Turbo Jam Review & Workout Calendar [What You Need to Know]


Beachbody’s Turbo Jam is the first cardio workout I enjoyed! It is intense, but it’s dance-based so it’s fun. It works my muscles to tone them than I ever thought a cardio workout would because you’re constantly squatting, twisting and turning!

Unlike other Turbo Jam reviews, this post is based on us actually doing the program and answering the questions we had in the beginning. (updated 2020)

You’ll find out what the workouts look like, the Turbo Jam schedule and how you can try TurboJam for free for 2 weeks!

Turbo Jam Workout

Turbo Jam Reviews

What do Turbo Jam workouts look like?

It’s a mix of kickboxing and dancing. It’s definitely a cardio workout, but it does include toning moves like squats, lunges, and punches.

Each routine blasts calories with kickboxing and cardio moves and tones your body up with body-sculpting moves mixed in.

Here’s a low-quality preview of what the workouts look like.

This section is called” Learn and Burn.” This is where you master the 8-Count and then put it to music after.

If you decide to stream Turbo Jam Free for 2 Weeks the quality is much better.

If you possibly need a more advanced workout check out our guide comparing Turbo Fire vs Turbo Jam & Turbo Kick.

Try TurboJam Workouts FREE Online for 2 Weeks with Beachbody on Demand

How many calories does a Turbo Jam Workout Burn?

Typically I burned about 10 calories per minute, but you can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour! The exact amount depends on your weight, height, and current fitness level.

I’ve been working out for years and am short so my calorie burn will be smaller than say a beginner with 50+ lbs to lose.

If you want to see a closer estimate of the calories burned during a Turbo Jam workout, check out this calculator on Spark People.

Turbo Jam Review

Who is this workout program for?

It’s is a great workout for beginners wanting to lose weight, tone their muscles (versus building big muscles) and have fun.

Some beginners have even lost 10lbs in 10 days with the workout and meal plan.

Turbo Jam Calendar

The Turbo Jam Schedule is 6 days a week for 20-50 minutes.

Turbo Jam Calendar Schedule
Click to the Turbo Jam Calendar Schedule Bigger to Print

I love that they include a beginner and advanced schedule. So month 1 is getting down the basics, and by month 2 you’re onto the harder calendar.

Print Your Turbo Jam Calendar

There is also one my Turbo Jam Calendar out there that is even more advanced!

The Advanced Rip You Up Rotation (Printable)

WEEK 1 Monday Cardio Party 3 Tuesday Totally Tubular Turbo Wednesday Punch, Kick, and Jam plus Ab Jam Thursday Fat Blaster Friday Cardio Party 2 Saturday Booty Sculpt or Cardio Party Remix Sunday Semi-Rest:Ab Jam – 10 minutes

WEEK 2 Monday Cardio Party + AB Jam Tuesday Booty Sculpt Turbo Jam Live Wednesday Punch, Kick & Jam + AB Jam Thursday Fat Blaster (30 min.) Friday Totally Tubular Turbo Saturday Lower Body Jam Sunday Cardio Party 2 + AB Jam

WEEK 3 Monday Cardio Party Remix Tuesday Fat Blaster Wednesday Booty Sculpt Thursday Punch, Kick, Jam w/gloves Friday Turbo Sculpt + Ab Jam Saturday Cardio Party 1 + Fat Blaster Sunday Rest

WEEK 4 Monday Cardio Party 1 Tuesday Turbo Sculpt Wednesday Punch, Kick, Jam w/gloves Thursday Fat Blaster + Totally Tubular Turbo Friday Cardio Party 2 Saturday Lower Body Jam

Print The Advanced Rip You Up Rotation Turbo Jam Schedule

What equipment do you need for Turbo Jam?

You don’t need any equipment! You will just need about 6 feet of room to do the routine.

If you want to make the workouts harder, you can wear weighted gloves.

An option is to use light weights on some of the sculpting workouts as well.


Meal Plan

You do receive a full nutrition guide with Turbo Jam though. It’s based on calories, and it has you eating 5 healthy meals per day.

You also receive a 10-Day Quick Start which is absolutely amazing. It’s lower calorie, but if you can try it — it’s worth it!

If you’re looking for a more in-depth nutrition plan, we recommend the Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset.

You may also like our comparison of the Ultimate Portion Fix vs 2B Mindset.

vanilla shakeology recipes with banana

Should you drink Shakeology?

Shakeology is a nutrient-dense meal replacement shake full of protein, fiber, probiotics, and super foods to help you look and feel your best!

If you’re not big on vegetables or meal prep, Shakeology may be a great choice for you. We love how convenient and tasty it is!

You can view our full Shakeology review to decide if it’s right for you!

Also, if you decide to try Turbo Jam – you can get it and Shakeology discounted with this Challenge Pack!

21 Day Challenge Includes Workouts Nutrition Guide Online Coaching Daily Accountability Prizes and Lifetime Membership

Can I use this workout for the 21 Day Challenge?

Yes! We host a monthly 21 Day Challenge with daily accountability, support, and prizes for max results.

Just email us at to be included.

Learn more about our 21 Day Challenge and see Before and After Results

Is Turbo Jam on DVD?

Turbo Jam used to be offered on DVD, but Beachbody has stopped selling DVDs for the most part.

You can stream Turbo Jam on their streaming service, Beachbody on Demand though.

What’s included with Turbo Jam?

It includes:

  • 5 Workouts:
  • Learn & Burn
  • Turbo Sculpt (40 minutes)
  • Turbo Jam 20 (20 minutes)
  • Cardio Party (45 minutes)
  • Ab Jam

Plus you’ll also receive a Quick Start Guide, Calendar, and a meal plan.

If you order from this post, you’ll also have me as your coach along with 3 BONUS gifts.

  • 10 Day Turbo Results Eating Plan
  • Punch, Kick & Jam Workout (50 minutes)

You can also choose the Challenge Pack to include everything above PLUS Shakeology and 30 days of live streaming of other workouts for a better variety.

Get Beachbody on Demand or a Challenge Pack

Are their deluxe/advanced Turbo Jam workouts?

Yes, and they are included in the calendar below. We love a variety of workouts, and the advanced DVDs are really great to challenge yourself.

The Elite Program includes:

5 New Workouts

  • Fat Blaster (30 minutes)
  • 3T – Totally Tubular Turbo (35 minutes)
  • Cardio Party Mix 3 (50 minutes)
  • Lower Body Jam (30 minutes)
  • Cardio Party Mix (30 minutes)

All 5 of these workouts are included on Beachbody on Demand.

Get Beachbody on Demand or a Challenge Pack

TurboFire Schedule Beachbody on Demand

Turbo Fire is the next step after Turbo Jam!

I love Turbo Fire. It’s a more intense version of this workout and includes short HIIT workouts as well! It’s actually what got me to my goal weight!

Learn More about Turbo Fire and See Results

Not sure which you should try? Check out Turbo Fire vs Turbo Jam & Turbo Kick — Picking Your Workout

There is a modifier in Turbo Fire as well so you can build up your endurance when you start.

Beachbody on Demand Review

Stream TurboJam Workouts Online for FREE for 2 Weeks

Beachbody on Demand

If you’re not familiar with Beachbody’s streaming service, it’s a game-changer. You can stream 100s of their workouts for one price ($99 a year or $39.95 per quarter). Plus, you can download workout calendars, meal plans, and more!

