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Four stars Rogue Sub Zéro

Boutiax 09/09/2019

Club reçu dans les temps comme d’habitude. Tres bon état du club confirme à la description. Vraiment satisfait de Golfbidder. Je reviendrai 😁


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Alain GALLER 14/06/2020

C’est ma premiére exp avec Golf Bidder Matériel de qualité, prix étudié et délais de livraison très court Comme capitaine de vais faire votre “pub” dans mon entourage. Merci Alain


Best Irons 2013 | 60S Today


600 best irons

Every year brings an opportunity for golf companies to release products that make us want to kick out our current gamers for something new. But golfers are a fickle bunch. Some of us play the same equipment until the grooves wear down, while others will swap out drivers and irons every year searching for a spark that will improve their games. If you are a hardcore GolfWRX member, you might switch more than that.

As we did with this year’s drivers, fairway woods, wedges and shafts, we have summarized the best irons on the shelves for 2013. Check out our list of the best irons of 2013 below.

Click here to read the specifics on the voting committee and how we picked the best.



  • Mizuno MP-64
  • Callaway X Forged
  • Miura CB-501
  • Cobra AMP Cell Pro

Players Iron

  • Titleist AP2
  • Ping i20
  • Cobra AMP Forged
  • Mizuno JPX-825 Pro

Game Enhancement

  • TMag RocketBladez
  • Callaway X Hot
  • Ping G25
  • Cleveland 588 MT
  • Nike VR_S Covert
  • Mizuno JPX-825

1. Best Bladelike Irons

These are the most workable designs for the lower handicap golfers. Looking for a thinner sole for more shotmaking ability, or the feel that only a compact forging can provide? These are our favorites that we will be updating throughout the year.

mizuno-mp-64Mizuno MP-64: These are best feeling “player’s cavity” design that Mizuno has engineered. The Diamond Muscle design of the forged irons delivers more forgiveness in the long irons and better control in the scoring irons.

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calaway-x-forgedCallaway X-Forged: A tour-inspired forged cavity back designed by Roger Cleveland that offers cleaner looks and better performance than its predecessor, the Callaway Razr X-Forged. The new X-Forged have a slightly wider, more cambered sole that mimics last year’s Razr X Muscleback irons and improves turf interaction.

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miura cb-501Miura CB-501: Miura. Is there anything else that can be said? It’s a name that has taken an almost mythological form in the golf world because of the heritage and purity of its forgings. These are the ones that you’ll compare everything else to.

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Cobra-amp-cellCobra AMP Cell Pro: The AMP Cell Pro forged irons are actually smaller than their predecessor. Their shorter blade lengths that allowed engineers to place more mass behind the sweet spot of the irons, which contributes to an even softer feel from the 1020 forged carbon steel heads.

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2. Best Players Irons

Looking for a little extra distance and forgiveness, but want more feel and workability than a distance iron can provide? This category provides the best of both worlds. Here you will see a blend of feel, forgiveness and distance with clean enough looks to be used by some of the best golfers in the world.

titleist-AP2Titleist AP2: Tour players and top club fitters say the AP2 chassis is the perfect size and shape for a players iron, and they’re packed with technology, too. The multi-material construction allows Titleist engineers to move weight to the perimeter, which adds forgiveness.

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ping i 20Ping i20: At first glance, the i20 irons are an obvious departure from the i-lines of the past. The most obvious of these changes are the use of the vertical custom tuning port (CTP) and stabilization bars in the cavity; carryovers from PING’s S56s.

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mizuno JPX-825 proMizuno JPX-825 Pro: The 4-7 irons offer a deep CNC-milled pocket cavity that is used for extreme toe-heel weighting providing forgiveness. The 8-GW features greater thickness behind the impact for a more penetrating and workable ball flight.

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cobra-amp-forgedCobra AMP Forged: Tungsten weights are placed in the soles of the long and mid irons, which when combined with the milled pockets and urethane insert in the cavities create a combination of distance, forgiveness and feel that has golfers raving.

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3. Best Game Enhancement Irons

Looking to make a tough game easier? Wider soles and perimeter weighting a must for some golfers and a choice by even PGA Tour players. Distance gains with thinner faces and tweaked CG (center of gravity) to maximize the trajectory along with maximum MOI make this category the most popular of all three. Here are our favorites you can buy now.

rocketbladezTaylorMade RocketBladez: These irons incorporate a slot on the sole of the 3 through 7 irons, which gives the golfer greater distance, forgiveness and a higher launch. In summation, shots with RBZ irons are longer, straighter and stop faster on the greens.

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callaway-x-hotCallaway X Hot: Callaway reinforced the undercut that sits behind the top line of most cavity back irons. This lowered the sweet spot, which improved the overall flex of the face and helps eliminate the “high hot spot” found on previous Callaway distance irons.

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ping-g25Ping G25: All the benefits of a game-improvement iron without the usual bulky soles that are inherent in the GI class. The redesigned soles have a trailing grind relief that will allow these to play more like a players club.

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nike-covertNike VR_S Covert: Like the VR_S, they are a cast iron aimed at double-digit handicapers. But thanks to a design initiative called “Covert,” the company was able to add distance and playability to the irons without the bulkier chassis of last year’s model.

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cleveland-588-mtCleveland 588 MT: They feature a constant blade length throughout the set with blade heights that progressively increase in the higher lofted clubs. Full hollow construction adds forgiveness and lower, deeper center of gravity for optimal launch and effortless distance.

