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Much like with spirits and beer, choosing a wine subscription is a brilliant way to build knowledge, save money, and get access to bottles from places and winemakers you might not otherwise be exposed to. There are a lot of great wine subscription services out there for you to get involved in, many with different price levels, information available, purchasing commitments, and general style.

The following article will outline 10 of the best wine subscription services for you to consider, and what makes them stand out. Towards the end of the story, you’ll find a few simple points of advice you could use to help make an informed decision on the best new wine service for you.

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1. Winc Wine Club

Winc Wine Club

A great wine service for those new to curating wine choices, the Winc Wine Club experience starts with a handful of simple non-wine questions designed to help identify what you’ll find attractive. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an introductory offer, then three bottles from $39 per month (plus shipping). You can also add extra bottles per month, purchase different options (extra bottles, specials) at flexible price points, and adjust your plans as life changes.

Win Wine Club’s main feature is that it grows and evolves as you gain knowledge and share information about the wines you try. Sure, the brand sells you bottles, but it helps you grow a solid base in which to make better choices for your palate as you learn to be a wine expert.

2. The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club is one of the longest-running and most popular wine subscription services in the U.S., creating opportunities for smaller, artisanal wineries in the key areas of Napa Valley, the Central Coast, Sonoma County, and even the Pacific Northwest.

There is a range of different clubs that are ideal for every type of wine drinker, from the new entrant looking to get a foothold in the knowledge of the Napa Valley, to the experienced wine enthusiast with a love for hard to find bottles from the independent winemaker. With a bevy of options starting from $41.95 per wine shipment, use of tasting notes and other learning, and a focus on smaller producers, the California Wine Club is an enjoyable, affordable wine club.

3. The Sip

The Sip Wine Subscription

If Champagne and sparkling wine are more of your thing, then The Sip lets you get bubbly. From $55 per shipment, you’ll get two to three mini bottles of hard-to-get or quality wine delivered to you, as well as offerings from lead French Champagne Houses.

After receiving regular mini sparkling wine shipments, you’ll also earn credit to spend on the full bottle varieties from the wine selection you like the most. The Sip is a black-owned, female-led business, so supporting diversity and inclusion to get sparkling French wine sent directly to you is a great way to go about your bottles!

4. Wine Awesomeness

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Wine Awesomeness Wine Subscription

Wine Awesomeness is a service that looks to bring you wines from all over the world, providing value in a post-pandemic world where you can’t just carry a bottle you found while traveling. Their criteria is “delicious wine with stories and experiences worth discovering.”

Wine Awesomeness subscriptions offer three bottles sent twice monthly ($80), or six all at once ($100), and they have a lot of cool value adds, including access to the “digital cellar,” which provides information and tasting notes on the wines and their makers.

Deliveries are available as all red or all white mix with the occasional mystery bottle. This is a cool monthly wine subscription if you love to travel, like international wine, and possess a palate for adventure.

5. Wine of the Month Club

Wine of the Month Club

The Wine of the Month Club has been operating since 1972. It’s unlikely the digital world of wine delivery would be here in this form without their trailblazing. Wine of the Month Club offers 12 different affordable wine club memberships in two, six, or 12 bottle amounts.

There’s a variety in styles and types, from your favorite Californian pinot noir to Bordeaux red wine, and different wine pricing that goes right up to fine wine expressions. The lead-in Classic Series 2 pack starts at $38 per wine shipment and goes up to the Case Club 12 bottle delivery which starts from around $185.

6. Primal Wine

Primal Wine Subscription

Primal Wine is the subscription option to take if you are a vegan wine lover or like to focus on drinking natural wine. As the site explains, “Natural wine is a type of wine made in small batches from hand-harvested organic or biodynamic grapes with minimal intervention in the cellar. Natural wine is made with native yeasts as well as being bottled unfined and unfiltered. No or minimal sulfites are added.”

Most natural wines are vegan friendly, provided they don’t use animal-based fining agents. Primal Wine sources and curates a range of natural wine varieties from around the world that you can learn about on the site, as they are also available by the bottle. Wine Club pricing starts at 3 bottles at $85 per shipment, with six and 12 bottle options as well.

7. Bright Cellars Wine Club

Bright Cellars Wine Club

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Bright Cellars Wine Club is another subscription service that asks you to take a palate test before matching you with their wine service based on their algorithm (the guys that started the company were MIT Grads). Bright Cellars scores each wine by comparing 18 attributes to the preferences in your response and matching you with them.

After you’ve been matched (Wine Tinder!), new wine suiting your profile will be shipped to you every month for around $80. Bright Cellars also offers a Delight guarantee. If you’re matched with a bottle you don’t love you can make contact with a company sommelier and organize the right free replacement bottle for your next shipment.

8. Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club has been in action for more than 28 years. Their experience shows with six different tailored subscription types on offer.

Whether you are new to wine, wanting boutique wines and independent labels, looking for a specialized wine region in the U.S. or internationally, exclusive wine types (hello, pinot noir), or want the very best bottles of fine wine from the cellar, there is a subscription box bound to excite everyone.

Your shipments can be made monthly, every other month, or quarterly. Subscriptions start with the popular Gold Medal Club (from $40.95) and go through to the top shelf Diamond Club (from $188).

9. Splash Wine Subscription

Splash Wine Subscription

Splash Wines Club is a great service if you wish to have options offering monthly, every other month, or quarterly shipments. They also have tiered pricing and the opportunity to build your own wine preference or have them do it for you.

The cheapest Splash Wine option starts at six bottles from $59 with a whole lot of customization options available depending on your knowledge, needs, and rarity of the expressions, such as their vineyard and cellar collections. Splash also offers the ability to access offbeat options from the usual wines along with some that are more instantly recognizable.

10. Vinebox Quarterly Wine Club

Vinebox Quarterly Wine Club

Vinebox is a sampler pack subscription, where for $79 per quarter you receive nine quality wine samples from around the world. Each sample equates to one glass of wine.

By being a part of the subscription you earn full-sized bottle credits that you can put towards purchasing the wine preference you like the most from your samples. Vinebox is suited to subscribers with a sound knowledge base on different wines, or those looking to find interesting and tasty international wine options they may not be exposed to otherwise.

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Advice for Choosing the Right Wine Subscription Box

  • Choosing the perfect monthly wine subscription means doing research, and understanding what you are looking to get from the service, whether it’s cheap wine, premium wine bottles, or variety in choices
  • Some general advice you may find useful includes: Why do I want a wine subscription service? Am I looking for simplicity, value, premium offerings, specific types of wine, or cool stuff made by an independent winemaker?
  • Choose a service that matches your knowledge level, but also gives you a chance to learn and develop your interest in wine. Even the seasoned wine lover can always learn more. You may even become a sommelier yourself!
  • Do your research. Never just choose the first option, compare and contrast similar services to get a better understanding of value?
  • Familiarize yourself with the inclusions. You might get a few bottles of wine every month, but what else do you get that is valuable?
  • Check the fine print. Is shipping included? Are there satisfaction guarantees? Do I get discounts on memberships and advance options on specific bottles?
  • Have fun! It’s not just a liquor store delivery, it’s a club with more benefits than just bottles to put in your wine rack or cellar.

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