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Five stars Super site livraison express

Colmars04 27/07/2017

Très bon site ,livraison rapide et expédie le jour même comme annoncé , Club en excellent état,même mieux qu’attendu. Ayant essayé ce club quelques semaines avant ,par le prêt d’un golfeur croise sur un Green fée ,j’en suis ravi. Je n’arrivais pas à jouer mon ancien driver unTM burner en regular,celui me convient parfaitement ,j’arrive à driver a 240 à la retombé lors de mes meilleurs coup. Super achat.


Who Makes Acuity Golf Clubs? (Everything To Know) | 60S Today


A set up new golf clubs on a beautiful golf course

Have you heard of the Acuity brand of golf clubs?

Maybe you have seen a used set for sale and wondered if they could be a good fit for your game.

Some of these golf brands that are a little less renowned offer decent golf clubs, yet golfers are still unsure as to whether they will be a fit for their game or not.

When it’s hard to find information about a brand of clubs or who manufactures them, you may choose not to purchase a set.

However, if Acuity golf clubs are something that you think could be a good choice for you, we have some answers about these golf clubs and who manufactured them.

Who Makes Acuity Golf Clubs?

Golf ball and golf club

Acuity Golf Clubs were made by Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The company is no longer selling this line of clubs, and the clubs are mainly only available on eBay at this point.

eBay is a well-known supplier of used golf clubs, and people from all over the world will put a listing on eBay to help them clear out old golf equipment.

The Acuity golf clubs were built for players who needed maximum forgiveness and distance.

This was a cheap brand and something that honestly didn’t last all that long.

Golfers who enjoyed these clubs were either beginners or players who only occasionally participated in the game.

With Acuity golf clubs, you had many choices that the company put out, but there were still no custom golf club options available.

Here are a few things that made the Acuity golf clubs stand out.

Acuity Golf Club Features

person holding with hand golf club in a golf shop

The features of the Acuity golf clubs would vary based on the type of club you were purchasing.

However, here are a few of the things that were most popularly associated with the Acuity name.

1. Performance And Durability

The company claimed that one of the most essential features of the Acuity golf clubs was that they were made for performance and durability.

Although we would agree that the performance of these clubs was decent for the high handicapper and beginner, the durability was not quite as good.

If you didn’t take great care of these golf clubs or missed the center of the face a bit, they would get marked up.

You will likely notice this when you look for used sets, and the clubs are a little more beat up than you may see from a premium brand.

For instance, a Callaway, Cleveland, or Titleist club that is well cared for can look fairly new even after ten or twelve years of use.

2. Affordable Price

There is no debating the fact that these were some of the most affordable golf clubs on the market at the time they were sold.

Golf clubs can get expensive, and it happens fast.

You may have a budget in mind to spend a certain amount on a set of irons or a driver.

When you realize you are going to be looking at spending thousands instead of hundreds, your ideas can change.

One of the main reasons people chose the Acuity golf clubs was because they fit in their price range.

The less money you spend on clubs, the more you can put towards your next round of golf.

3. Distance

The Acuity golf clubs were built for golfers who need more clubhead speed and distance.

This was done by trying to get the moment of inertia to be as high as possible.

When a golfer makes contact with the clubhead and feels as though the ball jumps off the face, this is MOI.

A high MOI is always going to make it easier for golfers to get the distance that they need.

In addition, the Acuity golf clubs were relatively light in weight.

A lighter golf club helps a player to be able to swing it faster and get the distance that they are looking for in their game.

Distance comes down to ball speed and technology at impact.

Acuity did the best they could for a limited price golf club to get the best of the distance and performance that they could.

4. Feel

Overall, the feel of the Acuity clubs was not great.

Serious golfers quickly learn that the cheaper a club is, the worse it feels at impact.

Although you may hit a great shot and experience a perfect feel, hitting a poor shot will likely cause some extra vibration in your hands and arms.

Good players will use this poor feel as feedback to learn how to hit better shots.

However, most golfers want the shot to feel good even if they miss it a little.

