SIR Branch 116 Golf

SIR Branch 116 Golf

All SIR Branch 116-sponsored 9-Hole golf, 18-hole golf, and golf lessons were approved on February 15, 2021 by SIR Branch 116 BEC provided: 1. Such activities are not prohibited by an applicable order of the California Department of Public Health or County or Municipal Health Department.

2. All activities are conducted with strict compliance with all applicable State and Locally mandated mask, hand sanitizing, distancing requirements, and any other pertinent Health Related Requirements as well as State SIR Golf Protocol and additional SIR 116 Branch rules shown in the linked documents below.

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Protocols for golf signups: – State SIR Golf Protocal Branch 116 Protocol

This page was last updated on February 15, 2021

18-Hole golf memberships are available to all SIR Branch 116 Members who are also members of the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA). Weekly tournaments are held at private and public courses throughout the Bay Area, generally on Mondays. Memberships include eligibility to play in all 9-hole events. Separate 9-hole memberships do not require NCGA membership. Coordination of the 18-hole group is under the leadership of Chairman Bernie Wroblewski and Vice-Chairman Jim Johnson. Please check out the Membership Q&A by clicking on the menu below the header and navigate to Administrative/Membership Q&A.

You may sign-up for Boundary Oak & Paid-in-Advance tournaments on this website. Simply navigate to 18-Hole Schedules & Signups and choose either Boundary Oak Signups or Paid-in-Advance. Please follow the instructions when signing up.

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Navigation is easiest on a desktop or laptop computer. You can also navigate on a mobile device by using your finger to click on the gray area just beneath the SIR Branch 116 Golf heading. Depending on your monitor, or what type of mobile device you may be using, some pages may require you to scroll either horizontally (by going to the bottom of the page) or vertically (on the right edge of the page). Any concerns, questions or suggestions about the website should be directed to Kevin Donahue.

9-hole tournaments are generally on Wednesdays. Coordination of the 9-hole group will continue under the leadership of Dick Chaffee and Darrell McClaughry.

From the Office of the Chairman….

A special thanks to the entire Golf Committee for all their hard work. Also, a very special debt of gratitude goes out to Kevin Donahue for maintaining this golf website, to David Harris for his continuing efforts to establish flights, forms and other administrative requirements, to Wayne Cook t for compiling the results for the trivia page, and to all the other volunteers who help make our golf outings run smoothly.

The 4 competitive flights for 2021 were determined following the release of the January 2020 indexes. With limited play due to the virus, we will be using the same flights from 2020. Every effort was made to have approximately equal numbers of golfers within each Flight. Those not wanting to compete for points were assigned to a non-competitive flight, enabling them to play in any tournament.

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Those assigned to Flight 1 have the option to play from either the white or forward tees. The decision as to which tee to play was made at the beginning of the year and may be changed at the mid-year break. Handicaps at the course being played will take into account the slope differential for white/forward tees for that course. Scoring shall be based on NCGA Rules Section 3-5 for playing from different tees. All those in Flights 2, 3, and 4 must play from the forward tees.

The Carson City and Carmel outings will continue in 2021. As each outing approaches, information will be posted on this website. The current schedule for 2021 is posted on this website.

In 2021, the Special Events Committee is holding off on planning special events until we are able to resume play.

For 2021, a minimum of 2 members of a foursome need to sign the scorecard.

Improvement of “pace of play” generated the most input from the survey. We all need to do our part to enhance “ready golf”. So let’s do all we can to keep up with the group ahead of us, limit the time looking for lost balls, limit practice swings, and keep moving in the fairways and from green to tee.


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