We have guides to help you stream Beachbody on Demand to your TV, as well as, download workouts from the service!

Learn more about Beachbody on Demand

Have you tried Turbo Jam before?

Get Beachbody on Demand or a Challenge Pack

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Fast Tony | 60S Today


Don’t listen to him; Fast Tony would sell his own mother for a grape. Are you making an offer? I, I would not!” ―Manny and Fast Tony on the latter’s scruples.[src] Fast Tony Fast Species Armadillo Gender Male Eye Color Brown Skin Color Peach Blue shell Alias Tony Status Alive Residence(s) Ice Valley (formerly) Family His Mother (mentioned by Manmy) Friends Stu (assistant) Penguins (briefly) Films Ice Age: The Meltdown (First appearance) Video Games Ice Age 2: The Meltdown Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Voiced by Jay Leno

Fast Tony was a male armadillo that attempted to sell other animals items in exchange for food.


Why you scaring everybody with this doomsday stuff?I’m trying to make a living here, pal.” ―Manny confronting Fast Tony[src]

A fast-talking armadillo, Fast Tony went around the Ice Valley in pursuit of other animals gullible enough to buy what he peddled under the pretenses of an oncoming flood.


Folks! I hold in my hands a device so powerful, it can actually pull air right out of the sky!” ―Fast Tony selling river reeds.[src]

Fast Tony, with the aid of his dimwitted glyptodon assistant Stu, sold off a number of products to other animals, claiming that the products he sold would aid the buyers. In time, he looked around at the land and saw that the ice and snow were melting, and found a new niche to sell things: the waterpark. Fast Tony’s claims were dismissed by a number of animals, who mocked his claims, notably his trying to peddle river reeds, claiming that they could suction air straight from the skies. Approaching a gullible aardvark, Fast Tony inquired of her whether she had gills and if she could breathe underwater so as to prove his point. Fast Tony called on Stu to demonstrate: Stu, foolish as ever, stuck the reed in his nose, to Fast Tony’s disgust, who shoved the reed in Stu’s mouth and forced his head underwater. This proved to demonstrate Fast Tony’s reeds, though it forced Stu to pull himself out of the water, gasping for air.

Fast Tony saw that all the ice in the ice age world was melting, causing floods to occur, and so he took to becoming a con artist, with a glyptodon named Stu as his lackey. Fast Tony began to peddle items such as bark and river reeds, claiming that they would grant the buyer safety from the floods. Few creatures were convinced that Fast Tony was being honest, and dismissed his ideas, among the disbelievers was Manny, who claimed that Fast Tony was lying. Fast Tony was eventually proven right, as Manny and his friends discovered that the meltdown was real. Fast Tony himself was genuinely surprised that his claim of an oncoming flood was true, but he hid his surprise quickly, confirming Manny’s statement.

The other animals of the valley then left to find a means of escaping the floods, and Fast Tony was among them before he found Stu’s empty shell, which had been left behind when Stu was attacked and eaten by two prehistoric sea reptiles. Tony found a new use for Stu’s empty shell, as he tried to pawn it off to the other animals and use it as a soapbox from time to time. The valley eventually flooded and was drained of the waters, and the animals of the valley returned to land, among them was Tony, who gleefully told Stu’s empty shell that they survived, adding that at least he himself had.


  • Ice Age (deleted content)
  • Ice Age: The Meltdown(First appearance)
    • Ice Age: The Great Escape
    • Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (video game)
  • Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (video game)

Behind the Scenes

  • Fast Tony was voiced by comedian Jay Leno.
  • The role of a con artist was initially intended for Sid, who, in a deleted scene from the first Ice Age, conned a trio of young aardvarks out of their berries as part of a “Migration Toll”.
  • Although he does not appear in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, he, along with the Mini-sloths, appear in the video game. There, he appears as the owner of the Trade Shack and sells items, which may be helpful or just extras.
  • he is one of the several solitary solitary animals and the second significant solitary animal introduced .

Battle of Dale | 60S Today


Battle of Dale

War of the Ring

Attack on the Woodland Realm – Sauron’s assault on Osgiliath – Weathertop – Balin’s Tomb – Durin’s Tower – Amon Hen – Fords of Isen – Attack of the Rohirrim – Battle of the Hornburg – Isengard – Ithilien – Battle of Osgiliath – Siege of Gondor – Battle of the Pelennor Fields – Dale – Battles of Lórien – Mirkwood – Cirith Ungol – Black Gate – Dol Guldur – Battle of Bywater

The Battle of Dale was a battle fought between the Kingdom of Dale allied with the Dwarves of Erebor and the Iron Hills, against the Easterlings of Rhûn in the valley of Dale during the War of the Ring in the late Third Age, and was the decisive battle in the Northern Theater of the War of the Ring. The Easterlings were initially very successful, driving the Dwarves and Men of Dale back and besieging them for several days, but were later routed.


The Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain and the Men of Dale refused to acknowledge the overlordship and alliance of Sauron when he approached them via emissaries, seeking knowledge of The Shire.[1]

While his southern armies menaced Gondor, Sauron sent a large contingent of his Easterling allies to assault Dale to prevent his enemies from joining forces, and they crossed the River Carnen while Minas Tirith was being besieged. The combined forces of the Men of Dale under King Brand and the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain (and the Dwarves of the Iron Hills) under King Dáin II Ironfoot met the Easterlings in battle on March 17, 3019. Though Sauron’s forces were probably more numerous, it is likely that the Dwarves and Men of Dale were better equipped, thanks to the Lonely Mountain’s armouries. Nonetheless, after three days of heavy fighting, the Easterlings forced them to retreat to the Lonely Mountain, where they were besieged. King Brand and King Dáin II Ironfoot both fell fighting before the gates.

Despite winning the battle, the Easterlings were unable to capture the gate, instead besieging the Mountain for many days. It was not until news of Sauron’s defeat arrived from the South that the tides changed. Seeing the morale of their foes being sapped, the Armies of Dale and Erebor led by their new Kings — Bard II and Thorin III Stonehelm — managed to lift the siege on March 27th, driving the Easterlings out of Dale.[2]

Strategic importance

Battle before gate of Erebor

The battle was very important for the future of Middle-earth. Though it could not change the outcome of the War of the Ring, which was tied to fate of the One Ring, a victory by Sauron’s forces would have had devastating consequences for Middle-earth.

Though it is impossible to tell the future, Sauron’s Easterling armies would likely have been able to join up with Sauron’s forces from Dol Guldur in their attacks on the woodland realm of Mirkwood, potentially tipping the scales in favor of Mordor. The corruption of Mirkwood might have been completed, and Dol Guldur could become an obvious staging point for a future assault on Lothlórien, though a successful invasion of Lothlórien would have been very difficult due to Galadriel and her Ring. Both Rohan and Gondor would also be further threatened by a victory of Sauron in the North, and Eriador and Rivendell too would have been in danger. Gandalf himself commented on the possible consequences of losing the Battle of Dale:

Think of what might have been. Dragon-fire and savage swords in Eriador, night in Rivendell. There might be no Queen in Gondor. We might now hope to return from the victory here only to ruin and ash.[3]

Even without being completely defeated, the Battle of Dale still further reduced the already low numbers of Dwarves and thus helped pave way for the dominion of Men in the Fourth Age.

