécis pour obtenir une femme, même s’il était considéré par beaucoup comme un célibataire éligible. Mais ce n’est que lorsqu’il a rencontré Lauren Burnham, avec qui il est maintenant marié.

Un couple plutôt controversé, les deux se sont rencontrés quandils étaient sur le plateau pour la 22e saison de The Bachelor en 2017. De 22 femmes qui ont concouru pour son cœur dans la série de téléréalité, Arie s’est finalement contentée de Lauren, mais ce n’est qu’après sa première proposition à Becca Kufrin. L’engagement a duré deux mois avant de larguer le publiciste américain.

Peu de temps après, l’ancien coureur automobile étaitun genou demandant à Lauren de l’épouser et même si elle était nerveuse de l’accepter parce qu’elle ne savait pas s’il était maintenant sûr de ce qu’il voulait, elle a quand même dit oui. Ils sont devenus mari et femme en janvier 2019 et attendent déjà leur premier enfant.

Le célibataire

Comme indiqué, Arie Luyendyk Jr est apparue dans le22e saison de The Bachelor qui s’est déroulée du 1er janvier 2018 au 6 mars 2018. À la fin de l’émission, il était probablement le célibataire le plus détesté à avoir jamais participé à l’émission, principalement en raison de la façon dont il ne semblait pas sûr de la femme qu’il voulait.

Alors qu’il a reçu tellement de chaleur des téléspectateurs pourabandonner la gagnante de l’émission Becca Kufrin pour Lauren Burnham après l’avoir engagée, ce n’était pas la première fois qu’une chose pareille se produisait dans l’émission. En 2009, Jason Mesnick a mis fin à ses fiançailles avec Melissa Rycroft et, à la place, il a choisi d’aller avec la finaliste, Molly Malaney.

Après le spectacle, quelques panneaux d’affichage anti-arieont été parrainés à Los Angeles et au Minnesota pour soutenir Becca. En outre, Drew Christensen, qui était à l’époque membre de la Chambre des représentants du Minnesota, a parrainé un projet de loi visant à interdire Arie de l’État qui était l’État d’origine de Becca.

Valeur nette

En ce qui concerne sa fortune, Arie a une valeur nette estimée à 4 millions de dollars. Il a fait une meilleure partie de sa richesse de sa carrière de course.


Callaway Big Bertha 2014 Driver | 60S Today


Five stars Driver big berta 9

jeannin 28/03/2019

Tester ce jour , très précis , bonne distance , meilleur que le X-hot à mon avis ( j’ai les deux ) . Bref très content de mon achat ..


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Mini Golf is open!

Our SPRING hours are now in session

We are closely following the orders of Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski and Governor Larry Hogan of when recreational businesses may be open.

*Although we intend to stay open in the spring/summer, we are monitoring the status of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please tune in to your local new station for more information as to how this may affect local businesses.

Hours of Operation for APRIL (spring)

Wednesday: 12 pm- 8 pm

Friday: 5 pm – 11 pm

Saturday: 12 pm – 11 pm

Sunday: 12 pm – 9 pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: CLOSED

Note: These are our current hours for APRIL! Hours are subject to change for May based on COVID-19 permitting circumstances.

Hours of Operation for the SUMMER

Monday: 12 pm – 10 pm

Tuesday: 12 pm – 10 pm

Wednesday: 12 pm – 10 pm

Friday: 12 pm – 11 pm

Saturday: 12 pm – 11 pm

Sunday: 12 pm – 9 pm

*Last tee time is 45 minutes before closing

* Lights out 15 minutes after closing

*Hours subject to change with weather of excessive heat or rain and the status of the COVID-19 pandemic

Adults: $8.00

Seniors (55 and up): $5.00

Military and First Responders: $5.00

Children (5-10): $6.00

Children (4 and under): Free

*Note: Children 4 and under MUST be with a paying adult

Things to know BEFORE arriving

We are a family friendly businesses looking for out our community

Participants are not allowed onto the golf course or pavilion without a mask

We can STILL social distance AND have fun so, PLEASE stay 6 feet apart when golfing

For everyone’s health, we are upholding procedures to frequently clean

Thank you for your understanding

Feel free to call 410 529 7888 if you have any questions!

