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Welcome to our list of things that are circular!

In this list, we’ve included things that are flat and round (like a frisbee), things that are spherical (like an orange), and things that are round when you cut into them (like a cucumber). We hope you enjoy this list and find whatever you’re looking for!

Here’s a visual list of things that are circular:

  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Bike Wheels
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Hoop Earring
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Vinyl Record
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Petri Dish
  • Things That Are Circular
    Car Tyre
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Hockey Puck
  • Things That Are Circular
    Letter “O”
  • Things That Are Circular
    Number 0
  • Things That Are Circular
    Saw Blade
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Ping Pong Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Tennis Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Soccer Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Golf Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Ferris Wheel
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Crystal Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Cricket Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Snooker Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Hula Hoop
  • Things That Are Circular
    Lacrosse Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Starbucks Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Mercedes Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Pepsi Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    WordPress Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    NASA Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Xbox Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    BMW Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Volkswagen Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    London Underground Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Yamaha Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Beats Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    LG Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Nissan Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
    Alfa Romeo Logo
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Snare Drum
  • Things That Are Circular
    Tom Drum
  • Things That Are Circular
    Bass Drum
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Manhole Cover
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Beach Volleyball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Water Polo Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Tape Roll
  • Things That Are Circular
    Toilet Roll
  • Things That Are Circular
    Cheese Wheel
  • Things That Are Circular
    Camera Lens
  • Things That Are Circular
    Bocce Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Bike Rack
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Onion Rings
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Rubber Band
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Ring Light
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Egg Yolk
  • Things That Are Circular
    Lindt Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
    Fruit Pastilles
  • Things That Are Circular
    Cucumber Slice
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Banana Slice
  • Things That Are Circular
    Typewriter Buttons
  • Things That Are Circular
    Scoop of Ice Cream
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Weight Plate
  • Things That Are Circular
    Googly Eyes
  • Things That Are Circular
    Pie Chart
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Cherry Tomato
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Lime Slices
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Straw Opening
  • Things That Are Circular
    Kiwi Slice
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Disco Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Hundreds and Thousands
  • Things That Are Circular
    Extinction Rebellion Sign
  • Things That Are Circular
    Beach Ball
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Wagon Wheel
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Frying Pan
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Gas Burner
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Honeydew Melon
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Ferrero Rocher
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Froot Loops
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Paint Wells
  • Things That Are Circular
    Pita Bread
  • Things That Are Circular
    Chocolate Truffles
  • Things That Are Circular
    Pineapple Rings
  • Things That Are Circular
    Magnifying Glass
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Basketball Hoop
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
  • Things That Are Circular
    Bucket Hat

We hope that visual list of circular things was useful! Here’s a longer and more descriptive list of things that are circular:

  • CD: These are largely obsolete discs where music information is stored.
  • Bike Wheel: A round wheel with metal spokes for stability radiating out from the center.
  • Frisbee: These can come in flexible or hard varieties. Either a toy or a sport depending on how its played.
  • Full Stop: The small round punctuation mark.
  • Coin: While some coints (like the Australian 50 cent piece) have a different shape, most coins are circular and round.
  • Ring: Hollow circular loops used as jewelry.
  • Bangle: A large version of rings, worn on the wrist rather than on the finger.
  • Hoop Earring: Similar in appearance to rings and bangles, but worn through a piercing in the ear instead.
  • Vinyl Record: An old way to store and play music. Still used as collector’s items and for nostalgia.
  • Oreo: A thin disc of vanilla icing sandwiched between two round chocolate cookies.
  • Button: While buttons can very greatly in size, shape and pattern, many are simply round with four circular holes in the middle.
  • Moon: One of Earth’s satellites. Not perfectly circular, but very round.
  • Yo-yo: A toy (that was also used in competitive sports for a time). Composed of two discs held together by a short stick with a string wrapped around it.
  • Petri Dish: A small plastic dish filled with agar jelly. Used in scientific testing.
  • Car Tyre: A wide, round wheel made of tough materials for driving on the road.
  • Bubble: A round blob of one substance in other – like air bubbles in a pool, gas bubbles in champagne, or air bubbles in seafoam.
  • Hockey Puck: A thick round disc used as a sort of “ball” in hockey games.
  • O (letter): Although is can vary widely depending on the typeface used, the letter o is generally recognised to be round and circular.
  • 0 (number): The number 0 is generally recognised as being round and circular, although it can vary in shape depending on the typeface or handwriting.
  • Saw Blade: A round, serrated-edge blade used for high-powered cutting.
  • Compass: A small tool used to tell which way north is. Used to determine one’s direction.
  • Stopwatch: A small device used to track time.
  • Lifebuoy: Similar to a floatie, but made of stronger materials. Used as a floatation device.
  • Orange: A small, round citrus fruit known and named for its colour. High in vitamin C.
  • Mirror: While mirrors can vary greatly in shape, many are round – like small handmirrors, or bathroom or vanity mirrors.
  • Dartboard: A round board of cork used as the landing board for darts.
  • Wreath: A decoration with cultural, social, and sometimes religious significance. Composed of leaves (usually holly leaves), berries and flowers arranged in a ring shape.
  • Ping Pong Ball: Small, hollow plastic balls used in ping pong and table tennis.
  • Basketball: The typically orange and black ball used in basketball games.
  • Tennis Ball: The typically neon yellow-green ball used in tennis matches.
  • Soccer Ball: A medium-sized ball with a black and white hexagonal pattern. Used in soccer games.
  • Baseball: Generally white with red stitching. Used in baseball games.
  • Golf Ball: A small, dense ball with a pitted surface. Used in golf games.
  • Ritz Cracker: A small snack biscuit that is round with a scalloped edge.
  • Ferris Wheel: A carnival ride where passengers are carried around a vertical wheel.
  • Sun: The giant ball of gas that gives us sunlight.
  • Plate: Although plates can be square, it’s much more common for them to be round.
  • Bowl: While bowls can be square or oval-shaped, circular bowls are much more common.
  • Iris (eye): The coloured ring around the eye’s pupil.
  • Pupil (eye): The dark opening in the center of the eye that absorbs light.
  • Roe: Salmon eggs. Round, small and orange.
  • Tortilla: A type of flatbread, generally made of wheat.
  • Crumpet: A type of breakfast or snack food. A round, flexible sort of bread that is usually toasted and topped with condiments like butter, jam or syrup.
  • Pikelet: A miniature pancake.
  • Flatbread: A type of bread made with flour, salt and water which is flattened into a thin dough.
  • Crystal Ball: A stereotypical fortune teller’s tool. Literally a ball made of some sort of crystal – usually a clear variety.
  • Cricket Ball: A small, hard ball used in cricket. Composed of a cork core with a leather cover.
  • Snooker Ball: Brightly coloured, glossy balls used in snooker and pool. These are small, hard and dense.
  • Christmas Bauble: A hollow, light, coloured ball used to decorate Christmas trees.
  • Hula Hoop: A large hoop used as either a toy or an exercise tool.
  • Lacrosse Ball: A solid rubber ball used in lacrosse.
  • Safari Icon: The icon for Apple’s default internet browser.
  • iTunes Icon: The round icon for Apple’s default music player and library.
  • Firefox Logo: The icon for the Firefox internet browser. Shows an orange-red fox and a blue background.
  • Google Chrome Logo: The icon for Google’s Chrome internet browser. Shows a wheel of three colours (red, yellow and green) and a blue center.
  • Pinterest Logo: The logo for the Pinterest website. Composed of a red background with a stylised white “P”.
  • Pepsi Logo: The logo for the soft drink Pepsi. Shows a circle split in to red, white and blue segments.
  • Starbucks Logo: The logo for the Starbucks Corporation. Composed of a green background with a crown-wearing mermaid on the front.
  • Target Logo: The logo for the Target Corporation. Composed of a red and white bullseye symbol.
  • Mercedes Logo: The logo for the Mercedes-Benz company. Shows a ring containing a tri-pronged star.
  • Vodafone Logo: The logo for the Vodafone phone company. Shows a circle (that can be either red or white) with either a red or white opening speech mark inside.
  • WordPress Logo: A ring with a capital W inside.
  • NASA Logo: A blue circle with a red chevron and the word “NASA” in white capitals.
  • Xbox Logo: A white and green logo showing a circle with an X over it.
  • HP Logo: The logo for the Hewlett-Packard company. A blue and white logo showing a circle with the letters “hp” inside.
  • Volkswagen Logo: A circular logo showing a ring with a V stacked on top of a W within.
  • BMW Logo: A circle split into white and blue quadrants, surrounded by a thick black ring with the letters “BMW” stamped near the top.
  • Holden Logo: A red and white logo showing a lion and stone housed within a ring.
  • Tide Logo: An orange and yellow bullseye background with the word “tide” over it in blue.
  • London Underground Logo: A thick red ring with the word “underground” laid on top over a blue background.
  • Yamaha Logo: Three tuning forks in a triangle pattern inside a ring.
  • Beats Logo: A red circle with a stylised lowercase “b”.
  • Timberland Logo: A circle with a tree and earth inside.
  • AT&T Logo: A striped blue and white sphere.
  • Motorola Logo: A coloured background with a stylised capital “M” inside.
  • General Electric Logo: A blue and white logo showing a lightly patterned circle with a curly “GE” inside.
  • Nivea Logo: A simple round logo showing a dark blue circle with the word “NIVEA” inside in white capitals.
  • Wikipedia Logo: A round logo composed of a light grey globe made of puzzle pieces.
  • Oxfam Logo: A simple logo made of a green background and a highly stylised “OX” on top.
  • LG Logo: A dark red circle with “LG” on the top.
  • Nissan Logo: A ring with a horizontal bar laid over the middle with the word “NISSAN” on top in capitals.
  • Caltex Logo: A red and green circle with a white star in the middle.
  • Sony Ericsson Logo: A green sphere surrounded by an incomplete white shell.
  • Xerox Logo: A red sphere with a white “X” laid over the top.
  • Alfa Romeo Logo: A green snake and red cross inside a thick blue ring.
  • Dell Logo: A blue righ with the word “DELL” in blue capitals inside.
  • The Wheel of Fortune: A large, multi-coloured wheel with numbers showing varying amounts of money on it. Used in the television show “Wheel of Fortune.”
  • Coaster: A small, round disc used to prevent condensation from cold drinks ruining a table’s surface.
  • Platter: While platters can come in many different shapes and sizes, round ones are still very common.
  • Marble: A round, commonly transparent or translucent ball of glass that is used to play games.
  • Gobstopper: A round hard candy that is known for being long-lasting and “unchewable” (so hard that you can’t bite through it).
  • Rug: A piece of (commonly woven) material that is either used as decoration or to warm up a room a little.
  • Floatie: A closed loop of inflatable plastic. Used when swimming as a floatation device to help those who aren’t confident in swimming.
  • Snare Drum: The middle drum in a drum kit. Has an array of metal beads pressed to the underside of the drum, which gives it a sharp, “military-like” sound.
  • Tom Drum: The larger drum on the right side of the drum kit. Has a deeper, rounder sound than the snare drum.
  • Bass Drum: The largest drum in a drum kit. Has a deep, bassy sound and is played by pressing a pedal with one’s foot.
  • Slinky: A round toy that is also now used as a stim or soothing device. Is composed of a long spiral that can be easily stretched.
  • Spring: A long, tightly coiled loop (usually made of metal).
  • Clock: A machine that helps us tell the time.
  • Badge: A small round face with a pin on the back which we can attach to our bags or clothes. Used as decoration or to show social beliefs or political leanings.
  • Medal: A large medallion that is given as recognition of accomplishment.
  • Sticker: A thin piece of paper with an adhesive backing.
  • Drain: A round cover with many small holes drilled in to it that protects and leads to the opening of drainpipes.
  • Manhole Cover: The covered opening in a paved area that allows access below ground.
  • Stamp: A piece of cut rubber which is pressed into ink to make marks on paper.
  • Medallion: A large, usually decorative medal.
  • Hole Punch Marking: Hole punches cut small holes in paper, allowing us to string multiple pages together as needed.
  • Squash Ball: Small balls with varying levels of bounce. Used to play squash, a high-intensity ball and racquet game.
  • Volleyball: The ball used in volleyball games. Has long panels running across it, and is generally lighter than other similarly-sized balls.
  • Water Polo Ball: A waterproof, lightweight ball used to play water polo.
  • Lazy Susan: A circular tabletop device that rotates, allowing guests at a large table to pass food easily across the table.
  • Tape Roll: Tape rolls need to be circular to allow for easy use.
  • Toilet Roll: If toilet rolls weren’t circular, they’d be hard and annoying to use.
  • Cheese Wheel: A round of cheese that is covered with wax for long-lasting storage.
  • Bocce Ball: Small, brightly-coloured balls used in bocce. Have an engraved pattern.
  • Camera Lens: The circular piece of glass on the front of the camera’s face.
  • M&Ms: Small round chocolates that are covered with a hard sugar shell.
  • Bike Rack: Loops of metal for securing one’s bike to when out in public.
  • Merry-Go-Round: A festival ride composed of a series of horse statues that rotate in a circle. Generally thought of as a children’s ride due to its slow speed.
  • Pancake: A round breakfast food usually enjoyed with berries, syrup and sugar.
  • Cookies: Round, sweet biscuits. Generally with nuts, chocolate or berries inside.
  • Cake: A round, spongy dessert made from eggs, butter, flour and milk (although vegan recipes are available).
  • Onion Rings: Cut rings of onion which are covered in batter and deep-friend in oil.
  • Doughnut: A dessert which is deep-fried and can be topped with icing, sprinkles, chocolate and/or fruit.
  • Pizza: A round piece of dough which is topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and a variety of savoury toppings.
  • Crepe: Similar to a pancake, but thinner, and can be savoury or sweet.
  • Pie: A round pastry shell stuffed with fillings. Can be either sweet or savoury.
  • Rubber Band: A stretchy loop of rubber which is used to hold things together.
  • Q (letter): Although this can vary greatly depending on handwriting or typeface, the capital letter “Q” is generally recognised as being a round letter.
  • Bottle Cap: The plastic cap that screws to the top of a bottle, trapping liquids inside.
  • Yin-Yang Symbol: An Asian symbol of balance.
  • World Globe: A model of the world, with labels and countries mapped out across it. Generally used as a learning tool.
  • Ring Light: A ring-shaped light used for photography and film-making.
  • Earth: The planet we live on. Not perfectly circular, but round enough to be included on this list.
  • Mercury: The smallest planet in the solar system. Is the planet closest to the sun and is named after Mercury, the messenger of the gods.
  • Venus: The second-closest planet to the sun. Named after Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
  • Mars: The fourth planet from the sun and the second-smallest planet. Named after the Roman god of war.
  • Jupiter: The largest planet in the solar system and the fifth planet from the sun. One of the brightest objects visible to the naked eye.
  • Saturn: The second-largest planet in the solar system and the sixth planet from the sun. Known for its distinctive rings.
  • Uranus: The seventh planet from the sun. Known as an “ice giant” (unlike Jupiter, which is known as a gas giant).
  • Neptune: The eighth planet from the sun. The fourth-largest planet and the most dense giant planet.
  • Pluto: A dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt (a ring of celestial bodies outside of Neptune’s orbit).
  • Fire Alarm Bell: The distinctive red bell for warning when there’s a fire.
  • Bell: The round, hollow cone of metal which can be struck from inside or outside to make a sound. Is used in alarms and musical instruments.
  • Timpani: Also known as kettledrums, timps or pauken. A large drum made of a membrane stretched over a large copper bowl.
  • Love Hearts (candy): A candy that was popular in the 90s. A round piece of hard candy stamped with a loveheart and a short romantic message.
  • Bodhran: A small, hand-held frame drum (Irish).
  • Grape: A small seeded fruit which grows in bunches. Used to make juice, wine, jams, preserves and jellies, and can also be eaten raw.
  • Watch Face: The circular front of a watch.
  • Plum: A round (but not perfectly circular) stone fruit with a sweet, tangy taste.
  • Egg Yolk: The yellow centre of an egg.
  • Lindt Ball: Small spherical truffles filled with liquid chocolate.
  • Fruit Pastille: Small flat, round candies which are fruit flavoured and covered in large granules of sugar.
  • Cucumber Slice: Since cucumbers are round but long, when they are cut into slices, the slices are circular.
  • Blueberry: Small blue-purple berries that are enjoyed as a part of breakfast or desserts.
  • Banana Slice: Since banans are round but long, when they are cut into slices, the slices are circular.
  • Cloche: A dish cover used to keep the heat in or keep insects away.
  • Clown Nose: The large, round red noses that clowns stereotypically wear.
  • Typewriter Button: Although some are square, typewriter buttons were typically round.
  • Steel Drum: Also known as steel pans. A musical instrument which plays different, metallic sounding tones when struck.
  • Scoop of Ice Cream: A round serving of ice cream.
  • Candle: Candles come in many shapes and sizes,, but are typically round or in a long column shape.
  • Confetti: Small circular pieces of coloured paper, used in celebrations.
  • Finger Cymbal: Tiny versions of cymbals that are worn on the fingers.
  • Weight Plate: Heavy plates of varying weights which are stacked on to a weightlifting bar for exercise.
  • Lifesaver (candy): An American brand of ring-shaped candy.
  • Googly Eyes: Plastic eyes used for making arts and crafts.
  • Pie Chart: Data shown in coloured segments of a circle.
  • Emoji: A round, typically yellow face used to show expression and emotion in text messaging.
  • Macaron: A meringue-based sweet. Composed of two small, disc-shaped meringue cookies held together with icing.
  • Fishbowl: A round bowl used to house fish.
  • Rubber Band Ball: A way of storing rubber bands in a tidy way. Rubber bands are looped around each other over and over until a ball is made.
  • Hat Box: A typically round box used for storing hats.
  • Cherry Tomato: A small, sweet tomato that us typically used in salads or eaten as a snack.
  • Watermelon: A large fruit with a hard green rind and red flesh. Can vary in shape, but is generally round.
  • Cut Lime: Limes are round and oval-shaped, and when you cut them into slices, the slices are circular. Cut limes are generally used as garnishes for sweet pies, salads or drinks.
  • Wok: A large, round, dome-shaped pan used commonly in Asian cooking and frying.
  • Straw Opening: Straws have circular openings. Long tubes used to carry liquid safely from a cup to a person’s mouth.
  • Pickle Slices: Since picles are round but long, their slices are circular. Pickles are commonly used as a condiment in burgers and hotdogs.
  • Cut Kiwi Fruit: Kiwi fruits are oval-shaped, and their slices are circular. They are sweet, tangy fruits with a fuzzy skin.
  • Waffle: A sweet breakfast food or dessert typically enjoyed with berries, cream, ice cream or syrup.
  • Jar: A round glass container used for storing items.
  • Lollipop: These are hard sweets atop a stick. Can be either spherical, or flat and round (like a disc).
  • Coconut: Large fruits with a tough brown shell.
  • Disco Ball: Also known as a mirror ball or glitter ball. A spherical object which is mirrored, allowing it to reflect light in many directions.
  • Cymbal: A slightly domed disc of metal that produces sound when struck.
  • Pearl: A hard, glossy object that is produced by molluscs. Used in jewelry and decoration.
  • Peas: The green fruit of the pea flower. Edible and used in savoury meals.
  • Hundreds and Thousands: Small round pieces of sugar candy used in making desserts.
  • Golden Snitch: The small, winged golden ball that is caught by the seeker in Quidditch (from Harry Potter).
  • Extinction Rebellion Symbol: A symbol showing a stylised hourglass in a circle. A symbol of the extinction rebellion movement.
  • Peanut Butter Cup: A candy made of a disc of peanut butter surrounded in chocolate.
  • Beach Ball: A large, light, inflatable ball with brightly coloured panels or decoration. Used at the beach as it’s waterproof and floats.
  • Bird’s Nest: Birds make nests that are generally round to house their babies in.
  • Coffee Table: Although coffee tables can be square, oval, or rectangualr, they are commonly round. A low sort of table used for holding books, coffee, and snacks.
  • Rock Candy: Hard sugary candy that is rolled into sticks before being chopped up into disc-shaped chips.
  • Bouncy Ball: Small dense rubbery balls that bounce when dropped.
  • Bludger: The dense black ball that flies around the field in Quidditch disrupting players (from Harry Potter).
  • Quaffle: The tough red ball used for scoring goals in Quidditch (from Harry Potter).
  • Panadol Tablet: Small white disc-shaped tablets for relieving minor pains and headaches.
  • Gong: Slightly domed metal plates that make a resonating sound when struck.
  • Smarties: Small chocolates covered in multi-coloured sugar shells.
  • Wagon Wheel (chocolate): A snack food made of marshmallow and jam sanwiched between two biscuits and covered in chocolate.
  • Reese’s Pieces: Peanut butter tasting chocolate in a hard candy shell.
  • Tambourine: A musical instrument composed of small cymbals in a ring.
  • Frying Pan: A round metal pan used for cooking over a flame.
  • Snickerdoodle: Soft cinnamon sugar cookies.
  • Jaffas: Small candies made of a chocolate ball covered in an orange-flavoured sugar shell.
  • Digestive Biscuit: Wheat biscuits that are sometimes covered in chocolate.
  • Water Biscuit: Thin biscuits that are plain in flavour and commonly eaten alongside fruits or cheese (or both).
  • Bagel: A ring-shaped bread that is lightly glazed and ropped with seeds.
  • Mint Slice: Circular sweet biscuits. Composed of a chocolate biscuit topped with mint fondant, covered with dark chocolate.
  • Rolo: Small, thick disc-shaped chocolates filled with caramel.
  • Chiffon Cake: A typically ring-shaped sponge cake.
  • Mallo Cups: A disc-shaped marshmallow covered in milk chocoalte.
  • Skittles (candy): Small, round candies in a hard, brightly coloured sugar shell.
  • Snowball: Snow gathered into a sphere. Used in snowball fights or to make snowmen.
  • Hacky Sack: A non-bouncy ball made of seeds, rice or small balls within a stitched casing.
  • Dandelion Puff: A spherical puff of fluffy seeds on the head of a dandelion.
  • Gas Burner: A ring-shaped series of small flames which can be controlled by determining how much gas is fed to the flames.
  • Cog: A disc-shaped gear that fits in with others.
  • Rafaello: A chocolate truffle made of white chocolate and dessicated chocolate.
  • Rockmelon Half: An oval-shaped melon which is circular when sliced. Has pale orange flesh and a patterned rind.
  • Honeydew Melon: A round, pale green melon.
  • Flying Saucer Candy: Pastel-coloured candy composed of rice paper wafer filled with sherbet.
  • English Muffin: A thick, disc-shaped round of dense bread.
  • Marshmallow: Small cylinders of puffy candy.
  • Pom-pom: Fluffy spheres used for decoration in arts and crafts and on clothing.
  • Jelly Tots: Small bell-shaped jelly candies covered in sugar crystals.
  • Cheezels: A snack food. Tubes of crunchy corn-based chip covered in cheese-flavoured powder.
  • Wax Seal: A round disc of hot wax which is used to seal written communications.
  • Ferrero Rocher: A chocolate truffle with a hazelnut centre and covered with crushed hazelnuts.
  • Reload Icon: A circular icon representing that something is loading again, or needs to be loaded again.
  • Tea Leaf Cake: A thick disc made of dried tea leaves pressed tightly together.
  • Cheerios: A breakfast cereal made of small rings of corn-based cereal.
  • Froot Loops: A sugary breakfast cereal that are small coloured rings of cereal.
  • Protein Ball: Small balls of seeds, nuts, protein powder and other indredients. Seen as a healthy snack/desssert food.
  • Flowerpot: Round pots used for storing flowers and other small plants.
  • Headlight: Round lights at the front and back of a car, used for navigation and warning.
  • Doughnut Hole: A small ball of dough taken from the centre of doughnuts.
  • Sago Ball: Round balls of sago used in drinks and desserts.
  • Paint Palette: A round, typically plastic disc used for painting.
  • Senbei: A Japanese rice cracker.
  • Macadamia Nut: Round white nuts that are commonly used in desserts and candy.
  • Burger Rings: A savoury, salty snack food.
  • Coffee Cup Lid: The thin, lightweight covering for disposable coffee cups.
  • Okonomiyaki: A Japanese pancake that is generally savoury and mixed with savoury toppings.
  • Pita: A type of flatbread.
  • Mac and Cheese Balls: Small balls of mac and cheese covered in batter and deep-fried.
  • Chocolate Truffles: Round candies made of chocolate. Named for their similar appearance fo truffles (mushrooms).
  • Pineapple Ring: Slices of pineapple. Usually placed in burgers.
  • Burger: A savoury food – basically the round version of a sandwich.
  • Maltesers: A sweet ball of malt covered in chocolate.
  • Maze: Mazes can be any shape or size, but many garden mazes and those in puzzle books are circular.
  • Magnifying Glass: A circular lens made of glass which is used to magnify the appearance of whatever it’s held over.
  • Basketball Hoop: The round loop of metal used for scoring goals in basketball.
  • Netball Hoop: The round loop of metal used for scoring goals in netball.
  • Netball: The ball used in netball. Similar in appearance to a volleyball.
  • Arancini: Balls of rice covered in batter nad deep-fried.
  • Cake Pop: Small pieces of cake gathered into a spherical shape and covered with chocolate, icing or fondant.
  • Scone: A sort of biscuit with a short consistency. Usually enjoyed with sweet toppings.
  • Enso: A sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism meaning togetherness.
  • Flower of Life Symbol: A geometric symbol consisting of nineteen overlapping circles.
  • Peace Symbol: Also known as the peace sign or the nuclear disarmament symbol. Originally a symbol representing the threat of nuclear annihilation.
  • Anarchy Symbol: The symbol for the anarchy movement. Consists of a capital “A” contained within an “O”.
  • Circumpunct: A circle with a dot in the centre. Used to represent the sun or the solar system.
  • Pentacle/Pentagram: A magical talisman symbol. Consists of a star within a circle.
  • Mandala: Sanskrit for “circle”. A geometric pattern that is round and has spiritual or religious significance.
  • Cupcake: A small cake.
  • Tart: A round food that is typically sweet. Consists of a pastry shell (with an open top) that is filled with custard, fruit, nuts, etc.
  • Sushi: A Japanese dish where seaweed and rice are rolled around a filling.
  • Cut Dragonfruit: A fruit with a fuschia-coloured skin that is circular when cut into slices.
  • Longan: A small round fruit with a light brown shell. Used in Asian desserts.
  • Mangosteen: A dark purple fruit with a fleshy white interior.
  • Bucket Hat: A round hat with a wide brim.