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mizuno jpx-825 nonMizuno JPX-825: Extreme heel-toe weighting and extremely high-COR faces in the long and mid irons, making them the longest and most forgiving irons in Mizuno history. But the 8, 9 and PW have less hot faces to give golfers more control and workability.

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Click here to see the “Best of” winners for other club categories.

Best Irons 2013


Titleist 913 D2 Driver Review – The GI Driver Of Choice?

Titleist 913 D2 Driver - 3 Perspectives

Today I will be reviewing the Titleist 913D2 driver, the game-improvement brother in the Titleist 913 line of drivers.

At the time of its debut, it was considered Titleist’s most playable and forgiving driver along with the tour-level 913D3. It was also touted to have additional distance over the older 910D2.

In what ways does the 913D2 shine? What are its weaknesses? How well does it do in terms of distance and forgiveness?

Read on to find out what you need to know about the driver to make an informed purchase.

What are the reviews like?

The 913D2 has generally been received very well both by customers and professional reviewers.

It has a 4.5/5 aggregate rating on Global Golf, various 4-5 star ratings on Amazon, and very positive verdicts on other authority golf sites.

What People Like

  • excellent distance off sweet-spot strikes
  • impressive mis-hit forgiveness both in terms of distance and direction
  • decent workability
  • awesome look and shape
  • solid feel

What People Don’t Like

  • some have remarked that the distance results aren’t quite as good as with their previous driver
  • the look and muted impact feel isn’t everyone’s cup of tea

What are the features?

The 913D2 driver features a 460cc full pear-shaped titanium head (discussed further in another section below).

It has a high-speed forged insert in the clubface which delivers more ball speed (and hence distance) over a larger area of the face.

The center of gravity (CG) has been lowered to a more optimal position, and a rear SureFit Tour weight has been added to both reduce spin and optimize the launch angle for more distance.

SureFit Tour Hosel Technology

The 913D2 also has an adjustable hosel with SureFit Tour hosel technology. This allows the golfer to dial in their launch flight.

You can adjust the loft and lie to one of four positions each (4 x 4 = 16 total configurations). The adjustments can be made in increments of 0.75° over a range of 2.25°.

913D3 Comparison

Compared with its brother, the 913D3, the 913D2 has a slightly larger head (460cc as opposed to 445cc) and delivers slightly more spin and forgiveness on off-center hits.

The 913D2 driver is available in 5 standard lofts, one standard lie and one standard length.

The stock grip offered is the rubber Titleist Tour Velvet 360, and the stock shafts offered are the Mitsubishi Diamana +Plus White 72 (low launch), Mitsubishi Diamana +Plus Blue 62 (mid launch), Aldila RIP Phenom 70 (low-mid launch) and Aldila RIP Alpha 60 (lower-mid launch).

For more specs, see the table below:

Standard LoftStandard LieStandard Length 7.5°58.5°45″ 8.5°58.5°45″ 9.5°58.5°45″ 10.5°58.5°45″ 12°58.5°45″

How does the driver perform?


The great thing about the 913D2 is the fact that, beyond choosing the standard loft, you can adjust the loft and lie using the SureFit Tour hosel until you’re satisfied with your ball flight.

Be aware that this will change the angle of the face slightly and introduce draw/fade biases, so you should adjust your alignment accordingly.

Once your trajectory and spin is optimized, you should start to see fantastic distance results. Mis-hits retain a very respectable amount of ball speed, more so than the previous 910D2 driver.

Whether or not you will realize any distance gains over your previous driver is impossible to say as it depends on your unique situation, but chances are that you won’t be disappointed.


The forgiveness of the Titleist 913 line of drivers remains among the best in the market.

As mentioned above, forgiveness has been improved since the 910D2 — the face insert results in ball speed increases of about 2 mph near the toe (which translates to 4-6 more yards) and around 1% near the heel.

Dispersion is minimal, and you should expect slight to moderate mis-hits to not deviate much from the intended target line.

Note that the face angle adjustments can help suppress slices or hooks to an extent.


The location of the center of gravity (and consequently the low spin attribute of the driver) results in mid-trajectory piercing shots that don’t balloon and perform well in the wind.

Typical ball flight is fairly straight with perhaps a slight draw bias, but it can vary of course depending on the individual and intended shot.

Overall, the 913D2 is impressively workable for a game-improvement driver. Thanks, in part, to the extensive adjustability, it can accommodate a wide range of swing speeds.

What about look, sound & feel?

The Look

The 460cc pear-shaped titanium head of the 913D2 has a rich black finish along with some white and red accents.

The sole has a classic and sharp design that’s not too busy: a Titleist logo surrounded by the driver model and standard loft. The crown has an effective and nondistracting aid to help with alignment.

I think it’s definitely a confidence-inspiring look that many people will love.

For a higher-resolution look at the 913D2, click on the composite image at the top of the page.

The Sound & Feel

The 913D2 feels stable and balanced through the swing, even with a lighter shaft.

The sound and feel at impact is a little less muted (a little crisper and louder) than the 910D2, but otherwise they’re quite similar. It’s still by and large the classic Titleist sound/feel combo that people have come to know and love from the company.

Mis-hits feel quite solid and produce minimal vibrations.

Note that the rear pentagon-shaped weight can be removed and replaced to change the weight of the clubhead, and you can do so (purchased separately) if you don’t like the feel of the current weight.

Where should you buy this driver online?

Years later, it can be difficult to find the 913 D2 driver in new condition.

