Why golf fans shout ‘mashed potato’, ‘cheeseburger’, ‘get in the hole’ and other absolute rubbish

Why golf fans shout ‘mashed potato’, ‘cheeseburger’, ‘get in the hole’ and other absolute rubbish
Mashed potato has very little to do with golf (Picture: PGA TOUR)

Golf fans, in general, are a pretty respectful bunch, but every so often they ditch the reverential silence of the course to shout completely random nonsense.

After a player makes takes their shot, and occasionally during their swing, some prat in the crowd will yell something along the lines of ‘mashed potato’ or ‘cheeseburger’.

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There is also the more common, ‘Get in the hole!’ shout, which makes more sense, but is still absolutely ridiculous when screamed by idiots after a tee shot on a par five.

It must be said that the majority of fans are not into these outbursts, and the players are certainly not big fans of them either, but that doesn’t stop them happening.

So where have these outbursts come from?

Expect some nonsense during the Ryder Cup this year (Picture: Getty Images)

The ‘mashed potato’ shout was made famous by golf fan Andrew Widmar, who was identified by The Golf Channel as the man behind the epic outburst at the Chevron World Championship in 2011.

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Tiger Woods had played his tee shot on the 18th and Widmar unleashed his ode to the carby side dish for the world to hear, which you can experience in the video below.

Widmar, however, admitted that he did not come up with the incredibly witty idea: ‘I’d seen it before on YouTube.

‘My friends thought it was stupid, but I thought it was hilarious. … I wish I could take credit for starting it, but I will take credit for it becoming popular. It’s a good one to yell, because it’s nice and quick and it means absolutely nothing.’

Widmar’s inspiration was this video from 2010, which may well have been the first shout of ‘mashed potato’ anywhere on a golf course.

Here is a particularly aggressive ‘mashed potato’ scream at a Bubba Watson tee shot…

And here is Graeme McDowell calling someone a ‘wanker’ for shouting ‘mashed potato’ at him as he attempted to land on the green.

Since the advent of the ‘mashed potato’ craze, fans have simply tried to get a bit more inventive with their random shouts.

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Here is a ‘cheeseburger’…

And here is a ‘meatloaf’ (extra points for the double shout)…

Sometimes the shouts have a political edge, though, such as this ‘Free Palestine’ from the 2018, which was actually during Woods’ swing…

As for the original ‘Get in the hole!‘ it is not sure where exactly this originated, other than it came from America.

‘It definitely comes from America, where it has been exacerbated by the stadium-style golf that they have tried to organise on the PGA tour,’ Shaun McGuckian of Golf Punk magazine told The Independent.

‘It’s trying to be funny with the imagination of a nation that can only chant three letters (U-S-A). It gets louder as the beer flows.’

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