We hope this list of circular things was useful and that you found what you needed!

We did our best to cover the varied meanings of “circular” with our visual gallery of circular things and descriptive list. If you feel there’s something we missed, feel free to let us know and leave a comment.

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Four stars Mizuno mp 15

tozoux 22/12/2018

Bonjours j’ai reçut mes club comme prévu en 2 jours ouvrés. Noté 7/10 aucune surprise sur la qualité comme d’habitude parfait . Merci à l’équipe golbidder pour la rapidité d’expédition la qualité du produit et le prix très abordable. À bientôt pour de nouveau achats


Carlos | 60S Today



“I made a promise in another history that I’d definitely save you two…” — Carlos to Akane and Junpei, after opting to stay behind after SHIFTing from another timeline

Carlos is a young firefighter who is one of the main three protagonists of Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma, the other two being Q and Diana. He is the leader of Team C in the Decision Game, which also consists of Junpei Tenmyouji and Akane Kurashiki. Carlos is an honorable young man who claims he joined the Mars Mission Test Site (Dcom) experiment to help save someone very close to him: his sister Maria.


Carlos has blond hair with a faint widow’s peak, green eyes, and a fit body. He has a sharp nose and a wide mouth. He has some faint scars on his forearms due to being a firefighter.

He wears a white shirt with a light pink open button down on top. The shirt’s inside is white and the sleeves are pushed back to his elbows. The button down also has a right-side breast pocket. The pocket has a blue stripe and a red stripe near the top, with a twin-ax symbol below the stripes. The axes are a reference to his firefighter occupation.

He wears loose fitting blue jeans with a brown belt and brown hiking boots. Like the other players, on his left wrist is his black bracelet.

In some parts of the game, Carlos is covered in blood. His left arm is a bandaged stub after it is hacked off by Akane. In another segment, his face is bruised after being punched in the face repeatedly by Junpei.

In C-END:1, he briefly appears in a yellow firefighter outfit.


Carlos restraining Junpei from pressing the Decontamination Room’s button.

Carlos is generally kind and considerate. He is hot-blooded and has a strong sense of justice, as well as a desire to save people, and is able to do so as a firefighter, putting his life and safety on the line to protect and rescue. He also cares deeply for his sister, and will go to any lengths to protect her. In the Decontamination Room, he supports trusting the other players even with his life on the line.

He is rather mature (when he tells Akane to “shut the fuck up” and tries to force himself on her, this is simply an act to distract Zero.) He notes that while he doesn’t know much about romance, his co-workers come to him to tell them their stories, implying people feel they can confide in him.[1] He is noticeably modest and doesn’t brag or show off.

Carlos feels strongly when it comes to the concept of “regret”, saying that people should say what they want to say while they’re alive, as people live in a world where anyone can die at any moment. Due to being a firefighter, he’s surrounded by death and people in danger. It is implied he regrets not being with his sister more.

There are certain points where he is shown to be slightly hotheaded and make quick decisions without thinking about the consequences, showing he is a risk taker. At one point, he even risks his life by ordering Eric to kill him with a shotgun because he is confident in his SHIFTing abilities.

Due to being a playable character, some of Carlos’ actions can be determined by the player, leaving to varying interpretations of who he is (such as blaming himself or Akane for Junpei’s murder, or choosing to ally/betray Junpei in the Decision Game). It is also unknown if he was willing to kill Delta in the final scene of the game.


Carlos’ parents burning to death in the fire.

Carlos lived a happy childhood with parents and his younger sister, Maria. At the age of 18, an arsonist set fire to Carlos’ home. The blaze overtook the home and Carlos rushed inside in order to rescue his family. Hearing Maria’s voice, he found her and successfully brought her out of the burning home. Unfortunately, Carlos was unable to reenter the home and his parents perished in the fire.

Maria dying in a coma because Carlos doesn’t have enough money to pay for her healthcare and treatment.

Maria collapsed soon after being rescued and eventually fell into a coma. Though he assumed it was carbon monoxide inhalation, he received the shocking news that she was diagnosed with Reverie Syndrome, an incurable disease causing her to have consistent memory lapses. Confined to the hospital, Carlos made constant trips to the hospital every day just to be with Maria. He made it a habit to always be there in the morning to say “good morning” and always leave at night with a “good night.”

Fueled by the deaths of his parents, Carlos became an exemplary firefighter and saved countless lives during his career. He has pulled off miraculous rescues and has avoided getting killed or even seriously injured during his rescues. He claims he’s been a firefighter for 10 years.

The Mars Mission Test Site (Dcom).

Carlos eventually somehow came upon the opportunity to make money by participating in the Mars Mission Test Site (Dcom) experiment in Nevada. By participating in it, he would receive 500,000 dollars, enough to pay for Maria’s treatment. Carlos willingly joined the experiment for this once in a lifetime chance. He became the leader of the 9 participants in the simulation and was in charge of making key decisions during the experiment.

Zero Time Dilemma

Carlos is the leader of Team C alongside Junpei Tenmyouji and Akane Kurashiki. As such, Carlos handles certain decisions and responsibilities that can affect Junpei’s and Akane’s fates. Carlos is trapped in Ward C in the Underground Shelter.

