What Is A Standard Bearer In Golf? (Everything To Know)


golf standard bearer

If you have ever been to a professional golf tournament, you know how much fun they can be to watch.

Professional golf tournaments are a very unique sporting experience.

Instead of being loud and rowdy, you get to be quiet and enjoy watching the tournament unfold.

There is a ton of action happening at a golf tournament in many different places.

As you travel from one hole to the next, it can be hard to keep track of all the players and where they stand.

That is where a standard bearer comes into play!

What Is a Standard Bearer in Golf?

Anna Nordqvist of Sweden

A standard bearer is a person who walks around with a mobile scoreboard during a golf tournament.

The standard bearer will be holding a sign with the scores of the group they are walking with.

Most of the time, the score the standard bearer will show is the players’ scores for the tournament.

For instance, if the tournament is on its third day and a player is six under par for the tournament, the sign will show a red six.

When the player is even, the numbers are usually green and above par is normally black.

This, of course, can change from one tournament to the next, but this tends to be the standard color combination.

The standard bearer needs to pay attention to the group they are walking with.

They will have to adjust the scores after each hole to make sure they are displaying appropriate information for spectators to see.

Years ago, there were no electronic scoreboards at golf events.

This made it quite difficult for people to know where the tournament stood.

Standard bearers helped the tournament spectators to see what was going on in the event.

How Can You Become a Standard Bearer?

Most of the standard bearers you see on the golf course are volunteers.

Many of them have done this for years, and they enjoy the process and getting to meet and see professional golfers.

The standard bearer’s job is not really all that difficult.

If you wanted to try to become a standard bearer, you would have to be in decent physical condition, understand golf scoring, and attend a brief demonstration about proper protocol.

The standard bearer has to be able to walk the entire golf course carrying their sign.

This is why physical conditioning is essential prior to signing up for the event.

What Is a Walking Scorer?

man pondering decision

For many professional golf tournaments, there is a walking scorer in addition to a standard bearer.

The walking scorer is responsible for keeping track of the score of the group.

The standard bearer and the walking scorer will consult at the end of each hole and decide if the board needs to be changed.

No changes will be made on the board until all putts are in the hole completely.

Usually, between the walking scorer and the standard bearer, there should not be any discrepancies on the scoring, but if there is, they can call over an official to help.

The walking scorer and the standard bearer will stay with their group for the entire day.

Each morning, the standard bearer will report and get their group assignment for that day.

Since the group changes every day based on how everyone scores, the standard bearer cannot stay with the same group on days three and four of the tournament.

Is it Hard to Get a Standard Bearer Position?

Yani Tseng watches lines up

When it comes to local amateur events, they will probably be looking for more volunteers to be standard bearers.

For events like a US Open, chances are it will be much harder to get the position.

Sometimes there will be a lottery, and other times, it could be a situation where there is a waiting list.

If you want to try your hand at the standard bearer position, try looking for a Champions Tour event or Korn Ferry event.

These do not usually get the same publicity or attention, and therefore, there are traditionally more available positions when it comes to volunteering.

Are Standard Bearers Still Necessary?

Honda LPGA Thailand

With the way golf has evolved, and things like electronic scoreboards and live results on cell phones have changed the game, many wonder if the standard bearer is still necessary.

The truth is the standard bearer is probably not still necessary, however, it is a tradition that will likely not go away.

The walking scorer will probably stay in the group for a long time because this is what helps to communicate accurate scores across the field.

While the walking scorer is out there collecting information, it may as well be shared with people who are enjoying the tournament on that hole.

For a golf purist who has loved the game from the start, it will be a sad day when traditions like the standard bearer start to go away.


2016/17 North American Ski Season beings Friday, October 21! | 60S Today


2016/17 North American Ski Season beings Friday, October 21!

  • 2016/17 North American Ski Season beings Friday, October 21!

Araphaoe Basin announced Wednesday morning that they are opening for the 2016/17 Winter season on Friday, October 21! No word yet from our friends at Loveland Ski Area on their opening date, but we are sure they are trying to get the lifts turning as soon as possible! Many other Colorado Resorts are also blowing snow. Check the Events Calendar for all of the opening dates and festivities! Read more on this very exciting news from Arapahoe Basin’s press release below!

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area announces opening day for 2016-17 ski and ride season

Ski area will kick off its 70th season this Friday

ARAPAHOE BASIN, Colo. – Arapahoe Basin Ski Area (A-Basin) will open for the 2016-17 ski and snowboard season on Friday, October 21, 2016. Starting at 9:00 a.m., skiers and snowboarders will be able to access the intermediate High Noon trail via the Black Mountain Express lift. Arapahoe Basin is generally the first ski area in Colorado to open, and also often the first ski area to open its lifts to the public in North America.

“This is going to be a tremendous start to the ski season at Arapahoe Basin and in the state of Colorado,” said Alan Henceroth, Arapahoe Basin Chief Operating Officer. “We’ve been fortunate to have optimal conditions for our snowmaking team to get a base on the High Noon trail, and offer our guests skiing and snowboarding in October.”

Tickets and passes are on sale at or on-site from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Current lift ticket window pricing will run through December 16, 2016, with adult (ages 19-59) full-day tickets priced at $76, youth (ages 15-18) window tickets priced at $64 and child (ages 6-14) window tickets priced at $38. Children age 5 and under ski free every day of the season. Information about season passes and multi-day tickets can be found at

Other skier services available on opening day include ski and board rentals in the Winter Sports Center (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) and retail sales, temporarily located in the Kids Center (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). Snowsports value season private lessons are available starting opening day. Dining options include: limited hot and grab-and-go breakfast items at the 6th Alley Bar & Grill from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.; full lunch and après service in the 6th Alley Bar & Grill starting at 10:30 a.m.; and lunch service at Black Mountain Lodge (mid-mountain) starting at 10:30 a.m. A-Basin Mug Club sales start opening day at 8:00 a.m. in Marnie’s Bar on the 2nd floor of the A-Frame; mugs are $45 and entitle the owner to beverage discounts in the 6th Alley Bar & Grill and a free beer to kick off the season. Mugs are sold on a first-come, first-served basis; limit one mug per customer – must be 21 years of age.

PHONE & INTERNET INFORMATIONCellular service and wireless internet are limited at Arapahoe Basin on opening day. The only cell carrier with service is AT&T. Wi-Fi at A-Basin is much more robust than in past seasons, but it is open to the public and will likely be limited for upload/download due to the size of the anticipated crowd. If you expect to upload large media files, you may want to consider heading toward the town of Dillon where there is more reliable phone coverage.

PARKINGOutlets with satellite trucks should contact Adrienne or Leigh by 5:00 p.m. Thursday, October 20, 2016, to arrange parking. Parking at Arapahoe Basin is free in the Early Riser, High Noon and Last Chance lots. All parking is first-come, first-served. There is no media parking in the Administration Lot (the pay lot with the flag poles) without prior approval from A-Basin management. There is NO DRIVING ON THE SNOW SURFACE. Please leave all vehicles in the parking lots.

