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Disc Golf Snap Tips

Snap is a crucial aspect of disc golf motion. The definition of the term snap varies from player to player. Some players prefer this to the snap sound that they get at the rip. On the contrary, some people believe it to be the amount of spin. Or basically how fast a player’s wrist uncoils. Snap sound might be the result of that fast acceleration, and this might be one of the reasons why people call it snap. To be defined, we can say that snap is transferring the body motion from the body to the disc. Snap is instead using your body like a whip to create maximum power. This article will pinpoint some of the vital disc golf snap tips to develop your skills.

Follow the chain of events properly

Snap follows a chain of events while maintaining the perfect timing. Starting with a sidearm motion, first, shift your weight from right to left, turn your hips, your shoulder should get fired through which will fire the elbow forward and at the end snap your wrist by extending your elbow and forwarding your arm. You can do this with your backhand as well. Shift your weight from bottom to up, turn your hips, turn your shoulder, extend your elbow by pulling it forward, fire the arm ahead and release the disc. Just try to follow the events one after another and try to maintain the time.

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Use Newton’s 3rd law

If you want to accelerate the disc in one direction, something else has to get slower, even moves backward to the other direction. It is basically the 3rd law of Newton. So make sure before releasing the disc, your arm follows through not your whole body.

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Try to find similarities with other sports

This suggestion is primarily for the new players. Beginners most likely are familiar or have played other form of games such as golf or badminton. While playing golf, an angle between the hip and shoulder is maintained, which is called the X factor. What you will be doing while throwing the disc is the mirror-inverted image of X factor in golf. So if you are a new player, try to find similarities with the games that you have played before. Try to trace the fact that helps you to transfer motion from your body to an object.


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You can use four fingers when you are looking for the most snap for a long drive. Use four of them to get a good hold and slide your thumb more to the middle of the disc squeezing on top of your index finger. Grip it hard enough to rip the disc out of your fingers. But do not grip it too hard. Else you will lose control of the flight. Try to get a perfect balance.

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Use a towel

You can use cloth for practice. There are products available that have a piece of disc attached with the end of a towel. Try to get one of you can. It will help you to create a backhand snap. This might be proved as one of the useful disc golf snap tips for a beginner.


When you are in your backswing, don’t pull as hard as you can then. Pull slow till your disc gets right at your chest then turn your hips and explode your arm through the air like a whip. Be sure to follow through your throw to ensure maximum effort.

Choose the right disc

Choose the right disc to start playing. Some of them have over-mold technology. Pick one if you can. Such discs have the potential to make a difference. It will cause a lot of rotation. More spin will create more momentum, and it will give your straight and long flight. Best disc golf drivers, mid-ranges and putters are reviewed here. Disc golf putters buying guide is here.

Film it

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You can film yourself while playing or throwing a disc. Later you can use those clips to spot your mistakes. Try to avoid those on your next throw. This method will allow you to see yourself as a player through your own eyes. Review yourself and develop your skills on your own.

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Have patience

No trees give fruit overnight. Patience is bitter, but it is the final result that will matter. It will take time even if you are born with natural talent. You have to struggle to master this art. Keep practicing, and over the years, you will get your perfect snap.

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These few disc golf snap tips are some of the significant features of disc golf motion that a disc golfer should be aware of. These are not enough, though. There are many other factors that you will discover on your own while playing this game. Get on the field and trace the things that will help you to achieve a perfect snap. To ace it, you have to work on it hard enough. These tips will surely help you to get your desired result. But none can say what is best for you unless you decide to find it by yourself.

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