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Water Hazard


I was going for Big Chill, but I still think I can cool you off. First, some nice cold water! Then, I’ll absorb the moisture from the air!

– Water Hazard as he defeats Overlord.[1]

Water Hazard (alternatively spelled as Waterhazard)[2] is the Omnitrix’s DNA sample of an Orishan from the planet Kiusana[merch 1] in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Water Hazard appears as a red, mollusk-like alien with green eyes, and a grey mouth that does not move when he speaks. Behind his legs and on the top of his arms are small spikes that are grey, there are black spots on his shoulders and legs, and on his hands, there are portholes, which he uses to shoot water. Water Hazard also has four fingers with claws on them and on each of his feet, there is a grey spike. His lower torso is grey, with two spikes on the side of it.

In Omniverse, Water Hazard now has four slitted eyes, and also has eye-like patterns on his chest, with crab-like features on his stomach which appear to be crab legs forming a ribcage. He has much less black spots than normal. His mouth has a line running through it, his hood looks a lot rougher than before, is bigger, and more hexagonal than before, and he now has what appear to be barnacle-like portholes on his shoulders, arms, legs, and hands, from which he shoots the water. Rather than circular shoulders, he now has shoulders that end in shoulder pad-like armor above his arm, with much less black markings. He also has three spikes on the back of his legs and seems to have cracks on his arms and shoulders. The red sections near his face are now shorter and seemingly connect to his head with silver wire-like sections. His fingers are sharper and resemble dactyls, the “moveable finger” of a crab pincer. He is taller and thinner, as well as his legs becoming much thinner. His overall armor is a darker shade of red, seemingly maroon, and his grey parts are now more violet.

Water Hazard wears the Ultimatrix/Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Water Hazard can launch pressurized blasts of water[note 1] through the portholes in his hands. These blasts normally consist of hot water,[3] though he can change the temperature of his water powers from hot to cold. Using these same portholes, he can absorb moisture, including from the air.[1]

Water Hazard is extremely durable, being able to withstand crashing into a wall seemingly painless.[4] He has an armored exoskeleton that protects his body from damage, including physical attacks, thereby making him completely invulnerable.[5][6]

Water Hazard has enhanced strength, enough to throw Buglizard into a nearby wall[7] and punch craters into a concrete floor.[8]

Water Hazard appears to be immune to gases, as he was unharmed by Buglizard’s yellow spray.[7]

Similar to XLR8, Water Hazard has a retractable visor hidden under his hood.[9] His hood is also retractable.[DJW 1]

Water Hazard can produce sharp streams of water and use them as whips.[10]

Water Hazard can jump exceptionally high.[8]

Water Hazard can withstand radiation, such as that generated by a Prypiatosian-B.[11]

Water Hazard can breathe underwater,[DM 1] as demonstrated by Ultimate Aggregor during his visit to Piscciss.[12]

Water Hazard can manipulate different sources of water, including normal Earth water,[ES 1][DM 2] into a variety of shapes.[8]


Water Hazard can slip on certain surfaces, such as a Polymorph’s goo.[13]

Although his armored exoskeleton allows Water Hazard to feel little to no physical pain, there seems to be a limit to the exoskeleton’s durability, as he felt pain from hitting his head against a pipe.[4]

Being thrown can force Water Hazard to fire water blasts uncontrollably.[4]

Water Hazard is vulnerable to energy attacks and intense heat, such as that generated by a Prypiatosian-B.[14][11]

Water Hazard can be frozen by a Necrofriggian’s ice breath.[15] Similarly, he can be ensnared by an Evolved Arachnichimp’s webs, as demonstrated with Bivalvan.[16]

Water Hazard’s water attacks can be ineffective and withstood against resilient objects and opponents.[17]

Unlike Cascans,[DR 1] Water Hazard cannot turn water into either ice or steam.[DJW 2]


Ultimate Alien

  • In Fame, Water Hazard’s DNA was sampled and put in the Codon Stream when the Ultimatrix scanned Bivalvan’s DNA.
  • Water Hazard first appeared in Too Hot to Handle, where he pretended to be Bivalvan in a failed attempt to convince P’andor to go home. He was then defeated by P’andor, prompting Water Hazard to switch into Big Chill.
  • In Hero Time, Water Hazard defeated Overlord.
  • In Revenge of the Swarm, Water Hazard briefly battled a Victor Validus clone until it escaped.
  • In Double or Nothing, Water Hazard defeated Swamps, but was defeated and frozen by Fridge, so he switched into NRG.
  • In Night of the Living Nightmare, Water Hazard was seen confronting Albedo in a dream.


  • In The More Things Change: Part 2, Water Hazard battled Buglizard with Rook’s help.
  • In Hot Stretch, Water Hazard cooled off Ester and her friends.
  • In Tummy Trouble, Water Hazard sprayed Attea off the Proto-TRUK.
  • In The Frogs of War: Part 1, Water Hazard “accidentally” incapacitated Will Harangue, put out a fire accidentally caused by NRG, and fought some Incurseans before the Omnitrix’s randomizer function switched him into Astrodactyl.
  • In Return to Forever, Water Hazard tried to break out of a force field, but was reverted by the Forever Knights’ DNA scanner.
  • In The Ultimate Heist, Water Hazard failed to stop Negative Goop from getting the Polymorphic Crystal.
  • In For a Few Brains More, Water Hazard defeated Ultimate Panuncian.
  • In Bengeance Is Mine, Water Hazard fought Sir Morton and the Forever Knights until Pakmar’s shop got flooded.
  • In Rook Tales, Water Hazard was defeated by Kundo.
  • In A New Dawn, Water Hazard appeared for a short time when Ben was cycling through his aliens.


