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Things That Are Circular | 60S Today

Welcome to our list of things that are circular!

In this list, we’ve included things that are flat and round (like a frisbee), things that are spherical (like an orange), and things that are round when you cut into them (like a cucumber). We hope you enjoy this list and find whatever you’re looking for!

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Here’s a visual list of things that are circular:

  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Bike Wheels
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Hoop Earring
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Vinyl Record
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Petri Dish
  • Things That Are Circular
    Car Tyre
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Hockey Puck
  • Things That Are Circular
    Letter “O”
  • Things That Are Circular
    Number 0
  • Things That Are Circular
    Saw Blade
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Ping Pong Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Tennis Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Soccer Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Golf Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Ferris Wheel
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Crystal Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Cricket Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Snooker Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Hula Hoop
  • Things That Are Circular
    Lacrosse Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Starbucks Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Mercedes Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Pepsi Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    WordPress Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    NASA Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Xbox Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    BMW Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Volkswagen Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    London Underground Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Yamaha Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Beats Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    LG Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Nissan Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Alfa Romeo Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Snare Drum
  • Things That Are Circular
    Tom Drum
  • Things That Are Circular
    Bass Drum
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Manhole Cover
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Beach Volleyball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Water Polo Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Tape Roll
  • Things That Are Circular
    Toilet Roll
  • Things That Are Circular
    Cheese Wheel
  • Things That Are Circular
    Camera Lens
  • Things That Are Circular
    Bocce Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Bike Rack
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Onion Rings
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Rubber Band
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Ring Light
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Egg Yolk
  • Things That Are Circular
    Lindt Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Fruit Pastilles
  • Things That Are Circular
    Cucumber Slice
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Banana Slice
  • Things That Are Circular
    Typewriter Buttons
  • Things That Are Circular
    Scoop of Ice Cream
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Weight Plate
  • Things That Are Circular
    Googly Eyes
  • Things That Are Circular
    Pie Chart
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Cherry Tomato
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Lime Slices
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Straw Opening
  • Things That Are Circular
    Kiwi Slice
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Disco Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Hundreds and Thousands
  • Things That Are Circular
    Extinction Rebellion Sign
  • Things That Are Circular
    Beach Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Wagon Wheel
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Frying Pan
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Gas Burner
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Honeydew Melon
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Ferrero Rocher
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Froot Loops
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Paint Wells
  • Things That Are Circular
    Pita Bread
  • Things That Are Circular
    Chocolate Truffles
  • Things That Are Circular
    Pineapple Rings
  • Things That Are Circular
    Magnifying Glass
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Basketball Hoop
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Bucket Hat

We hope that visual list of circular things was useful! Here’s a longer and more descriptive list of things that are circular:

  • CD: These are largely obsolete discs where music information is stored.
  • Bike Wheel: A round wheel with metal spokes for stability radiating out from the center.
  • Frisbee: These can come in flexible or hard varieties. Either a toy or a sport depending on how its played.
  • Full Stop: The small round punctuation mark.
  • Coin: While some coints (like the Australian 50 cent piece) have a different shape, most coins are circular and round.
  • Ring: Hollow circular loops used as jewelry.
  • Bangle: A large version of rings, worn on the wrist rather than on the finger.
  • Hoop Earring: Similar in appearance to rings and bangles, but worn through a piercing in the ear instead.
  • Vinyl Record: An old way to store and play music. Still used as collector’s items and for nostalgia.
  • Oreo: A thin disc of vanilla icing sandwiched between two round chocolate cookies.
  • Button: While buttons can very greatly in size, shape and pattern, many are simply round with four circular holes in the middle.
  • Moon: One of Earth’s satellites. Not perfectly circular, but very round.
  • Yo-yo: A toy (that was also used in competitive sports for a time). Composed of two discs held together by a short stick with a string wrapped around it.
  • Petri Dish: A small plastic dish filled with agar jelly. Used in scientific testing.
  • Car Tyre: A wide, round wheel made of tough materials for driving on the road.