Here’s to a spectacular 2016-17 season!

About Arapahoe Basin Ski Area (A-Basin)Located high on the Continental Divide, Arapahoe Basin Ski Area boasts the longest ski and ride season in Colorado, from mid-October through early June. A-Basin’s legendary Pallavicini and East Wall terrain offers some of the best extreme skiing in Colorado. Pika Place and Molly Hogan learning areas feature mellow terrain for first-time and younger skiers and riders. Experience our fun, family-friendly events and unique dining experiences throughout the season. Visit for more information about our mountain, and elevate your ski and ride experience with us.

Photo: Dave Camara/Arapahoe Basin Ski Area (10.19.2016)


Buried In The Sand : The Deception Of America (La barbarie et la terreur)


buried in the sand

Genre : shockumentary, trash, guerre (interdit aux – 18 ans avec avertissement)Année : 2004Durée : 1h06Synopsis : A travers un documentaire choc, témoignant sur la réalité des exactions perpétrées par l’armée irakienne du temps de Saddam Hussein, le journaliste Mark Taylor nous présente des images interdites, saisies par les soldats américains. Une compilation de vidéos réelles sur cette période de terreur qui a entraîné l’Amérique aux confins d’une guerre à la barbarie d’un autre âge. La critique :

Depuis le 11 septembre 2001, les États Unis sont en guerre. Une guerre pas comme les autres, souterraine, contre un ennemi nébuleux qui frappe de manière sporadique, certes, mais de la façon la plus cruelle qui soit. Avec la montée d’un certain fondamentalisme religieux, le Moyen Orient, le Maghreb et récemment l’Afrique noire, ont vu éclore de nombreux groupes ou groupuscules terroristes dont le seul but est de créer chaos et confusion dans les pays occidentaux. Du GIA algérien dans les années 90 à l’Etat Islamique (appelé aussi DAECH) aujourd’hui, en passant par le tristement célèbre Al Qaida, tous ont fait de la terreur et de la barbarie, leur fonds de commerce. Sous couvert d’une application radicale de l’Islam dont ils détournent sans vergogne les préceptes, ces groupes se sont lancés dans une guerre de civilisation qui ne veut pas dire son nom.

Très récemment encore, le monde entier a été horrifié par les exécutions atroces de journalistes, humanitaires et même touristes occidentaux par des criminels lâches et enturbannés. Ces exécutions étant savamment mises en scène afin de marquer les esprits au fer rouge. Revenons en 2003. A cette époque, l’Irak subit de plein fouet le joug totalitaire de Saddam Hussein. Afin de mettre un terme à cette tyrannie et découvrir d’éventuelles armes de destruction massive (!), Georges W. Bush décide d’envoyer des troupes sur le sol irakien comme il l’avait fait, deux ans auparavant en Afghanistan, pour éradiquer les agissements moyenâgeux des talibans. Dans le sillage de leurs opérations militaires, les États Unis entraînent avec eux la Grande Bretagne, leur allié historique. Mais le président américain ne sait pas à cet instant, qu’il vient de mettre les pieds dans un bourbier inextricable…Buried in the sand est un documentaire exceptionnel de rareté montrant, dans des vidéos pirates saisies par l’armée américaine, les actes de torture et de barbarie auxquels se sont livrés les soldats irakiens sur leur propre population. Composé d’images filmées à l’arrache ou de façon tout à fait officielle, ce film est présenté par le journaliste Mark Taylor. Seul à une table installée dans un décor neutre, Taylor adopte un ton sur dramatique et, juste avant de lancer chaque extrait, ne cesse d’avertir le spectateur sur le caractère choquant des images à venir. Sur ce point, on ne peut qu’être d’accord : les images sont extrêmement choquantes. D’abord parce qu’elles sont réelles et aussi parce qu’elles nous montrent sans détour, les horreurs dont l’homme peut être capable au nom d’une idéologie. De difficiles au début, ces images deviennent monstrueuses au fur et à mesure du documentaire, jusqu’à devenir insoutenables dans le dernier quart d’heure. Par respect pour ces vies sacrifiées, je ne m’étendrai pas sur le détail de ces actes innommables.

Sachez cependant, que les vidéos (tournées la plupart du temps par des moudjahidines) ne nous épargnent absolument rien sur la souffrance des victimes et souvent, se complaisent dans un putride sadisme en proposant des gros plans sur les cadavres mutilés, ou en filmant de nombreuses morts en direct. Peut-être certains d’entre vous ont-ils déjà vu les images floues et furtives d’exécutions, pendaisons ou lapidations sur internet. Buried in the sand présente ces “spectacles” morbides sans discontinuer pendant plus d’une heure, avec des dernières minutes apocalyptiques où les égorgements et décapitations s’enchaînent sans répit. Autant vous dire que l’on ressort de la projection complètement K.O., comme nauséeux, abasourdi par de telles abominations. La haine de l’autre, la fanatisme de masse, l’aliénation religieuse ? Non, rien ne peut justifier cela. Le documentaire est (évidemment) totalement orienté en faveur des américains qui se posent fièrement en libérateurs du peuple oppressé. Taylor ne fait que de brèves allusions aux humiliations qu’ont subi les irakiens de la part des soldats américains. Tout juste si l’on voit quelques photos comme celle, qui a fait le tour du monde, d’un prisonnier attaché en laisse par une femme soldat.

Il y aura aussi cette vidéo montrant un homme en train de se faire uriner dessus puis être terrorisé par un chien, sous le regard hilare de plusieurs soldats américains. Pas très glorieux de la part des soit disant libérateurs. Le journaliste aura même le cynisme de souligner que ces “petits jeux imbéciles” ne sont finalement pas bien méchants comparé aux exactions de l’armée irakienne. Taylor fait dans le patriotisme exacerbé (comme tout bon américain qui se respecte) et glisse dans son propos tendancieux, des vérités toutes faites sur les différences entre les cultures et les civilisations. Le documentaire s’achèvera avec le déboulonnement de la statue de Saddam. Le journaliste annonce alors, d’un air satisfait et avec quasi-certitude, la fin prochaine de la guerre. Nous étions en ans plus tard, Barack Obama a succédé à Georges Bush et le conflit en Irak reste plus que jamais d’actualité. Pire, aujourd’hui l’islamisme radical propage tous les jours un peu plus, son dangereux fanatisme. La Syrie, le Mali, le Nigéria notamment, sont victimes à la fois de groupes terroristes et de guérillas intestines. Attentats suicides, massacres, épurations ethniques sont hélas, monnaie courante dans ces pays.Buried in the sand est un film polémique. Nul doute que son existence même, et sa diffusion, partagera les observateurs. Entre ceux qui n’y verront qu’un étalage dégueulasse de voyeurisme et d’autres qui ne jureront que par la nécessité de l’information, chacun pourra se faire sa propre opinion. Cependant, Buried in the sand reste un documentaire coup de poing, et le mot est bien faible…

