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Weak vs. Week

There are many words in English that can be confusing because they sound very similar but they mean very different things. Sometimes they are spelled very similar too! These confusing words are called homophones. It’s important to read and listen carefully so you can spot the difference.

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One example of homophones are the two words, weak and week. They sound the same and are almost spelled the same but they mean two different things. Weak means that something is not strong, or it can break easily. But week is a measurement of time, meaning seven days.

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All Tenses

Let’s practice and learn how to tell the difference between these two words.

Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses

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Weak friend


The word weak is an adjective, meaning it describes nouns. If you are weak, you are not strong. Weak means that something is without strength or without much power.


  1. I am weak and cannot arm wrestle my friend. (I am not strong enough to arm wrestle my friend.) Bookshelf
  2. The shelf is too weak to hold all of those books. (The shelf isn’t strong enough to hold the books.) Going to the gym
  3. I go to the gym because I am weak. (I go to the gym because I want to be strong.) Running machine
  4. The more I run, the less weak I am. (The more I run, the stronger I get.) Government
  5. The government’s power is very weak. (The government is not very strong.) a week


Week is a noun. It is a measurement of time. Seven days is one week. Week can also be used in the word weekday. This means any day from Monday to Friday, or any day that isn’t on a weekend. The word weekend includes Saturday and Sunday.


  1. I only worked three days this week. (I only worked three days out of seven.) A long week at work
  2. It’s been a long week! (The days have been passing very slowly.) Camping
  3. Sarah is going camping next week. (Sarah is going camping sometime after Sunday.) Vacation
  4. Our family is going on vacation for three weeks. (Our family is going on vacation for twenty-one days.) Getting lunch
  5. My friend and I are getting lunch this week. (My friend and I are getting lunch one day soon.) The letter E

More Tips

You can remember the difference between week and weak if you pay attention to spelling! Weak is spelled with an “a,” and week is spelled with two “e’s.” If weak only has one “e,” it isn’t as strong as the word week which has two “e’s!”

You can also think about the word week and its’ two “e’s,” as having two letters, like how a week has more than one day!

Practicing short stories about words can help you with spelling and also help you spot the difference between words.

Injured ankle

A Story to Practice Weak vs. Week

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Lisa sprained her ankle last week. She was running with her friends and her foot felt very weak. When she landed on it, she fell down. She was in a lot of pain and her friends had to help her get home because she was too weak to get there alone.

Later that week, she went to the doctor. Lisa needed crutches because her ankle was still too weak to walk on. The doctor told her that she should do some small ankle exercises to strengthen the weak muscle in her foot.

Lisa likes doing her foot exercises because she enjoys working out. She likes to strengthen her muscles because it makes her feel strong. She doesn’t like feeling weak. She goes to the gym three times a week. It makes her feel good about herself.

Lisa is going to try to go on a short walk with her friends later this week. She hopes her ankle won’t be as weak.

Weak vs. Week

A Copy of the Story – Fill in the Blanks (Using Week or Weak)


Answer the following 10 questions and then check your answers. Each question is worth 10 points.

Part 1:

  1. Which of the following is the correct definition of weak?
    1. A measurement of time
    2. To be lacking strength
    3. To be very strong
    4. Seven days
  2. Which of the following is the correct definition of week?
    1. Three days
    2. One month
    3. To have plenty of strength
    4. A measurement of time
  3. Which of the following sentences is written correctly?
    1. I am too week to lift thatbox.
    2. There are four weaks in a month.
    3. The bag ripped because it was too week for the groceries.
    4. Jennifer is going on vacation for one week with her family.
  4. Which of the following sentences is written incorrectly?
    1. My birthday is next week.
    2. When we get older, we become more weak.
    3. I exercise so I am not week.
    4. Library books are due in one week.

Part 2:

  1. My little sister is than me.
    1. weak
    2. week
    3. weaking
    4. weaker
  2. My mother works five days a .
    1. weeks
    2. weak
    3. weaker
    4. week
  3. The doctor said my ankle isstill too to play soccer.
    1. weaker
    2. weeker
    3. weak
    4. weeks
  4. Susan’s boss said she cantake two for summer vacation, andone for winter.
    1. week
    2. weaks
    3. weeks
    4. weaker
  5. John was afraid that the ropewas too to hold him.
    1. weaker
    2. weak
    3. week
    4. weeks
  6. Jeff has six off of work to heal hisshoulder.
    1. weaks
    2. week
    3. weaker
    4. weeks

Answer Key

Part 1: 1. B | 2. D | 3. D | 4. C Part 2: 1. D | 2. D | 3. C | 4. C | 5. B | 6. D

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