Feeling the Rhythm Through Rhyme

Feeling the Rhythm Through Rhyme


A certified drummer/percussionist and educator, Dave has collaborated on many songs that later ended in him writing lyrics of his personal. Maximum of his poems on this e-book have been if truth be told to start with written as music lyrics, thus the presence of repeating choruses regardless that out. In fact it was once Dave who first sparked the theory for the Brummet’s to stroll this trail they tread lately – he made up our minds to take a creator’s route to be told what he could possibly do together with his quick tales that he has compiled through the years. Maximum of the ones tales have remained unpublished to nowadays because of different tasks taking priority, however Dave plans to liberate some within the close to long term. His poem “UFO Dream” is the theme of one in every of his soon-to-be novels that he has been running on.

Sign up for us whilst we proportion 2 poems excerpted from the collaborative paintings together with his spouse: Rhythm & Rhyme

Grooveyard – By means of D Brummet

Writer word: My thesis at the magic of the ability of track. The way it helps to keep us younger and takes us clear of the blues of on a regular basis existence. I consider it’s the component that units individuals who play track with the exception of the ones that do not. Now we have the power to take a seat in that sandbox and play with out a care on the earth for what’s going on round us on the time.

As youngsters we play, within the grime we get down

Oblivious to all that is happening throughout.

Then we develop up and we appear to lose

That skill to close off the sector’s blues.

We generally tend to get tangled in each day’s grief

With none output to get some aid.

Making track it kind of feels, is like being a child as soon as once more

Not anything else issues it is simply you and your mates.

Once we pass play we will simply disregard

The entire tense issues that make us all be troubled.

But if we disregard to prevent and to play

Now we have misplaced the ability of the kid’s approach

Within the Grooveyard – Sitting within the sandbox

Taking part in within the playpen – Being with your mates and

Going to the Grooveyard – You would not have to paintings onerous

However to take a component – You have to have center if you are

Within the Grooveyard

You can be unwell and it’s possible you’ll really feel down.

Issues to your global are turning you round,

However track has charms to sooth that beast

It normally works – you have got to take a look at it no less than.

We now have attempted the beverages and pipes to make issues abuzz

However not anything has the kick that making track does.

As musicians we play, and after we get down

There is not any preventing us, we are portray the city.

We’re going to no longer surrender the ability at any price

Of that youth skill that is so simply misplaced.

That approach of having via on a regular basis grief

As a result of now we have nonetheless have the output to get some aid.

There is not any explaining the sensation we get

When it is everywhere on the finish of a suite.

Shell-shocked from the venting of feelings

Onto a canvas of musically impressed devotions.

Humor flows and wise-crackers assault

As we wait and speak about when we will subsequent get again.

Wings on a Breeze – by way of L Brummet

Authors Notice: * This powerfully emotional piece was once written inside of moments of a abnormal dream I had again in March ’11; best wisps of dream reminiscence remained as I wrote this down in an try to seize the remainder strands on paper. Mother frequently used the word “construction your fortress within the sky”, which means to at all times dream and feature hope.

I dream of feathers;

Ruffled and rippling

By means of the power of the wind,

… Seems like laundry on a line,

Swept by way of a brisk breeze.

I am Alive…

And I lament a existence

Of sour resentment,

The horrible want for approval –

Now pale along with her demise,

Leaves this thoughts laden

By means of ideas of sacrifice

And loss.

A be apologetic about that youth

Dared me the energy to reinforce

Whilst instances struck,

And struck and struck once more.

Taking bits and items of her pleasure

Her agree with… her energy.

And along with her soured glance on existence

I grew

Into a girl…

– And her pal.

She not fights the wind

To stick afloat and fly

To that particular fortress within the sky

Lately she soars with out bruised wings,

Nor battered frame to impede her.

Whilst I,

Now in mid-life,

I, who by no means knew wings,

Have sprouted a couple.

So small, so awkward…

Will they permit me to fly sooner or later?

And check out my very own flight with the wind?

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