Cobra Baffler XL Driver Review: Add Distance to Your Game

Cobra Baffler XL Driver Review: Add Distance to Your Game

What is every golfer looking for when they purchase a new driver? Long and forgiving! Cobra has a driver that will fit both of these categories, the Baffler XL. Don’t have a fast swing speed? No worries, the Baffler XL is made for ALL swing speeds.

From Cobra:

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High MOI


The Cobra Baffler XL Driver has weight positioned low and further back in the club head. This creates high MOI, which increase forgiveness on shots that are hit off-center. We all hate the feeling of hitting a bad tee shot, the high MOI will help make these mis-hits feel and look a lot better.

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Oversize Face & E9 Face


One of Cobra’s major technology break-through over the past few years is their E9 face technology. The E9 face expands the sweet spot to where most mis-hits occur. Along wit the E9 face, this driver has an oversize face that creates a larger “trampoline” across the face.

Offset Design


The Baffler XL offset design helps make it extra forgiving! Offset gives a golfer more time to square the face at impact. More golfer’s hit a slice off the tee, this will help eliminate or decrease a slice. This will also make for a higher, straighter, and more draw-biased shots.


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Loft Length Stock Flex Swing Weight RH/LH 9.5º 46″ S, R, Lite D3, D2, D2 RH 10.5º 46″ S, R, Lite D3, D2, D2 RH/LH 11.5º 46″ S, R, Lite D3, D2, D2 RH


The Cobra Golf Baffler XL driver has stepped up to the plate as one of the longest drivers of 2014 for Game Improvement drivers. The ball flight off the Baffler XL driver is high and long. The one thing you will really notice on this club is the offset at address, which promotes a draw and some confidence from hitting that dreaded slice. If you bash the ball off he toe a lot and end up hitting big fades and slices the Baffler XL is a great option. If you don’t like big sounds at impact, you might want to stay away from the Baffler XL. It has a loud solid sound at impact, which let’s you know you hit your ball on the sweet spot. I’m not a big fan of loud drivers but this driver doesn’t seem to bother me that much.

Cobra Baffler XL Driver


One of the most forgiving and long drivers when it comes to the game improvement category. With the offset design it will help many players who struggle with slicing the ball. Not only that, but it also has a pretty cool look to it. With the light blue stripe to help as a visual aid against the darker blue, many beginning players will find that as a nice tool.

This driver is made for the golfer that needs forgiveness off the tee. Any golfer, slow swing speeds to fast swing speeds, can hit this driver. Want to hit the ball straighter, higher, and farther, this driver is for you!

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Here is our friend Mark Crossfield’s look at the at the Baffler XL Driver.

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