The feel of the Acuity clubs was not great, and to combat that, they put a soft wrap-style grip on each of the clubs.

The grip was really in place to help eliminate some of the vibration that you would feel at impact.

For the most part, if you are looking at a set of used Acuity golf clubs, they probably don’t have the original grips on.

You will want to make sure that you regrip the clubs with something that feels and looks good.

5. Complete Set Option

Although we have been a bit harsh with some of the things that we have had to say about Acuity, the fact that they offered a complete golf set option was a great thing.

Putting a golf set together can be difficult.

You have to consider which golf clubs make sense to add, the lofts of these golf clubs, and then try to find a deal on 11 to 14 individual golf clubs.

This process is time-consuming and frankly a bit too difficult for a new golfer to take on.

With the option of the Acuity set, this is not something that you will need to worry about.

The clubs come as one complete golf club set, and this will help to ensure that your clubs are perfectly suited to get you through a round of golf on the course.

Whether you use these clubs well or not will be up to you and not the club itself.

6. Golf Shafts

Another problem that you can run into with a lower-priced golf set is the golf shafts.

The shaft of the club is typically one of the most expensive parts.

To save money, companies will cut corners and not use premium materials in the shaft.

The Acuity clubs feature RCX graphite shafts and some basic steel in some of the models.

These shafts were lightweight and good for golfers who needed speed, but we can’t say that the shafts were all that high performing.

Certainly, they got the job done, and most players were satisfied, but they were certainly not something like Fukukura or True Temper would produce.

The Acuity clubs came in several different models, and there were, of course, shaft options across these models.

However, it is essential to remember that one of the ways the price was kept down was the inferior golf shafts used in the club.

Should I Buy Acuity Golf Clubs?

Person holding with hand golf club in a Golf Shop

Now that we have given you a very honest review as to how good the Acuity golf clubs are, you may be wondering if this is a club that could help your game.

It’s hard to say that there is anything wrong with the Acuity clubs, but there are likely some better options on the market.

As we have mentioned, the Acuity clubs are no longer available new, and you will have to purchase a used golf club.

The used clubs come in a variety of different conditions.

You could be purchasing from someone who played with this club every day for four years straight or someone who just found this set lying in their garage and only played with them for two rounds.

It is essential to check for wear and tear before you decide to purchase the Acuity club.

The main reason behind this is that the clubs are not known for having the best longevity and quality.

Look to ensure that the clubface is still in good shape and that there is not too much wear.

In addition, check the fairway woods and their shafts to ensure that there are no dents or cracks in them.

You have to be very smart about whether you should put the Acuity golf clubs into play or not.

The technology on these clubs is a bit older now, and it is not going to be an ideal fit for all players.

Certainly, if you have found a set of these for a great price and you have hit them and played them well, you should go for it.

However, there are some newer options on the market that will probably be much more forgiving and high-performing than Acuity.

Most of this simply has to do with age and the way the world of golf has changed.

Does It Make Sense To Buy Non-Brand Name Golf Clubs?

man with beard thinking

Clearly, the Acuity brand is not quite a household name.

However, there are plenty of golfers who play with clubs that are not as well known and seem to do quite well with them.

Does that make sense for you?

Do you need a TaylorMade or a Callaway golf club just to be able to play the game?

The truth is that there are plenty of golf clubs out there without a brand name on them that are quite good.

Whether you are a new player or a high handicapper, you may find that these clubs offer the best value out there.

However, if you are a better player or are looking to start taking your golf game to the next level, some technology in the more well-known brands will stand out as being better.

There is no way for a club like an Acuity to have the same feel as something like Miura or Titleist.

The company does not invest as much money into the research and development nor into the materials they use.

The companies have different business models, and that is entirely understandable, but it is something that golfers need to be aware of and plan for when purchasing golf clubs.

If you care about feel and are looking to become a mid to low handicap player, you will need to invest in some excellent golf equipment.


Dick’s Sporting Goods no longer makes Acuity golf clubs, but you can purchase them on eBay.

Although we won’t tell you not to purchase the Acuity golf clubs, we strongly advise you to make sure that this is a proper fit for your game.