When Junpei and Akane disagree and argue, Carlos tries to act as the middle-ground for their conflicts, mitigating their disputes and acts as the voice of reason in the Decision Game created by Zero II. This usually results in Carlos being an awkward third wheel. Carlos realizes his sister’s life is on the line, and it is up to the player to decide how to compromise between Junpei and Akane and who to sacrifice when the going gets rough.

Branching timelines

Carlos is revealed to be able to tap into the morphogenetic field, allowing him to SHIFT. It is revealed after the Ambidex Game in the Power Room that Carlos is able to subconsciously SHIFT during moments of great danger. His abilities fully awoke when his home was ablaze and it is thanks to this ability that he was able to rescue Maria in the first place. Afterwards, Carlos continued to subconsciously access the morphogenetic field during his rescues, allowing him to avoid situations that would lead to his death as well as rescue all of the potential victims.

C-END: 1

After Carlos discovers his ability to SHIFT and realizes Akane and Junpei also have this ability, the group sees a hologram of Zero in the Transporter Room who tells them that he is dead in the current timeline; but if they meet him at one where he is alive and they are dead in order to meet him, he will answer their questions. They are then attacked by a QCD-controlled robot. Carlos helps Akane and Junpei escape to the C-END: 1 timeline by transporter, leaving Carlos behind to fend off the robot.

There, a recording of Zero in the Lounge tells Akane and Junpei that they have arrived at the timeline where Radical-6 is released, to Akane’s dismay. Zero tells them that he is, in fact, Brother, the leader of Free the Soul, and he plans to release Radical-6 and kill 6 billion people because he foresaw that in the future, a terrorist will detonate a nuclear bomb and kill all 8 billion people. Since he does not know who the terrorist is, he cannot stop him directly, but by killing 6 billion he has a 75% chance of killing the terrorist and saving 2 billion. He invites Akane to a meeting of Free the Soul on April 12, 2029 where she will learn more about them, and tells them that he has a little sister they know well (i.e. Phi). Zero also gives her the Free the Soul robes.


Zero Time Dilemma – Carlos Fail

Carlos’s error in judgement prevents him from stopping Radical-6.

Carlos, who was left behind, temporarily SHIFTs to the timeline after he killed Akane with the axe, in order to give himself time to think. After he returns, he SHIFTs to the timeline where C team presses the button, then uses the transporter to send himself 10 months back. 10 months later, he breaks the X-Door open in the C-END: 1 timeline, freeing Akane and Junpei. Akane lashes at Carlos for not stopping Zero and unknowingly allowing the Radical-6 pandemic to happen. Finally, she resolves to restart the AB Project and prevent the release of Radical-6. Junpei offers to help her, but she instead tells him he must forget everything that has happened, and stabs him with her disconnected bracelet. It is unknown what happens to Carlos after they leave, such as if he survives the Radical-6 apocalypse.


After deciding to SHIFT into the history where everyone was spared from the Decision Game by winning the coin toss, Delta explains his true motives for the Decision Game; to ensure that he and Phi are born and to see if those participating in the game will help to stop Free the Soul, and also to stop an even more deadly religious fanatic.

Carlos aims at Delta with an uncertain fate.

Delta hands Carlos a revolver and tells him that he has the choice to either shoot him since only they know of the murders that occurred in the other multiple timelines of the game or let him go. Carlos’ choice is unknown.

In the post game Carlos files, it is revealed Maria heals from her syndrome. Soon after, Carlos received an invitation for Junpei and Akane’s wedding. However, there’s still a radical terrorist who plans to kill all of humanity and Carlos offered to help Junpei and Akane find this fanatic. It is unknown he joins Crash Keys as a result.


  • “Just by looking, I can tell if someone’s in love.”
  • “I love my little sister very much. She’s the sunshine of my life…”
  • “Ha ha. You’re horrible.” (to Akane for suggesting he has a sister complex)
  • “We’ll find the way to stay alive!” (in the Infirmary)
  • “Let me tell you something, Junpei. Say what you need to, while there’s still time to say it.”
  • “Anyway, I just wanted to say… I don’t want the two of you to end up having any regrets. If you have something to say, say it while you’re still alive.” (to Junpei and Akane)
  • “Junpei, if we die, I’m going to kill you!”
  • Junpei: “Listen, Carlos and I will protect you and… die.”Carlos: “THE FUCK…?!”
  • “I was thinking about you, Akane. You’re uh, well, to be blunt, really hot.”
  • “Oh look, a neanderthal is trying to block my way.” (accusing Junpei of cockblocking)
  • “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” (to Akane)
  • “You heard me. Shoot me. Don’t worry… I won’t die. Even if this body is destroyed, my conscience will be-“ (to Eric moments before being shot)
  • “No, you’re wrong, Delta… Nothing in the future has been determined yet. We’ll shape the future with our own hands!”


  • Since the very first decision in the game, as well as the very final scene in the game, are in Carlos’ hands, it can be interpreted that he is the main protagonist of Zero Time Dilemma. During the coin toss, Zero refers to Carlos as “the leader of the group”, referring to not only Team C but all nine players. Additionally, in the true end, Delta gives Carlos the gun and it’s up to him to make the final decision of the game, again implying he’s the leader of the whole group.
  • Carlos had nobody to go to prom with, so he brought his cat named Kitty.[2]
  • Uchikoshi once claimed Carlos gels his hair with Krazy Glue.
  • In the Rec Room, while examining the bottles of alcohol, Carlos says he never buys alcohol for himself, but doesn’t refuse if coworkers invite him out. He also says he always leaves early to visit his sister.
  • Carlos’ doll type in the status screen seems to be either a Ken doll (a possible reference to his facial features which could be considered generally attractive) or an action figure (a possible reference to him being a firefighter, a job with a lot of action).
  • Carlos’ X-Passes are Shift, Dream, Fire, Hero, Fight and Save.
    • Shift – Carlos is a SHIFTer who unwittingly used this technique in his job as a firefighter to save people’s lives.
    • Dream – A reference to his sister’s Reverie or Daydream Syndrome.
    • Fire / Fight – Carlos is a firefighter.
    • Save – Said job has him save people.
  • The Matrix is one of Carlos’ favorite movies, which he mentions to Junpei and Akane in Control.



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Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver | 60S Today


Five stars Ecellent

Georgé 13/08/2020

Club facile à jouer avec une tête très agréable. Le shaft recoil est excellent.


Alice | 60S Today



“All I could think about was getting out of this place as fast as I could! It never even crossed my mind that it could kill you! God help me, even if it had, I don’t think I would have cared! See?! I’m horrible! You hate me, don’t you?! Just do it! Kill me! Get it over with!” — Alice, to Sigma after almost killing him

Alice is a focused and intelligent woman in Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. Alice is a mysterious woman who claims she was abducted and forced to play the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition.

Despite the similar naming and ethnicity, Alice asserts that she is unrelated to the supposed Egyptian mummy of the same name. Alice claims the theory that all the water in her body is ICE-9, a special sort of water with the ability to preserve organic material, is bogus.[1]


Alice is a tan-skinned woman of mixed ethnicity (French-Egyptian). She has straight dark hair falling just below her shoulders which obscures her round earrings. She wears blue eye shadow, pink lip gloss, and blue nail polish.

She wears an exquisite golden necklace resembling an infinity symbol with an aquamarine gem that is meant to be a scarab which were regarded as holy in Ancient Egypt. She wears a gold bracelet on her right wrist. Her top is a short beige jacket with gold shoulder plates and yellow lines around the front and back. Her jacket only covers her upper arms and back, showing her torso. She has a black skirt with an aquamarine design along the waist that she wears low on her hips. Around her skirt is a thin gold belt with an eagle symbol on her right hip. Her lower legs are bare and she wears tall golden high-heel sandals.

It is mentioned that those employed by Alice’s agency wear unique choices of clothing to deter suspicion away from being members. If Alice dressed like a super secret top agent, it would blow her cover.

Like the other players, she wears a bracelet on her left wrist.


“I want to wear lots of gorgeous clothes… I want to eat tons of delicious food, and fall in love…” — Alice on her reason for living

Alice is independent and focused, although she can be cold, mocking and strict. She also hides her feelings about things sometimes, and only tells them to people she trusts. She is quite an experienced woman, having worked her way to the top to become a field agent in SOIS, the Special Office of Internal Security. She is also very determined to accomplish her goals and will sacrifice almost anything to achieve them, having spent most of her life trying to find her father, years after his disappearance. She is also vengeful and focused on finding her father’s killer. She cares deeply for those she’s close to, and always has their best interests in mind.

Alice chooses ally in certain routes, showing she can trust sometimes. However, she is not one to give second chances if she is betrayed. She is not afraid to confront her betrayer, look at them directly in the eye, and slap them on the face with enough force to send a clear message. She explicitly avoids anyone who betrayed her in the first round. The only exception she has to this is Clover, who she considers her best friend.

She may have a “survival of the fittest” attitude, as she almost/does kills Sigma Klim in one route, betraying him and Luna when he had only 1 BP, claiming her self-defense is worth more than his life.[2] However, she is not cold-hearted and feels remorse about almost killing him and as she later explains, she only voted betray out of fear and panic. Despite her composed attitude, Alice admits she was so terrified of being abducted and put in the Nonary Game, perhaps more than everyone else. She may have been subconsciously fighting her fear by masking it with her demeanor, fooling even herself in the process. She also wants to pair with Quark because he is unconscious and will default to ally.[3] In one route, she even attempts suicide to escape the fear of playing the Nonary Game, showing her desperation to escape.[4] However, she was infected with Radical-6 during her suicide attempt, though it is possible the disease overlapped with her strong desire to escape.

Alice also seems somewhat hypocritical, flip-flopping on her opinions to suit her needs. For example, if she allies Sigma and he betrays her, she mentions the Prisoner’s Dilemma and is furious at him for choosing betray. If she betrays Sigma and he allies her, she says that only an idiot would choose ally in this situation.[5] In another scenario, she proposes a “people with lowest BP should have the say”.[6] However, when she has higher BP, she disagrees with this.[7] It is unknown what Alice’s true feelings are about these scenarios, leading to ambiguity of her character. However, it suggests she is morally inconsistent and will play situations to her advantage.