Regardless, you can find some fantastic deals from trustworthy and reputable sellers on eBay, but just be aware of their policies. If you look through the search results, you can find plenty of listings for both new and used drivers.

eBay is great because you’re completely protected by their Money Back Guarantee.

Alternatively, Global Golf still has some of these drivers in stock. You’d best grab some before they’re gone. Check and see what coupon codes they’re running here.



  • long (especially after optimal launch is dialed in)
  • features the classic look/sound/feel that we have come to know and love from Titleist
  • forgiveness is superb and improved over the previous model
  • workability is surprisingly good given its game-improvement qualities


  • not everyone will like the Titleist profile
  • general results (particularly distance) can be disappointing if your configuration isn’t a good fit for you

In the past, Titleist recommended a thorough fitting in order to unlock the full potential of the Titleist 913D2 driver, but this might not be possible now considering the age of the driver.

Even without a fitting, you can still be successful, especially if you properly take advantage of the built-in adjustability.

Whether you’re a low, mid or high handicap, the 913D2 is a great all-around performer that you should consider putting in your bag.

Have any thoughts or opinions about the Titleist 913D2 driver? Feel free to leave a comment below!


Guy Sato


Guy Sato

Guy Sato Japan

Age: 24



55×5 Manifesting Formula – The 5 Day Manifestation Technique | 60S Today


How Do You Use The 55×5 Formula?

Let’s break this down into some easy to follow steps…

1.) Choose An Affirmation

The magic behind this entire process all comes down to one single affirmation.

Have a good think about your desires…

What is it exactly that you are manifesting?

Here are some suggestions for choosing a powerful affirmation.

  • Be specific.
  • Try not to make it too long.
  • Choose something that excites you.
  • Always create affirmations in the present tense.
  • Inject some gratitude.

The idea is to word your affirmation as if your desire has already manifested.

Here are some examples:

  • I am grateful to have received $1000 this week.
  • I am thankful to be driving my new dream car.
  • I am blessed to be on a tropical vacation.
  • I am grateful to have attracted a date with my future soul mate.

Make your affirmation long enough to be specific but short enough to be easily etched into the subconscious mind.

5x55-manifesting-formula (2)

The subconscious mind stops developing at 7 years old and therefore, it needs to be trained without the overload of too much information.

It’s also a good idea to base your affirmation around something that really excites you!

This way, you are not only meeting the frequency of your desire on a mental level but on an emotional level too.

Both components are important for complete vibrational alignment with your desire.

Read about my best affirmation tips here: 5 Magical Positive Affirmation Tips To Rewire The Brain For Success

2.) Write Out Your Affirmation

Once you have chosen the perfect affirmation, write it out on a piece of paper or in a manifestation journal.

But wait there’s more…

Of course, this technique wouldn’t be called the 55×5 manifesting formula for nothing right?

The secret sauce behind this manifestation ritual is that you need to write it out…

5x55 manifesting formula

55 times…


For 5 consecutive days.

Now, that may sound like a lot but when your desire starts to manifest, you’ll be glad you did it!


When writing out your affirmation, try to remain as present as possible.

If your mind wanders off, that’s ok but try and bring it back to your affirmation writing process.

Sometimes it can be helpful to read the affirmation aloud as you are writing.

3.) Let It Go.

After each day of writing, let your affirmation go.

Set and forget.

Spending extra time obsessing over your desire or pondering over when you might receive it, could, in fact, be harmful to the manifestation process.

This is because the ego-self can be rather pessimistic.

Unfortunately, this makes it very easy for our obsessive thought clutter to take a turn for the worse.

Think about it…


How many times have you thought about something you wanted, only to be left with a feeling of longing or lack?

You might recognize those feelings as a slight heartache or an anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach…

These feelings are often called “Limiting Beliefs” and can influence your manifestation in a negative way.

Remember, like attracts like, so whatever emotions you emit to the universe, you will continue to attract right back into your life.

Instead, turn your attention to something that makes you happy…

Friends, family, even a good book can be a great way to raise your vibration and let go of your manifestation.

Remember, the universe has your back!

Have faith!

If you are worried you might negative thought patterns stopping you to manifest, read this here: 17 Limiting Beliefs Getting In The Way Of Your Manifestations

How Does The 55×5 Manifesting Formula Work?

The idea behind the 55×5 manifesting formula is to reprogram the subconscious mind in order to make an exact energetic match with your desires.

5x55 manifesting formula (4)

Affirmations are widely used for this very outcome.

The difference with the 55×5 method is that you are really zoning in on the power of repetition, and utilizing the metaphysical power of the number 5.

Why “55×5” Exactly?

The numbers “5” and “55” hold spiritual significance and have been chosen to be the amplifiers for this method with good reason.

The number 5 in numerology signifies realignment, change, and transformation.

Therefore, whenever you are manifesting something new, you are tapping into this very energy.

The number 5 calls upon a quantum jump to realign yourself with a new path.

It is symbolic of both transformation and evolution.

This new path is where your desires become reality.


Number 55 in numerology is all about personal power.

This signifies the power you hold within to transform your life, therefore, reaching a happier, more abundant and more joyful version of yourself.

In saying that…

Many people do condense the 55×5 manifesting formula with great results.

If you feel you are too busy to write out 55 repetitions of your affirmation per day, then you may like to try the 33×3 method.

This variation allows you to write your affirmation 33 times a day over a period of 3 days.

Do You Need To Write Your Affirmation 55 Times In One Sitting?


If you split up your 55×5 practice over the course of the day, it’s not going to work.