En montrant une violence au-delà de l’imaginable et une barbarie au-delà de l’entendement, il demeure un témoignage nécessaire sur la folie des hommes. Ces terribles images (très vivement déconseillées aux personnes sensibles) pourront paraître malsaines, nauséabondes, scandaleuses. Mais si elles exposent la mort dans sa plus abjecte représentation, on ne peut nier qu’elles existent. Et que tout cela se passe encore de nos jours. Depuis une décennie, une folie meurtrière s’est emparée du monde au nom de principes religieux que certains accommodent à leur sauce pour mieux servir leurs intérêts. Saddam et Ben Laden ont beau être morts depuis longtemps, les fanatiques de tous bords ont récupéré leur sinistre héritage, pour exploiter jusqu’au bout leur idéologie extrémiste. Reste à savoir jusqu’où cette escalade de terreur va enfin s’arrêter. Si elle s’arrête un : ?

tumbling doll Inthemoodforgre


Red Arrow Golf Course | 60S Today


Red Arrow Golf Course

As a one-mile walking course, Red Arrow provides low-cost, high-value golf as a community service. It plays quickly and offers a great variety of short-game skill practice. The par 29 riverside terrain is a pleasurable recreational opportunity only minutes from Kalamazoo’s central business district. With ample parking and the ability to rent clubs on-site, this versatile layout supplies challenges to time-crunched experienced golfers, yet adapts well to juniors, novice golfers, and mobile seniors. Red Arrow added Foot Golf in 2015, and Disc Golf in 2016, helping attract more people from all backgrounds and keeping with Red Arrow’s mission of being a downtown recreational destination for all families.

Red Arrow Golf Course 1041 King Highway, Kalamazoo, MI 49048 (269) 492-7800

Hours of Operation: Mid-April – Mid-October 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Red Arrow History

Red Arrow is a downtown community greenspace established in 1937 as part of the WPA’s Depression reconstruction efforts when workmen earned /week, although the first City Commission began acquiring land along the south bank of the river in 1885. Later foresight by succeeding commissions and the demise of the Michigan Buggy Co. in the 1920’s added remaining acreage.

Aerial mapping now shows a green triangle of city parkland, forever commercially undevelopable to serve recreation needs of residents, organizations, and businesses. What began as a putt-and-pitch course in 1937 is now a gem of downtown Kalamazoo.

One of many volunteer projects, a memorial flagpole was dedicated in 2013 to commemorate Red Arrow’s 75th anniversary of community recreation in Kalamazoo and to the men and women who served their country in the armed services. Red Arrow Golf Course is named after Col. Joseph Westnedge’s division in WWI. Eagle Scout Chaz Shugars raised the funds from veterans’ groups and community businesses and organizations, arranged volunteer labor, and opened the golf season with appropriate ceremony. Red Arrow has a special appreciation for veterans.

Committed volunteers from all over the county have rejuvenated Red Arrow in the past four years as a casual, walk-on course for all ages. Scores of residents drop in to tell of learning to play golf as children on this course. With a casual dress code and no reserved tee times, this walk-on ready course is focused on the game of golf, rather than the business of golf, and provides high value with every swing.


Scorecard Red Arrow Golf Course Volunteer for Routine and Special Projects at Red Arrow Golf Course:

  • Clubhouse Attendant — four- or five-hour shifts, April-October
  • Game Coach/Mentor — three 1-hour sessions, May-August
  • Flower-bed Tenders — one 2-hour shift/week, mid-April-mid-October
  • Fence-line Trimmers — one 3-hour shift/month, mid-April-mid-October
  • Bunker Tender — one 1-hour shift/month, April-October
  • Web Site Developer — March-September as arranged

For current openings, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at or phone (269) 492-7800.

Support Red Arrow Golf Course Benefit

Join the Kalamazoo Municipal Golf Association fundraising effort for Red Arrow Golf Course at a fun-filled Golf Benefit.

Click here to download the Red Arrow Golf Course Brochure

Thank you to the Red Arrow Benefit Sponsors

Title Sponsors:

Ron & Ruth Wiser Wiser Productions, Inc.


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Barry Associates – John Bradshaw, PC – Bob Campbell – Crosstown Auto and Truck Parts LLC – Dave Burskirk – Dedicated to Ray Hamilton – Dedicated to Dawne Kennedy – Fair Trade Painting – First National Bank of Michigan – Gilmore Real Estate LLC – Julianna’s Family Restaurant – Keystone Community Bank/Mercantile Bank – Dave Keyte, Callander Commercial – Gary Lewis Painting – Bill Maybee, Attorney at Law – Medallion Management – OCBA O’Boyle Cowell Blalock & Associates Landscape Architects – Randy Orwig, Amerprise Chimner & Orwig – Shoemakers Garage – Dave, Tammy & Chaz Shugars – Michael Stangl, Farm Bureau Insurance – Suburban Mechanical Company – Gary Tibble Law Office – Jackie Wylie Prize & Gift Donations:

Big Apple Bagels – Binder Park Golf Course – Brewster’s- Burger King – Brann’s Steakhouse – Checker Motors – Crestview Golf Club – Golf Performance Academy – Gazelle Sports – Golf Services – Gull Lake County Club – Gull Lake View Courses – Hoekstra’s Hardware – Indian Run Golf Club – Island Catering – Junior Golf Association – Kalamazoo Country Club – Louie’s Trophy House Grill – Poor Richard’s Café – The Prairies/ Elks Lodge 50 – Red Arrow Golf Course – Ridgeview Golf Course – Sarkozy Bakery – Schupan & Sons – Shamrock Hills Golf Club – Thornapple Creek – Yarrow Golf – Youz Guys Sausage Co Friends of Red Arrow:

Dr. Joseph Bowler – King Market – Bill Gross – Joyce McNally – Herman & Dolores Smith – Mike & Sharon Seelye – Pete Farner – In Memory of Laurette & Joe Ocen

Hire a Red Arrow Mentor

New to golf and want to learn the rules? Been playing a while and looking for tips on your GRIP, SWING, PUTTING, or ETIQUETTE? Red Arrow mentors are non-professional golf enthusiasts who love helping people learn to love the game more. Red Arrow mentors share tips, review basics about the game, and help you gain the confidence for enjoying golf.

Call the Red Arrow Clubhouse to make a low-cost appointment (approximately ). All fees benefitting Red Arrow Golf Course and programs. For more in-depth lessons, contact a certified golf pro.