The clubs are getting older now, and the technology offered will not be nearly what you can find on the market these days.

Take your time when you make golf club selections and choose something that will improve your game for the long term.


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Five stars Série cobra F7

VincentGrosellier 16/05/2020

En premier, Merci golf bidder Une rapidité et une qualité de service rarissimes. Des prix super et enfin , j’ai essayé les fer et pas de mots. À refaire , les yeux fermés. À bientôt


Callaway X-14 Pro Series | 60S Today


Four stars X14 callaway

hugosagns 09/01/2014

plus intolérants que les big bertha mais toucher très agréable et très puissants. , état très correct pour des fers d’occasion.Livraison impeccable comme d’habitude avec Golfbidder.


Persona 5 guide: All of August and summer vacation | 60S Today


Table of contents

  • Summer vacation
  • 8/21 Sunday
  • 8/22 Monday
  • 8/23 Tuesday
  • 8/24 Wednesday
  • 8/25 Thursday
  • 8/26 Friday
  • 8/27 Saturday
  • 8/28 Sunday
  • 8/29 Monday
  • 8/30 Tuesday
  • 8/31 Wednesday

Summer vacation

Starting on 7/26, you will have 26 full days of break. That means no school and lots of free time. You have until 8/21 to complete Futaba’s Palace, and do whatever you want. On the day of The Cleanse, the game will get a little more structured before school starts back up. There are lots of things to do during summer break:

  • Catch up on any Mementos quests you may have missed.
  • Return to the Fortune Teller, Chihaya, after completing her request in Mementos. This will gain you the Fortune Persona and some new perks.
  • Friends that you are close to will often make late night plans with you for the next day. If you accept, they will be waiting for you in Leblanc the next morning. Head down and hang out with them in your room. After a while, you can choose to do something else with someone else, or allow them to stay while you make coffee. Make sure you have a TV and a Game Console (both of which you can get from the used store down the street from Leblanc, it will look like a recycling symbol on your map).
  • At some point, Mishima will also ask you to accompany him to snoop on “some weird eccentric” at the planetarium. We don’t know anyone who fits that description, do we?
  • Once you have a high enough Knowledge stat (+3 or above), you can find Makoto by the Shujin school gates (even during summer vacation). You can invite her to hang out with you from here.
  • Similarly, once you have a high enough Charm stat (+3 or above), you can meet up with Hifumi Togo, the Shogi player. Becoming her acquaintance will net you some awesome combat perks as well as the Star Persona.
  • Continue boosting your social stats and taking the Big Bang Burger Challenge at Big Bang Burger on Central Street. Just walk in during the evenings and pay 500 Yen to try the challenge.
  • During summer vacation, you will get several requests that are not quite ready. They require you to work shifts at a few different places. Get a job at the Floral Shop (use a job magazine), the Convenience Store (job magazine), and at the Crossroads bar (talk to Lala behind the bar once you have higher social stats). Work a few shifts at these places after Mishima suggests it, and you will learn the name of a new Mementos target.

There is really no wrong way to spend your summer break. Just make sure that you are always spending time with someone or raising a stat.

8/21 Sunday

Today is the day of the big cleanse by Medjed, but Futaba still seems to be fast asleep. Have breakfast with Sojiro in Leblanc and he will tell you some more sad stuff about Futaba and Wakaba. Eventually, Futaba will interrupt your conversation! Finally, she is ready to help the gang.

Return to Futaba’s room and sit patiently with her until she hacks into the Medjed website and proves once and for all who the real thieves are. Enjoy the funny cutscene of Joker and Morgana cleaning Futaba’s room and learn the true depth of Futaba’s oddness.

8/22 Monday

Now that the threat is dealt with, the gang will all come over to Leblanc to watch the news together. This will really be the first time that Futaba joins in on the Phantom Thieves’ festivities. Sojiro will question you all a little about the Phantom Thieves, but your identities will all remain a secret to him for now (which is pretty surprising, considering that Ryuji is there).

