If Drinkin’ Don’t Kill Me (Her Memory Will)


A track written through R. Beresford and H. Sanders and sung through nation track’s residing legend, George Jones, entitled, If Drinkin’ Do not Kill Me (Her Reminiscence Will), has a miles other which means for me lately.

In my case, this track used to be left large open to interpret the which means anyway the listener favored. In George Jones’ case, it used to be rumored that he lived the track in residing colour. If his ingesting would not kill him, the reminiscence that will kill him used to be in connection with his spouse, at the moment, the overdue, nice First Girl of Nation Song, Tammy Wynette. The track, used to be possibly, supposed to depict the harm and self-destructive techniques, {that a} broken-up dating or divorce, could have on an individual not able to take care of the disgruntlement of a failed dating.

On a extra critical word, my interpretation of this track carries a punch extra deadlier than divorce. It approach permanent ache from the everlasting lack of my soul mate, my partner, my spouse, and my existence, what used to be as soon as an overly, glad one.

Let me percentage with you the lyrics of this track, to higher perceive my tale:

If Drinkin’ Do not Kill Me (Her Reminiscence Will)

The bars are all closed

It is 4 within the morning

Should have close ’em all down

Through the form that I am in

I lay my head at the wheel

And the horn starts honking

The entire group is aware of

That I am house under the influence of alcohol once more


And if ingesting do not kill me

Her reminiscence will

I will’t grasp out for much longer

The best way that I think

With the blood from my frame

I may get started my very own nonetheless

And if ingesting do not kill me

Her reminiscence will

Those outdated bones they transfer gradual

However so positive in their footsteps

As I shuttle at the flooring

And flippantly contact down

Lord it is been ten bottles

Since I attempted to overlook her

However the reminiscence nonetheless lingers

Mendacity right here at the floor


And if ingesting do not kill me

Her reminiscence will

I will’t grasp out for much longer

The best way that I think

With the blood from my frame

I may get started my very own nonetheless

But when ingesting do not kill me

Her reminiscence will…


It is been nearly six years now–since the terrible illness of most cancers, claimed the lifetime of my expensive spouse, Bobbie. It beat her up so badly, that she could not assume immediately anymore and he or she had no keep watch over of a few of her physically purposes. She battled the relentless demon to the top. However like some evil crusades, they every now and then win.

I had all the time been a lager drinker. I am not in denial of that. I’m an alcoholic. On the other hand, my illness used to be just about in remission–thanks to my spouse, Bobbie. She detested individuals who drank irresponsibly. And along with her perspective and ideology, I attempted to not disappoint her. During our marriage, I failed time and again, however for essentially the most part–my ingesting used to be in-check.

I did not revel in ingesting at house, so I drank in bars and lounges. That intended I must power or have some handy designated motive force be with me always. This wasn’t practicle considering. Through being an alcoholic, who thinks practicle? I wasn’t actually a standard patron anyplace. I used to be an abnormal patron wanting to hop from one established order to the opposite. I’d get tired of ingesting at one position. That is what would get me in hassle with the law–drinking and riding.

After Bobbie kicked the bucket in 2001, I used to be a misplaced soul. I used to be hurting and I did not wish to really feel this type of grieving ache. I used to be all by myself now, and I hated it. With out Bobbie, I sought after to die. My ingesting got here out in complete pressure once more. This floor hog noticed its shadow. And it intended greater than six weeks of iciness. It intended two-and-a-half years of natural hell–drinking. I used to be ready to carry directly to my activity through some wayward miracle, or perhaps Bobbie used to be my guiding angel. I do imagine in angels. I used to be a multitude. My self esteem did not actually subject anymore. I’d drink sooner or later and be very unwell for 4. That is the place my development from alcoholism took me. I’d be gravely ill in mattress each weekend after a binder. I would not solution the telephone or the doorbell, if it rang.

I fell off the deep finish. I hit all-time low. I used to be cited for a D.U.I. Then I drank extra. I did not forestall ingesting till two-and-a-half months later. Through believing in God , my upper energy, I surrendered my weak point. I sobered up. I fulfilled the consequences and responsibilities the regulation imposed on me and performed my lifelong plan of sobriety. For as soon as in my existence, I were given the gorilla off my again. And what a weight it had carried on me. I’ve been sober since.

Like George Jones, I surrender ingesting ahead of it surrender me. However Bobbie’s reminiscence lives on. Just like the track, it can be her reminiscence that may kill me. I pray to God it would possibly not be ingesting that may kill me. If my existence ends whilst being sober, I’d moderately die sober and feature Bobbie’s reminiscence do me in.

I would like Bobbie’s reminiscence to live to tell the tale, however no longer essentially kill me. If it approach residing in ache, so be it. Lord knows– I pass over her extraordinarily. I’ve superb, glad reminiscences. Reminiscences actually cannot kill you when you are living your existence in sobriety. Sobriety is a protected harbor. Reminiscences can in some way forestall you from residing if you do not transfer on to your existence.

If any one says existence will get more straightforward in time, after a liked one has died, it actually hasn’t came about to them. I imply it isn’t essentially true. Everyone grieves in a different way. Human nature tells us to convenience the bereaved. So what else is there to mention rather than, “give it time, time will heal your ache.”

I assume it is true that I feed my ache. Bobbie is a continuing presence in my existence. I listen any other cliché continuously used, “you wish to have to transport on to your existence.” What if I do not wish to transfer on? My entrance backyard has a memorial lawn in loving reminiscence of my spouse. My visual display unit has Bobbie’s image there. I created a web page in honor of Bobbie and for the advantage of most cancers analysis. I play track that Bobbie favored. I take a look at footage and skim the playing cards and letters we’ve given to one another. I encompass myself with Bobbie’s reminiscences. Will I ever forestall revisiting her reminiscence? Almost certainly by no means. Will I ever transfer on? Now that, I have no idea. I attempted being in a dating with a female friend who moved in with me two years after Bobbie handed on. It did not determine. There have been many the explanation why it wasn’t a a success courtship. I’d moderately no longer pass there.

I do know in my middle, that Bobbie would no longer like to peer me this manner. She want to see me glad and transfer on. I be mindful she instructed me time and again after my mother and my aunt kicked the bucket, that I mustn’t make a shrine out in their reminiscences. On the time, I believed she used to be being cold-hearted when she stated that. However, she used to be proper, I almost certainly used to be development a shrine to maintain reminiscences. I did not see anything else mistaken with that.

The ache of reminiscences subside with time, if you wish to have them to. The one time the ache eases up, is after I write my emotions right into a tale. It is the most efficient treatment for me that I’ve found out. I suppose that implies that if I stay writing tales about my reminiscences and emotions I’ve for Bobbie–I’m going to be ok. Then I suppose if ingesting do not kill me, her reminiscence will. And I am pronouncing this in a favorable more or less manner. Thank you, George, for making a song that track.