Dictionnaire des musiciens | 60S Today


Dictionnaire des musiciens A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Bacchini Benedetto (1651-1721)

Bacci Pietro Giacomo (1643-v. 1708)

Baccini Girolamo (v. 1543-v. 1605)

Bach Carl Philippe Emmanuel (1714-1788)

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)

Bach Wilhelm Friedemann (1710-1784)

Bachmann Johann Michael (1699-1757)

Bachofen Johann Caspar (1695-1755)

Bacmeister Lucas (1530-1608)

Bacon Francis (1561-1626)

Bacon Roger (v. 1214-1292)

Bacilly Bénigne de (1625-1690)

Ibn Badjdja (v. 1074-1139)

Bagnall Gibbons (1719-1800)

Bahrak (1465-1525)

Baillie Alexander (v. 1672-v. 1737)

Baillot Pierre [Marie François de Sales] (1771-1842)

al-Bakri (1525-1586)

Balbastre Claude-Bénigne (1724-1799)

Balbi Marc Antonio (début XVIe siècle)

Ballet François (abbé) (1702-v. 1762)

Ballif Claude (1924-2004)

Bancquart Alain (*1934)

al-Banai (v. 1450-v. 1510)

Banister John (v. 1663-1735)

Bantzland Christian (v. 1666-v. 1731)

Banu Musa ben Shakir (v. 800-après 873)

Bārbad (V-VIe siècle, Perse)

Barbara (Cerf Monique, 1930-1997)

Barbe Antoine (v. 1561-1626)

Barber, Samuel (1910-1981)

Bardi Giovanni de (1534 – 1614)

Baretti Giuseppe Marco Antonio (1719-1789)

Bargiel Woldemar (1828-1897)

Barley William (v. 1535 ?-1614)

Barraine Elsa (1910-1999)

Barraqué Jean (1928 – 1973)

Bartholin Thomas (1616-1680)

Bartholomeus Anglicus (1180-1231)

Bartok Bela (1881-1945)

Bartoli Cosimo (V. 1503-v. 1572)

Bartoli Daniello (1608-1685)

Bartolocci Giulio (1613-1687)

Bartolotti Angelo Michele (début xviie siècle – après 1668)

Bassano Giovanni (1560/1561-1617)

Bathe William (1564-1614)

Bate Henri (1246-après 1310)

Batteux Charles (1713-1780)

Battell Ralph (1649-1713)

ibn Battuta (1304-1368 / 77)

Bauderon Antoine de Sénecé (1643-1737)

Baudrier Yves (1906-1988)

Bayer Francis (*1938-)

al-Bayhaki (v. 887-v. 952 )

Beauvarlet Charpentier Jean-Jacques (1764-1794)

Beccattelli Giovanni Francesco (1679-1734)

Beck Michael (1653-v. 1712)

Bède le Vénérable (672-735)

Bedford Arthur (1668-1745)

Beer Georg Alexander (v. 1627-v. 1692)

Beer Johann (1655-1700)

Beethoven (1770-1827)

Beinum Eduard van (1900-1959)

Beldemandis Prosdocimus de (1380 – 1428)

Beltz Urban Nathanael (1713-1776)

Benda František (1709-1786)

Bendeler Johann Philipp (1654-1709)

Bendini Stefano Tommaso (v. 1716-v. 1781)

Benjamin George (*1960)

Benoît de Nursie (480-543)

Benzin Johann Gottlieb (v. 1706-v. 1771)

Bérard Jean-Baptiste (1710-1772)

Berardi Angelo (1628-1694)

Berechiah ben Natronay han-Naqdan (XIIe siècle)

Berg Alban (1885-1935)

Bergrot Olav (v. 1672-v. 1737)

Berlin Johann Daniel (1714-1787)

Berlioz Hector

Bermudo Juan (1510-v. 1575)

Bernard de Clairvaux (1090-1153)

Bernhard Christoph (1627-1692)

Bernardi Steffano (1580-1639)

Bernelin (X – XIe siècle)

Bernier Nicolas (1664-1734)

Bernon de Reichenau (v. 983-1048)

Bernoulli Daniel (1700-1782)

Beroaldo Filippo (1453-1505)

Bertali Antonio (1605-1669)

Bertalotti Angelo Michele (1666-1747)

Berthet Pierre (v. 1646-v. 1711)

Bertin Exupère-Joseph (1712-1781)

Bertolli Francesca (….-1767)

Berton Henri-Mortan (1767-1844)

Bertrand Anthoine de (v. 1530-1581)

Bertrand de Paris (V. 1225-v. 1300)

Bertrandus Prudentius (fin IXe)

Bésard Jean-Baptiste (1567-1625)

Béthizy Jean-Laurent de (1702-1781)

Béthizy de Mézières Eugène-Éléonor de (1709-1781)

Beurhusius Friedrich (1536-1609)

Bevin Elway (1554-1638) Bianchi Christoforo (v. 1605-v. 1670)

Biancani Giuseppe (1566-1624)

Bianchini Francesco (1662-1729)

Bianciardi Francesco (v. 1562-v. 1627)

Biedermann Johann Gottlieb (1705-1772)

Biermann Wolf (né en 1936)

Bierstädt Alexius (v. 1640-v. 1705)

Bilbaysi (v. 1283-1348)

Bild Veit (1481-1529)

Binchois Gilles (v.1400-1460)

Birchensche John (v. 1620-v. 1681)

Birnbaum Johann Abraham (1702-1748)

Bisse Thomas (1675-1731)

Ibn Bistam (v. 1620-1685)

al-Bistami (1341 – 1404)

Beyer Johann Samuel (1669-1744)

Bizet Georges(1838-1875)

Bizkak Sanja et Lidija

Blahoslav Jan (1523-1571)

Blainville Charles-Henri De (1711-1769)

Blancrocher : Fleury Charles, Sieur de Blancrocher (v. 1605-1652)

Blankenburg Gerbrant Quirijnszoon van (1620-v. 1707)

Blankenburg Quirinus Gerbrandszoon Van (1654-1739)

Blasius Frédéric (1758-1829)

Blavet Michel (1700-1768)

Bloch Ernest (1880-1959)

Blockland de Montfort (1530-v. 1595)>

Blodek Vilèm (1834-1874)

Blow John (1648-1708)

Blyvers G. (v. 1677-v. 1742)

Boccherini Luigi (1743-1805)

Bocquillon Guillaume-Louis [dit Wilhem] (1781-1842)

Böddecker Philipp Jakob (1642-1707)

Bödiker Carl Etzard (v. 1685-v. 1750)

Bocchi Francesco (1548-1618)

Boèce Anicius Mantius Severinus (480-524)

Boëly Alexandre Pierre François (1785-1858)

Boemus Joannes (v. 1485-1535)

Boen Johannes (v. 1302-1367)

Boësset Antoine de, Sieur de Villedieu ( 1586-1643)

