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David Gilmour Releases More Preview Videos from Upcoming Concert Film

David Gilmour has revealed some more short segments of the spectacular concert film “Live at Pompeii”, which will be shown in cinemas all over the world one night only on 13th September. The DVD, Blu-ray and live CD will then be released on 29th September.

Gilmour returned to the Roman amphitheatre in Pompeii 45 years after Pink Floyd filmed their legendary anti-Woodstock performance at the same location. The two special shows in July 2016 were part of a year-long tour supporting the artist’s latest album, ‘Rattle That Lock’. Since Pink Floyd played without an audience in 1971, the guitarist’s concerts last year were the first time a crowd listened to live music at the ancient venue since 79AD.

1972 Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii
Pink Floyd at Pompeii in 1972

Directed by Gavin Elder and filmed in 4k, “Live at Pompeii” is described as “an audio-visual spectacle featuring lasers, pyrotechnics and a huge circular screen on which specially-created films complement selected songs”. Tickets are available for the one night only screening at the film’s website.

Watch the newly released clips below:

The following preview clips were released a couple of weeks ago:

And you can watch the cinema trailer below:

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