How to Adjust the TaylorMade R15 Driver Settings | 60S Today

How to Adjust the TaylorMade R15 Driver Settings | 60S Today

8 Things to Know About Adjusting Your Taylor Made R15 Driver Settings

.Review by by Derek Murray at ForeGolf

August 2015 ARTICLE UPDATE: We’ve conducted even more R&D on the R15, Read the latest Expert Guide to TaylorMade R15 Driver Adjustability

March 2015 Last month we wrote an independent review of the RSi Irons & R15 Driver but here’s some tips on how to adjust the TaylorMade R15 Driver. You will find some similarities of the new R15 Driver to the SLDR driver and Jet Speed drivers of last season.

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There are two moveable parts to the R15 Driver 1) the hosel sleeve where the shaft goes 2) the two silver sliding weights on the sole

The sleeve on the R15 works a lot like the SLDR driver and Jet Speed drivers of last season where you can open the screw at the neck and rotate the head. The sliding weight looks a lot like the SLDR but now splits in half so you can better position the weight

8 Things to Know About Adjusting Your Taylor Made R15 Driver



There are 12 different positions/notches around the hosels circumference. Each notch creates a different angle/position of the head. There is a small dark arrow on the hosel to show where you need to set the hosel position to have that setting take effect.

. 2

The LOWER position creates a lower launching ball flight and it also opens the face – more fade to the right for a R/H golfer.

. 3

The HIGHER setting creates a higher launching ball flight and closes the angle of the face – more draw to the left for a R/H golfer.

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. 4

The UPRT LIE (upright) setting allows for the current flatter lie of the R15 to be adjusted to a more upright angle for taller golfers, that visually need to see a more upright angled head.

This setting also helps golfers that need a neutral/square face angle but need to create more draw on their shots.

. 5

There are notches between the different settings which are the incremental changes towards that setting. So for instance if you want the head to be a little UPRIGHT and a little LOWER flighted – then position the hosel at the notch between the two settings.

. 6

As the hosel affects the head angle and in turn the ball flight, coordinating the right shaft flex, tip and specifically the correct torque of the shaft is very important. The way the head turns or releases through impact are controlled with the help of torque.

As a rough guide if you need less movement or a firmer feel use a low torque and if you need a more active feel go for a higher torque.

. 7

The sliding weights on the sole are not as effective for influencing the left to right (Fade) or right to left (Draw) spin axis on the ball. They are actually better suited to increase speed and lower spin on the ball.

From our testing the weights should be placed each side of where you hit the ball on the face. Capture where your strikes are on the face using face tape or spray and then split the weights and align them so they sit each side of the strike marks (even if they are off-centre).

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Do this, and watch the ball speed increase and the stability of the clubhead improve.

. 8

This might sound simple but there are Right and Left sleeves. Make sure your sleeve is a R/H one if you are right handed and a L/H one if you are left handed. It’s printed on the sleeve with a simple R/H and L/H so you can check.

. What can you do to get the BEST from the R15 ?

The bottom line is that the driver is really well designed and is made to be tweaked to suit you. So get your wrench out and use this guide to test some of the different settings and work out what will suit you and your ball flight best. . Or get it custom fitted and built at ForeGolf from the start …


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