Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid Review: Hot Distance, Hotter Performance | 60S Today

Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid Review: Hot Distance, Hotter Performance | 60S Today

There are some clubs out there that look really good, but when you hit them, the love starts to fade away. Then there is the X2 Hot Hybrid from Callaway, a club that looks good coming out of the bag, feels good in your hands, and delivers when the time comes.

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Having read multiple reviews of the club before I gave it a go, I was fully prepared to unleash some bombs from anywhere my wayward drives led me: bunkers, deep rough, primary cut, and even the occasional fairway. And for the most part, the X2 Hot Hybrid passed all my tests with flying colors.



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Callaway has made some real performance advancements in their clubs, namely their drivers, irons and fairway woods. They have now moved these advancements into their Hybrids, most notably in the Hyper Speed Face Cup and redesigned shape in an effort to provide maximum distance while not compromising on playability.

  • Hyper Speed Face Cup, providing a sweet spot 13x greater than prior year
  • Tour Inspired shape improves playability, accuracy and turf interaction
  • Callaway graphite shafts providing feel and control while increasing launch angles
  • Loft options of 19 (3H), 22 (4H), 25 (5H) and 28 (6H) degrees
  • Callaway X2 Hot Ultralite Hybrid Graphite Shaft (Light, Regular and Stiff)
  • Callaway Diamond Universal Orange Grip

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The trend these days it seems is to move the look of the Hybrid more towards that of an iron, which to me makes sense considering it is replacing just that. And while the “Tour-Inspired Design” does make strides in doing this, the overall look of the club is still too reminiscent of a fairway wood or more traditional rescue. And that’s not a bad thing, particularly when using the X2 Hot Hybrid off the tee. Club head shape aside, the coloring of the club itself it very sharp. With a matte black finish on the crown of the club, patented Callaway “v” and charcoal & blue shaft, the X2 Hot Hybrid looks like a club that means business.



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One thing I have noticed when hitting Callaway clubs, whether driver or iron, is that they tend to feel heavier than other makes and models. While it would take some real digging to prove whether that was actually the case, the X2 Hot Hybrid does feel solid, if not a bit too weighty in your hands. Not that it is too difficult to get back and around, but if you are used to a somewhat “lighter” club, this Hybrid may feel a bit heavier than you are used to. The stiff shaft also feels a bit too stiff, but that may just be a byproduct of the club feeling heavier in general.

Std Hyb face


From a performance perspective, the X2 Hot Hybrid surely delivers. Easy to swing, the club delivers solid contact from a variety of lies, and has no problem getting the ball in the air. And yes, it is long. My regular Hybrid, which is also 19 degrees, typically carries about 230 yards in good conditions. I was surprised, and pleased, to see the X2 Hot Hybrid carrying 235 to 240 yards. Not bad considering there is not much lost in the way of control or accuracy. There are a few things I noted though that could be drawbacks depending on the situation you’re in. First, the ball flight tended to be fairly consistent, punching through the air rather than elevating down the hole. This tended to give it quite a bit of run, which is great if you are using it off the tee or running it up to the green on a long par 4 or 5, but not so great if you are trying to fly this into greens from 220+ yards out. Additionally, the workability of the club, while decent, could be improved. Cuts and fades were not much of an issue, but drawing the ball was difficult. The old slinging hook could be achieved, although quite a bit of control is lost when doing so. Overall though, the club delivers as advertised.



Despite the very few shortcomings of the X2 Hot Hybrid, it is still a very good Hybrid option for those looking for greater distance and control out of a variety of lies. It looks great, is easy to swing, and most importantly, delivers on the extra distance all of us are craving. I would recommend this club for anyone who likes to hit a low lofted Hybrid off the tee when accuracy is paramount, as it is a great option when 230 or 240 off the tee is what you need.

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