The act of repetition is what strengthens the affirmation within the subconscious mind.

It may seem like a lot but it’s really nothing in comparison to what you stand to gain.

manifesting method

Can You Type Your Affirmation Out On The Computer?

You can, but it’s not recommended.

The trouble with typing your affirmation is that it can be very easy to lose focus.

All of a sudden you might find your attention zoned into your typing speed or worse, you go into complete autopilot and your mind wanders off altogether.

The key ingredient to the 55×5 method is to be present.

You can’t be present if you are off on a mind clutter rampage, wondering what you might have for dinner that night.

By writing your affirmation down on paper, you really commit to being present within the process…

Putting your own personal touch into each and every letter.

Another reason why writing is superior is that it’s a slightly slower process than typing…

This allows your subconscious mind more time to adopt your statement rather than rushing through it only to toss it aside 5 minutes later.

Can I Use The Formula To Manifest More Than One Thing At A Time?

You can, but it is not going to be as effective as if you zone your complete focus into one thing at a time.

Again, this comes back to treating your subconscious mind as if it were a child.

You wouldn’t give a 7-year-old multiple instructions at a time and expect astounding results, would you?

If you want powerful and rapid results, it’s best to choose one desire to manifest at a time.

There is an added benefit to this method too…

Manifesting one thing at a time enables you to quickly start ticking your desires off your wish list.

With each desire that manifests, you will build more and more faith in the Law Of Attraction.

Faith will destroy any doubts and limiting beliefs, leaving you with nothing but cold, hard proof that you are the creator of your own reality.

As your faith grows, so will the strength behind your ability to manifest.

Before you know it, you will be attracting even your biggest desires, faster than ever before.

What If My Desire Manifests Before Day 5?


If your desire manifests before day 5, keep going with the 55×5 method anyway.

Often when the universe delivers, it delivers big!

Just take a look around at some of the success stories online and you will see just how many people are claiming to have received their desires as well as so much more.

Commit to the full 5 days to ensure you receive everything that you are supposed to.

What If My Desire Hasn’t Manifested By Day 5?

If you get to day 5 and your desire still hasn’t manifested, don’t stress!

Instead, let it go!

Nothing ever appears out of thin air.

When using the Law of Attraction you must always remember that we are working within the lines of this physical dimension.

There is no magic smoke or hocus pocus in the Law of Attraction.

This is important, especially when it comes to larger goals and desires.

Get excited!

You may not have your desire directly in front of you but you have certainly re-aligned yourself to be on path with reaching that goal.

You are on your way!

Don’t waste time worrying or feeling defeated as this will ruin the purpose of the exercise.

Instead, let it go and have faith in the universe.

Focus now on the things that make you happy.

The things that lift your vibration.

Keep an eye out for signs and synchronicity.

When you are on path to manifest your desires, the universe will make it known.

5x55 manifesting_formula

What Should I Do Once I Have Completed The 55×5?

There is no right or wrong way to finish the 55×5 method.

You may choose to store your affirmations in your manifestation box…

Or perhaps you choose to burn them in a more ritualistic type practice…

Both of these ideas can be great to supercharge your desires even further.

But again, it’s all about what resonates best with you…

Maybe you keep them…

Or simply throw them in the trash…

The choice is uniquely yours.

When Is The Best Time To Do The 55×5 Manifesting Formula?

Again, this is entirely up to you but it is always best to choose a time where you can release from the exercise the moment you are done.

Do something that allows you to set and forget…

It might be that you choose to write your affirmations prior to spending time with loved ones or even before you go to bed at night.

Anything that helps you to release.

Following up with some light meditation can be particularly helpful because it allows you to enter the receptive mode.

Meditation is the process of being deeply present within yourself.

It offers a time to shut off from emitting any kind of energy and simply receive.

Whether that reception takes place as peace, clarity or inspired guidance, manifestation is always intensified when followed up by spending time within the receptive mode.


Have Any Questions About The 5×55 Method? Leave A Comment Below!


Iowa Speedway Results – July 29, 2017 – NASCAR Xfinity Series


Iowa Speedway results from July 29, 2017 featuring the NASCAR Xfinity Series

Be excited. Today, it’s a good one. The NASCAR Xfinity Series goes short track racing. The tour lands at Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa.

View full Iowa Speedway results below.

Stage 1 is 60 laps, stage 2 is also 60 laps. The final stage is 130 laps. 250 laps around this .8 mile oval.

This race is a big deal for the NASCAR Xfinity Series regulars. The cup drivers are in Pocono. There’s no Cup Series drivers in the field at Iowa. An opportunity to shine.

On top of that, this race is airing on the regular NBC. Tomorrow’s MENCS event will be shown on a blackmail channel, NBCSN. The Xfinity race is on a free channel. A channel that any home with a TV will have.

Iowa Xfinity Results - July 29, 2017
NEWTON, IA – JULY 29: Ryan Preece, driver of the #20 MoHawk Northeast Inc. Toyota, leads the field past the green flag to start the NASCAR XFINITY Series US Cellular 250 Presented by American Ethanol at Iowa Speedway on July 29, 2017 in Newton, Iowa. (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

Green flag. Ryan Preece and Kyle Benjamin lead the field into turn 1. Benjamin hits the brakes early. Preece sweeps around the outside. He’s clear, on the outside, by 5 car lengths at the exit of turn 2.

Daniel Hemric took the position on the bottom on entry. Benjamin is 3 wide and in the middle as the field is more eager to get going than he is.