Stop by for a snowball or cold drink!

Snowball Prices:

Small: $1.00

Medium: $2.00

Large: $3.00

Extra Large: $4.00

Marshmallow: $0.50

Chocolate: $0.50


Bottled Water: $1.00

Sodas: $1.00

Celebrate your next birthday at Perry Hall Mini Golf! Or sign your team / group up for a fundraiser night! (Reservations are taken year round.)

*Looking to book a party? During hours, please call the hut number at 410-529-7888 . If no answer, please confirm with Alvina at 443-653-4569

*Note: We do book group events during the week when we’re closed. Don’t be shy and give us a call!

Parties Include:

1 Round of Mini Golf

Pavilion use for 2 hours

A snowball for each golfer


Up to 12 people: $200 with 2 large pizzas

13-18 people: $225 with 3 large pizzas

19-25 people: $250 with 4 large pizzas

**Extra pizzas are available: $11 for cheese and $12 for pepperoni

Come up to 30 minutes early to decorate!

Call: Alvina at 443-653-4569 to book now! If no answer, please leave a message.


1993 : la dernière leçon du Professeur


À propos

1993 : la dernière leçon du Professeur

Redécouvrir l’histoire de la Formule 1 pour mieux l’apprécier

Voir le profil de Masta sur le portail Overblog


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Five stars Parfait!

Jfporta 03/09/2017

Le club est en parfait état, et est arrivé très vite. Dans quelques mois je change ma série de fers, je reviendrai sur golfbidder! Matériel et service parfait…


Order of the Gauntlet | 60S Today


Order of the Gauntlet


The Order of the Gauntlet was a coalition of morally upstanding warriors, knights, paladins and clerics who dedicated themselves to the destruction of evil in Faerûn in the 15th century DR. They were a unified group, bonded by either their fervent religious beliefs or staunch dedication to enforcing justice in the realms. To these brothers and sisters in arms, evil had to be dealt with and could not be ignored.[1][2][3][6]

Members of the order were strong in their faith, using it to stand against evil forces.[2] While this faith ranged from believing in one’s personal god, it extended also to those considered close friends, and especially to oneself. Most often, Knights of the Gauntlet venerated either the God of Guardians, Helm; two of the deities of the Triad, Torm and Tyr;[4] as well as the Poet of Justice, Hoar.[6]


The Order of the Gauntlet had a number of chapters in various cities located across the western Realms of Faerûn.[7][8][9][10][11]


As part of their duties the Order of the Gauntlet remained vigilant against any potential threats to the Realms, standing ready to stop any aggression. When necessary, they investigated potential threats or secretive organizations, and watched over those creatures they saw as inherently evil.[6]


The Order of the Gauntlet held three tenets:[6]

  • Faith was a member’s most potent weapon against evil
  • Great challenges required heroic demonstrations of both strength and valor
  • It was justified to punish an act of evil, not a thought or feeling


Knights of the Gauntlet undertaking a valiant endeavour

The order was clear on its methods of operation, and would never preemptively attack an opponent. They forewent the approval of local leadership when striking against evil.[2] They struck their foes fast and hard, seeking decisive victories.[12] They would never punish someone who had not committed an evil act nor those who merely expressed immoral thoughts.[6][13]

It was very uncommon to see a lone member of the Order as they almost always traveled in groups.[6]

Base of Operations[]

In the North, the Order of the Gauntlet maintained a strong presence in the city of Neverwinter,[11] several members stationed in Waterdeep,[8] and a representative in the Ten Towns city of Bryn Shander.[10] In the Silver Marches, they maintained a small watchtower near the Silverymoon Pass known as the Hawk’s Nest. It was there they bred hippogriffs, that were trained as aerial mounts.[14]

