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Survivor Hall of Fame

The Survivor Hall of Fame is a special recognition given to Survivor contestants with exemplary deeds such as strategic brilliance, immense popularity or infamy. It is run by Xfinity TV, a part of cable TV company Comcast.


In 2010, Survivor fan Gordon Holmes, an assistant managing producer at Comcast initiated a yearly poll on which Survivor contestants (from the first season in Survivor: Borneo to the most recent season) deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame. How voters define “worthy” is in their discretion, whether it is personality, strategy, challenge performance or any other reason. Survivor producers, crew members, the press, the Xfinity staff (including Holmes himself) and former Hall of Fame inductees make up 50% of the final score, while the remaining half will come from the Survivor fanbase. Gordon’s duel-tiered voting systems were devised to prevent one party from influencing the other, though Holmes found it “unnecessary.”

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After announcing their inclusion to the list, Holmes interviews the new inductees about their induction to the hall.


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Ballots are filed on the blog page of the Xfinity TV website. In the first batch of inductees, five contestants are inducted. However, in subsequent years, three new inductees are being added.

As of now, fans may vote three contestants from any season at the comments section of the blog post that signals the opening of voting, which also announces the deadline of the voting process.[1][2]

Tribal Council Edition

In celebration of the 5th year of the award, instead of including three former players to the Hall of Fame, the “Survivor” Hall of Fame Executive Committee (which consists of luminaries such as “Survivor” host Jeff Probst, producers of the show, Hall of Famers and others) were asked to nominate their favorite Tribal Councils. From Tuesday, November 25, 2014 through Sunday, December 7, 2014, the committee sent their three favorite Tribal Councils, resulting in a list of sixteen Tribal Councils available to public voting. The voting went from December 8 through December 12, and the three most votes were revealed from December 15 through December 17, 2014.[3]


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Inductees are enumerated based on their order of announcement.

Year Inductees 2010 S20 parvati t.pngS20 rob t.pngS20 russell t.pngS8 richard t.pngS20 sandra t.pngParvati Shallow,[4] Rob Mariano,[5] Russell Hantz,[6] Richard Hatch,[7] & Sandra Diaz-Twine[8] 2011 S20 cirie t.pngS16 ozzy t.pngS20 tom t.pngCirie Fields,[9] Ozzy Lusth,[10] & Tom Westman[11] 2012 S20 amanda t.pngS8 robc t.pngS8 ethan t.pngAmanda Kimmel,[12] Rob Cesternino,[13] & Ethan Zohn[14] 2013 S24 kim t.pngS26 cochran t.pngS16 jon t.pngKim Spradlin,[15] John Cochran,[16] & Jonny Fairplay[17] 2014 Survivor: Borneo Final Tribal Council[18]Survivor: Micronesia Episode 13 Tribal Council[19]Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Episode 10 Tribal Council[20] 2015 S20 jerri t.pngS23 coach t.pngS8 rudy t.pngJerri Manthey,[21] Coach Wade,[22] & Rudy Boesch[23] 2016 S28 tony t.pngS27 tina t.pngS27 rupert t.pngTony Vlachos,[24] Tina Wesson,[25] & Rupert Boneham[26]


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