Alice is intelligent and very skilled (almost inhumanely) at mathematics, especially memorizing prime factors and working with large numbers in her mind. An example is when she calculates that “78153 61098 83809 42419 90551” is “198449351” to the third power using prime factor decomposition. This skill assists Sigma and Alice while decoding the large series of numbers in Alice END, and also helps Sigma figure out who set the antimatter bombs. She passes it off as being “better at math than most people” and claims it’s “simple mental arithmetic”, which Sigma calls her out for.[8] She also seems to have much general knowledge, especially in science as seen when discussing the bombs as they are first discovered.[9]

Alice being confident of herself.

Although it may be just part of her facade to keep her true identity and profession secretive, Alice seems quite proud and pleased in her own appearance. In one of the routes, she lists off her best features one by one. She also makes narcissistic conceited comments about how beautiful and good-looking she is, like “Can I really be blamed if people think I’m an Egyptian queen?”[10] and “Does this beauty look like something infected with an awful disease?”[11] Furthermore, in the post-Round 1 conversations in the Cyan route, Alice claims her interests are to wear “lots of gorgeous clothes, eat tons of delicious food and fall in love”, apart from avenging the death of her murdered father.[12]


Alice’s mother being informed by an officer about her partner’s disappearance.

Alice is the daughter of a French woman and an Egyptian man. When she was three years old, her family moved to the United States. Her father was a researcher in the genetics and cloning field and was recruited by an American lab, which was the reason they moved. Alice’s life was good until her father was mysteriously kidnapped when she was nine years old and was raised by her mother. However, she did not learn that her father was kidnapped and his lab was attacked by terrorists until she was older. Although Alice’s mother was devastated and cried, she raised Alice as a single mother, a difficult task since all of their relatives were a trans-Atlantic flight away. Alice also deeply missed her father.

Alice in the Special Office of Internal Security.

Alice earned a full ride scholarship in high school and went to a university, studying for several years. She also became extremely skilled at mathematics, able to mentally calculate complex equations. After graduating, she took a job in the Department of Defense and was hired by the SOIS, hoping they would have the resources to help her locate her father. She was tasked with finding Free the Soul and the Myrmidons, the organization that kidnapped her father.

After Alice received a tip from someone that some Myrmidons were hiding in a building in the Nevada Desert, she went to investigate the building: Building Q. She was dressed in ancient Egyptian clothing to deter suspicion away from being an SOIS member. However, her car broke down.

Alice in the Nevada Desert at the end of 999.

Luckily, she was found by a passing car driven by Clover, accompanied by Junpei Tenmyouji, Hazuki Kashiwabara, Seven, Light Field, and a restrained Gentarou Hongou, who had just escaped from Building Q. Alice brought the people in the car to a SOIS facility for questioning, but ultimately released all of them, except for Hongou, whom she put in jail.

Several months passed and SOIS decided to find the original players of the First Nonary Game. All of the First Nonary Game participants were recruited, except Akane and Aoi. Clover and her brother Light were recruited under Alice and worked for her, although Alice had to contact Seven and ask him to motivate Clover and Light in order for this. They trained them to become Espers, due to their abilities to access the morphogenetic field, which they needed to fight Free the Soul.

A scared Clover kidnapped by Free the Soul.

Clover was sent to a Free the Soul base, but it turned out to be fake and she was captured. Upon arriving to the false base, Alice rescued Clover. However, off to the side was a corpse, heavily covered in bruises. It was Alice’s father, who was beaten to death. According to Clover, his last words was “I love you… Alice.” and he had carved them on his chest. These words fueled Alice’s desire to avenge her father and end Free the Soul. When Alice visited the morgue, she broke down and cried seeing her father’s corpse.

After saving Clover, Alice learned the real location of Free the Soul’s headquarters from her father’s carvings which were latitude and longitude: a chemical factory disguised as an abandoned building in Los Angeles, California. Alice planned to attack them on December 25, 2028, but on December 22, Alice and Clover were attacked by a person in a gas mask and knocked out with a large amount of Soporil. Both Alice and Clover were immediately put in Treatment Pods.

On April 14, 2029, the Moon shuttle arrived on the Moon with Sigma, Alice, Clover, and Phi on board. They all went to Rhizome 9. Phi, Alice and Clover were still in Treatment Pods, and were stored away for 45 years.

Virtue’s Last Reward

When the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition begins, Alice wakes up alone in one of the AB Rooms. She discovers that she is a red solo. After solving the puzzle, she escapes from the AB Room and finds no one around in Warehouse A. Soon after that, she meets Luna, Tenmyouji, Dio, Quark, Sigma, and Phi. After investigating each others bracelets, Alice figures out that someone is still in the AB Room on the furthest left. Dio says there may not be anyone in there, but Sigma isn’t so sure. Dio then asks him how he knows.

Alice waking up Clover in Warehouse A.

The hatch on the AB Room opens and K jumps from the roof of the elevator, carrying an unconscious Clover. Alice asks K what he did to her and he answers that he found her in the AB Room unconscious. K then says that he cannot remember who he is. Luna realizes that he has amnesia. Despite Dio thinking K is lying, everyone believes that he is in the same boat as everyone else. Eventually Clover wakes up, and asks Alice what is occurring. She tells her that they are trapped in a Nonary Game, which causes Clover to panic. Alice tells Clover everything will be okay.

When Zero III appears, he explains that solos must go through a Chromatic Door with a pair depending on which door they choose, meaning Alice can go with any pair. After Zero finishes his explanation, Luna begs Sigma to choose a door, saying it will decide who goes into each door.

Alice END

On this route, Alice goes with Sigma and Phi to the Crew Quarters. After investigating that area, Alice betrays Sigma and Phi in the AB Game. She says that she would gain more by choosing betray and called him “tender-brained” for picking ally. If the player chose to betray Alice previously, Sigma remembers her choosing ally in another timeline and confronts her about it. Otherwise, Sigma is merely annoyed by Alice’s selfishness. Alice’s betrayal of Sigma and Phi brings her BP to 6. After Zero III explains how the bracelets change after each round, Alice discovers that she is a yellow solo. After the nine participants split up, Alice heads to the Infirmary to speak with Dio and Tenmyouji.

When Sigma stops by, she reveals that her father was murdered and that she wants to punish her father’s killer. She thinks it might have something to do with the Nonary Game. Soon after, Bomb 3 is discovered in the Crew Quarters. Alice explains how they need the password input device to deactivate the bomb. K points out that there might be other bombs. Dio suggests moving the bombs and begins to do so. Alice then yells at Dio for almost killing everyone. Phi suggests keeping away from it because it might explode at any time. Soon the Chromatic Doors on Floor B open. Alice goes with Sigma and Luna despite Sigma’s protest.

Luna and Alice in the beautiful garden.

They find themselves in the B. Garden, which Luna says might be an indoor garden for plant research. They solve the puzzles there and escape. Next, Sigma, Alice, and Luna meet up with Phi, Dio, and Tenmyouji. The second group takes the first group back to the room they searched: the Treatment Center. While discussing cold sleep, Tenmyouji suggests that Alice would not need to freeze her body since it is composed of Ice-9 rather than normal water. Alice tells Tenmyouji that Clover, the one who first told him about that story, was just joking around. She mentions that people do however confuse her for the mummy All-ice that was supposedly found on the Titanic when it sank. Alice recalls one time when somebody asked if she was the mummy, to which she joked that she might be, but perhaps has amnesia. The conversation concludes with Alice explaining how the mummy eventually vanished, but that the entire story is an urban legend. Tenmyouji remains convinced Alice is the mummy.

The group heads back to Warehouse A. When they arrive, K explains that Quark collapsed while his group was searching their room and that Clover is looking after him. Everyone rushes to the infirmary where Luna scans Quark with the ADAM and states that he has Radical-6 and that they need to find the cure, Axelavir.

Alice feeling suicidal with a scalpel she took from Quark.

Quark awakens suddenly. He immediately attempts suicide due to the effects of the disease. During the struggle, Alice takes the scalpel from Quark, but soon starts to succumb to the effects of Radical-6 as well. She tells the others that they will all die regardless of the circumstances, claiming that Radical-6 will destroy humanity. She then says that she would rather die there and runs off.

“We’re all going to die… We’re all dead already… All of humanity is going to DIE! The virus will spread! Adults! Children! Everyone! EVERYONE! There won’t be anyone left! I… I’d rather die here!” — Alice, before running away with a scalpel

Alice found by Phi in the B. Garden.

Everyone searches for her around the facility. At some point Alice loses the scapel. Alice later loses consciousness in the B. Garden and is found by Phi, followed shortly by Sigma. Phi and Sigma carry Alice to the infirmary where Luna concludes that Alice has also contracted Radical-6. The group decides the best option is to take Quark and Alice to the Treatment Center to stave off the symptoms of the virus while they search for the Axelavir. However, as Tenmyouji lifts up Quark’s body, a bottle of Axelavir falls out of Quark’s pocket. The group wants to split up the dose so both Alice and Quark can be cured. However, Luna explains that the amount of Axelavir in one bottle is insufficient for curing two people. She also reveals that the injection gun used to administer the drug would use the whole bottle anyway. The group finds itself in a dilemma: Should they cure Alice or Quark?

Alice resting in the infirmary.

Sigma utilizes his memories of the “IG = immunoglobulin” note he found in the B. Garden and the IG Replicator he saw in the Laboratory in Quark’s timeline to solve the dilemma. He connects the dots and realizes that the IG replicator can duplicate the Axelavir. The group runs to the laboratory to perform the duplication. Afterward, Phi discovers Bomb 2 under the table. Clover finds a memory card underneath the bomb and speculates that it might reveal who planted all of the bombs due to the card’s proximity to one of them. After the group returns to the infirmary, Luna uses the duplicated Axelavir to cure Alice and Quark. Tenmyouji volunteers to remain in the infirmary to watch over Alice and Quark even though he has only one BP left. The others move to Warehouse A to vote. Alice soon wakes up and finds out from Tenmyouji that the second round of the AB Game is almost over.

Alice votes betray in the AB Room.

Alice runs to Warehouse A, opens the second AB Room from the left, and chooses betray. Sigma and the others are shocked that Alice is awake. She notices that Sigma also picked betray. She tells them that the reason she recovered from the Soporil so quickly is that she is resistant to anesthetics. Her kidnappers used a lot on her when she was taken. This could explain why Clover woke up last out of all the players, since they were kidnapped together. Alice notices that everyone voted betray in the AB Game. She rants that the game only benefits the individual and that everyone merely looks out for themselves. She then tells Sigma to stop treating her like she is the only bad guy. She explains that two groups, Phi and Dio/Tenmyouji, just tried to kill each other. Also, K and Clover attempted to trick one another into allying, which would have given the other nine BP and the opportunity to escape.