3 groove are active already. Elliott Sadler is running the wall in 3-4. He’s using that to get a big run down the front straight. It works. He’s up to 3rd.

20 to go in stage 1. Trouble for Brendan Gaughan, he’s scrapping the wall. He continues rolling, minor damage.

More trouble. Daniel Hemric was fighting for the lead on lap 1. He’s now on pit road. The driver had complaints of a vibration. Possibly a loose wheel. But these are the same tires he started the race on?

Preece is gone. Ryan Preece wins stage 1.

Iowa Speedway Results - NASCAR Xfinity Series - Ryan Preece
NEWTON, IA – Ryan Preece wins stage 1 of the NASCAR XFINITY Series US Cellular 250 Presented by American Ethanol at Iowa Speedway on July 29, 2017 in Newton, Iowa. (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

Stage 1 Results: 1. Ryan Preece; 2. Elliott Sadler; 3. Kyle Benjamin; 4. Brennan Poole; 5. Sam Hornish Jr; 6. Justin Allgaier; 7. Cole Custer; 8. Matt Tifft; 9. Ben Kennedy; 10. Blake Koch;

Stage 1 winner Ryan Preece has lost 5 positions on pit road. He took 4 tires, so did the 5 cars that exited pit road ahead of him.

Kyle Benjamin and Elliott Sadler set row 1 on the restart. Green flag on stage 2. Benjamin gets a push from Cole Custer on the restart. It’s not enough, Elliott Sadler takes the lead on the bottom.

50 to go in stage 2. Elliott Sadler is running low in 1-2 and high in 3-4. Justin Allgaier is all over him for the lead. Nose to tail in 1-2.

Allgaier takes the alternative line in 3-4. He dives it to the bottom, slides up in front of Sadler on the exit. These two are teammates. Elliott Sadler parks it on the bumper of Allgaier as they cross the flagstand. But he doesn’t fight back or pull a crossover, Sadler falls into 2nd, long way to go.

47 to go, Ross Chastain is around. Caution.

42 to go, green. Allgaier picks the outside line. He clears Sadler at the exit of turn 2. Preece is coming, he’s up to 3rd. Top 3 run nose to tail.

2 to go, Justin Allgaier and Ryan Preece are battling for the lead. They weave through lapped traffic. Allgaier caught the lapper at the right time. Preece has lost ground.

1 to go in stage 2, now Allgaier catches the lapper at the wrong spot. Ryan Preece takes it high in 1-2. He’s hard on the gas, the backend steps out on exit. Allgaier maintains the lead.

Nose to tail. Allgaier holds him off to win stage 2!

Iowa Speedway Results - NASCAR Xfinity Series - Justin Allgaier
Justin Allgaier wins stage 2 at Iowa Speedway (Photo: NASCAR)

Stage 2 Results: 1. Justin Allgaier; 2. Ryan Preece; 3. Elliott Sadler; 4. Ben Kennedy; 5. Kyle Benjamin; 6. Brennan Poole; 7. Sam Hornish Jr; 8. Cole Custer; 9. Ty Majeski; 10. Matt Tifft;

Michael Annett is on pit road. The crew members have climbed inside the passenger side window. They are quickly trying to work out ignition issues. No power.

Justin Allgaier and Elliott Sadler are on the front row again. Green flag on the final stage. Allgaier clears him before turn 1. Preece picks the outside, he pulls alongside Sadler on exit. Preece to 2nd.

Ty Majeski is scrapping the wall at the exit. Just a scrape but he loses two positions. He ran out of racetrack while running the high line.

Lap 135, Ryan Preece is aggressively looking for the lead. He follows Allgaier high in 3-4. Dives to the bottom in 3-4. He pulls alongside Allgaier, beats him at the line but falls back into 2nd at turn 1.

The battle for the lead continues. Preece is quicker. But he can’t run side-by-side lap after lap or he’ll burn off his tires. He gives it a shot every few laps. Then, falls in behind Allgaier and rides for a few laps. Smart racer.

Lap 153, opportunity! Allgaier is in a mess of lappers. Preece pins the leader in behind a lapper down the front straight. Preece has a nose on him at the entry of turn 1. Allgaier powers back through the middle.

There’s a lapper to the outside, the come off 3 wide for the lead. Preece has to really pinch off his exit to make room for 2 cars to his outside. Allgiaer is in the middle and carries momentum back to the lead in 3.

This is such a big deal for Ryan Preece. He emptied his bank account during the off-season. He purchased two rides with Joe Gibbs Racing. This is race number 2. It’s possible this will be the final race of Ryan Preece’s career.

Lap 170, caution. Spencer Gallagher is in the wall. He blew a right front tire at the exit of turn 4. He was running 15th.

Justin Allgaier stays on the race track, by himself. Preece and many others pit for 4 fresh tires. Allgaier will be in trouble on this restart.

Green flag, Preece dives to the bottom. The whole field gets a run on Justin Allgaier, he picks the 3rd line in turn 1. Accident avoidance, Allgaier loses the lead and a whole collection of positions, in one turn. Lap 185, Allgaier has fallen outside the top 10.

Ryan Preece - Iowa Speedway
NEWTON, IA – JULY 29: Ryan Preece, driver of the #20 MoHawk Northeast Inc. Toyota, leads during the NASCAR XFINITY Series US Cellular 250 Presented by American Ethanol at Iowa Speedway on July 29, 2017 in Newton, Iowa. (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

50 to go, Preece leads Sadler by 2.5 seconds.