  • Bubble: A round blob of one substance in other – like air bubbles in a pool, gas bubbles in champagne, or air bubbles in seafoam.
  • Hockey Puck: A thick round disc used as a sort of “ball” in hockey games.
  • O (letter): Although is can vary widely depending on the typeface used, the letter o is generally recognised to be round and circular.
  • 0 (number): The number 0 is generally recognised as being round and circular, although it can vary in shape depending on the typeface or handwriting.
  • Saw Blade: A round, serrated-edge blade used for high-powered cutting.
  • Compass: A small tool used to tell which way north is. Used to determine one’s direction.
  • Stopwatch: A small device used to track time.
  • Lifebuoy: Similar to a floatie, but made of stronger materials. Used as a floatation device.
  • Orange: A small, round citrus fruit known and named for its colour. High in vitamin C.
  • Mirror: While mirrors can vary greatly in shape, many are round – like small handmirrors, or bathroom or vanity mirrors.
  • Dartboard: A round board of cork used as the landing board for darts.
  • Wreath: A decoration with cultural, social, and sometimes religious significance. Composed of leaves (usually holly leaves), berries and flowers arranged in a ring shape.
  • Ping Pong Ball: Small, hollow plastic balls used in ping pong and table tennis.
  • Basketball: The typically orange and black ball used in basketball games.
  • Tennis Ball: The typically neon yellow-green ball used in tennis matches.
  • Soccer Ball: A medium-sized ball with a black and white hexagonal pattern. Used in soccer games.
  • Baseball: Generally white with red stitching. Used in baseball games.
  • Golf Ball: A small, dense ball with a pitted surface. Used in golf games.
  • Ritz Cracker: A small snack biscuit that is round with a scalloped edge.
  • Ferris Wheel: A carnival ride where passengers are carried around a vertical wheel.
  • Sun: The giant ball of gas that gives us sunlight.
  • Plate: Although plates can be square, it’s much more common for them to be round.
  • Bowl: While bowls can be square or oval-shaped, circular bowls are much more common.
  • Iris (eye): The coloured ring around the eye’s pupil.
  • Pupil (eye): The dark opening in the center of the eye that absorbs light.
  • Roe: Salmon eggs. Round, small and orange.
  • Tortilla: A type of flatbread, generally made of wheat.
  • Crumpet: A type of breakfast or snack food. A round, flexible sort of bread that is usually toasted and topped with condiments like butter, jam or syrup.
  • Pikelet: A miniature pancake.
  • Flatbread: A type of bread made with flour, salt and water which is flattened into a thin dough.
  • Crystal Ball: A stereotypical fortune teller’s tool. Literally a ball made of some sort of crystal – usually a clear variety.
  • Cricket Ball: A small, hard ball used in cricket. Composed of a cork core with a leather cover.
  • Snooker Ball: Brightly coloured, glossy balls used in snooker and pool. These are small, hard and dense.
  • Christmas Bauble: A hollow, light, coloured ball used to decorate Christmas trees.
  • Hula Hoop: A large hoop used as either a toy or an exercise tool.
  • Lacrosse Ball: A solid rubber ball used in lacrosse.
  • Safari Icon: The icon for Apple’s default internet browser.
  • iTunes Icon: The round icon for Apple’s default music player and library.
  • Firefox Logo: The icon for the Firefox internet browser. Shows an orange-red fox and a blue background.
  • Google Chrome Logo: The icon for Google’s Chrome internet browser. Shows a wheel of three colours (red, yellow and green) and a blue center.
  • Pinterest Logo: The logo for the Pinterest website. Composed of a red background with a stylised white “P”.
  • Pepsi Logo: The logo for the soft drink Pepsi. Shows a circle split in to red, white and blue segments.
  • Starbucks Logo: The logo for the Starbucks Corporation. Composed of a green background with a crown-wearing mermaid on the front.
  • Target Logo: The logo for the Target Corporation. Composed of a red and white bullseye symbol.