Boffrand Gabriel Germain (1667-1754)

Bogatzky Carl Heinrich von (1690-1774)

Böhmer N. N. (XVIIIe)

Boïeldieu François-Adrien (1775-1834)

Boindin Nicolas (1676-1751)

Boismortier Joseph Bodin de (1689 – 1755)

Boissier-Butini Caroline (1786-1836)

Bokemeyer Heinrich (1679-1751)

Bollioud De Mermet Louis (1709-1796)

Bona Giovanni (1609-1674)

Bona Valerio (1560-1620)

Bonanni Filippo (1638-1725)

Bonaventura da Brescia (v. 1452-v. 1517)

Bonet de Paredes Juan (vers 1645-1710)

Bonini Pier Mara (v. 1475-v. 1540)

Bonis Mel [Mélanie] (1858-1937)

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Bonnal Ermend (1860-1944

Bonnet Jacques (1644-1724)

Bonnet Pierre (1638-1708)

Bonneval René de (1700-1760)

Bononcini Giovanni Maria (1642-1678)

Bontempi Giovanni Andrea (1624-1705)

Bordes Charles (1963-1919)

Bordes-Pène Marie-Léontine (1858-1924)

Bordet Toussaint (vers 1710 – vers 1775)

Borge Victor (1909-2000)

Borin (v. 1677-v. 1742)

Borjon de Scellery Charles-Emmanuel (1633-1691)

Borodine Alexandre Porfiriévitch (1833-1887)

Borromeo Carlo Santo (1538-1584)

Bortkiewicz Sergueï (1877-1952)

Bosseur Jean-Yves (1947- )

Bottrigari Ercole (1531 – 1612)

Bouchot Vincent (1966-…., baryton)

Bouillon François [Bouillon Gratiam (?) ] (v. 1609-v. 1681)

Bouin Jean François (v. 1716-v. 1781)

Boulanger Lili (1893 – 1918)

Boulenger le Père Jules-César (1558-1628)

Boulez Pierre (1925-2016)

Boulliau Ismael (1605-1694)

Bourdelot Pierre ( Michon Pierre ) (1610-1685)

Bouret Pierre (v. 1646-v. 1755)

Bourgeois Loys (v. 1505-v. 1570)

Bourgeois Thomas-Louis (1676-1751)

Bouzignac Guillaume (v. 1587-ap. 1643)

Bovicelli Giovanni Battista (v. 1549-v. 1614)

Boydel John (v. 1682-v. 1747)

Boyvin Jacques (1653-1706)

Bozza Eugène (1905-1991)

Brady Nicholas (1659-1726)

Bragelongne Monsieur de (v. 1653-v. 1718)

Brahms Johannes (1833-1897)

Bremner Robert (v. 1713-1789)

Bridge Frank (1879-1941)

Brijon C. R. (1720-v. 1785)

Britten, Benjamin (1913 – 1976)

Brockhausen Conrad (v. 1683-v. 1748)

Brömels Christian Heinrich (v. 1656-v. 1721)

Brookbank Joseph (1612-1668)

Brocklesby Richard (1722-1797)

Brooke James (v. 1683-v. 1748)

Brossard Sébastien de (1655-1730)

Brown Isaac (v. 1706-1771)

Brown John (1715-1766)

Browne Richard (v. 1684-v. 1749)

Bruce Thomas (v. 1681-v. 1746)

Brucaeus Heinrich (1531-1593)

Bruckner Anton (1834-1896)

Brugnoli Rocco Maria (v. 1663-v. 1728)

Bruguier Jean (v. 1618-1684)

Brüll Ignaz (1846-1907)

Brumel Antoine (v. 1460-v. 1513)

Bruneau Alfred (1857-1934)

Brunet Jacques (v. 1709-v. 1774)

Brunnelius Eric (v. 1683-v. 1748)

Brunnemuller Elias (1666-1762)

Bruschi Antonio Filippo (v. 1666-v. 1731)

Brzeziński Franciszek (1867-1944)

Bryennos Manuel (v. 1275-v. 1340)

Brzeziński Franciszek Ksawery (1867-1944)

Burchardus Udalricus (v. 1484-v. 1549)

Buffier Claude (1661-1737)

Bull John (1562-1628)

Bünemann Christian Andreas (v. 1708-v. 1747)

Bünting Heinrich (1545-1606)

Buohl Maurus (1691-v. 1760)

al-Burhanpuri [Shaykh Muhammad Isca Sinfhi], (XVIe)

Burette Pierre-Jean (1655-1747)

Burmeister Joachim (1566-1629)

Burnet Alexander (v. 1688-v. 1753)

Burzio Nicolo (v. 1450-1528)

Busnois Antoine de (mort en 1492)

Busoni Ferruccio (1866-1924)

Buterne Charles (v. 1707-v. 1772)

Buterne Jean-Baptiste (1650-1727)

Ibn Butlan (v. 1001-1066)

Buttstett Johann Heinrich (1666-1727)

Butzovius Nicolaus Joachim Olai (v. 1663-v. 1728)

Buxtehude Dietrich (v. 1637-1707)

Bytemeister Heinrich Johann (1688-1740)


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Vendredi 3 Septembre, 2021


Mizuno JPX 850 | 60S Today


Five stars Superbe

60stoday.comard4851 15/12/2018

Je viens de faire un achat et quel achat des MIZUNO JPX850 presque en état de neuf malgré la date de suis vraiment surpris de la qualité et surtout de l’irréprochable description.J’avais avant des COBRA graphite, aujourd’hui avec les JPX850 acier je gagne en longueur et precision. Merci


Ping Rapture Driver | 60S Today


Five stars Quel driver!!!

brashi 24/12/2011

J’ai acheté ce Ping rapture il y a une semaine et je suis ravi : J’ai gagné 30 à 40 m sur mon drive (le shaft y est aussi pour qqch, regular avant) et surtout quelle régularité même sur des coups un peu décentrés… Le design sur la tête du driver me donne aussi beaucoup de confiance! Merci golfbidder!!


Moe’s Grip | 60S Today


Overlapping Grip 1940 – 1994

Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing Grip image There is much controversy on the ideal way to place the hands on the handle yet there is little debate on the fact that correct club movement is a bi-product of a proper hold / grip on the golf club. Moe Norman’s grip has been a much debated and contentious subject. This debate began mostly after the 1995 Golf Digest article “Moe Knows”, the beginning of Moe’s popularity.

Looking at pictures of Moe and video of his golf swing before this article and his meeting with Natural Golf Corporation, Moe held the golf club in an overlapping hand position where his right hand pinky overlapped his left hand index finger. His left hand thumb tucked nicely into the trail hand where the trail palm, covering the left hand thumb, was off of and not touching the grip. This “unification” of the hands utilizes the correct parts of the hands where the club can be held and moved as the hands work together to produce the proper leveraged position and hand speed.