She walks off with Clover following her and finds Tenmyouji in the Infirmary. Sigma arrives soon after and puts the memory card from the Laboratory into the computer. Alice and Clover recognize the letters on the screen. Alice explains to Sigma, Tenmyouji, and Luna that she has been fighting the Myrmidons, which she explains is a terrorist organization. The letters on the screen are an encrypted message from them. Alice leaves after refusing to reveal any more information because she needs to continue thinking things over.

Alice cries as she regrets almost killing Sigma.

Alice retreats to the B. Garden to reflect on the situation alone, but Sigma follows her. Alice apologizes to Sigma for betraying him and wonders why he doesn’t just kill her. A single tear rolls down Alice’s cheek – then another, and another, leaving shining lines across her face, and Sigma brushes his thumb across her cheek, taking her tears with it. After Sigma comforts Alice, she reveals how she has felt ever since the game began. She promises to tell him her story if he promises to keep the conversation a secret which he agrees to. Alice explains about her life, her father’s disappearance, and joining the SOIS. She talks about Free the Soul and how she met Clover. Alice tells Sigma about the Nonary Game ten years ago, explaining that Gentarou Hongou planned it with the help of Free the Soul because he believed in their cause. Alice requests Sigma’s assistance to decode the message on the memory card. Sigma searches through his memories for any possible clues he might have seen.

This puzzle is completed if you solve it.

Sigma remembers the transmitter from Dio’s ending and is able to recite the number on it perfectly because of his excellent photographic memory. Alice uses her exemplary mental arithmetic skills to convert the 25-digit number to its prime factors: a nine-digit number to the third power. She explains how each digit can be used to decipher the code. Sigma figures out the encrypted message, “COMPLETED,” and relays it to Alice. Before they can make use of it, Clover arrives and instructs them to rush to the Floor B warehouse because a fight between Phi, Dio, and Tenmyouji has broken out and that K can’t hold them off.

They arrive and witness Phi, Tenmyouji, and Dio arguing. Sigma tries to calm them down by revealing that he knows who planted the bombs. He uses his memories from other timelines to trick Dio into admitting that he is the leader of the Myrmidons and serves Free the Soul, implicating him as the one responsible for the bombs. Alice threatens to kill him. Before she gets the chance, Dio pulls out the detonator and demands everyone stay back. He reveals that he planted four bombs.

Alice using force to make Dio give her the bomb deactivation codes for the input device.

Alice and Clover conspire to take the detonator from Dio. After Clover grabs the detonator, she throws it to Sigma. When Sigma catches it, it activates. Dio explains that a safeguard had been implemented that engages the bombs when the detonator is taken more than 1 meter away from him. Alice interrogates him about the passwords to deactivate the bombs. He manages to trick Clover into giving him a poison pill he had hidden in his pocket by telling her that’s where the input device was. Before he dies, he gives them the code for Bomb #3. Everyone fruitlessly searches for the other codes and bomb #2. Unfortunately, time runs out and the bombs explode, killing everyone, destroying the facility and forcing Sigma’s consciousness to make a jump.


After Sigma finds the Axelavir to cure Alice of her Radical-6, all of the players except for Dio go through the Number Nine Door, although she wanted to take him back to the SOIS for questioning. Upon reaching the surface of the Moon, Tenmyouji reveals what had happened on Earth over the past 45 years. He states that 6 billion people died because of Radical-6 and that 18 antimatter reactors were detonated to destroy the disease, but the explosion caused the Sun to be blotted out, causing a nuclear winter.

Soon after hearing this, Sigma remembers the key Akane gave him and all of the players follow him to the B. Garden. Once there, K reveals to Alice that she was chosen for the AB Project in order to decode the Myrmidons’ (Dio’s) 25-digit integer code, which she can crack with her mathematics and prime decomposition skills, even though Alice doesn’t understand what K means by this since it never happened in this timeline. Because of Alice’s feat in this other history, the group was able to discover that Dio planted the bombs, and Alice was able to use force to get the password for the number 3 bomb, stopping the detonation and saving everyone in the timeline she is currently in.

Another Time END

Clover and Alice in the Treatment Center.

After speaking with Tenmyouji and Quark, ? runs into Clover and Alice in the Treatment Center. Clover laments that they will never see their families again in the future and that there is nothing left for them in Rhizome 9. Alice mentions that Akane told them they could send their bodies back in time by a method connected to Schrödinger’s Cat.

Zero Time Dilemma

D-Team Game Over 5 – Don’t Press the Button

Alice is not mentioned but her fate is alluded to in this game-over.

Diana and Phi arrived in the Lounge and see a bleeding Sigma on the ground, who was stabbed by a hooded person. Diana tries to comfort him but the blood loss makes him confused, such as thinking Diana is Luna. He apologizes to her because he failed and his SHIFT connection has been cut, making Luna, Kyle and Lagomorph never exist in that world and leaving Alice and Clover stuck in the future.


Alice and Clover are “maybe” released by Akane from their Treatment Pods after the end of the game.[13]

It is also likely they would be warned of another possible terrorist attack threatening all of humanity. It is also possible an alliance between SOIS and Crash Keys could be formed to combat this threat.

However, the above is merely a probable theory.


  • “Now just look at this soft, lustrous skin… This perfect, shapely face! Does this beauty look like something infected with an awful disease? You want to touch it, don’t you, boy? I can see it in your eyes… Go on. Try.”
  • “Haven’t you ever heard of the prisoner’s dilemma?! Then WHY, FOR FUCK’S SAKE, DID YOU CHOOSE “BETRAY”?!”
  • “What the hell! This is important stuff! Why didn’t you tell us about this earlier!? “Sorry”‘s not going to cut it! I thought you were supposed to tell us the rules, not hide them! Is there anything ELSE you’ve conveniently left out?! It’s not fair to make people play a game without explaining all the rules!” (to Zero III)
  • “NO! DON’T TOUCH IT! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?! Have you got a DEATH WISH or something? This bomb is here because somebody planted it! Do you really think they didn’t rig it to go off if some IDIOT tried to move it?” (to Dio about the bomb)
  • “Well, it is true that I am both beautiful and elegant. Can I really be blamed if people think I’m an Egyptian queen?”
  • “Remove these shorts of obfuscation and let us gaze upon it-this so-called “hose”!”
  • “You honestly think a voice that coarse could come from a throat as fine as this?”
  • “Dick move.” (after Sigma pretends he burns his hand in the pantry)
  • “Look, Luna, it’s Sigma’s house!” (pointing to a tool shed)
  • “Hey, that’s a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that? Oh, I know. Because it’s idiotic!”
  • “We’re all going to die… We’re all dead already… All of humanity is going to DIE! The virus will spread! Adults! Children! Everyone! EVERYONE! There won’t be anyone left! I… I’d rather die here!”
  • “Are you DENSE?! I don’t pair up with ASSHOLES.” (to Sigma after he betrays her)
  • “What in God’s name is wrong with you?!”
  • “Nooo! Let me go! I have to do this! I can’t take it anymore! This whole thing is like a nightmare I can’t wake up from! The only way I’m going to get out of here is to DIE!”
  • “Why am I the ONLY one getting the third degree here?! Look at those results! Two other people just tried to KILL someone! …See? There’s your answer. In the end, everyone’s just thinking about themselves. So I would appreciate it if you could NOT treat me like I’m the only villain here!”
  • “You don’t hate me? I… I tried to kill you. I was so scared. Who wouldn’t be? Kidnapped and locked up, forced to play some sort of bizarre game… And then we found that bomb. I know I probably sounded calm, but as soon as we found that thing, all I wanted to do was run away from it as fast as I could. Things just went downhill from there… I remember hearing that Quark had collapsed, and running to the infirmary with everyone else… When I got there, I realized I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying. And everything looked… I don’t how to describe it. It was like watching a video on fast-forward, only it was real. Then I started to feel like… It’s hard to explain. I guess you could say I didn’t feel like I was myself, and it only got worse.”
  • “Bastards… I’ll never forgive you… I… am going… TO KILL YOU!” (to Dio)
  • Dio: “Yeagh! Fuck! Stop! You’re gonna break my arm!” Alice: “Of course. That’s the plan.”
  • “SHIT… Damn… How could I be so STUPID…”
  • “I don’t have any use for another braindead man!” (after Sigma fails to decode)
  • “Wait… This is crazy. That can’t possibly be Earth out there. Look at it… I’ve seen photos of Earth, and it’s blue, and green, and beautiful! That thing is just… RED!”
  • “In the end, Clover and I were just pawns. Pawns to be used and then gotten rid of. Still, it’s not like we’re completely resentful. We had to be here to help change the past. That part’s easy to understand. But…”
  • “Even if it is for the greater good… Yeah… It’s a little bit much.” (after learning all of her friends and family are dead and Earth has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland)


  • At the end of 999, before one would play VLR, they would likely presume that Alice was actually the Egyptian priestess allegedly frozen in ice-9 referenced at several points in the game. However, Alice’s appearance and role in VLR disproved this theory. Alice is occasionally asked about the theory that she is the Egyptian priestess known as “All-ice” in VLR, and each time she rejects the theory, though there is still some speculation by fans on this subject. In addition, it wouldn’t make sense that an ancient Egyptian woman would know modern English, and Alice’s backstory is also a major discrepancy, although Alice admits she omitted some details, and it is possible she lied to a degree.
  • In an interview, Uchikoshi essentially admitted All-ice and Alice are the same: “That’s Alice. The Ice-9 melted, and she’s in the desert. Alice’s ice melted in a time prior to nine years ago. Lord Gordain purchased the Gigantic around 1920, and Ace subsequently opened the coffin nine years before the events of the story, so she must have broken out in the interim. I presume Alice breaks out just before Ace opens the coffin – about several months to a week before – and I suppose she learned about hitchhiking culture in the nine years since then.”[14]
    • However, this goes against Alice’s backstory in VLR, making it likely this was all retconned.

Alice’s Dragon Ball reference.

  • Alice makes a Dragon Ball reference in the Rec Room, when you examine the billiard ball poster. She will say, “They’re those balls from that kid’s show, right? If you collect seven of them then you get a wish.” She even knows the right amount (seven), hinting she’s watched some anime or Dragon Ball before.
  • If the player fails to decode the Myrmidon password, a frustrated Alice says, “You WHAT?! Are you serious? What? Ugh. Just forget it. I’ll figure it out on my own.” She then calls Sigma “braindead”, says she doesn’t have any use for another braindead man, and angrily walks off in a huff.[15]
  • Alice dies in every good ending except Phi END.
  • Like Tenmyouji, after any first round of the AB Game, Alice’s BP will always be 1 outside of the scenario where Sigma chooses Ally against her.
  • Alice knew that Dio blackmailed Sigma and Clover on Quark’s route because Clover told her. This is revealed in Quark Game Over.