42 to go, Benn Kennedy is on pit road. He has a huge blister on his tire. Double trouble, un-controlled tire. Kennedy will have to serve a pass through penalty under green flag conditions.

31 to go, soon Justin Allgaier will be running out of fuel. He currently runs 21st. 23 to go, Justin Allgaier is on pit road.

20 to go, caution. Sam Hornish Jr has cut a tire. Blown right front. It blew at the exit of turn 4, he pancaked the car against the front straight-away wall, bounced off an into the infield grass.

Green flag, 13 to go. Ryan Preece gets the jump on Kyle Benjamin. He completes the pass on the outside in turn 1. Cole Custer also sweeps around Benjamin as well. Brian Scott is up to 4th.

11 to go, caution. Garrett Smithley is in the wall. Preece will have to do it all over again.

Green, 7 to go. Ryan Preece takes the lead in turn 1. But he’s not clear and he has pressure from behind. Benjamin stacked up the inside line. Cole Custer looked to make it 3 wide on the bottom but backed out. Custer has lost a ton of positions. Brian Scott up to 3rd.

Caution. Brennan Poole pinched Matt Tifft on the entry of turn 1. At the same time, Tifft got loose and drifted up the track. Contact, Tifft went around in front of the field. Ty Majeski got caught in the stack up.

Shootout. 2 to go, green. Greece gets the jump. But Kyle Benjamin is leaning on his left rear at the exit of turn 2. Light contact but great, clean racing.

Side-by-side at the line! Ryan Preece wins at Iowa Speedway!

Related: Ryan Preece gambled with his racing career and won!

Author: Shane Walters

Iowa Speedway Results July 29, 2017 NASCAR Xfinity Series

Ryan Preece wins NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Iowa Speedway
NEWTON, IA – JULY 29: Ryan Preece, driver of the #20 MoHawk Northeast Inc. Toyota, celebrates in Victory Lane after winning the NASCAR XFINITY Series US Cellular 250 Presented by American Ethanol at Iowa Speedway on July 29, 2017 in Newton, Iowa. (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

1. Ryan Preece 2. Kyle Benjamin 3. Brian Scott 4. Brennan Poole 5. Cole Custer 6. JJ Yaley 7. Daniel Hemric 8. Blake Koch 9. William Byron 10. Brandon Jones 11. Brett Moffatt 12. Elliott Sadler 13. Brendan Gaughan 14. Ryan Sieg 15. Harrison Rhodes 16. Ty Majeski 17. Dakoda Armstrong 18. Ross Chastain 19. Matt Tifft 20. Justin Allgaier 21. Ryan Reed 22. BJ McLeod 23. Ben Kennedy 24. Joey Gase 25. Dylan Lupton 26. David Starr 27. Tommy Joe Martins 28. Jeremy Clements 29. Brandon Brown 30. Ray Black II 31. Mike Harmon 32. Stan Mullis 33. Michael Annett 34. Sam Hornish Jr 35. Garrett Smithy 36. Tyler Roddick 37. Spencer Gallagher 38. Morgan Shepard 39. Reed Sorenson 40. Jeff Green


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how long does mini golf take | 60S Today


aerial view of florida golf course

One of the biggest deterrents to the game of golf is the time it takes to play.

People are busy, and they have lots going on in their lives.

Thinking about spending hours and hours on a golf course is sometimes not a reality.

In this guide, we will help you see how long it should take to play golf so you can get a better idea of the time commitment involved.

There will be individual variations based on playing private or public courses, but these are good general averages.

How Long To Play 18 Holes With A Cart?

Golf course

It will take anywhere from 4 to 4.5 hours to play a round of golf with a cart.

This number will change depending on what type of golf course you are playing.

It can also depend on the number of people in your group and how busy the golf course is.

You may also notice that a group with four thirty-handicap golfers will move a little slower than four scratch golfers.

Some factors related to the pace of play are easy to control and others you will have no control over.

How Long Does It Take To Play 18 Holes Of Golf With 2 Players?

Group Of Male Golfers Marking Scorecard At End Of Round

Playing 18 holes of golf with two players should take about 3.5 to 4 hours.

Playing with only two players is a great way to get around the golf course, but there is a downside to this.

If you are teeing off at a time that there are a lot of foursomes in front of you, it will slow you down considerably.

It’s easy to pass through one group if you need to.

It’s completely different to try and get through eight foursomes in front of you.

This is why many people like to make sure they have a foursome of players.

It makes the pace of play more consistent instead of so much waiting on the people in front of you.

How Long Does It Take To Play 18 Holes Of Golf With 4 Players?

Golf course people group young players team grass field

It will take about 4-5 hours to play eighteen holes of golf with four players.

Many people thinking that walking while playing will take much longer than playing with a golf cart.

Fortunately, this is not true.

When walking, you can take a direct route to your golf ball at all times.

When using a cart, you have to park away from certain obstacles and bring a few clubs with you.

There is always a player that needs to move the cart up by the green, even when this is not convenient with where your golf ball is.

Walking helps you take a more direct route through the golf course.

As long as you walk at a moderate pace between shots, it should not take longer to play golf while walking than with a cart.

How Long Should It Take One Person To Play 18 Holes Of Golf?

Young man playing golf

One person can get around a golf course quite quickly in three hours or less.

You would need to be the first person out for the day, so you have no other golfers in front of you.

A single trying to play behind a foursome will be very frustrated with the waiting required between shots.

How Long Does It Take To Play 9 Holes Of Golf?