Moe Norman Single Plane Swing finish position picture Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing Overlapping Grip picture Moe Norman Ten Finger Grip 1994 – 2004 Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing Grip image Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing grip image Moe Norman Grip Size

“Palm and fingers of the left hand and strictly fingers in the right”

-Moe Norman 1963

Why did Moe change from Overlapping to 10-Finger?

When Natural Golf met Moe Norman in 1993, Moe was destitute and in need of sponsorship to survive. Influenced by Natural Golf to conform to their teaching methods and convinced he needed to change his grip and promote Natural Golf’s larger grips and longer clubs, Moe altered his grip and his clubs to receive much needed money from Natural Golf.

Over the years, Moe has been asked to demonstrate his hand position. In a BBC interview from 1963, when Moe was asked about his hand position he said “Palm and fingers on the left and strictly fingers of the right”. The interview, from 1963, was recorded when Moe was 31 years old and in his prime of playing the game. After his influence from Natural Golf in 1994, Moe would often be asked to demonstrate his hand position – exaggerating the palm position of the right hand. You can see in these photos that Moe’s demonstration and the actual hand position are very pictures below show the progression of Moe’s grip position throughout the years.

The Picture from 1971 and 1986 show an overlapping position while the picture from 2000 shows a 10 finger position. These hand positions are similar as they clearly show the lead thumb tucked into the trail hand. They also show that the right hand thumb moves across the shaft where the index finger of the hand is clearly in a “trigger” position. The demonstration picture of 2002 shows what Moe would do when asked how he held the club. Influenced to show how he held the club in the palms, he would demonstrate the palm position of both hands. You can clearly see that in these pictures, what Moe demonstrated and what he actually did were very different indeed.

You must be careful of pictures and angles when looking at the perfect grip. As we discuss Moe Norman’s swing mechanics in the following sections, you will find that the hand positions effect club movement and you will observe, due to a perfect Single Plane hand position, Moe Norman’s perfect club movement.


9 Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men 2021 Review | 60S Today


Golf clubs for tall individuals are growing in popularity. That’s because tall golfers often complain about dealing with back pain and having a bad game. The common culprit is that the standard golf clubs tend to feel awkward when used by someone who is lanky. In reality, using golf clubs not designed for your height can be considered a waste of money. The good news is that golfers today have a wide variety of options. To make the selection process easier for you, here are some of the best golf clubs for tall men.

Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men Review

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set Hand Steel

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set Hand Steel

The Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set Hand Steel clubs contain a 12 piece set. All designed to improve your performance.

The woods have the lightweight 460cc forged driver known for its large sweet spot that can help minimize mishits. Its head is also made of titanium making it one of the most forgiving clubs that you could use on the golf course. The hybrid, on the other hand, serves as a backup for long irons. This can give you the confidence that you need when exposed to different situations.

And the irons (6 9 irons, PW) give users the best of both worlds when it comes to control and forgiveness. And lastly, you have the mallet putter that allows incredible accuracy when the ball is close to the hole.

The 12 set piece can easily fit the profile of tall users. However, these are considered beginner clubs. Not exactly the ones pros would want to invest in. Wear and tear shows up pretty fast for an expensive club set.


  • Contains a good number of clubs for every situation
  • Designed for tall individuals
  • Forgiving clubs
  • Woods have a large sweet spot


  • Dents easily

Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Men’s Set Complete

Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Men’s Set Complete

The Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Men’s Set is another golf club sets for men who are 6’0” and above. This set comes with 10 clubs. A driver, 5 wood, 5 hybrid, 6-SW, and a putter. All things considered, you could get the best bang for your buck with these clubs. It combines easy-to-hit technology along with lightweight components giving users the distance that they need when hitting the ball.

The graphite shaft also makes every swing more efficient not to mention its large sweet spot that not only prevents mishits but also give you an improved distance. It comes with the profile platinum technology that brings the position of the mass low and back perfect for taller users. This makes it easier to make long-distance shots straighter.

Upon testing in the golf course a couple of times, we find the clubs forgiving enough for even for beginners. However, some areas need improvement. You have the bag that we find to be lacking in quality compared to other golf clubs in the market. The zipper feels cheap. However, if you are only concerned about the clubs, then this is a good choice. It is a great contender among long golf club sets that we’ll feature.


  • Forgiving
  • Designed to make long-distance shots straighter
  • Easy to hit and lightweight
  • Variety of clubs to choose from


  • The bag was made of cheap materials

Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set

Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set

The Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set is an underrated and often overlooked option by a lot of golfers. But there is a reason why this is not as popular as it should. We’ll get to that in a bit. For starters, it contains a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, a 6-PW irons, a putter, a stand bag plus 3 H/C’s. As far as performance is concerned, we’d say that it comes in as a good choice for novice golfers and for those who casually play golf on weekends.

The 460cc titanium driver offers a decent amount of sweet spot allowing you to minimize mishits and improve your distance as you swing for the ball. It also has a 100% graphite shaft on its woods allowing a great feel for its users. The irons, on the other hand, have true temper steel shafts. These offer the flexibility that you prefer when it comes to hitting the ball. This makes it a favorite even by seniors.

The Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set isn’t as popular as other golf sets simply because it was designed for men 6’1” and above. It gives the right golf swing for tall players. And compared with other sets, this tall golf clubs complete set doesn’t feel awkward especially if you are a tall individual.

The Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set is a favorite among budget-conscious individuals who want to try playing golf. It comes in with everything that you need without worrying about your budget.

Unfortunately, if you are a pro athlete, you might want to look somewhere else. Though it is a beautiful option not to mention flexible for aging golfers, it doesn’t give you the long shots that you want. However, given the price, don’t expect a lot from this.


  • Good price
  • Perfect for senior golfers
  • Designed for tall individuals
  • Forgiving design


  • Not designed for people who are serious about playing golf

Precise M3 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

Precise M3 Men

The Precise M3 Men’s Complete Golf Club Set is a favorite pick by many tall intermediate golfers. This type of golf club is known to help elevate their game and to lessen the bad swings caused by the wrong golf club. It includes several good clubs that could come in handy in different situations. Not all clubs in this set can be considered tall man’s golf club. Fortunately, the majority of the clubs are designed for tall golfers.

Also, these won’t give you a complete set of golf clubs. Instead, you get everything that you will need to start playing.

It comes in with maximum forgiveness giving novice golfers the ability to still get the results they need especially at the beginning of the game. This keeps the shots straighter compared to other clubs in the market. The woods have the aerodynamic design that makes it easier to swing.

These are available in tall sizes making it a favorite by taller golfers. And since it is among the best golf club sets for tall guys, a 6’4″ man will not find it awkward to use.

The bag is also nice and sturdy. Overall, it is a great set but not exactly pro-level clubs. Made in the US, you get a good bang for your buck. These aren’t fancy but it could get the job done which is a nice pick for anyone starting golf.