“A doctor’s coat, huh… Would you like me to put it on? I just thought you might be… into that kind of thing. See? Bullseye. Look at you, all bashful. You can be cute when you’re embarrassed.”

  • Alice may be interested in Sigma. When Sigma tells Alice that he is curious about her, she blushes. In the GAULEM Bay, she tells Sigma, “You can be cute when you’re embarrassed” and offers to dress in a doctor’s coat for him – just in case he’s into that kind of thing.
  • When the players were split up at the red, blue, and green Chromatic Doors, Tenmyouji told Alice that there was something he had to tell her. That something was, of course, his identity, and that he already knew all about Alice and Ice-9, and not because he’d heard about it from Clover.
  • Her nervous expression is meant to look like she is biting her nail, as it’s a trait some nailbiters have.[16]


Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Virtue’s Last Reward

Virtue’s Last Reward anime

v · e · d Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (series spoilers within) Main focus: Second Nonary Game Main characters (players) Junpei (playable) · Ace · Snake · Santa · Clover · Akane Kurashiki · Seven · Lotus · Ninth man Other characters Zero (game host) · Alice · Funyarinpa · “Cap” · “Guy X” · Science Boy Mentioned characters All-ice · Dashiell Gordain · Ennea and Nona Kashiwabara · Ichiro · Kurashiki parents Doors & Escape Rooms 3rd class cabin · Door 1 (Chart room and Captain’s Quarters) · Door 2 (Confinement room and Torture room) · Door 3 (Shower room · Door 4 (2nd class cabin and Kitchen) · Door 5 (1st class cabin and Casino) · Door 6 (Steam engine room and Cargo room) · Door 7 (Operating room) · Door 8 (Laboratory) · Small Door 9 (Library, Study, Incinerator) · Large Door 9 (Incinerator) · Door q (exit) Other locations Building Q (main location) · Junpei’s apartment · Central Staircase · Chapel · Earth · Elevator · Gigantic · Large hospital room · Nevada · Storage Game mechanics Bracelet · Calculator · Digital root · Numbered Doors · Planet Keys · RED and DEAD Terms Bootstrap paradox · Cradle Pharmaceutical · Crash Keys · Esper · First Nonary Game · FLOW Chart · Free the Soul · Ganzfeld Experiment · Luminol · Map · Morphogenetic field · Nonary Game · Soporil Archives Answers · Files · Endings · Mistakes · Trophies · Timeline v · e · d Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (series spoilers within) Main focus: Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition Main characters (players) Sigma Klim (playable) · Phi · Alice · Tenmyouji · Luna · K · Clover · Quark · Dio Other characters Zero III (game host) · Zero Sr. (mastermind) · ? · Old Woman · G-OLM · Lord Hoppington · Voices on Dcom recording (Operator and woman) Mentioned characters Alice’s father · Brother · Left Facility locations Warehouse A · Warehouse B · Elevator · Round 1 rooms (Crew Quarters, Infirmary, Lounge) · Round 2 rooms (GAULEM Bay, Rec Room, Pantry, Treatment Center, Laboratory, PEC, B. Garden, Archives, Control Room) · Round 3 rooms (Security, Director’s Office, Q) Other locations Earth · Moon · Headquarters Game mechanics AB Room · Bracelet · Bracelet Points · Chromatic Doors · Key Cards· Number Nine Door Terms ADAM · Antimatter Bombs · Axelavir · Bomb Codes · FLOW Chart · Free the Soul (Myrmidons) · Latin Journal · Neostigmine · Radical-6 · Soporil · Treatment Pod Archives Answers · Files · Endings · Mistakes · Trophies · Timeline


Ping Rapture V2 | 60S Today


Four stars correspond

Tenderfoot1954 16/12/2017

Le driver reçu dans les délais annoncés correspond au descriptif Et l’usage confirme cet avis Je suis très satisfait de mon achat et je n’hésiterai pas à me fournir à nouveau auprès de Golfbidder


Top-Flite XL 13 Piece Set Review: See What We Think


The popularity of golf is widespread, and you can judge that by the fact that it’s one of the only two sports that has been played on the moon. Doesn’t matter if you’re a low handicap level or a professional at the game, you can enjoy playing golf regardless of your skill level.

There’s no shame in being a beginner, as even those who are pros now were once at the same level as you. By practicing regularly and spend more time on the course, you can improve your skill level. Apart from that, what you need is a set of golf clubs that would complement your skill level.

Purchasing a complete golf club set is an easy way out of this situation. You won’t have to be confused about the advanced specifications and get more time to understand them and your own game, to find out your perfect fit. They offer you a complete range of items that you might need on the golf course, so you’re always prepared and more focused on the game.

Top Flite is a renowned brand in the golfing world with a wide variety of golf club sets. The Top Flite XL 13-Piece is a stellar addition to their collection, which we’ve reviewed for you.

Top-Flite XL 13 Piece Golf Set Overview

The Top Flite XL 13 piece complete golf set is the top pick on the list of the best club sets for beginners. The players that are new to the golfing world seem to be quick to adopt this club set. We’re not surprised by its popularity as it offers respectable golf clubs along with a well-built golf bag. All these features come at a price that’s extremely hard to match.

The club set manufactured by Top Flite is well thought of. It includes a 460cc composite titanium driver with a headcover, a 3 wood that also comes with a headcover, 4 and 5 hybrids, irons ranging from 6 to PW, a counterweighted styled putter, and to top it off, all this comes in a lightweight carry bag.

According to the manufacturer, this golf set is designed keeping in mind male golfers just starting out on the game, and it’s an ideal choice for them.

Top Flite XL Golf Set Pros

Like we mentioned before, this golf set is perfect for those who are just starting out at the game. It offers features that beginners usually look for in the clubs they’re choosing so they can explore and, at the same time, enjoy their game.

Top Flite XL 13-Piece Complete Golf Set Mens Regular Flex - Red - New 2018These are some of the reasons why we like this set:

  • It’s a well-known and reliable brand as their products are a result of extensive research and development.
  • The set provides beginners with more options as they offer two hybrids instead of one.
  • The irons have a simple cavity back design without any added features that are ideal for beginners.
  • The counterweighted putter design offers stability.
  • The carry bag is light in weight which makes it easy to carry around through the golf course.

Top Flite XL Golf Set Cons

Although the Top Flite XL 13-piece offers a number of good qualities, it comes with a few drawbacks as well.

  • The club set doesn’t include a 5 iron or a sand wedge.
  • Some of the pockets in the carry bag are very thin that might get torn off due to wear and tear.
  • This set was intended for players who are 5’6 to 6’1, so taller golfers shouldn’t pick this golf set.

Features of the Top-Flite XL Golf Clubs


The Top Flite XL 13-piece golf set offers high forgiveness, and this feature makes it an ideal choice for beginners. The set includes an oversized 460cc titanium composite driver that offers a low/back center of gravity placement and provides increased distance and forgiveness on each shot. The stainless steel irons are also designed to be wide sole with perimeter weight placement that gives incredible forgiveness.


This set includes not one, but two sleek hybrids, which combine the distance offered by a fairway wood with the accuracy and performance of an iron that helps you hit accurate shots. When on the green, the unique mallet putter that comes with alignment cutouts makes sure you’re able to aim properly and hit consistent shots.

Ball Flight

The low profile 3 wood offers a low center of gravity placement, that’s what makes it best suited for beginners. This club helps to hit shots that fly high and travel straighter, and as a result, you’d be able to cover more ground using it.

Top Flite XL 13-Piece Complete Golf Set Mens Regular Flex - Red - New 2018Material

The material used for the clubs are well thought of. The driver and fairway woods are fitted with graphite shafts that provide improved clubhead speeds as they are lightweight. Whereas the irons, hybrids, and the wedge is fitted with a steel shaft that gives better control and feel every time you strike the ball.


The golf set provides headcovers for both the driver and the 3 wood. The material used in its making is nylon, which makes it durable and helps to provide protection.

Stand Bag

The carry bag that comes with the Top Flite XL 13-piece is made using nylon material which makes it durable. It has a 6 way top along with full-length dividers and a padded mesh that would make it easy to organize the clubs and keep them protected. The bag has adjustable, padded dual carry straps that make it more comfortable and easy to balance for a hassle-free carry. The bag provides 5 pockets that give an abundance of storage space to bring along the necessary on-course equipment and items. The pocket includes a wide garment pocket, valuables pouch, and a ball pocket as well. It also has an umbrella holder, keeping weather protection in reach. The carry bag is light weighted around 4.1 lbs.

Our Final Thoughts

After a detailed review on the Top Flite XL 13 piece complete golf set, we’ve reached the conclusion that it’s a perfect club set for golf beginners. It’s ideal for you if you’re looking to enhance forgiveness on each hit. It helps to maximize distance on your shots by producing higher and straighter flight. Using this you can get more accurate and consistent shots. The carry bag gives stability without compromising on the carrying comfort. Choosing this golf set would help you to boost your performance and reach new heights.


Ladies Dream Golf: LPGA fantasy golf with a unique approach


We see lots of fantasy golf games throughout the year that focus on the European Tour and PGA Tour so imagine my intrigue when Ladies Dream Golf appeared in the Lady Golf twitter timeline.

Instantly I was met with a unusual concept that I hadn’t seen before.

The unique-ness of Ladies Dream Golf means that you can play along with LPGA events for free or enjoy some perks and great prizes by making a donation. This donation goes directly to help a Symetra Tour pro, for 2017 this pro is Swedish golfer Julia Roth.

Some of the biggest LPGA players started on the Symetra Tour like Inbee Park, Brooke Henderson, Stacy Lewis, Jodi Ewart-Shadoff, Ryan O’Toole

This concept came from IT Project Manager Kelley Shaw. After a day of working full time this is a hobby that she has embarked upon completely on her own as a side project. Kelley has no affiliation with the LPGA or Symetra but just loves golf.

Ladies Dream GolfWe caught up with Ladies Dream Golf pioneer Kelley to find out more about this unique player funding website.

How and when did you start Ladies Dream Golf?

I didn’t start playing golf until about 2008, at age 46. I’m the kind of person who jumps in head first when I decide I like something. I took lessons, started watching golf on TV, and searched the internet for golf-related sites. I quickly discovered fantasy golf was “a thing” but only for men’s golf.

I played some of the PGA-based fantasy golf games for a couple of seasons, but because I am more a fan of the LPGA than the PGA, it didn’t hold my interest.

My background is in software development, so I challenged myself to write a fantasy golf application based on the LPGA, just to prove I could do it! After success in creating a game in late 2012, I wondered if other people would be interested in playing.