  • Mercedes Logo: The logo for the Mercedes-Benz company. Shows a ring containing a tri-pronged star.
  • Vodafone Logo: The logo for the Vodafone phone company. Shows a circle (that can be either red or white) with either a red or white opening speech mark inside.
  • WordPress Logo: A ring with a capital W inside.
  • NASA Logo: A blue circle with a red chevron and the word “NASA” in white capitals.
  • Xbox Logo: A white and green logo showing a circle with an X over it.
  • HP Logo: The logo for the Hewlett-Packard company. A blue and white logo showing a circle with the letters “hp” inside.
  • Volkswagen Logo: A circular logo showing a ring with a V stacked on top of a W within.
  • BMW Logo: A circle split into white and blue quadrants, surrounded by a thick black ring with the letters “BMW” stamped near the top.
  • Holden Logo: A red and white logo showing a lion and stone housed within a ring.
  • Tide Logo: An orange and yellow bullseye background with the word “tide” over it in blue.
  • London Underground Logo: A thick red ring with the word “underground” laid on top over a blue background.
  • Yamaha Logo: Three tuning forks in a triangle pattern inside a ring.
  • Beats Logo: A red circle with a stylised lowercase “b”.
  • Timberland Logo: A circle with a tree and earth inside.
  • AT&T Logo: A striped blue and white sphere.
  • Motorola Logo: A coloured background with a stylised capital “M” inside.
  • General Electric Logo: A blue and white logo showing a lightly patterned circle with a curly “GE” inside.
  • Nivea Logo: A simple round logo showing a dark blue circle with the word “NIVEA” inside in white capitals.
  • Wikipedia Logo: A round logo composed of a light grey globe made of puzzle pieces.
  • Oxfam Logo: A simple logo made of a green background and a highly stylised “OX” on top.
  • LG Logo: A dark red circle with “LG” on the top.
  • Nissan Logo: A ring with a horizontal bar laid over the middle with the word “NISSAN” on top in capitals.
  • Caltex Logo: A red and green circle with a white star in the middle.
  • Sony Ericsson Logo: A green sphere surrounded by an incomplete white shell.
  • Xerox Logo: A red sphere with a white “X” laid over the top.
  • Alfa Romeo Logo: A green snake and red cross inside a thick blue ring.
  • Dell Logo: A blue righ with the word “DELL” in blue capitals inside.
  • The Wheel of Fortune: A large, multi-coloured wheel with numbers showing varying amounts of money on it. Used in the television show “Wheel of Fortune.”
  • Coaster: A small, round disc used to prevent condensation from cold drinks ruining a table’s surface.
  • Platter: While platters can come in many different shapes and sizes, round ones are still very common.
  • Marble: A round, commonly transparent or translucent ball of glass that is used to play games.
  • Gobstopper: A round hard candy that is known for being long-lasting and “unchewable” (so hard that you can’t bite through it).
  • Rug: A piece of (commonly woven) material that is either used as decoration or to warm up a room a little.
  • Floatie: A closed loop of inflatable plastic. Used when swimming as a floatation device to help those who aren’t confident in swimming.
  • Snare Drum: The middle drum in a drum kit. Has an array of metal beads pressed to the underside of the drum, which gives it a sharp, “military-like” sound.
  • Tom Drum: The larger drum on the right side of the drum kit. Has a deeper, rounder sound than the snare drum.
  • Bass Drum: The largest drum in a drum kit. Has a deep, bassy sound and is played by pressing a pedal with one’s foot.
  • Slinky: A round toy that is also now used as a stim or soothing device. Is composed of a long spiral that can be easily stretched.
  • Spring: A long, tightly coiled loop (usually made of metal).
  • Clock: A machine that helps us tell the time.
  • Badge: A small round face with a pin on the back which we can attach to our bags or clothes. Used as decoration or to show social beliefs or political leanings.
  • Medal: A large medallion that is given as recognition of accomplishment.