Spend the day with your friends and then enjoy your free evening with whoever you wish. When you go to sleep, Igor will have a quick word with you in The Velvet Room.

8/23 Tuesday

Futaba begins her communication skills training today! In order to become a better Phantom Thief, the gang has decided that Futaba needs to come out of her shell a little more. To help achieve this goal, Makoto and Yusuke come over today to hang out and make conversation. Your friends will fumble a little bit, but everyone has a pleasant enough time.

Similar to yesterday, finish out your day with a free evening. If there is anything you wanted to do more during Summer Vacation, now is the time to finish it up.

8/24 Wednesday

Now it is Ryuji and Ann’s turn to help Futaba. Hang out with the three of them for a little while. It will be decided that Futaba should help out in Leblanc tomorrow. No need to prepare Sojiro, just go enjoy a evening free of thoughts about Futaba burning down Leblanc.

8/25 Thursday

Today, Futaba will come to work in Leblanc, much to the surprise of Sojiro. She does … well, in her own, always interesting way.

She may have scared a few customers with that mask of hers, but she is proud of herself, and that is all that matters. Be a nice person and tell Futaba that she did a great job. Now go out and enjoy a free evening on the town.

8/26 Friday

The gang has decided that they are going to take Futaba to the beach, something that she is both nervous and excited about. Well today, your friends will meet up in your room, but Ann and Makoto will be a little late. Turns out they went shopping together to find the perfect swimsuit for Futaba. The girls kick you, Ryuji, Yusuke, and Morgana out of your room so Futaba can try her suit on.

Once everyone has left Leblanc, spend your evening with Yoshida, Chihaya, or whoever you wish.

8/27 Saturday

Ryuji and Yusuke will come over today to eat with you and Futaba. Have a fun and relaxing time with them and Sojiro. The old man even softens up a little bit and makes coffee for everyone on the house. What a guy.

With your evening, call Kawakami and hang out with her for a bit.

8/28 Sunday

Today, you are going to spend your time working at Leblanc with Sojiro and Futaba. Eventually, Akechi will come in. No worries though, as he is just interested in a nice cup of coffee. Treat him nicely or coldly, it is up to you and it changes nothing. After his time in Leblanc, he will go home and Futaba will invite you and Sojiro outside for some fireworks. Enjoy the time with you new, little family and then go to sleep.

8/29 Monday

Beach day is here!

It may be hot outside, but the Phantom Thieves still know how to have a good time. Enjoy the beautiful (and lengthy) anime about you and your friends finishing up the summer in style.

Ann, Makoto, and Futaba will leave the boys to watch their thing, and the boys will eventually leave Morgana in charge so they can go try and hit on some beach ladies. It doesn’t go very well. When the gang meets back up later in the evening, Futaba opens up a little bit on the beach.

Once you arrive back at Leblanc, you will have some evening free time. Spend it however you wish.

8/30 Tuesday

Today, you have no obligations whatsoever. Finish up your summer to-do list, because this is your last truly free day before school starts back up. Make the most of it!

8/31 Wednesday

To end your summer, have a little bit of family time with the Sakuras. Sojiro will offer to take you and Futaba out for some sushi (which Morgana will be very jealous about). You will get so see Futaba shove her face so full of food that she chokes and then pukes, while also learning more about Sojiro and Wakaba’s friendship. Sojiro will, of course, complain about the bill.

When you get home, Futaba will ask that you accompany her to Akihabara to buy a game. She will insist that she can make it on her own, even though she is a little younger than you (and just left her room for the first time in months like, 10 days ago). It goes about as well as expected, and you will find Futaba lost, scared, and being helped by a cop. Chat with her for a bit to gain the Hermit Persona.

Time to go home and get some sleep because school starts tomorrow. Your snoozing will be interrupted by Igor, who wishes to congratulate you on another job well done. He will then increase your Persona cap to 12.