  • Designed for tall individuals
  • Made in the US
  • Highly forgiving
  • Aerodynamic design


  • Not pro-level quality

Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

The Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs is one of the best men’s right-handed golf clubs designed for tall individuals. It is a bit specific but it attracts a certain demographic. If you are 6’1” to 6’4”, you’d love this golf club set. There are even instances when a 6’6” man can even enjoy this.

It comes in with a 460cc driver, #3 wood, 21 hybrid, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW irons, and a putter. It also comes in with a stand bag plus 3 headcovers.

There are a lot of things great about these clubs such as having great forgiveness and accuracy when it comes to putters. These +1 golf clubs make it easier for taller individuals to learn the game. But overall, it is still a beginner set. Don’t expect the Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs to impress the more experienced players in the golf course. However, the driver still feels expensive compared to the other golf clubs that we’ve tested in the past. The putter is a bit too heavy for our taste but it still gets the job done. Then again, these aren’t your pro-level clubs. Also, you don’t get a sand wedge. This might be the biggest deal-breaker for a lot of users.


  • Designed even for individuals 6’4” and above
  • Forgiving clubs
  • Some of its clubs feel expensive
  • Great quality build


  • No sand wedge
  • The putter is a bit heavy

Cleveland Golf Junior Set

Cleveland Golf Junior Set

There are lots of people nowadays looking for a beginner-friendly golf club. If you have a child trying to learn how to play golf, then the Cleveland Golf Junior Set is a good idea. This set is an ideal learning tool for children trying to learn how to play golf. This isn’t exactly for tall individuals but more for teenager and even for children 7 or even 8 years old.

Though it runs a bit small, this is the Cleveland Golf Junior Set’s design. Also, you have three sizes to choose from with this golf club set. It also includes a lightweight carry bag that contains everything that you need.

The bag contains a fairway (22-degree club), 7 iron, and a putter. As you see, it isn’t exactly a complete set that adults want. The bottom line is that it gets the job done. Should adults use this? For the ladies, most likely yes if they are petite. But for men who are 6 feet tall and above, it’s a no.


  • Great learning tool for young players
  • 3 available sizes
  • Includes a durable standing bag


  • Not designed for tall adults

New Mens Left Handed Complete Golf Set

New Mens Left Handed Complete Golf Set

Lefties are always having a difficult time finding a golf set that fits their dexterity. In some cases, some are forced to learn how to swing using the other hand. The Pro Performance Golf Men’s Left-Handed Golf Set is the ideal choice for lefties. And on top of that, this is the left-handed golf club sets for men 6 feet to 6’6” tall.

Everything included in this set is golf clubs plus 1 inch the standard size. You get a 460cc driver, a fairway wood, and a hybrid all graphite clubs. Using the clubs, you will notice that it has maximum forgiveness that can minimize mishits and give you a straighter shot. Apart from distance, it also offers great control compared to other sets that we’ve featured. The True Temper Regular Steel Shafts were added to give users additional accuracy and improved overall touch.

What’s not to like in this set? The set, as well as the bag, can meet the needs of tall beginners. However, some users feel that there are golf clubs that feel a bit too short for their needs. Plus, the quality of the golf clubs is what you expect from a beginner golf set. The good news though is that it comes at a decent price, which is something that a lot of golfers love especially those who just casually play the game.


  • Designed for left-handed golfers
  • All clubs are +1 inch the standard size perfect even for 6’6” individuals
  • Beginner-friendly set
  • Offers great control


  • Some users feel some golf clubs are a bit shorter

18 Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set

18 Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set

The 18-Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set is a great choice for a lot of people who want to hit long-distance shots even if they haven’t played in a long time. The full titanium driver included in this set has a large sweet spot that can give you this. It is also highly forgiving allowing users to have a less frustrating time whenever they are playing golf. You can get straighter shots from this making it a beginner-friendly set.

Among the most forgiving clubs in this set are the #3 and the #5 Fairway Woods. Plus, you also have the #4 hybrid which is a substitute for the long irons. It is easier to hit and significantly boosts the confidence of novice players.

Usability is also underrated with this golf club set. It comes in with large mid-size dual compound grips that feel comfortable to use. And on top of that, you have true temper steel shafts that add significant control to how you make your shots.

However, we really can’t recommend the 18-Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set as the best golf clubs for men on our list. Some users complained about the club showing dents. And to make matters worse, the dent occurred at the sweet spot making some of the golf clubs useless. It only means to say that these aren’t the professional-grade clubs that can give you a good number of years.


  • Variety of golf sets to choose from
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Affordable golf club set
  • Highly forgiving


  • Reports of dents after a few uses

Palm Springs Golf VISA Mens +1″ TALL GRAPHITE & STEEL Club Set

Palm Springs Golf VISA Mens +1″ TALL GRAPHITE _ STEEL Club Set

The Palm Springs Golf VISA Men’s +1” Tall Graphite and Steel Club Set is a decent golf club set designed for right-handed tall individuals. It has an additional 1-inch making it comfortable for golfers 6’1″ and above to not compromise their posture whenever they are making that swing. Compared with other 1 golf clubs, we’d say that it is an above-average pick.

You get a 460cc driver that has a huge sweet spot allowing golfers to minimize their mishits plus you also get to enjoy straighter shots. It comes with a 100% pure graphite shaft which means that it works well even for older golfers. Next, you also have the 15-degree #3 fairway wood. It’s a bit smaller than the driver but still offers a large sweet spot and a considerable amount of forgiveness. The sole also has a low profile which means that it is a good choice when hitting off the grass.

The set also includes 2 hybrids. You get the #3 18-degree and the #4 21-degree clubs. These are the ones that replaced the long irons.

Overall, it is an impressive deal for beginners. The quality is something you’d expect for its price but it is impressive not just for a beginner but even for an average golfer.


  • Highly forgiving
  • Includes a good number of golf clubs
  • The large sweet spot on the 460cc driver


  • Some parts tend to show wear and tear quickly

How to Buy Good Golf Clubs for Tall Men?

One of the biggest problems by golfers today is fit. Titleist Performance Institute even believes that only 5% of golfers fit the standard clubs in the market today. This could probably be the reason why people don’t realize that they don’t get to move into their best potential.

Before anything else, you need to hit the ball right at the center of the clubface. To be able to have this type of precision, it is important that you have proper posture and you don’t adjust according to your club. Instead, there should be a synergy between you and your club.

Do you need tall golf club sets?

If you are around 6 flat, you will be happy with a standard golf club most likely. However, golfers 6’2″ and above is a different story. Using standard golf clubs when you are 6’2” and above and you will develop bad swing habits and even miss a lot of shots that you shouldn’t miss if only you have the right type of club.