Portrayal in adaptations

Video games

The Battle for Middle-earth II

In Electronic Arts’ The Battle for Middle-earth II, the Battle of Dale is featured as one of the most important battles in both the Good and the Evil Campaigns, though the actual events of the battle were somewhat different. For the Good Campaign, Brand was not seen and the host assaulting Lonely Mountain was directly from Dol Guldur, with plenty of Orcs, Haradrim, and Trolls alongside the Easterlings. Also, the battle involves several Nazgûl and even the Mouth of Sauron, because in the game the battle happens earlier than in the books, during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields instead of the Battle of the Morannon. However, the basic layout of the siege is the same: The Dwarves defend Lonely Mountain in Dale and eventually Elves drive the attackers away, though they do not necessarily need to retreat to Lonely Mountain. One of the most important differences is that Dáin survives the battle.

In the Evil Campaign, the Lonely Mountain sends out multiple Dwarven battalions to attack the Mordor forces, but they ultimately fail. Glóin also leads a band of Dwarves to attack the Mordor base from behind but meet the same fate thanks to the Dragons coming to Mordor’s aid. The Mouth of Sauron and the Nazgûl then lead the force into Lonely Mountain and slay King Dáin, taking over Lonely Mountain. The results of this are very similar to the what was mentioned above, leading to an attack on Rivendell and total defeat for the North. The dragon-fire can even be taken literally because of the Dragons aiding Sauron.

The Lord of the Rings film trilogy

The Battle of Dale is not directly featured in the The Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, in the Extended Edition of the Return of the King, Legolas tells Gimli that he fears that war is already marching upon their own lands. This was described by Peter Jackson to refer to the Battle of Dale and the attacks on the Woodland Realm.




McLaren P1 hypercar designer has created ‘world’s safest’ baby seat


FRANK Stephenson’s back catalogue reads like a greatest hits of car design: the relaunched Mini and Fiat 500, the Ferrari F430, Maserati MC12 (race and road versions) and a number of McLarens that breathed some much-needed soul into the Woking-built supercars. Perhaps the ultimate example of his time at the company is the McLaren P1 hypercar, an outrageous 217mph carbon-fibre hypercar with active aerodynamics and a hybrid powertrain.

But since leaving McLaren in 2017, Stephenson has turned his hand to a number of other product designs, and his latest is a range of three child seats, from newborn baby to booster, that he claims will be the safest in the world when they launch in early 2021.

“The proposal was to design a baby car seat where we can really improve the market in terms of safety,” he told via video interview. “Through a lot of testing … they’ve raised the level of safety in different impact tests. You can get front impact, rear impact, side impacts, but they’re about just over 60% safer than the safest car seat on the market.”

Stephenson decided to get involved after Mobius, an Israeli company that typically manufacturers energy absorption systems for armoured vehicles, contacted him to say they’d like to apply their technology to the civilian world and had the idea to use it in baby seats, under the brand name BabyArk.

“The baby car seat market, especially in the US, hasn’t moved on since the 1970s,” Stephenson explained. “If you met certification for a baby seat in the ‘70s, it still complies today. There are very few products in the world that have not moved on since 1970. In Europe, it’s been since the year 2000, which is still 20 years ago.

“So there’s a market for protecting your most valuable treasure that hasn’t really developed, and it’s still ‘good is good enough’. My gosh, is there room for improvement there. Especially with all the new materials that have come along all the new technologies.

“It’s time that it moves on, and to kick the industry’s butt a little bit and spur them on to do something [about it].”

BabyArk child car seat designed by Frank Stephenson

The new energy absorption technology is a small device that fits underneath the child, he said. Combined with materials developed in the supercar and motor sport worlds (which in turn borrow heavily from aerospace), such as carbon fibre, along with new smart tech and shock-absorbing design that takes inspiration from spirals and woodpecker heads, brings a step change in safety, according to Stephenson.

“Over 60% improvement is huge in any industry of any product. To be able to apply that safety increment to baby car seats is a wonderful beneficial opportunity, and I couldn’t wait to get started. This is not just another seat. This is a life saving device.”

Other safety innovations on the BabyArk range include a fob that reminds parents their baby is in the back of their car, in case they walk away without removing the child. Forgotten Baby Syndrome is a statistically small but very real issue, sometimes with tragic consequences: more than 900 children have died in hot cars in America over the last 30 years, according to USA Today.

While such tragedies are almost unheard of in the UK, as we experience fewer extremes in heat and cold — the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents was unable to recall any cases when approached by — but on hot days parents and guardians should be vigilant. When it’s 22°C outside, it can reach 47°C inside a car within the hour.

Many car makers are now building sensors into their vehicles that sound alerts if a child is detected in the rear, though the BabyArk seats’ fobs are innovative solutions that solve the problem for those without such high-tech cars.

Stephenson says the whole life cycle of a child seat has been rethought when creating BabyArk. Apparently taking a leaf out of Tesla’s book, the company has decided will sell directly to the consumer rather than via a third party retailer. This helps cut costs and allows price control for what clearly won’t be the cheapest of child seats, but to make them more accessible to the less wealthy they will also be made available to lease with affordable monthly payments, similar to the Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance deals available for cars. At the end of the lease period, customers can either give back the seat or keep it, to use for future children, pass on to other family members or even resell.

This has not really been possible in the past as the market for secondhand child seats is tiny; parents are rightly concerned that a used product may have been damaged by the previous owner, and the structure thereby compromised. BabyArk will offer a checking and reconditioning service to make sure used seats are up to spec, stripping the products just as a Formula One team would strip and check a car after each race.

“If a car seat has been compromised in an accident, we’ll be able to know that,” said Stephenson, who counts sustainability as one of the four main pillars of his design ethos. “But what BabyArk will be doing is taking the seat back and refurbishing it. You can tell if the carbon frame, for example, has been damaged or is not usable. So they can keep going, and going and going. It’s a brand new seat basically, when you change out a lot of components.”

Stephenson also highlighted a potential issue with child seats: poor installation in cars. According to Maxi-Cosi, another child seat maker, up to eight in ten inexperienced parents install their car seat incorrectly when using a seat belt, though this drops massively to 6% when Isofix fittings are used. With the BabyArk, a step-by-step light system has been developed to ensure correct installation every time, no matter who does it.

“Grandparents end up taking care of the children over the weekends and they’ll have installed the baby seat,” said Stephenson. “They can get confused because they don’t know what the next step is — they’re not sure if it’s installed correctly. It’s a mess basically, and they’re driving around very insecure in the fact that maybe it’s not put in properly. It happens a lot.”

While coloured indicators — usually green and red — to show correct installation are not new to child seats, Stephenson says the BabyArk cannot be fitted unless you see green lights at each stage of the process. “If it’s red, you haven’t done it and you can’t go to the next step. When all the lights light up green, you’re fine. So there’s a visual confirmation that is dumb proof, you know — stupid proof. People cannot make a mistake; it’s so simple. There’s no way of mis-installation.”