  • Sticker: A thin piece of paper with an adhesive backing.
  • Drain: A round cover with many small holes drilled in to it that protects and leads to the opening of drainpipes.
  • Manhole Cover: The covered opening in a paved area that allows access below ground.
  • Stamp: A piece of cut rubber which is pressed into ink to make marks on paper.
  • Medallion: A large, usually decorative medal.
  • Hole Punch Marking: Hole punches cut small holes in paper, allowing us to string multiple pages together as needed.
  • Squash Ball: Small balls with varying levels of bounce. Used to play squash, a high-intensity ball and racquet game.
  • Volleyball: The ball used in volleyball games. Has long panels running across it, and is generally lighter than other similarly-sized balls.
  • Water Polo Ball: A waterproof, lightweight ball used to play water polo.
  • Lazy Susan: A circular tabletop device that rotates, allowing guests at a large table to pass food easily across the table.
  • Tape Roll: Tape rolls need to be circular to allow for easy use.
  • Toilet Roll: If toilet rolls weren’t circular, they’d be hard and annoying to use.
  • Cheese Wheel: A round of cheese that is covered with wax for long-lasting storage.
  • Bocce Ball: Small, brightly-coloured balls used in bocce. Have an engraved pattern.
  • Camera Lens: The circular piece of glass on the front of the camera’s face.
  • M&Ms: Small round chocolates that are covered with a hard sugar shell.
  • Bike Rack: Loops of metal for securing one’s bike to when out in public.
  • Merry-Go-Round: A festival ride composed of a series of horse statues that rotate in a circle. Generally thought of as a children’s ride due to its slow speed.
  • Pancake: A round breakfast food usually enjoyed with berries, syrup and sugar.
  • Cookies: Round, sweet biscuits. Generally with nuts, chocolate or berries inside.
  • Cake: A round, spongy dessert made from eggs, butter, flour and milk (although vegan recipes are available).
  • Onion Rings: Cut rings of onion which are covered in batter and deep-friend in oil.
  • Doughnut: A dessert which is deep-fried and can be topped with icing, sprinkles, chocolate and/or fruit.
  • Pizza: A round piece of dough which is topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and a variety of savoury toppings.
  • Crepe: Similar to a pancake, but thinner, and can be savoury or sweet.
  • Pie: A round pastry shell stuffed with fillings. Can be either sweet or savoury.
  • Rubber Band: A stretchy loop of rubber which is used to hold things together.
  • Q (letter): Although this can vary greatly depending on handwriting or typeface, the capital letter “Q” is generally recognised as being a round letter.
  • Bottle Cap: The plastic cap that screws to the top of a bottle, trapping liquids inside.
  • Yin-Yang Symbol: An Asian symbol of balance.
  • World Globe: A model of the world, with labels and countries mapped out across it. Generally used as a learning tool.
  • Ring Light: A ring-shaped light used for photography and film-making.
  • Earth: The planet we live on. Not perfectly circular, but round enough to be included on this list.
  • Mercury: The smallest planet in the solar system. Is the planet closest to the sun and is named after Mercury, the messenger of the gods.
  • Venus: The second-closest planet to the sun. Named after Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
  • Mars: The fourth planet from the sun and the second-smallest planet. Named after the Roman god of war.
  • Jupiter: The largest planet in the solar system and the fifth planet from the sun. One of the brightest objects visible to the naked eye.
  • Saturn: The second-largest planet in the solar system and the sixth planet from the sun. Known for its distinctive rings.
  • Uranus: The seventh planet from the sun. Known as an “ice giant” (unlike Jupiter, which is known as a gas giant).
  • Neptune: The eighth planet from the sun. The fourth-largest planet and the most dense giant planet.
  • Pluto: A dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt (a ring of celestial bodies outside of Neptune’s orbit).
  • Fire Alarm Bell: The distinctive red bell for warning when there’s a fire.