It is common to encounter tall golfers to have a longer arc whenever they are swinging. However, they are also known for having a steeper swing than their shorter peers. What do we mean by this? It means that the swing arc tends to be closer to perpendicular to the ground. If you compare it with a shallow swing, shallow swings typically make the clubface the sky up. Shallower swing means that it has a reduced probability of slicing. It can also create less spin. And also, it comes with a lower trajectory perfect for dealing with windy conditions.

Measuring the wrist to the ground

One of the biggest mistakes that novice tall golfers make when they buy extra tall golf clubs is to think that the length of the golf club depends on their height. If you want the right fit when buying golf clubs for tall men, you will need to measure the wrist to the ground. This makes sense since some are born with long arms while others are born with slightly shorter hands.

If the measurement is from 34-37 inches, the suggested golf club length is the same as the standard shaft. For 37-38.5 inches, you will need a shaft that comes +25 inches in length.

The right length can help give tall players the advantage of hitting longer shots than shorter players. On the other hand, tall players tend to not have the same control as shorter golfers.

Set vs. Individual Golf Club

Are you looking to have the entire set customized according to your height? Or perhaps, you are only looking to tweak a few clubs? Custom-fitted golf sets for tall players could cost $2,000. Then, there are also the cheaper options at $500 and even lower. Unfortunately, if you are looking to play regularly, you might find the options to be a bit limited for your needs.

In case you are going to buy a set, you need to also decide on the set makeup. Does it have a good mix of irons and woods? Or maybe most should be hybrids? As a rule of thumb, have hybrid golf clubs instead of long irons to make it easier to work with when playing on the golf course.

Next, you will also want to make sure that you have a sand wedge. The sand wedge is a must-have in your bag since there will come a time when you will need this.

Should you choose a standard-length golf club? This option still makes sense for some. If you want, you can always stick with a standard set and then add length to some of the clubs that you want to be longer (or shorter) depending on your preference. This can be the less expensive option that you can always go for.


Putting is an art. It’s the process of hitting the ball softly using the club usually when the ball is already near the hole. 35% to 40% of your score will be attributed to your putting. However, it is impossible to get the right feel if you are the one adjusting to a golf club that feels too short for your height. The right height will give you the confidence to hit the ball consistently and with better finesse.

Length of the Shaft

Club-fitters tend to adjust the clubs by making the shaft longer or shorter depending on the anatomy of the person who is using it. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as you think it is. Club fitters just can’t make generic extra long golf clubs for tall users.

The shaft of long golf clubs shouldn’t just be adjusted according to the user’s height but also according to the user’s stance. There are instances when the person’s stance is not optimal for his frame making shots less accurate.

Lie Angle

Tall man golf clubs should also have the right lie angle. For beginners, what’s a lie angle? This pertains to the angle formed between the clubface’s leading edge and the shaft. For tall individuals, long shaft golf clubs typically also have a more upright stance that distorts the lie angle.

It means that the lie angle should be adjusted. Without the proper adjustment, tall golfers will have a difficult time hitting the ball accurately.


A lot of people are going to say different things about their budget. Some don’t like spending a lot of money on a hobby while others are willing to spend thousands just to improve their game. You will be spending a lot of money if you want a custom-made set for you. However, you can go and buy individual clubs designed for tall users.


There is no general rule when it comes to the length of clubs that you should use. This is something that a lot of people forget. If you will check the pros, some professional golfers who are just around 5’6″ in height sometimes prefer something longer. On the other hand, you have some taller golfers who like their golf club to be a bit short. This will all boil down to your comfort.

It means that tall players don’t always equate to longer golf clubs. It is all about your swing and your personal preference.


Taller individuals often need a tall golf club set. On the other hand, some tall players prefer to buy a standard-sized set and to have a few clubs modified according to their liking. Be sure to compare these options that we’ve mentioned and see which one fits your game and also your budget.


2016 Masters live stream: How to watch Friday’s round live online


2016 Masters live stream: How to watch Friday's round live online

The second round of the Masters begins from Augusta National on Friday as the 89-player field returns to the course ahead of the cut. Friday is shaping up to be a big day in the tournament with weather likely playing a major role. For some big names, a push is needed to even make the cut and play the weekend. For others, it’s all about turning in another good round to remain in contention.

If the round goes like the last five rounds of the Masters have gone, Jordan Spieth will end in the lead. He went wire-to-wire last year on the way to winning the green jacket. He didn’t go quite as low on Thursday as he did in the first round last year, but his 6-under 66 was good enough to take the first-round lead. Spieth is now 24-under during his last 90 holes at Augusta National.

The rest of the field is now tasked with chasing Spieth and viewers will get to watch more of the action live than ever before. The coverage from Augusta National is extended this year, allowing for viewers to watch significantly more life golf. The TV coverage remains the same as any Friday, the changes are instead in the online coverage. In previous years, the featured group stream was extremely limited and mostly only provided coverage on the back nine. That is no longer the case and instead viewers will be able to watch a plethora of featured groups, beginning the moment they step to the first tee. The featured group stream is scheduled to begin at 9:37 a.m. ET on Friday, roughly three hours earlier than it did last year.

Bubba Watson, Branden Grace and Ian Poulter make up the first featured group. A host of other big names will also be among the featured pairings including Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott. Rory McIlroy and Spieth will not be among those groups. Spieth tees off in the afternoon and much of his round will occur during the television coverage. That really only leaves McIlroy as the big name who will play largely without coverage.

Fans wanting to watch McIlory and the other players not in the featured groups can catch a glimpse on two of the other streams. also has a live stream of Amen Corner and another covering hole Nos. 15 and 16. While it isn’t as extensive as the featured groups, it is additional coverage.

Those three streams will be available on There will also be a live simulcast of the television coverage that will be available on a stream at both and through WatchESPN.

Here is a complete look at the featured groups and coverage for Friday.

Friday Featured Groups Tee Time Players 9:37 a.m. Bubba Watson Branden Grace Ian Poulter 9:59 a.m. Jason Day Matt Kuchar Ernie Els 12:44 p.m Louis Oosthuizen Jason Dufner Patrick Reed 1:06 p.m. Justin Thomas Emiliano Grillo Dustin Johnson 1:39 p.m. Phil Mickelson Marc Leishman Henrik Stenson 2:01 p.m. Adam Scott Kevin Kisner Brooks Koepka

Friday’s second round coverage


3-7:30 p.m.: Live second round coverage – ESPN8-11 p.m.: Replay of second round coverage – ESPN


3-7:30 p.m., 8-11 p.m.: Simulcast of TV coverage on WatchESPN

Available at

9:26 a.m.-completion (~7 p.m.): Featured groups stream10:45 a.m.-6 p.m.: Amen Corner live stream11:45 a.m.-7 p.m.: Nos. 15 and 16 live stream


2 p.m.-completion: Masters Radio –

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Watch Ernie Els seven-putt from six feet out

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