Mizuno MP-H4 Iron Review | 60S Today


Mizuno MP H4For the last few years now, Mizuno has maintained a lineup of clubs that included two different families of irons. For better players, there is the MP line of clubs which offer great feel and workability but little in the way of forgiveness. For players seeking more forgiveness, Mizuno has also offered a game improvement line; first it was the MX line and in more recent years, the JPX line. With the release of the new MP-H4 irons, Mizuno has blurred the line between players and game improvement irons, and let me tell you, it’s a good thing. Test Model Details The set that I received from Mizuno was the standard 3-PW set. The set came stock with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts in stiff flex (S300). These are shafts that I have played in various irons before and from those experiences I found that they fit my game reasonably well. I’ve always been on the fence between regular and stiff shafts and have always opted to bump up a flex; I may lose a bit in distance but I feel that my dispersion is better. The set I received also came with Mizuno’s stock grip, recently updated from the M-21 58 round to the M-31 58 round. The grip is made by Golf Pride and it is essentially the Tour Velvet with Mizuno markings.

MP-H4 Shaft


Club Loft Length Lie Offset – – – – – 3I 21° 38.75″ 59.5° 0.146″ 4I 24° 38.25″ 60.0° 0.146″ 5I 27° 37.75″ 60.5° 0.142″ 6I 30° 37.25″ 61.0° 0.138″ 7I 34° 36.75″ 61.5° 0.130″ 8I 38° 36.25″ 62.0° 0.122″ 9I 42° 35.75″ 62.5° 0.114″ PW 46° 35.50″ 63.0° 0.106″

Technology and Design As I said before, these clubs blur the line between game improvement and players irons, and the way they do that is though the technology and design of the club. According to Mizuno, these clubs were built to fit the games of golfers with handicaps between 2 and 14. Golfers in that range tend to hit their short irons well and looking at the construction of the 8, 9, and pitching wedge of the MP-H4s you will see the typical one-piece design of a players club. The scoring clubs feature a half cavity and a shallow center of gravity which enhances the workability of the clubs.

Moving into the mid and long irons, the construction of the club changes from a single-piece to a two-piece build and features Mizuno’s Hollow Hybrid Iron Technology. The longer irons (2-4) have a large hollow space inside the club and feature a center of gravity that is low and deep to make them easy to launch. The middle irons (5-7) have a reduced hollow space and a medium center of gravity depth giving higher MOI and greater forgiveness.

While there are three different iron constructions within the set, Mizuno has done a wonderful job making sure that the transition from long to mid to short irons is a seamless one. This is a pretty cool feature when you consider how popular it has become to use combo sets that include easier to hit long irons of one model and more blade-like short irons of a different model. Combo sets have always intrigued me because you get forgiveness on one end and workability on the other, but having two different styles of irons can throw off the consistency of the set. With the MP-H4’s, Mizuno has essentially created a set of iron with all of the benefits of a combo set but with the added advantage that all of the clubs look and feel the same.

Like all clubs in Mizuno’s MP line, the MP-H4s are forged using Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forged technology. It is this forging process that has given Mizuno its appeal to so many golfers and is responsible for the super soft feel that so many associate with their irons. Using Modal Analysis software and the company’s own Harmonic Impact Technology, Mizuno has scientifically optimized the sound and feel of these clubs at impact.

While the MP-H4 irons share much in common with game improvement clubs, they still have the set make up of a more traditional set. The vast majority of manufacturers are going to a 4-PW, GW set-up for game improvement clubs, but that is not what you will see with this line of clubs. The standard set make up is 3-PW and there is no matching gap wedge available, although for those interested, there is a 2 iron. Also, while game improvement clubs tend to have stronger lofts, the lofts of these clubs is much more traditional by today’s standards.

The idea behind the MP-H4s seems to be that they are a bridge between game improvement and players irons. This is exactly what they are to me. You get the looks, feel, set-up and workability of a players club but the forgiveness of a game improvement club. Overall, I would say that Mizuno has done very well in the design of these clubs towards their target audience. They are clubs that somebody with a low double digit handicap can play without being punished while not taking any shots out of the bag of the more skilled player.