McLaren P1 hypercar designer Frank Stephenson has created

The use of high tech materials and construction techniques makes the seats ultra-light as well as ultra-strong, says Stephenson, which makes them much easier to carry. “People equate lightness oftentimes with not being very durable, because lightweight equates to that sometimes, but it’s actually to the contrary — the seat is very, very strong, construction wise, and very, very light.

“Colin Chapman [Lotus founder] designed for lightness and high performance cars are always as light as we can get them. Weight is the enemy in design, typically.”

Of course, best-in-segment performance is essential but for Stephenson, it also has to look good. The main focus was to create something that looks friendly but also shows off some of the technology.

“You don’t want your baby sitting in a machine — you want it to sit in something that’s warm, inviting, comfortable, cosy, friendly-looking. But when you do supercars you show the heart and soul of the car — the engine — through a polycarbonate cover over the top the engine. You see it and that’s a symbol of pride. You’ve got this soul-stirring machine, and that’s the heart right there and look how gorgeous it is. Petrolheads love that.

“To apply that to a seat, you don’t want to disguise the technology — you want to show it off. There’s been a lot of work that’s gone into making it look friendly at the same time, but also showing why the seat is so different. It shows the spirals in a very beautiful way. It shows the carbon fibre frame of the seat through a tinted polycarbonate cover. You can see why the seat is different, why it’s safer, why it looks so unusual. But you can you can only just make out the weave of the carbon fibre, so it’s not an in-your-face kind of approach.”

Stephenson says the newborn baby seat, called G-zero and suitable for chidlren up to 15 months old, also comes with an “innovative handle” that makes it easy to get in and out of a car. It will be joined by the G-one, which is suitable for children up to six years old, and a booster seat for children up to the time they are no longer legally required to use one (12 years or 135cm tall, whichever comes first).

All the products have the same design values, say Stephenson, and are covered in new types of fabrics borrowed from car interior design, including sustainable types of bio-leathers.

“A lot of industries are discovering that cross-industry resources can start to turn designs around in a in a non-typical way,” Stephenson said. “If you’re used to going into your usual resources to design something, you’re typically going to get the same results back, or very similar results. But if you go out of the industry and look for creative people who’ve done other things, their view can be really distinctive and beneficial to changing the status quo.”

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Callaway Fusion Wide Sole Irons Review | 60S Today


Callaway Fusion Wide Sole IronsLet’s face it: the average American male golfer’s handicap is 16; the average female handicap is 29. There are a lot of us who can use all the help our equipment can give us.

Callaway’s Fusion Wide Sole irons join a growing industry trend to create a wide-sole, large-face, generously offset iron for the average golfer. The original Fusions were heralded as some of the most forgiving irons ever made. The Fusion Wide Soles took that forgiving design even further.

Do the Callaway Wide Sole irons live up to their ultra-forgiving promise? I compared these irons to the regular Fusions and the forged clubs I normally play and came to some interesting conclusions. Take a look at what I found… Design and Technology The Callaway website says that the Fusion Wide Sole Irons “combine Fusion Technology – Callaway Golf’s innovative weight distribution technology – with an advanced multi-material design to create an oversized game-improvement iron. The result is an iron that plays longer and offers unmatched performance an playability.”

Fusion Wide sole and Fusion ironsSimilar in general design to the original Fusions, the Wide Sole irons are Fusions on steroids. Or you could view them as Fusions that ate too much ice cream and had all the weight go to their butts.

There is no hiding that the Fusion Wide Sole Irons are game improvement top to bottom. Everything about this club has been designed to maximize the likelihood of hitting quality golf shots regardless of “minor” swing flaws.

According to Callaway, titanium weighs 35% less the steel used in a conventional iron clubhead. The “lightweight titanium body allows for a 25% larger clubhead than the Fusion Iron,” according to a Fusion Wide Sole and Fusion comparison. Callaway has paired that lightweight titanium body to a heavy “Tunite” sole insert that lowers the center of gravity. This, in turn, helps golfers get the ball up in the air quickly. Callaway engineers also moved 77% of the clubhead’s weight to the perimeter of the clubhead. This increased the moment of inertia (MOI) for increased forgiveness.

The Wide Sole’s sole design “helps each iron in the set glide smoothly and easily through the turf to reduce clubhead digging or catching on missed shots.”

Fusion and Fusion Wide Sole toplineThere is no mistaking the Fusion Wide Sole topline, offset, and generous face size.

The Wide Sole irons share the unique TPU (thermoplastic urethane) insert that tunes face feel through decreased vibration. This material and design is meant to enhance a solid feel throughout the set.

Looks and Setup These irons are big. You’ll notice the large topline, sole, and face are a clear departure from tradition iron design. You may never have seen a pitching wedge quite like this. Sitting being the ball they are definitely bulkier than your average irons. Their appearance took a little getting used to.

Fusion Wide Sole backThe Fusion Wide Sole is a good looking iron. Technology is prominently and visible featured, and the gold accents featured on the standard Fusions are delightfully understated on the Wide Sole Fusions.

The irons are long from heel to toe which means the face has a lot of ball-striking real estate. The mid- and long-irons are definitely confidence inspiring as each iron, from the pitching wedge up, looks like a little hybrid. If you’ve ever stood over a blade-like 3-iron and started to tense up, these might be the irons for you.

White alignment aids sit to the right and left of the face and in the two lowest grooves. As a result, aligning the clubface to the target is very easy. Generous offset is clearly visible from the address position, which should help those who have trouble leaving shots out to the right.

While they do not look like your average iron, they are a good looking set of clubs which have nice styling from the ground up.

Performance I’ll be honest, I wasn’t terribly excited about the Fusion Wide Sole Irons when I pulled them out of the box. They are clearly a departure from what I was used to and that large size took a little getting used to… until I saw how they perform. Callaway hasn’t hidden the Wide Sole’s technological assets and every ounce of forgiveness in iron design is squeezed out of the Fusion Wide Sole Irons. I was won over by how easy they are to play.

Callaway Fusion Wide Sole ToesHere are staggered toe shots of the 9, 6, and 3 irons of the Fusion and Fusion Wide Soles. Notice the Fusion Wide Sole’s traditional ferrule design, a Callaway first.

Feel The Fusion Wide Soles have a muted but solid feel compared to the regular Callaway Fusions. You’ll know if you’ve hit the ball in the center of the clubface, but you aren’t going to get a ton of feedback on off-center hits unless you hit one off the end of the toe. This is what I expected from such a large iron. You will hear and feel a satisfying “click” when you hit a ball on the center of the clubface. I used the pitching wedge and short irons for bump-and-runs and they provided enough feel for those touch shots around the greens but nothing like a cut-muscle blade of course.

I noted a significant difference between the feel of the Fusions and the Fusion Wide Sole. The regular Fusions provide quite a bit more feel than the Wide Soles. I like the feel found in the regular Fusions. You’ll have a pretty good idea of how you hit the ball with the Fusions. Not as much with the Wide Soles. Players who like and rely upon feel and feedback will find the Fusion Wide Soles don’t tell them much.

Herein lies a decision any player must make in their choice of irons: Greater feel or greater forgiveness. Some irons do a better job of blending feel and forgiveness but every set of irons lies somewhere on the feel vs. forgiveness continuum. The Fusion Wide Soles are on the ultra-forgiving/not so much feel side.