  • Bell: The round, hollow cone of metal which can be struck from inside or outside to make a sound. Is used in alarms and musical instruments.
  • Timpani: Also known as kettledrums, timps or pauken. A large drum made of a membrane stretched over a large copper bowl.
  • Love Hearts (candy): A candy that was popular in the 90s. A round piece of hard candy stamped with a loveheart and a short romantic message.
  • Bodhran: A small, hand-held frame drum (Irish).
  • Grape: A small seeded fruit which grows in bunches. Used to make juice, wine, jams, preserves and jellies, and can also be eaten raw.
  • Watch Face: The circular front of a watch.
  • Plum: A round (but not perfectly circular) stone fruit with a sweet, tangy taste.
  • Egg Yolk: The yellow centre of an egg.
  • Lindt Ball: Small spherical truffles filled with liquid chocolate.
  • Fruit Pastille: Small flat, round candies which are fruit flavoured and covered in large granules of sugar.
  • Cucumber Slice: Since cucumbers are round but long, when they are cut into slices, the slices are circular.
  • Blueberry: Small blue-purple berries that are enjoyed as a part of breakfast or desserts.
  • Banana Slice: Since banans are round but long, when they are cut into slices, the slices are circular.
  • Cloche: A dish cover used to keep the heat in or keep insects away.
  • Clown Nose: The large, round red noses that clowns stereotypically wear.
  • Typewriter Button: Although some are square, typewriter buttons were typically round.
  • Steel Drum: Also known as steel pans. A musical instrument which plays different, metallic sounding tones when struck.
  • Scoop of Ice Cream: A round serving of ice cream.
  • Candle: Candles come in many shapes and sizes,, but are typically round or in a long column shape.
  • Confetti: Small circular pieces of coloured paper, used in celebrations.
  • Finger Cymbal: Tiny versions of cymbals that are worn on the fingers.
  • Weight Plate: Heavy plates of varying weights which are stacked on to a weightlifting bar for exercise.
  • Lifesaver (candy): An American brand of ring-shaped candy.
  • Googly Eyes: Plastic eyes used for making arts and crafts.
  • Pie Chart: Data shown in coloured segments of a circle.
  • Emoji: A round, typically yellow face used to show expression and emotion in text messaging.
  • Macaron: A meringue-based sweet. Composed of two small, disc-shaped meringue cookies held together with icing.
  • Fishbowl: A round bowl used to house fish.
  • Rubber Band Ball: A way of storing rubber bands in a tidy way. Rubber bands are looped around each other over and over until a ball is made.
  • Hat Box: A typically round box used for storing hats.
  • Cherry Tomato: A small, sweet tomato that us typically used in salads or eaten as a snack.
  • Watermelon: A large fruit with a hard green rind and red flesh. Can vary in shape, but is generally round.
  • Cut Lime: Limes are round and oval-shaped, and when you cut them into slices, the slices are circular. Cut limes are generally used as garnishes for sweet pies, salads or drinks.
  • Wok: A large, round, dome-shaped pan used commonly in Asian cooking and frying.
  • Straw Opening: Straws have circular openings. Long tubes used to carry liquid safely from a cup to a person’s mouth.
  • Pickle Slices: Since picles are round but long, their slices are circular. Pickles are commonly used as a condiment in burgers and hotdogs.
  • Cut Kiwi Fruit: Kiwi fruits are oval-shaped, and their slices are circular. They are sweet, tangy fruits with a fuzzy skin.
  • Waffle: A sweet breakfast food or dessert typically enjoyed with berries, cream, ice cream or syrup.
  • Jar: A round glass container used for storing items.
  • Lollipop: These are hard sweets atop a stick. Can be either spherical, or flat and round (like a disc).
  • Coconut: Large fruits with a tough brown shell.
  • Disco Ball: Also known as a mirror ball or glitter ball. A spherical object which is mirrored, allowing it to reflect light in many directions.
  • Cymbal: A slightly domed disc of metal that produces sound when struck.
