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K-Drive Race

Hildryn passing through a gate.

K-Drive Races are free roam missions for the Ventkids that are run by Boon in the Orb Vallis and Grandmother in the Cambion Drift. The goal of each race is to pass through as many gates as possible while mounting a K-Drive and then reach the final gate within a time limit. Completing the race will earn the player Standing for the Ventkids.

There are 22 races scattered across the Orb Vallis and 8 across the Cambion Drift, however, only 5 are active in each open world at a time. The active races refresh daily, at the same time as Daily Tribute and Standing limits. Currently available races can be checked by mounting a K-Drive and then opening the map.

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Boon, facilitates the K-Drive Races in Orb Vallis.

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Starting a race costs 5 StandingReputationBlackx64.png 5 for each gate in the race and will reward 200 StandingReputationBlackx64.png 200 for each gate if completed successfully. For example, the race “The Hard Way” behind Fortuna consists of 10 gates so entering will cost 50 StandingReputationBlackx64.png 50 and will reward 2,000 StandingReputationBlackx64.png 2,000 when finished.

Every gate grants 500 K-Drive Affinity and 5 seconds to the race time limit when passed, and the final gate grant 2,500 K-Drive Affinity.

Races can be repeated indefinitely for standing provided that the player is below the daily standing cap for the Ventkids.


Upon completing a race, a score is given. The top 10 scores are shown on a leaderboard next to Boon at the beginning of each race. Scores reset each day as the available races rotate. If a race stays available across 2 subsequent days, the leaderboard will not reset for the second day.

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Scores are a combination of passing through gates and speed. Each gate passed through contributes 200 points. Each second remaining on the timer contributes 10 points. For example, completing the race “Skeggin’ Out” with 13 gates and 61 seconds left on the timer would earn a score of (13 * 200) + (61 * 10) = 3210 points.


All K-Drive races located throughout the Orb Vallis.

All K-Drive races in the Cambion Drift.


  • Completing all 22 races in the Orb Vallis will grant you the Race Ace achievement.
  • It is possible to complete constant races by ignoring the other gates and bee-lining for the final gate. However, players will obtain lesser K-Drive Affinity and Ventkids Standing that way.
  • When passing through the final gate of a race at very high speed, even though the race will finish, sometimes the gate and the 5 seconds it grants will not be counted toward the score.
  • All Cambion Drift K-Drive Races that drop K-Drive parts will only do so once.

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