Forgiveness on Off-Center Hits The only place you’ll find more forgiveness than the Wide Sole irons is at church. Towards the heel, toe, slightly thin, thick, it doesn’t matter. If there is anything good about your swing, these clubs will find it. When I got less than solid contact I didn’t lose much distance or accuracy.

The generous face doesn’t penalize slightly off-center contact. You have to wander pretty far out towards the toe to notice a huge difference in feel or flight when compared to other irons. The Wide Soles are more forgiving than the Fusions particularly when you consider turn interaction.

Callaway Fusion sole shotsSeeing the difference in sole design up close and personal clarifies why the Wide Sole irons keep you from digging.

Turf Interaction Being a Pacific Northwest resident, I deal with my fair share of wet and spongy conditions. Its easy to take a massive beaver pelt hitting the ball just a tad thick around here. The Wide Soles do a fantastic job of keeping the clubhead above ground when you get too steep.

It is pretty tough to hit a terrible shot with these sticks. I could feel these irons prevent me from digging a few times during the review. Most of all they put a smile on my face when I added up the score after the round was over. When your ball striking is inconsistent these irons will help you play more consistently.

If your misses are heavy, the Wide Soles will be a real asset. They played well on full and partial shots and on chips and pitches. They were great on delicate shots around the greens because it is really hard to stub one with the sole design. You know the kind of shot I’m talking about: you get a little tentative and chunk one around the greens. The Wide Soles help you avoid that kind of miss.

Wide Sole FaceSee the Fusion Wide Sole face design and offset on the left, the Fusions on the right.

Ball Flight I reviewed these with True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 stiff shafts installed and while I did notice the ball flight was higher it never ballooned or flew too high. A lighter shaft would allow you to get the ball up in the air very easily.

The Wide Soles are designed to get the ball up in the air quickly and they accomplish that goal. If you ever have trouble getting the ball up in the air these irons will certainly help you.

Grips My set came gripped with Winn’s V17 series ribbed grips. They are comfortable, have a design that allows you to get your hands on the club consistently, and allow you to put the club more in the fingers thanks to the ribbed design. They are comfortable and stable.

My only gripe with the Wide Sole grips is that they aren’t as durable or as good in the rain as other rubber grips I use. The Fusions have stock rubber grips.

Fusion Wide Sole and Fusion factor GripsFactory installed Winn grips are comfortable and allow you to set your hands on the club consistently due to their design. The Fusion Wide Sole grips are at top, rubber Fusions bottom.

Specs The Wide Soles are anchored by a 46° pitching wedge with a 51° gap-, 56° sand-, and 60° lob-wedge available. The remaining lofts follow: 9-iron (41°), 8-iron (37°), 7-iron (33°), 6-iron (29°), 5-iron (26°), 4-iron (23.5°), 3-iron (21°), and 2-iron (18°).

Each club is available right- or left-handed. Three graphite and eight steel shafts are available in various configurations.

Conclusion You’d be hard pressed to find a more forgiving iron. There were times when I’d shake my head and say, “I’ll take that” after a less-than-desireable-swing produced a great result. Don’t get me wrong: you’ve got to swing well to play good golf, but these clubs can squeeze blood out of the golf turnip. They are easy to hit and were very satisfying to have in the bag.

Their lack is in feel and feedback. It can be difficult to diagnose swing faults when you’re not really sure where on the face you’re hitting the ball.

But here’s the real proof: I shot a personal best with these irons after only two rounds with them. You think Callaway’s Wide Sole Irons work? I do. Some may find their unconventional look and sheer size overwhelming to the eyes but I think you’ll get over it quickly when you see what a difference they make on the course. Those who realize that golf is a game of low scores will consider the Wide Sole Irons a trusted ally.

You can buy the Callaway Fusion Wide Sole irons at Edwin Watts.


Taylor Made JetSpeed Driver | 60S Today


Five stars parfait!

dennis89v 19/06/2019

Club neuf parfaitement conforme à la description. Livraison rapide. Premier test sur le parcours concluant. Les balles volent comme il faut 🙂 !!!


Dancing meets racing as Burgess visits “Hinch” in Sonoma | Napo News Online


SONOMA, Calif. – James Hinchcliffe entered the dancing world last week with his first performance on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” with professional dance partner Sharna Burgess.

On Friday at Sonoma Raceway, it was time for Burgess – the Australian – to enter the racing world for her first ever lap in a two-seater IndyCar, with the “Mayor of Hinchtown” behind the wheel.

You are watching: hinch burgess

A specially arranged two-seater ride was set up where Hinchcliffe would be behind the wheel of the ARROW two-seater IndyCar, a car usually driven by others such as Davey Hamilton, Zach Veach and Gabby Chaves, with Burgess as his passenger in the backseat.

Dancing is a physical task and it’s something Hinchcliffe’s had to learn through thorough preparation.

For Burgess, however, with no time to prepare other than getting suited and booted – her high heels took a tradeoff to driving shoes for the moment of the ride – it was a surreal experience.

“My legs felt like jelly! I felt like everything else was in slow motion after going that fast. It was an indescribable feeling,” Burgess told NBC Sports right after the ride happened.

Burgess, who called the ride “better than a roller coaster,” described the physicality after just two laps.

“It’s hard for me to even understand,” she said. “My job is physical, and I know how to push it.

“But what James and IndyCar drivers do is a whole other level. Turning a car with no power steering, and with that exact precision for three hours, is unbelievable. It far exceeds the athleticism that I need as a dancer.

See more: Scott | Napo News Online

“I completely terrified myself! I just didn’t know what to expect. Going 165 mph is a lot faster than I ever have gone or will do. I knew I was in safe hands with James. But you can’t expect what it will feel like. This is amazing.”

Hinchcliffe, for his part, weighed in during a press conference on Saturday morning.

“I think she enjoyed it. The interesting thing for mere is educating people about IndyCar racing, what it takes to do what we do. Sharna has had quite an education over the last couple weeks, learning how athletic drivers have to be, how focused they have to be, the concentration level required to compete at this level,” he said.

“She kind of saw from the periphery of Texas, but didn’t really see anything on track, we didn’t really know each other. Now having learned all these things from me, getting to come here, see some of it on the track, experience the car herself, again opens her eyes to the next level of what it really takes to do this.”

Here’s more from the ride-along itself on Friday.

Hinchcliffe, for his part, said his dancing the first week went better than expected as he looks ahead to this week’s show.

“I hadn’t been through anything on a dance floor, good, bad or indifferent. There were a lot of unknowns for certain,” he said. “Doing it not only in front of a live studio audience, but a live television audience, something I’ve been doing for two weeks versus something I’ve been doing for two decades.

“It was very nerve wracking. But I have an incredible partner in Sharna Burgess. She kept me calm. We were joking literally right up until the count came down. We almost missed the start of the song because we were cracking jokes on the dance floor. I didn’t see the video package leading into it. I don’t remember what we were joking about. We were joking about something.”

His logistical challenges trying to get from place to place in the last couple weeks have been helped and aided by his personal PR rep, Fiona Hewitson.

See more: YouTube Rewind | Napo News Online

“I think there is a lot of time in an IndyCar driver’s career we’re pulled in a million different directions,” he said. “We have to be able to flip the switch, focus on one thing, flip the switch off, focus on something else, travel, whatever. It kind of goes with the lifestyle. In a lot of ways doing this for a living prepared me for taking on this extra responsibility and extra task.