So at the beginning of 2013, I launched Ladies Dream Golf with one fantasy golf game called Pick-4, which I modelled after the Golf Channel’s game.

I had never really used Facebook or Twitter before, but I knew I needed to use social media to get the word out. I started LDG accounts for both and began posting about it. I even put out a “press release” about Ladies Dream Golf.

I was able to round up about 25 people to participate in the first tourney of the year, LDG grew to about 125 fantasy golfers by the end of that first season.

Ladies Dream GolfWas it your aim to support players when you started LDG?

No. Initially, I just wanted to see if I could reach enough people to run an interesting game and participate in a fun competition!

How many pro’s have you supported since you started?

I have supported 6 pros so far (not all at the same level).

I kind of make this up as I go, and it has been an evolution as I figure out what works best for me and for the pros. I call the primary beneficiary of the sponsorship our “Resident Pro”.

I’ve also invented other titles such as “Associate Pro”, simply so that I could bring in more players to be part of our community.

I also now have a feature called “Beat the Pros” that allows LDG’ers to compete in fantasy golf against pro golfers.

This year I have 4 pro players participating in “Beat the Pros”! I give the “Beat the Pros” each $500 (to cover the entry fee for one Symetra Tour event).

These are the pros that I have supported so far:

  • Alexandra Casi: Resident Pro from April 2013 to December 2015. She has since lost her Symetra Tour card.
  • Brittany Benvenuto: 2016 Season Resident Pro, “Beat the Pros” participant 2016, 2017. Brittany qualified for limited status on the LPGA for 2017!
  • Allie White: Associate Pro for one tournament in 2016
  • Sandra Angulo Minarro: Associate Pro for 2016 Season, “Beat the Pros” participant 2016, 2017
  • Julia Roth: 2017 Season Resident Pro, “Beat the Pros” participant 2017
  • Megan Osland: 2017 “Beat the Pros” participant

Julia RothMy fund raising methods have evolved over the years. I’m still trying to find the right balance:

2013 to 2015: I gave money out of my own pocket and ran a few ad-hoc campaigns on the LDG website to raise money for Alexandra. I added a new game called “Make the Cut” in 2015, which was my first attempt at a cash game to collect donations. I collected $600 (allowing for $250 prize) for Alexandra from that game.

2016: I modified the Pick-4 game to have a cash-to-play option with cash prizes in the hopes of raising more money. It was a lot of fun, but unfortunately, I only raised enough to cover the cash prizes, so I covered the sponsorship money out of my own pocket.

2017: I’m trying something new this year. I’m using a “donation ladder” modelled after some of the crowd-funding sites.

The more a fantasy golfer donates, the more perks they get and the more fantasy golf they qualify to play. I found several sponsors to provide prizes for the Pick-4 fantasy golf tournaments, so all funds collected can go directly to our Resident pro.

This is working great! I’m only 375 dollars short of the goal of $4000, which means I will have less out of pocket expenses this year. (I guaranteed Julia $4000 and we have collected $3625 so far.) I’ll figure out the right mix eventually!

quotesAre these pro’s playing Symetra, LPGA, LET…?

I look specifically for Symetra Tour players who are trying to make their way to the LPGA.

I have thought about sponsoring LPGA rookies with limited status on the LPGA to help them get off to a good start, but the LPGA is way more expensive than the Symetra Tour (travel-wise).

If I can grow the community to the point where we can raise higher dollar amounts, that would make more sense.

For selfish reasons, I concentrate on supporting players from tours located in the US because I can more easily go to tournaments and spend time with the players who we sponsor.

What made you decide to put the donations towards helping pro golfers?

Ladies Dream Golf has organically evolved into what it is today.

I met Alexandra Casi in the middle of LDG’s first season (2013). She was playing in her 3rd season on the Symetra Tour and sent out an “I need a sponsor” tweet on Twitter and I replied to her, inquiring what exactly she was looking for.

We talked on the phone and she was really enthusiastic about the fantasy golf concept and wanted to help me grow Ladies Dream Golf. I agreed to sponsor her for one Symetra Tour event ($1500 out of my own pocket) if she would help expand the LDG community.

I then introduced her to the LDG community via several live “Hangouts” and got a good response. I ran several ad-hoc campaigns over the next couple of years to raise money for Alexandra for individual tournaments.

The community enjoyed supporting Alexandra and getting to know her, and so did I! The concept of using LDG to support golfers became my new primary motivation for doing it.

Ryan OHow do you decide which pro to support?

As I explained earlier, meeting Alexandra Casi was serendipitous. We became friends. She helped me to understand what the Symetra Tour was and the challenges faced by girls/women whose dream it is to play on the LPGA.

I supported Alexandra in several ways over the period of 2.5 years, from simply giving her money from my own pocket, to running campaigns on LDG to ask members to donate.

At the end of 2015, Alexandra and I agreed that it would be beneficial for Ladies Dream Golf to sponsor different players to grow the membership.

That would allow other pro players to benefit from Ladies Dream Golf as well. With Alexandra’s help, I posted an application on the Symetra Tour’s internal Facebook site and asked for applicants for the 2016 season.

The response I got to my call for applications for the 2016 season was wonderful. Seven players applied. I had phone/Skype conversations with all of them. It was so difficult picking just one player!

But I made my decision and picked Brittany Benvenuto as our 2016 Resident Pro. Another player, Allie White, offered to help even if she did not receive the Resident Pro sponsorship. So I invented the title of “Associate Pro” for her and offered to cover her expenses for one tournament.

Unfortunately, she found out she had a conflict of interest because it was against the rules at the university she worked for her to participate in “gambling”. I sadly had to cut my official ties with Allie, and replaced her with another applicant, Sandra Angulo Minarro.

Late in the 2016 season, one of the players I interviewed for the 2016 Resident Pro sponsorship contacted me and told me she was very interested in being the 2017 Resident Pro.

I appreciated her taking the initiative and gave her the 2017 sponsorship. During the same time period, Megan Osland contacted me via Twitter and asked about getting involved. I told her I was looking for Pros to play Ladies Dream Golf against our fantasy golfers (Beat the Pros) and she said she wanted to participate.

How many events does your fantasy league cover? All 2017?

Since 2013, I have covered every LPGA tournament. In 2014, I covered several LET events as well, and even the Solheim Cup. That ended up being more work than I could realistically handle, so that was a one-season thing.

I’ve covered a few Symetra Tour events as well over the years, with the thought of putting more focus on the Symetra Tour.

Again, I found the work to run events from two different tours was more work than I can handle right now.

Maybe after I retire from my real job, I’ll refocus my efforts on covering more ladies tours!

Are you or the people who work for LDG golfers?

I don’t have a staff. It is me, myself, and I. I play golf recreationally and am not very good! But that does not slow me down. I enjoy being on the course and challenging myself to get better.

I also enjoy the social aspect of the game and play in charity tournaments when I have the opportunity.

How many people do you have playing worldwide?

LDG has grown steadily over the years since 2013. Here’s a quick summary:

2013: Started with 25 members and grew to 125 by the end of the season. 2014: 180 members. 2015: ~250 members. 2016: ~350 members

Of the current LDG membership, most are from the US, but there are about 40 from UK, 12 from other areas of Europe, 5 from Asia, 15 from Australia, 2 from Mexico, 5 from Canada, and 2 from Africa!

Play Ladies Dream Golf and learn more about them on their website.

Follow Ladies Dream Golf on Twitter: @LadiesDreamGolf

Follow Symetra Tour pro Julia Roth on twitter: @JuliaR90

From the HSBC Women’s Champions Lady Golfer mag is playing Ladies Dream Golf. Wish us luck.


Taylor Made M1 Driver | 60S Today


Five stars Mon driver Taylor Made M1

Jeanne=020501 23/04/2019

Prestation Golfbidder parfaite tant au niveau de la livraison que du colisage que de l’évaluation du club. Livré avec la clef Taylor Made et le “cache-bois”. Super Driver, facile à prendre en main.


Angel of Irons cult | 60S Today


Ripley@fl0werb0ys-B(cropped).jpg This article is a stub. Please help the Critical Role wiki by expanding it, adding pictures, or improving existing text.

Angel of Irons cult

Unofficial symbol of the cult.

The Angel of Irons cult appears on the surface to be a group of worshipers of a mysterious “angel,” though in reality they are worshiping Tharizdun. It is unclear how many (or even if any) of the cultists actually know that the so-called “Angel of Irons” is in fact the infamous “Chained Oblivion,” particularly as only the maddest of creatures would so readily embrace the sort of mindless destruction it represents.

Organizational Structure


Known Members

  • Obann
    • Yasha Nydoorin (via domination)
    • The Laughing Hand (via domination)
    • Jourrael (via domination)
  • Vence Nuthaleus
  • Cardinal Respa


  • King’s Cage: Where Obann retrieved the Laughing Hand. (Also a fane instrumental in banishing another Betrayer God, Torog.)
  • Chantry of the Dawn: Target of the cult because there was a shackle fane hidden beneath the cathedral.


Though they didn’t know it at the time, the Mighty Nein began discovering the Angel of Irons cult after a separate investigation into demonic rifts opening within Xhorhas. After discovering the second device (called an “Abyssal anchor”) creating the rifts, they used a piece of torn fabric found within it to trace it via Jester’s Scrying to a blonde man in the Empire. The man gave a report to an unknown agent via a magical stone, and ended his report by saying “Angel’s Eye”, though the group didn’t know the context or relevance at the time.

While researching in the Cobalt Soul’s Valley Archive, Beauregard discovered that the cult worshiping the Angel of Irons began no more than 40 years ago. Though information was scarce (since even members were kept in the dark about their patron), the Angel itself involved celestial iconography wrapped in chains and was said to come to its followers in visions. The Angel spoke to these followers of being “bound in shadow”, and asked its worshipers to “release the fanes that hold the shackles”. Beauregard pointed out similarities between the Angel of Irons and Tharizdun, as both had strong chain motifs.[1]

The only first-hand account of the Angel of Irons cult come from Yasha’s recovered memories. While under Obann’s control once again, Yasha remembered Obann finding her in the wastes and coercing her into following “an angel just like yourself”. From then on, Obann, Yasha and several others seemed to wander and cause chaos, killing those who strayed too far from their villages. Yasha defected some time after, and it’s unknown what Obann did between that time and meeting her once again.

The cult had an unknown “link in Xhorhas” informing them of an impending Kryn Dynasty attack on Rexxentrum, which they used as cover for their attempt to destroy the shackle fane beneath the Chantry of the Dawn.[2]

The Story So Far


  • “Angel’s Eye” seems to be a common greeting between members of the cult.[3]



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