  • Pearl: A hard, glossy object that is produced by molluscs. Used in jewelry and decoration.
  • Peas: The green fruit of the pea flower. Edible and used in savoury meals.
  • Hundreds and Thousands: Small round pieces of sugar candy used in making desserts.
  • Golden Snitch: The small, winged golden ball that is caught by the seeker in Quidditch (from Harry Potter).
  • Extinction Rebellion Symbol: A symbol showing a stylised hourglass in a circle. A symbol of the extinction rebellion movement.
  • Peanut Butter Cup: A candy made of a disc of peanut butter surrounded in chocolate.
  • Beach Ball: A large, light, inflatable ball with brightly coloured panels or decoration. Used at the beach as it’s waterproof and floats.
  • Bird’s Nest: Birds make nests that are generally round to house their babies in.
  • Coffee Table: Although coffee tables can be square, oval, or rectangualr, they are commonly round. A low sort of table used for holding books, coffee, and snacks.
  • Rock Candy: Hard sugary candy that is rolled into sticks before being chopped up into disc-shaped chips.
  • Bouncy Ball: Small dense rubbery balls that bounce when dropped.
  • Bludger: The dense black ball that flies around the field in Quidditch disrupting players (from Harry Potter).
  • Quaffle: The tough red ball used for scoring goals in Quidditch (from Harry Potter).
  • Panadol Tablet: Small white disc-shaped tablets for relieving minor pains and headaches.
  • Gong: Slightly domed metal plates that make a resonating sound when struck.
  • Smarties: Small chocolates covered in multi-coloured sugar shells.
  • Wagon Wheel (chocolate): A snack food made of marshmallow and jam sanwiched between two biscuits and covered in chocolate.
  • Reese’s Pieces: Peanut butter tasting chocolate in a hard candy shell.
  • Tambourine: A musical instrument composed of small cymbals in a ring.
  • Frying Pan: A round metal pan used for cooking over a flame.
  • Snickerdoodle: Soft cinnamon sugar cookies.
  • Jaffas: Small candies made of a chocolate ball covered in an orange-flavoured sugar shell.
  • Digestive Biscuit: Wheat biscuits that are sometimes covered in chocolate.
  • Water Biscuit: Thin biscuits that are plain in flavour and commonly eaten alongside fruits or cheese (or both).
  • Bagel: A ring-shaped bread that is lightly glazed and ropped with seeds.
  • Mint Slice: Circular sweet biscuits. Composed of a chocolate biscuit topped with mint fondant, covered with dark chocolate.
  • Rolo: Small, thick disc-shaped chocolates filled with caramel.
  • Chiffon Cake: A typically ring-shaped sponge cake.
  • Mallo Cups: A disc-shaped marshmallow covered in milk chocoalte.
  • Skittles (candy): Small, round candies in a hard, brightly coloured sugar shell.
  • Snowball: Snow gathered into a sphere. Used in snowball fights or to make snowmen.
  • Hacky Sack: A non-bouncy ball made of seeds, rice or small balls within a stitched casing.
  • Dandelion Puff: A spherical puff of fluffy seeds on the head of a dandelion.
  • Gas Burner: A ring-shaped series of small flames which can be controlled by determining how much gas is fed to the flames.
  • Cog: A disc-shaped gear that fits in with others.
  • Rafaello: A chocolate truffle made of white chocolate and dessicated chocolate.
  • Rockmelon Half: An oval-shaped melon which is circular when sliced. Has pale orange flesh and a patterned rind.
  • Honeydew Melon: A round, pale green melon.
  • Flying Saucer Candy: Pastel-coloured candy composed of rice paper wafer filled with sherbet.
  • English Muffin: A thick, disc-shaped round of dense bread.
  • Marshmallow: Small cylinders of puffy candy.
  • Pom-pom: Fluffy spheres used for decoration in arts and crafts and on clothing.