“The scheduling and logistics have been a bit of a nightmare over the last couple of weeks. Fiona deserves a ton of credit for getting me all through it.”

Overall, INDYCAR has released a series of political posters for voting for Hinchcliffe, designed as much to promote the “Team Stop and Go” and also to spoof/troll the actual candidates running for office in the 2016 presidential election.

Donald Trump’s “Trump: Make America Great Again” is changed to “Hinch: Make IndyCar Dance Again,” Barack Obama’s 2008 slogan of “Hope” is replaced with Hinch and “Dance” and there’s also an overall ballot posted. Hillary Clinton’s “I’m with Her” is swapped to “I’m with Hinch.”


dwts-hinch-hope-poster dwts-hinch-decision-2016

The “Mayor” also called in some support before he started dancing last week from his roommate/good friend and fellow Verizon IndyCar Series driver Conor Daly, who starred in the following video shot at Watkins Glen.

Hinchcliffe’s first dance is linked below, along with some support from the INDYCAR community.

Follow @TonyDiZinno

Readmore: BackSpin | Napo News Online


Ping G-Series Hybrid Bois de parcours | 60S Today


Five stars excellent

eur8lcp 29/12/2020

Les clubs sont parfaits, ils sont toujours mieux de ce qu’on attend, livraison top, je recommande Golfbidder


Grand Star | 60S Today


This article is about the giant Power Stars in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. For the giant star that appears at the end of Super Mario 64, see Jumbo Star. For Rosalina’s Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, see Grand Star (move). Grand Star A Grand Star from Mario Kart TourArtwork of a Grand Star from Mario Kart Tour First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007) Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020) “Oh, thank you for saving the Grand Star. These star people are my family… They mean so much to me.” —Rosalina, Super Mario Galaxy

Grand Stars are large and powerful Power Stars in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. There are seven in the first game and six in the second game for a grand total of thirteen.

In Super Mario Galaxy, Grand Stars are used to provide power to the six domes onboard the Comet Observatory, thereby allowing the player to reach more galaxies as the events of the game progress. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Grand Stars still allow the player to reach more and more galaxies, but they now provide direct access to the next World via their transformation into a Portal instead.


Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario Galaxy[edit]

“You want this Grand Star so bad? You’re gonna have to take it from me!” —Bowser Jr., Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy is the first game in which Grand Stars appear. Bowser has taken all of the Grand Stars and is using them for his own evil intentions. As Mario recovers them, he gradually gains access to different parts of Rosalina’s Comet Observatory, as the Grand Stars are the power source of the Comet Observatory’s Beacon, which in turn sustains all life onboard the observatory. As each Grand Star is found, a path to the next dome is created. Counting the Grand Star obtained from clearing Bowser’s Galaxy Reactor, it is only required to obtain 6 of the 7 Grand Stars to complete the game. The Grand Star from the Engine Room can be completely skipped, as Bowser’s Galaxy Reactor can be unlocked as soon as the player clears the previous dome (provided they have 60 Power Stars).

Grand Stars[edit]

Dome Galaxy Boss Gate Gateway Galaxy None Terrace Bowser Jr.’s Robot Reactor Megaleg Fountain Bowser’s Star Reactor Bowser Kitchen Bowser Jr.’s Airship Armada Bowser Jr. Bedroom Bowser’s Dark Matter Plant Bowser Engine Room Bowser Jr.’s Lava Reactor King Kaliente None Bowser’s Galaxy Reactor Bowser

Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

“My dad’s gonna get angry if I let you get another Grand Star… Time to break out my Boomsday Machine!” —Bowser Jr., Super Mario Galaxy 2

Grand Stars make another appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2, the 2010 sequel to Super Mario Galaxy. In this game, the Grand Stars are once again under the control of Bowser and Bowser Jr. This time around, Grand Stars restore power to Starship Mario, and also create the Portals leading from one World to the next. In addition to this, the Grand Stars in this game are apparently responsible for Bowser’s huge size, as he has eaten them to make himself considerably larger. After Mario defeats one of Bowser Jr.’s machines or henchmen, it will explode and release a Grand Star. After Mario defeats Bowser, he will cough up a Grand Star. During the final battle in Bowser’s Galaxy Generator, he is actually able to swallow the Grand Star again, making himself a great deal larger than he had been, and leading to one final segment of the battle. The Grand Stars seem to have an interesting side effect when misused, one that causes Bowser to become extremely tiny after the final battle, as seen in the end credits of the game.

Grand Stars[edit]

World Galaxy Boss World 1 Bowser Jr.’s Fiery Flotilla Gobblegut World 2 Bowser’s Lava Lair Bowser World 3 Bowser Jr.’s Fearsome Fleet Megahammer World 4 Bowser’s Gravity Gauntlet Bowser World 5 Bowser Jr.’s Boom Bunker Boomsday Machine World 6 Bowser’s Galaxy Generator Bowser

Mario Kart series[edit]

While Grand Stars have not appeared physically throughout the Mario Kart series, they have been consistently used as Rosalina’s emblem, and later, Baby Rosalina’s as well. In the latter’s case, the emblem features a Grand Star inside blue bonnet frills.

Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe[edit]

In Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a floating Grand Star replaces the star icon that can be seen rotating on top of the tower in the city in N64 Rainbow Road.

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

Grand Stars appear in Mario Kart Tour as collectibles, earned by attaining a certain score after each race, completing one of the World Tour challenges, Gold Pass challenges, or daily challenges. To unlock more cups and progress further through each tour, a certain number of Grand Stars is required. Each tour gift also requires a certain number of Grand Stars to open. When the player has opened every tour gift, the next Grand Stars earned will each be converted to one hundred coins, and when a new tour begins, the total is reset to zero. Rosalina (Swimwear)’s teal swimdress is also decorated with Grand Stars.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Rosalina’s Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate utilizes a Grand Star, in place of the Power Star from the previous installments.

Other appearances[edit]

Rosalina’s emblem is a Grand Star throughout many of her other appearances, including Super Mario 3D World, Mario Tennis games, other sports games, and the Mario Party series. In Super Mario 3D World, her emblem can be seen whenever she grabs a Goal Pole or touches a Checkpoint Flag, and on Rosalina’s Character Switch. In Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge, the Grand Star is similarly used to signify Mini Rosalina’s levels.

In the Super Mario Mash-up in Minecraft, Nether Stars are replaced by Grand Stars.


Mario Kart Tour[edit]

  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter:Collect Grand Stars by earning points in races or by testing your driving skills in challenges! The more Grand Stars you earn, the more Cups and Tour Gifts you unlock. Try to collect enough Grand Stars to unlock everything in a single tour!“[1]


See also[edit]

  • Power Star
  • Power Moon
  • Multi Moon

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Japanese グランドスターGurando sutā Grand Star Chinese (Simplified) 崇高之星[2]Chónggāo zhī Xīng Star of Sublime Chinese (Traditional) 光榮之星Guāngróng zhī Xīng Star of Glory Dutch Superster Superstar French Grande étoile Big Star German Großer Stern Big Star Italian Megastella Megastar Korean 그랜드스타Geuraendeu Seuta Grand Star Portuguese Maxiestrela Maxi star Russian Великая звездаVelikaya zvezda Grand Star Spanish Maxiestrella Maxi star


  • Bowser Jr.’s Fearsome Fleet is the only galaxy where Yoshi is able to pose with Mario when the Grand Star is collected. In Bowser’s Galaxy Generator, Princess Peach, Baby Luma and the Co-Star Luma (if used) will pose with Mario. If Mario also brings Yoshi to the end of the level with a glitch, they will not pose since there is no special animation that Mario and Yoshi have with that Grand Star.