Esthetics Esthetically, these clubs rank among the best available today. I’ve always have found simple designs that lacked large badges, designs, logos, etc. to be the most desirable, and these clubs nail that look. They have a beautiful mirror finish with just the number of the club on the sole. On the back of the club you will find the Mizuno name at the top, with a small Runbird (Mizuno’s logo) in the bottom left of the cavity and “MP-H4” in the bottom right. Along the hosel are the words “Grain Flow Forged.” When set up to the ball you will see that the heel and toe have the same shinny finish as the perimeter of the club while the face takes on a satin finish. This frames the ball beautifully at address. The only negative to this is at times you can get quite a bit of glare off the shinny metal.

In the Bag Drop covering the release of these clubs (as well as the other new offerings from Mizuno) one user commented that companies often feel the need to “bling out” their game improvement clubs while they leave the players clubs “understated and elegant.” The MP-H4s are going to appeal to those that want a club with more forgiveness without giving up that “understated and elegant” look.

Looking at these clubs at address, you will notice that the top line progresses from thick to thin as you move throughout the set. The longer irons (3 and 4) have a fairly thick top line, and when set up at address, you will see a good portion of the cavity behind the ball. This is mainly because of the hybrid design of the club that, as mentioned above, has a large hollow space inside the head. As you move down into the mid and short irons, where that space becomes smaller and then is gone completely, you will see that the top lines become thinner and you no longer see the cavity at address. Overall, these are probably the thickest top-lines you will see on a club in the MP line. That being said, the lines aren’t overly thick and they don’t look like shovels at address. By the time you get down to the short irons, the top line is barely thicker than those of the MP-64s.

For fans of clubs with a lot of offset, these are not the clubs for you. I have never liked a lot of offset on my irons and find the MP-H4s to be pretty much perfect in that respect. To put it into perspective, the pitching wedge in the set has the same amount of offset (0.106″) as the pitching wedge in the more blade-like MP-64s and the three iron only has 0.024″ more (0.146″ vs 0.122″).

As with the top lines, the soles on the MP-H4’s range from thick in the longer irons down to what I would call normal in the short irons, and once again this is because of the hybrid design of the long and mid irons. The extra meat isn’t necessarily a bad thing either, especially on on the long irons. While a club that has a narrow sole and thin top line can be pretty to look at, you also know that there isn’t much room to miss; with these, you know that a slight miss won’t be nearly as punishing and that inspires a little bit of confidence.

Performance Setting aside all of the stuff about technology, design, and esthetics, what really matters is the performance of the club. It is nice to have a club that is loaded with technology or one that looks great but if it doesn’t perform it will ultimately be replaced by something that will. The good thing is that Mizuno backs up all of the good looks and technology of the MP-H4 with an iron that performs great.

First, I’ll talk about my ball flight. I’ve never been one to hit high iron shots, instead hitting a lot of shots that may be described more as line drives. This is especially true with my long irons. That changed a bit with my last set of irons, as they had the Nippon NS Pro 950 GH HT shafts which are designed to get the ball into the air. As I said earlier, I’ve played the Dynamic Gold shafts in my clubs before, and they fit pretty well, however, I always found that I struggled to get the height that I wanted out of them. Since I had been playing shafts that were designed to get the ball up into the air, coupled with my previous experiences with Dynamic Gold shafts, I was a bit worried that I’d loose the height that I’d come to expect with my previous irons. However, as it turns out, that fear was unwarranted as the design of the clubs makes these shafts the right ones for me. With the center of gravity low and deep on the long irons, and still fairly low on mid irons, I had no problem getting the ball up into the air and doing what I wanted it to do.

A great example of this came during a recent round at my home course at Terra Lago. I was on the South Course and came to number four, which is a downhill, 161 yard par 3 from the “Championship” tees (one forward from the tips). The hole is set up on the side of a hill, so that there is a hill to the left, the green, and a severe drop off to the right. The green also runs from left to right, front to back. With the pin in a middle position, it called for about a 155 yard shot that would land just on the front edge; for me that’s a stock 7 iron. I was able to hit the shot I wanted perfectly, just a little fade on it, and it landed on the front of the green and rolled right into the hole, giving me my first ace.