  • Jelly Tots: Small bell-shaped jelly candies covered in sugar crystals.
  • Cheezels: A snack food. Tubes of crunchy corn-based chip covered in cheese-flavoured powder.
  • Wax Seal: A round disc of hot wax which is used to seal written communications.
  • Ferrero Rocher: A chocolate truffle with a hazelnut centre and covered with crushed hazelnuts.
  • Reload Icon: A circular icon representing that something is loading again, or needs to be loaded again.
  • Tea Leaf Cake: A thick disc made of dried tea leaves pressed tightly together.
  • Cheerios: A breakfast cereal made of small rings of corn-based cereal.
  • Froot Loops: A sugary breakfast cereal that are small coloured rings of cereal.
  • Protein Ball: Small balls of seeds, nuts, protein powder and other indredients. Seen as a healthy snack/desssert food.
  • Flowerpot: Round pots used for storing flowers and other small plants.
  • Headlight: Round lights at the front and back of a car, used for navigation and warning.
  • Doughnut Hole: A small ball of dough taken from the centre of doughnuts.
  • Sago Ball: Round balls of sago used in drinks and desserts.
  • Paint Palette: A round, typically plastic disc used for painting.
  • Senbei: A Japanese rice cracker.
  • Macadamia Nut: Round white nuts that are commonly used in desserts and candy.
  • Burger Rings: A savoury, salty snack food.
  • Coffee Cup Lid: The thin, lightweight covering for disposable coffee cups.
  • Okonomiyaki: A Japanese pancake that is generally savoury and mixed with savoury toppings.
  • Pita: A type of flatbread.
  • Mac and Cheese Balls: Small balls of mac and cheese covered in batter and deep-fried.
  • Chocolate Truffles: Round candies made of chocolate. Named for their similar appearance fo truffles (mushrooms).
  • Pineapple Ring: Slices of pineapple. Usually placed in burgers.
  • Burger: A savoury food – basically the round version of a sandwich.
  • Maltesers: A sweet ball of malt covered in chocolate.
  • Maze: Mazes can be any shape or size, but many garden mazes and those in puzzle books are circular.
  • Magnifying Glass: A circular lens made of glass which is used to magnify the appearance of whatever it’s held over.
  • Basketball Hoop: The round loop of metal used for scoring goals in basketball.
  • Netball Hoop: The round loop of metal used for scoring goals in netball.
  • Netball: The ball used in netball. Similar in appearance to a volleyball.
  • Arancini: Balls of rice covered in batter nad deep-fried.
  • Cake Pop: Small pieces of cake gathered into a spherical shape and covered with chocolate, icing or fondant.
  • Scone: A sort of biscuit with a short consistency. Usually enjoyed with sweet toppings.
  • Enso: A sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism meaning togetherness.
  • Flower of Life Symbol: A geometric symbol consisting of nineteen overlapping circles.
  • Peace Symbol: Also known as the peace sign or the nuclear disarmament symbol. Originally a symbol representing the threat of nuclear annihilation.
  • Anarchy Symbol: The symbol for the anarchy movement. Consists of a capital “A” contained within an “O”.
  • Circumpunct: A circle with a dot in the centre. Used to represent the sun or the solar system.
  • Pentacle/Pentagram: A magical talisman symbol. Consists of a star within a circle.
  • Mandala: Sanskrit for “circle”. A geometric pattern that is round and has spiritual or religious significance.
  • Cupcake: A small cake.
  • Tart: A round food that is typically sweet. Consists of a pastry shell (with an open top) that is filled with custard, fruit, nuts, etc.
  • Sushi: A Japanese dish where seaweed and rice are rolled around a filling.
  • Cut Dragonfruit: A fruit with a fuschia-coloured skin that is circular when cut into slices.
  • Longan: A small round fruit with a light brown shell. Used in Asian desserts.
  • Mangosteen: A dark purple fruit with a fleshy white interior.
  • Bucket Hat: A round hat with a wide brim.

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