Stars Characters Baby Luma • Co-Star Luma • Comet Tico • Dark Star • Geno • Lubba • Millennium Star • Monstar • Polari • Star Spirits (Eldstar · Kalmar · Klevar · Mamar · Misstar · Muskular · Skolar) • Star Temple gate • Starlow • Twink Species Hungry Luma • Luma • Star • Star Kid • Stars (enemy) • Wish Star Items and objects 10-Point Star • 20-Point Star • Beanstar • Big Paint Star • Big Star • Bonus Star • Boost Star • Bronze Star • Cobalt Star • Coin Rush Star • Comet Piece • Crystal Stars (Crystal Star · Diamond Star · Emerald Star · Garnet Star · Gold Star · Ruby Star · Sapphire Star) • Goal (Yoshi Topsy-Turvy) • Goal Star • Grand Star • Green Star • Jumbo Star • Launch Star • Mario’s Star • Mega Star • Mini Paint Star • Mini Star • Mini Ztar • Miracle Cure • Power Star • Pull Star • Rainbow Star • Red Power Star • Red Star • Red Yoshi Star • Sapphire Star (Wario: Master of Disguise) • Shine Sprite • Shooting Star • Silver Star • Sling Star • Star (Donkey Kong Country series) • Star (Mario & Wario) • Star (Mario Party series) • Star (Yoshi’s Island series) • Star Bit • Star Block (Super Paper Mario) • Star Block (Mario Party DS) • Star Chip • Star Cure • Star Lift • Star Piece (Paper Mario series) • Star Piece (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars) • Star Piece Cluster • Star Rod (Mario Party 8) • Star Rod (Paper Mario) • Super Star • Yoshi Star • Ztar Related Eternal Star • Lumalee • Star Cursor • Star Haven • Star Marker • Star Point • Star Road (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars) • Star Road (Super Mario World) • Star Way • Star World Goals Super Mario series Axe • Bell • Giant Gate • Goal (Super Mario Bros. 3) • Goal (Super Mario Land) • Goal (Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins) • Goal Pole • Goal Pole (secret) • Goal ring (New Super Mario Bros. U) • Golden Coin • Grand Star • Green Star • Jumbo Star • Keyhole • Magic Ball • Mask Gate • Multi Moon • Power Moon • Power Star • Red Power Star • Shine Sprite • Shiny Crown Paper Mario series Big Paint Star • Crystal Stars • Mini Paint Star • Pure Heart • Royal Sticker • Star Block • Star Spirits Donkey Kong franchise End of Level Target • End of stage • Exit • Golden Banana • Level Flag • Slot Machine Barrel Other Finish Line • Goal gate • Goal (Yoshi Topsy-Turvy) • Goal (Yoshi’s Crafted World) • Goal Door (Mario vs. Donkey Kong series) • Goal door (Wario Land series) • Goal Ring • Luigi Super Mario Galaxy Main characters Mario • Luigi • Princess Peach • Rosalina • Bowser • Luma • Polari • Toad Brigade (Banktoad · Captain Toad · Hint Toad · Mailtoad · Yellow Toad) Supporting characters Coach • Comet Tico • Cosmic Mario • Guppy • Lumalee • Penguru • Queen Bee • Ray • Spooky Speedster Species Big Green Caterpillar • Board • Butterfly • Cataquack • Gearmo • Honeybee • Hungry Luma • Luma • Ocean Small Turtle • Penguin • Star Bunny • Toad Bosses Dino Piranha • King Kaliente • Stink Bug Parent • Bugaboom • Megaleg • Kamella • Tarantox • Topmaniac • Bouldergeist • Major Burrows • Baron Brrr • Undergrunt Gunner • Mecha-Bowser • Kingfin • Fiery Dino Piranha • Bowser Jr. • Bowser Items 1-Up Mushroom • ? Coin • Bee Mushroom • Boo Mushroom • Coin • Fire Flower • Grand Star • Green Star • Ice Flower • Life Mushroom • Note • Power Star • Purple Coin • Rainbow Star • Red Power Star • Red Star • Silver Star • Spring Mushroom • Star Bit • Star Chip Objects ? Block • Airship • Arrow Switch • Assembly Block • Banandelion • Beacon • Bob-omb Dispenser • Bolt Lift • Bowser Statue • Brick Block • Bubble • Cannon • Coconut • Coin Block • Conveyor Belt • Crate • Crystal • Empty Block • Flip Tile • Flipswitch Panel • Floaty Fluff • Gold Shell • Gold Treasure Box • Gravity field • Gravity spotlight • Green Shell • Ground Pound Switch • Honeycomb Wall • Key Door • Launch Star • Leaf pile • Lever Switch • Nail • Pole • Pull Star • Red Shell • Rubbery bulb • Semisolid Platform • Shock Wave Generator • Shrinking Tile • Sling Pod • Sling Star • Snowman • Springboard • Sproutle Vine • Star Ball • Star Piece Cluster • Starshroom • Stone Wheel • Tornado • Trash • Treasure Chest • UFO • Warp Pad • Warp Pipe • Watermelon • Wind Enemies Amp • Ball Beamer • Banzai Bill • Bat • Big Amp • Big Goomba • Big Pokey • Blooper • Bob-omb • Bomb Boo • Bomp • Boo • Bullet Bill • Cheep Cheep • Chomp • Clampy • Cluckboom • Crabber • Dry Bones • Electrogoomba • Flipbug • Floating Mine • Gold Chomp • Goomba • Goombeetle • Gringill • Ice bat • Ice Bubble • Jammyfish • Jellyfish • Jump Beamer • Jump Guarder • Koopa Troopa • Lava Bubble • Li’l Cinder • Magikoopa • Mandibug • Mecha-Bowser • Micro Goomba • Mini Wanwan • Monty • Octoguy • Octopus • Petapeta • Piranha Plant • Pokey • Pokey Head • Pumpkinhead Goomba • Ring Beamer • Sentry Beam • Skeletal Fish Guard • Slurple • Spiky Topman • Spiny Cheep-Cheep • Spiny Piranha Plant • Spoing • Sprangler • Spring Topman • Thwomp • Topmini • Torpedo Ted • Tox Box • Tweester • Undergrunt • Urchin • Urchin (land) • Wiggler Obstacles Banekiti • Banzai Bill Cannon • Bill Blaster • Black hole • Boulder • Bramble • Burner • Cannon • Cannonball • Dark matter • Electric rail • Eye Beamer • Fire Bar • Fire Pressure • Fireball • Floating Mine • Freezing water • Giant prickly plant • Honey • Lava • Lava Geyser • Meteor • Mud • Poison • Prickly plant • Quicksand • Spike Trap • Steam jet • Torpedo tube • Water Shooter • Whirlpool Moves Backward Somersault • Crawl • Crouch • Dash • Double kick • Double Jump • Ground Pound • Long Jump • Jump • Side Somersault • Spin • Triple Jump • Wall Jump Minigames Bob-omb Blasting • Ray surfing Further info Glitches • Mario Galaxy Orchestra • Prankster Comet • Pre-release and unused content • Rosalina’s Story • Staff • Super Mario Galaxy Original Soundtrack • Trading cards Super Mario Galaxy 2 Playable characters Mario • Luigi • Yoshi Non-playable characters Baby Luma • Bill Board • Black Jibberjay • Bob-omb Buddies • Bowser • Bowser Jr. • Co-Star Luma • Coach • Cosmic Spirit • Fluzzard • Gearmo • Giant Lumas • Gold Gearmo • Honeybees • Hungry Lumas • Jibberjays • Lubba • Lumalee • Lumas • Penguin • Penguru • Piantas • Princess Peach • Queen Bee • Rosalina • Silver Gearmo • Star Bunny • The Chimp • Toad Brigade • Toads • Whittle Items and objects + Clock • ? 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• Crabber • Digga • Dry Bones • Electric Pressure • Elite Octoomba • Fire Bar • Fire Chain • Fire Pressure • Fizzlit • Flaptack • Flipbug • Flomp • Flower Mimic • Fuzzy • Giant Goomba • Giant Koopa • Gold Chomp • Golden Gummit • Goomba • Goombeetle • Grinder • Gringill • Gummit • Hammer Bro • Jack O’Goomba • Jammyfish • Jellyfish • Jump Beamer • Kleptoad • Koopa Troopa • Lakitu • Lava Bubble • Lava Bubble (blue) • Lava Geyser • Ledge Hammer • Li’l Brr • Li’l Cinder • Magikoopa • Magmaargh • Magmaw • Mandibug • Mattermouth • Mega Boo • Micro Mecha-Bowser • Mini Goomba • Mini Wanwan • Octoboo • Octoguy • Octoomba • Octopus • Paragoomba • Pattan • Petapeta • Pinhead • Piranha Plant • Pokey Head • Prickly Piranha Plant • Pupdozer • Rhomp • Ring Beamer • Sentry Beam • Silver Chomp • Skeeter • Slurple • Smeech • Snoodle • Spiky Gummit • Spiky Topman • Spiny • Spiny Cheep Cheep • Spiny Egg • Spiny Piranha Plant • Spoing • Sprangler • Super Piranha Plant • Spring Topman • Swaphopper • Thorny 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10 Best Face-Balanced Mallet Putters 2016 | 60S Today