However, being the golfer that I am, not all shots are nearly as perfect. I definitely have my share of mis-hits, and this may be where these clubs excel the most. What I like most about these clubs is that they provide a good balance between giving good feedback while not overly punishing a bad shot. Mizuno has put a lot of work into getting the feel of these clubs to the level that golfers have come to expect out of them, and when you strike a ball dead-center in the face, these clubs feel great. When struck off-center however, they still feel pretty good. It doesn’t quite have the same “buttery” feel as a great shot but in no way does it hurt your hands or anything like that. The same thing goes for the results of dead-center and off-center shots. While a perfectly struck 7 iron will be about 155 yards for me, one that I just missed might loose a couple yards that the most. For golfers like me who spend a lot of time around and close to, but not on, the center of the club face, these irons are great.

Conclusion The bottom line is that these clubs provide a great middle ground between game improvement clubs and harder to hit players irons. Thinking about it, I am having a hard time thinking of somebody that I would not recommend these clubs too. While Mizuno says that the MP-H4s are aimed at those with handicaps between 2 and 14, I honestly feel that even a bogey golfer or worse could play these irons and really not loose anything. Whether you are a weekend hacker looking for forgiveness, a mid-capper looking for an iron that won’t limit you as you improve, or a single digit looking for a club with great feel and workability, the Mizuno MP-H4 irons may be just what you are looking for.


Taylor Made Aeroburner Driver | 60S Today


Four stars Bon rapport qualité prix

Louissimo 22/02/2019

Conforme à la description. Bon rapport qualité prix


Callaway X Hot Driver | 60S Today


Five stars très bon produit

rambouillepercy 20/09/2019

Comme d’habitude, délais rapide de livraison et parfaitement emballé. Club conforme à la description et dont le niveau de jeu requis est conforme à l’avis du site. Site à recommander !


Tony Kornheiser Net Worth 2021, Age, Height, Weight, Biography, Wiki and Career Details

Tony Kornheiser
Tony Kornheiser

Real Name/Full Name Anthony Irwin Kornheiser Nick Name/Celebrated Name: Tony Kornheiser Birth Place: Lynbrook, New York, United States Date Of Birth/Birthday: 13 July 1948 Age/How Old: 73 years old Height/How Tall: In Centimetres – 183 cm In Feet and Inches – 6′ 1″ Weight: In Kilograms – 80 Kg In Pounds – 176 lbs Eye Color: Grey Hair Color: Dark Brown Parents Name: Father – Ira Kornheiser Mother – Estelle Rosenthal Siblings: N/A School: George W. Hewlett High School College: Binghamton University Religion: Christian Nationality: American Zodiac Sign: Cancer Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Straight Marital Status: Married Girlfriend: N/A Wife/Spouse Name: Karril Kornheiser (m.1973-present) Kids/Children Name: Michael Kornheiser, Elizabeth Kornheiser Profession: Columnist, former sportswriter and American TV sports talk show host Net Worth: $20 million Last Updated: September 2021

Tony is a well-known American television sports talk show, columnist and former sportswriter. He has been widely known for his work from 1979 to 2001 when he was a writer for The Washington Post. He is also known as the host of the radio show and podcast called The Tony Kornheiser Show and since 2001. Currently, he is a co-host of a sports debate show by the name of Pardon the Interruption on ESPN.

Well, how well do you know about Tony Kornheiser? If not much, we have compiled all you need to know about Tony Kornheiser’s net worth in 2021, his age, height, weight, wife, kids, biography and complete details about his life. Well, if you’re all set, here is what we know about Tony Kornheiser to date.

Biography and Early Life

He was born Anthony Irwin Kornheiser in Lynbrook, New York, U.S. He is the son of Ira Kornheiser, a dress cutter who unfortunately passed away in 2000, and Estelle Kornheiser, who died before Tony’s father in 1978. Tony had no other siblings he was the only child to his parents. He grew up and raised in New York. At a young age he used to camp at Keeyumah in Pennsylvania during the summertime.

Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurement

So, how old is Tony Kornheiser in 2021 and what is his height and weight? Well, Tony Kornheiser’s age is 73 years old as of today’s date 13th September 2021 having been born on 13 July 1948. Though, he is 6′ 1″ in feet and inches and 183 cm in Centimetres tall, he weighs about 176lbs in Pound and 80kg in Kilograms.


He went to school at the George W Hewlett High School where he was the sports editor of the school newspaper. He later enrolled at Carpur College that is currently called Binghamton University and he graduated with a degree in English. In 1970, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. After completing his college education, Tony worked with children with disabilities for a short while.

Personal Life: Dating, Girlfriends, Wife, Kids

Tony Kornheiser With Wife Karril Kornheiser
Tony Kornheiser With Wife Karril Kornheiser

Tony married Karril Kornheiser in 1973 and they were blessed with two kids; a daughter Elizabeth Kornheiser and a son by the name of Michael Kornheiser. Tony was diagnosed with skin cancer but reported to be receiving treatment.

Is Tony Kornheiser Gay?

Tony is straight. He is a married man with two kids which means he has a beautiful marriage that is happy. Tony has never been rumored to be gay or bisexual all his life. Even his past relationships are not revealed he hasn’t been said to be gay at any cost.

Professional Career

Kornheiser alongside Pete Wysocki, a famous redskinbacker who was a local hero made appearances on a local weekly Washington Redskins TV show that was hosted in Champion, a local Washington D.C Bar/restaurant during the NFL football season on Washington’s Channel 50. He began working on ESPN’s The Sports reporters in 1988, and sometimes he guests hosted the show in the absence Dick Schaap, the host.

He was a panelist during the NFL off-season on Full court press that was on WRC TV in Washington hosted by George Michael. The show ended in 2008. On the redskins Report on WRC, Tony made several appearances and also on ESPN productions like Who’s Number One and Sports Number One.

Tony has a sports TV show called Pardon the Interruption on several Tv channels like BT Sport ESPN, XM, Sirius satellite radio services, and TSN. The show airs on weekdays to which the podcast can be downloaded. Together with Michael Wilbon who is the co-host the duo discusses and argues on the show about sports top stories and other stuff.

On the radio and on full-court press, Tony together with Wilbon in a live segment while mirroring the real discussions of The Washington Post newsrooms revealed the idea behind PTI. In 2010 and 2019, the show won the sports Emmy Award under the category of best Daily outstanding studio show.

For one year, from 2004 to 2005 a sitcom was aired on CBS, which was based on Kornheiser titled Listen Up, featuring Jason Alexander as Tony Kleiman. The story basically came from Kornheiser’s column that attributed to the style of his humorous view of his family lived in a section of the Washington Post. He appeared as a bar patron in the episode of 2015 Americans. He joined a new ownership group for Chad, a bar and restaurant that were located in the friendship area of Washington D.C. His associates were Alan Bubes, DC businessman and socialite, Gary Williams, former Maryland basketball coach and Maury Povich.


Tony won the Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Daily Studio show for a role he played in pardon the interruption. He was the winner of the National Press Club Fourth Estate Award alongside Michael Wilbon in 2017. He was inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, and the Washington, D.C. Sports Hall of Fame.

Net Worth, Salary & Earnings of Tony Kornheiser in 2021

Tony Kornheiser Net Worth
Tony Kornheiser Net Worth

As of 2021, Tony has an estimated net worth of $20 million. He has earned his fortune from his several media fields like being a former sportswriter, American talk show host as well as a columnist. He has earned an estimated $4 million annual salary in sports shows and magazines

Some Interesting Facts You Need To Know

  • He has a fear of flying
  • He regularly goes to bed early
  • He was honored with an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters
  • Tony has published books like The Baby Chase, and Pumping Irony: Working Out the Angst of a Lifetime.

Tony is a multi-talented man. He has taken the sports media field onto another level where he has been able to spark the media all around. More of it he has been an advisory help through his discussions and podcasts. Tony has proven that a career has no limits as long as you determined and willing to take the risk.


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