Golf Course on the Ocean

Playing nine holes of golf will take approximately two hours.

If there are a lot of people on the golf course at the time, it can increase to about two and a half hours.

How Long Does It Take To Play 9 Holes Of Golf With A Cart?

golf cart on luxury golf course by castle

It will take about two hours to play nine holes of golf with a cart.

If you happen to have no golfers in front of you, sometimes it can take just under two hours.

This would be considered an excellent pace of play.

How Long Does It Take To Play Executive Golf Courses?

The bird view of Macao golf course in Taipa, Macao of China.

Executive golf courses tend to have all par 3’s or sometimes a mix of par 3’s and par 4’s.

Since the courses themselves can be a bit different, the playing times will vary.

For the shorter executive golf courses, you will be looking at about two hours.

The longer executive golf courses my be closer to three hours.

The only problem you will run into on these types of courses is the non-golfer/beginners.

Many people try to learn the game on an executive course so that they can keep the game a bit more manageable.

If they have learned to keep up the pace of play and move forward, this is not an issue.

However, some have not learned this as of yet.

How Long Does 18 Holes Of Mini Golf Take?

Miniature Golf

Miniature golf takes about 30-45 minutes to complete a round of eighteen holes.

The amount of time it takes to complete your round will be affected by the number of people in your group.

Some mini golf courses are longer than others.

Many will have all par two holes, and some will have par three and par four holes as well.

If a mini-golf course is jam-packed, it could take you over an hour to complete your round.

How Long Should It Take You To Play One Hole At Your Golf Course?

golf course with green grass and red pin flag, sea background

Each golf hole should take approximately twelve to fifteen minutes to complete.

Par fives should take you a bit longer than a par three because of the number of shots involved.

Some golf courses that are very strict about the pace of play will give you a time estimate on your golf card.

The estimate may tell you how long each hole should take or give you an idea of how long nine or eighteen should take.

Some golf courses even have GPS systems on their golf cart that can let you know if your group is falling behind.

The pace of play is so important not just for the people in your group but the entire golf course.

If there is one group that takes six hours to play a round, they will cause everyone to have a six-hour round of golf.

This is not an acceptable pace, and it is precisely what makes people feel like they don’t have the time to keep golf as a hobby.

If you can get to the golf course, play eighteen, have lunch, and back home in five hours, that is a great way to spend a Saturday.

When this process starts to take people seven hours, it can change their opinion of the entire game.

How Long Does An 18 Hole Scramble Take?

Group Of Golfers Walking Along Fairway Carrying Golf Bags

An 18 hole scramble will take anywhere from four to five hours to complete.

It should be much closer to the four-hour mark.

A scramble is a golf format typically used in corporate outings and events.

All players will hit their tee shots.

Then the best tee shot will be selected, and all players will hit from this new location.

Some people call this format the best ball, but the best ball format is different.

Scrambles are supposed to help speed up the pace of play, especially when you have a golf course full of new or higher handicap players.

The reasons scrambles don’t make golf much faster than the four-hour mark is all the hunting and finding.

Even though people are playing form the best location, they still have to find their golf ball.

Then they need to take their golf ball over to where the best location is and play from there.

Playing from their golf ball location could technically be faster at times.

Scrambles do make things more fun, and they turn golf into a friendly team sport.

They don’t work all that well to speed up the pace of play.

Tips To Speed Up Pace of Play

tips word - text in vintage letterpress wood type blocks against a grunge metal background

If you feel like you may be the slow play culprit in your group, there are a few things you can do to help speed up.

The most important thing is to pay attention.

Pay attention to where your golf ball is headed, pay attention to where the cart needs to be parked, pay attention to where your playing competitors are, and if it is your turn to play.

Awareness helps to speed golf up considerably.

Another way to speed up your pace is to plan your shots.

Golf is a social game, and talking to your playing partners is encouraged.

However, you don’t want to get so distracted that you forget you need to plan out your shot.

By the time you arrive at your golf ball, you should have a general idea of the type of shot you are going to play and what club you will use.

It only takes a few seconds to plan these things out, but it will help considerably to speed up the pace.


If you plan on playing golf this weekend, allow yourself approximately 4-4.5 hours for a round of eighteen holes.

Plan on about two hours for nine holes.

Hopefully, the golf course you are playing cares about the pace of play and keeping the game moving.

Golf is a lot more fun when it does not take the entire day.


how to get to the road of sacrifices | 60S Today


Road of Sacrifices is a Location in Dark Souls 3. It is a wooded area, marked by crumbling ruins and a murky swamp inhabited by crustaceans of varying size. Damp and fetid, as rotted as it is alive, this road demands perseverance but offers rewards to those seeking the arcane arts.


The Amazing Race 7 | 60S Today


The Amazing Race 7

The Amazing Race 7 is the seventh season of the reality television show, The Amazing Race. It premiered on March 1, 2005 with a two-hour premiere and ended on May 10, 2005 on CBS. The entire season was released on DVD on December 20, 2005.[1]


The seventh season of The Amazing Race was filmed between November and December 2004, for which they traveled 40,000 miles (64,000 km), spanning 10 different countries in five continents.

Travelocity, Toyota, and JVC were the official sponsors of the seasons and would provide the prizes awarded to first place teams on certain legs.