Here I have listed the 10 best face-balanced mallet putters for less face rotation 2016 after checking out the features and specs best used for a straight back straight through stroke. Which type of a putter is best for down the line stroke? When putting, we need to eliminate as much face rotation as possible, stay on plane, keep good rhythm, and hit the center of the club. So, the putter which fulfills all these fundamentals best is the face balanced mallet style. After looking over the specs of what makes a good face balanced mallet putter, I listed the best face-balanced mallet putters 2016.

Good putting consists of starting the ball where you intend with the proper speed. If you are good at those two things and can read the greens well you stand a good chance of making a lot of putts. Face-balanced putters work the best for putting strokes that move in a straight line, straight back straight through. Since the face angle is the most important factor that will influence the golf ball direction, face-balanced mallet putters are the best. There is much less face rotation with a mallet face-balanced designed putter.

10 best face balanced mallet putters 2016

1. Odyssey White Hot RX Rossie PutterOdyssey White Hot RX Rossie Putter

Odyssey White Hot Rx Rossie Putter is one of the most classic face-balanced mallet putters with a great overall weight that almost swings itself. The 3 line alignment system makes it very easy to square the putter face. The soft feel putter face insert gets the ball rolling immediately with no skidding or hopping. Click Here to View All the Specs for the Odyssey White Hot Rx Rossie.

2. Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X7MTitleist Scotty Cameron Futura X7M

Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X7M comes with dual balance models that adds +50 grams to the head and a 50 gram counter balanced weight at the grip end which makes the most stable putting stroke. It has a precision milled face for a soft impact feel and distance control delivering a great roll. The silver mist finish is easy on the eye and eliminates glare. See All The Specs Here.

3. TaylorMade Spider OS CB

TaylorMade Spider OS CB

TaylorMade Spider OS CB is the best face-balanced mallet putter featuring an oversized head that increases stability at impact. Both counter balanced and face-balanced offer once of the best moment of inertial designs with skin-milled surfaces. Check Out All Spider Os CB Features.

4. Odyssey Works 7 Versa

Odyssey Works 7 Versa mallet putter

Odyssey Works 7 Versa is the best odyssey face-balanced putter with the new metal-x roll pattern, much faster than the white hot insert. Its true proven shape and versa alignment system highlight the face angle from address with the contrasting silver and black. Find Out What Makes the Odyssey Works 7 Versa So Good.

5. Ping Cadence TR Ketsch Mid

Ping Cadence TR Ketsch Mid face balanced putter

Ping Cadence TR Ketsch Mid features a very dense, heavy head with milled grooves for consistent distance control. The heal toe, face-balanced weight distribution makes the putter very easy to stroke. The compact design is very simple black and three white stripes to focus the eyes. Know More About the Putter.

6. Odyssey White Hot RX 2-Ball V-Line

Odyssey White Hot RX 2-Ball V-Line Best Face Balanced Putter 2016

Odyssey White Hot RX 2-Ball V-Line comes with a progressive face-balanced mallet design with a double-bend shaft and full-shaft offset. The oval pattern white hot insert is a 15 year technology that couples the best speed and feel control. The new V-Line design added to the already tour proven 2-ball design makes alignment for any mallet easy. Find Out More About The Odyssey White Hot RX 2-ball.

7. Nike Method 005

Nike Method 005

Nike Method 005 is the best Nike face-balanced mallet putter with proven high MOI and forward spin from the polymetal grove technology. Most the weight has been added to the perimeter of the putter to increase stability at impact and increase MOI. View All the Features About The Nike Method 005.

8. Odyssey White Hot RX V-LINE Fang

Odyssey White Hot RX V-LINE Fang

Odyssey White Hot RX V-Line Fang is the best hybrid face-balanced mallet weighted fang, dual alignment channels design. The 345 gram head-weight and proven white hot insert get the ball rolling immediately. See All the Specs.

9. Cleveland Elevado TFi 2135

Cleveland Elevado TFi 2135

Cleveland Elevado TFI 2135 features the best Cleveland face-balance matter design with minimal distractions to emphasize sightline and focus the golfer on the target. New TFI (True Feel Innovation) face combines a milled copper infused face cap over Copolymer insert for the best feel across the entire face. Learn More About the Putter.

10. Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X5

Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X5

Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X5 is the best Titleist face-balanced mallet style putter to feature a wingback multi-material design high in MOI and added resistance to twisting due to off center contact. The vertical and horizontal lines make is the easiest putter to align. Check Out All the Features for the Titleist Scotty Cameron Futra X5.


Above I have listed the 10 best face-balanced mallet putters that will help you get the most out of your putter. After checking the features of various putters, the best putters that can perform the fundamentals are listed. So, if you are finding that balanced mallet putters are the best, then have the one from the best face balanced mallet putters 2016 list.