Writing Songs With Ambiguous Lyrics – If Done As Shown Here, It’s A Great Tool for Songwriters

Writing Songs With Ambiguous Lyrics – If Done As Shown Here, It’s A Great Tool for Songwriters


Once we write songs, you have to notice that how we sing our strains impacts the message we are turning in. The phrases we accessory in a word after we sing a lyric can in reality CHANGE the which means of the lyric from what we meant to one thing completely other. This may particularly come into play after we’re seeking to ship an ambiguous message that carries multiple which means. The way in which we ship the message could make or damage our ambiguity.

For example, let’s take a look at the 3rd verse of the track, “Use Any individual,” by way of Kings of Leon.

Verse 3:

Off the evening when you reside it up, I am off to sleep

Waging wars to shake the poet and the beat

I am hoping it is gonna make you realize

I am hoping it is gonna make you realize

Any individual like me

Any individual like me

The word “Any individual like me” has ambiguous tones. What is implied from the strains continuing it’s “somebody who’s like I’m… somebody simply LIKE me.” Or much less subtly, “me.”

That is the major which means implied right here, BUT it will possibly additionally imply: “SOMEONE please like me, or love me. Please somebody, any individual, identical to me for who I’m.” Do you spot that? It is a other which means than the primary one I discussed.

So the development of the lyrics may well be pronouncing this:

(I have capitalize the phrases difficult emphasis)

1. I am hoping it is gonna make you realize

2. Any individual like ME

3. Any individual LIKE me…

Or, in different phrases, it may well be pronouncing is:

1. I am hoping it is gonna make you realize

2. Me

3. May not any individual like me?


So you spot that this lyric has two possible meanings. However something so as to add to this, is the phrases you accessory within the lyrical words will impact what you are pronouncing. To make use of the instance above, pronouncing “Any individual like ME” approach one thing other that “Any individual LIKE me.”

The theory here’s that when you exchange the accented phrases in a word, it will possibly impact the which means of the word. Within the track “Use Any individual,” after they sing the road “somebody like ME” they have got accented the phrase “me.” Cross concentrate for it. It is at round 2:20 into the observe. You’ll test it out on YouTube.

Do you pay attention that? The way in which he sings it’s forcing our brains to consider the which means in line #2, above.

In different phrases, despite the fact that the road is perhaps meant to be ambiguous, when Kings of Leon spotlight the phrase “me,” it forces us to consider the which means “somebody who’s like I’m,” or just, “me.” Had they accentuated the phrase “like,” then it could have taken on the second one which means of “may not any individual like me?”

So, it may be tricky to believe this line ambiguous, on account of how we are listening to it. Whilst the written line has two meanings, the sung (or spoken) model takes on simplest a kind of meanings, relying on the way you sing (or say) it. On this example we are pressured to HEAR just one which means (“Any individual like ME”), when on a work of paper, it may be READ as two issues (“Any individual like ME” or “Any individual LIKE me”).

We did not have this factor with the anomaly of the word “You realize that I will be able to use any individual,” as a result of in each conceivable meanings of THAT word (1. both the use of somebody bodily, or 2. being depending on, and wanting any individual), the accents are the SAME. That is a biggie. As a result of if so, it really works. No issues there, so long as your lyrics are written smartly to toughen and give a boost to the speculation.

In order songwriters, no longer simplest do we have now the hurdle of seeking to create some bad-ass ambiguous words in our lyrics, however now we need to be sure that BOTH meanings of those words have the similar, correct accentuation, in order that the which means can keep ambiguous! Oh, guy – that is getting tough!

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What I am speaking about here’s slightly complex, as it is truly a mix of 2 subjects. The primary subject being writing cunning, ambiguous strains, and the second one subject being that the phrases you accessory to your track impact what you are pronouncing.

In earlier articles, I have mentioned how accenting positive phrases could make a word sound unnatural, however right here you are seeing that by way of accenting other phrases you’ll be able to in reality CHANGE the which means of the word you are making a song from one which means to a 2d one. Robust stuff. As all the time, I counsel you to experiment with this, and use it accordingly. I am having a look ahead to listening to what you get a hold of.