The order was well-represented in the Western Heartlands. In the devout city of Elturel, their chapterhouse operated out of the tavern known as A Pair of Black Antlers.[7] Order members in Baldur’s Gate discreetly supported those vigilantes who fought out against lawlessness.[15]

Far south in the land of Chult, the order first settled in Camp Righteous near a Chultan shrine, until it was taken over by undead creatures. They then established Camp Vengeance further up the river, near the Aldani Basin. The leader of the 50-man expedition was an incompetent nobleman named Niles Breakbone.[9]


Members of the order were known to proudly display the holy symbols of their respective deities.[1]


The Order of the Gauntlet counted a number of influential organizations among its allies. While they operated in very different ways, the Harpers and the Gauntlet ultimately shared the same goals for Faerûn.[2]

As of the early 1490s, they sought to ally themselves with the Knights of Samular to conduct an allied campaign in the Savage Frontier.[16]


As of 1489 DR, the Order of the Gauntlet was considered one of the newest power groups in Faerûn.[3]

When the Cult of the Dragon began amassing vast stockpiles of treasure in the 1480s, the Order of the Gauntlet went to investigate. Working with the Harpers, they tracked a cult shipments across the Sword Coast to learn more about their far-reaching schemes.[5] When the threat of the cult, and the summoning of Tiamat proved to required a coalition of power groups, the Council of Waterdeep was established.[17] The order’s delegate to the council was the Tormar paladin of Elturel, Ontharr Frume.[2]

At some point in the late 15th century DR, the order established themselves along the River Soshenstar, so as to rid the jungle of the undead infestation.[18][19]

In the Year of the Scarlet Witch, 1491 DR, the Order attempted to cultivate more political influence in the Sumber Hills region of the Dessarin Valley. They sought alliances with various local leaders, including the Waterbaron of Yartar.[16]


Members of the Order were staunch comrades, never failing to trust in each other completely. While united, they were highly competitive and strived for excellence in all of their actions.[2][6]

Notable Members[]

  • Savra Belabranta: This Tyrran knight was a noblewoman of the storied Belabranta family of Waterdeep.[20]
  • Ontharr Frume: The jovial paladin of Torm headed the Elturel chapter of the order.[7][2]
  • Sir Baric Nylef: Another champion of Tyr, Sir Baric lived in the far-north city of Bryn Shander.[10]
  • Lanniver Strayl: A well known and highly respected member of the Order and an adherent of Tyr, lived in Neverwinter.
  • Javen Tarmikos: The former member found fault with the Gauntlet and founded the Order of the Gilded Eye.[13]
  • Preceptor Theraclast: An order representative who operated out of the Protector’s Enclave district of Neverwinter.[21]
  • Daran Edermath: A formerly active half-elf member of the Order. Retired in Phandalin and started tending an orchard there.



Adventures Hoard of the Dragon QueenThe Rise of TiamatPrinces of the ApocalypseOut of the AbyssTomb of AnnihilationStorm King’s Thunder Video Games Neverwinter

External Links[]

  • Matt Chapman (2015-04-01). Player Factions: Our “Heroes”? (Web). In Matt Chapman ed. Dragon+ #1. Wizards of the Coast. p. 12. Retrieved on 2017-07-09.




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Five stars parfait

j.georges1 15/01/2021

Le matériel a été reçu en parfait état. le suivi du transport s’est fait sans souci. Joueur peu expérimenté, je constate que le matériel annoncé en assez bon état est à mon niveau considéré comme en très bon état. A noter que le conseil par téléphone a très bien fonctionné et est rassurant pour un joueur débutant. L’offre GolfBidder m’a permis de réaliser un premier équipement complet avec du matériel de qualité au regard du commentaire du pro de mon club.