Episode Air Date Leg Destination First Place Last Place Finish Viewership(millions)[2] Ratings/Share(18-49)[2] 1 “Courteous? This Is a Race!” March 1, 2005 1 United States → Peru Debbie & Bianca Ryan & Chuck 1st Eliminated11th Place 11.76 4.9/12 2 “The Whole Country Hates Me” March 8, 2005 2 Peru → Chile Rob & Amber Megan & Heidi 2nd Eliminated10th Place 11.69 4.8/12 3 “Do You Need Some Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation?” March 15, 2005 3 Chile → Argentina Lynn & Alex Debbie & Bianca 3rd Eliminated9th Place 12.71 5.0/12 4 “What a Gaucho You Are!” March 22, 2005 4 Argentina Rob & Amber Susan & Patrick 4th Eliminated8th Place 12.43 4.6/11 5 “I’ve Been Wanting a Face-Lift for a Long Time” March 29, 2005 5 Argentina → South Africa Ray & Deana Meredith & Gretchen Non-EliminationLeg 13.18 5.5/14 6 South Africa → Botswana Ron & Kelly Ray & Deana 5th Eliminated7th Place 6 “Houston, We Have an Elephant” April 5, 2005 7 Botswana Rob & Amber Brian & Greg 6th Eliminated6th Place 12.28 5.1/13 7 “They Saved the Eyeball” April 6, 2005 None Recap Episode 8 “Mow’em Down Like Grass” April 12, 2005 8 Botswana → India Rob & Amber Meredith & Gretchen Ordered toContinue Racing 12.97 5.1/12 9 “We Have a Bad Elephant” April 19, 2005 Uchenna & Joyce Lynn & Alex 7th Eliminated5th Place 12.34 5.1/13 10 “We Got a Gnome! We Got a Gnome!” April 26, 2005 9 India → Turkey Uchenna & Joyce Ron & Kelly Non-EliminationLeg 13.27 5.2/12.5 11 “The Devil Made Me Do It” May 3, 2005 10 Turkey → United Kingdom Rob & Amber Meredith & Gretchen 8th Eliminated4th Place 12.84 5.2/13 12 “Five Continents, 25 Cities, and More Than 40,000 Miles” May 10, 2005 11 United Kingdom → Jamaica Ron & Kelly Uchenna & Joyce Non-EliminationLeg 16.01 6.8/17 12 Jamaica → Puerto Rico → United States Uchenna & Joyce Ron & Kelly 3rd Place Rob & Amber 2nd Place


This chart shows each teams ranking per leg according to their official check in at the Pit Stop. However, time penalties issued before the start of the next leg due to improperly performed tasks are not reflected here.

Place Team Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 Leg 5 Leg 6 Leg 7 Leg 8 Leg 9 Leg 10 Leg 11 Leg 12 Average Roadblock 1 Uchenna & Joyce 8 4 2 3 6 3 3 3 1 1 3 3 1 3.17 6-5 2 Rob & Amber 3 1 5 1 5 2 1 1 3 3 1> 2 2 2.42 6-6 3 Ron & Kelly 10 2 4 4 2 1 2 2 2 4 2< 1 3 3.08 6-6 4 Meredith & Gretchen 6 7 7 7 7 5 5 5 4 2 4 5.40 6-4 5 Lynn & Alex 5 5 1 5 4 4 4 4 5 4.13 4-4 6 Brian & Greg 4 9 3 2 3 6 6 4.71 3-3 7 Ray & Deana 7 3 6 6 1 7 5.00 2-2 8 Susan & Patrick 2 8 8 8 6.50 1-2 9 Debbie & Bianca 1 6 9 5.33 2-0 10 Megan & Heidi 9 10 9.50 1-0 11 Ryan & Chuck 11 11.00 0-0 Notes [1] [2][3] [4] [5] Legend: The team finished in first place The team finished in last place and was eliminated from the race The team finished in last place in a non-elimination leg The team that won The Amazing Race The team that crossed the Finish Line second The team that crossed the Finish Line third The team used the Fast Forward pass > The team used the Yield< Recipient of the Yield

Notes: 1: Rob, Meredith, and Deana decided to forfeit the Roadblock; their teams were all issued 4-hour penalties at the Roadblock site starting from the arrival of the next team. 2: Uchenna & Joyce initially arrived 3rd, but they did not complete the Roadblock correctly and were forced to finish it. This did not affect their placement. 3: Meredith & Gretchen initially arrived 4th, but they missed their final clue at the end of the Roadblock. Lynn & Alex checked in during that time period, dropping them to 5th. 4: Leg 8 was a double-length leg with two Detours and two Roadblocks shown over two episodes. The placements listed in the first column reflect the order teams arrived at the leg’s halfway point. The leg’s Fast Forward was offered after the halfway point, and thus permitted Uchenna & Joyce to skip only the second set of challenges. The Yield appeared before the first Roadblock. 5: The finishes in the first half of the superleg in Leg 8 are not counted as part of the average. Only the final finish in the leg is counted toward the average.



  • First season not to circumnavigate the globe.
  • First-time visits to Peru, Chile, Botswana, Turkey, Jamaica, and the unincorporated territory of Puerto Rico.
  • First season to implement the penalty for the last team to arrive at a Non-Elimination Leg being forced to surrender all of their possessions (except for their passports and the clothes they were wearing, for the remainder of the race).
    • This was in addition to already being stripped of all their accumulated money and not receive any money on the next leg.
      • Teams were also not allowed to beg for money prior to the start of the next leg.
  • Third consecutive season where all the final three teams are co-ed teams.
    • Coincidentally again, all the final three teams were involved in a romantic relationship.


  • Maureen Ryan at Chicago Tribune (03/01/2005): “Amazing Race picking up speed”

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