Video Games

Water Hazard in Cosmic Destruction

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

Water Hazard is one of the Andromeda Galaxy aliens playable in the game.

Water Hazard can generate a water tornado and briefly levitate while launching water blasts. Also, he wields a water-whip that can destroy enemies.

Water Hazard is vital for progression on the Eiffel Tower and The Final Battle levels of the game.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin Bulgarian Водовъртеж From водовъртеж, whirlpool Chinese 水霸天 From (Shǔi), water and 霸天 (Bà Tiān), overlord Croatian Vodeni From voda, water; the name is an adjective which means “water-based” Dutch Waterknaller From waterknaller, waterbuster French Hydro-Jet From hydro, prefix linked to water and jet German Wasserschock From wasser, water, and schock, shock Greek Επικίνδυνα Νερά From επικίνδυνος, hazard, and νερό, water Hebrew בִּיוַלְוַאן From the name of Bivalvan Hungarian Vizigót From Vizigót, Visigoth, and víz, water Italian Sparacqua From sparare, shoot, and acqua, water Polish Wodny Nahaj From wodny, water and nahaj, whip Portuguese (Br) Ameaça Aquática From ameaça, menace, and aquática, aquatic Romanian Bici de Apa From bici de apa, water whip Russian Водяная СилаЧеловек-Вода From водяная сила, water strengthFrom человек-вода, water -man Spanish (HA) Amenaza Acuática From amenaza, menace and acuática, aquatic Swedish Vattenfaran From vatten, water and faran, hazard Turkish Su Kamçısı From su, water and kamçı, whip


Water Hazard’s name comes from the term “fire hazard”, which refers to an action that may cause a fire and water which refers to Water Hazard’s water-based abilities. It is also due to the fact that fire is widely considered the opposite to water, which makes his name ironic. Water hazard also refers to a body of water on a golf course. Making that another possibility for the origin of his name.


  • Each of Ben’s Andromeda alien forms control a basic element. As his name suggests, Water Hazard commands water.
  • Water Hazard is the first Andromeda alien Ben has scanned and used.
    • His species is also the first to be scanned by the Ultimatrix.
  • Water Hazard’s voice has changed a few times over the course of his appearances:
    • When Water Hazard first appeared in Too Hot to Handle, his voice sounded exactly like Bivalvan’s did in Escape from Aggregor and Ultimate Aggregor because Water Hazard was supposed to be a clone of Bivalvan.[DM 3]
    • Starting in Hero Time, his voice became deeper to help differentiate him from Bivalvan.[DM 3]
    • In Omniverse, his voice is slightly modified to sound like that of an underwater human.
  • Water Hazard was designed by Steven Choi.[DJW 3]
  • Before Water Hazard shoots water in Omniverse, the sound of a gun cocking can be heard.
  • Water Hazard was the Alien of the Month in January 2011.
  • In the online games, Game Creator and Omniverse Collection, Water Hazard shoots blobs of water in an upward tilted angle instead of just spraying it. He is also able to create a bubble shield to protect himself from lasers.
  • Orishan have been confirmed to be separate entities from the Cascans, another red hydrokinetic species from the Andromeda Galaxy that was introduced in the reboot. Duncan Rouleau likens the differences between these species to those between panthers and jaguars.[DR 2]
    • Duncan is a fan of both Water Hazard and Overflow for different reasons, yet prefers the latter for his simplicity.[DR 3]




Crew Statements

Duncan Rouleau

Derrick J. Wyatt

Dwayne McDuffie

Eugene Son

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Wilson Staff D200 Driver | 60S Today


Five stars Au top 👍

Nicolas12 24/09/2020

Le driver est comme neuf. Arrivé super rapide. Très bonnes sensations pour les premiers essais. I


Best Golf Rangefinders Of 2015 (Reviews) (UPDATED) | 60S Today


For an updated golf rangefinder guide, go here.

It is very difficult to isolate the “best” of anything in a sea of competing products, and golf rangefinders are no exception.

Like most products, though, we can look at what the general consensus is and narrow the selection down to a list of rangefinders that you should consider.

With that said, here is a review of many of the best laser golf rangefinders from reputable brands such as Bushnell, Nikon, Callaway, Leupold and others.

Best Golf Rangefinders Of 2015

The great thing about these rangefinders is that because of their age, you can typically find them at very low prices, even new.


Lasers, as opposed to GPS units which can also measure distances, are generally more accurate, work on any golf course, and can measure distances to any object the user desires.

Lasers and GPS units both have their strengths and weaknesses, but only laser rangefinders will be featured on this page.

What will follow next is a detailed comparison chart of different rangefinders and a discussion of their features, benefits, drawbacks and reception (ratings).

The rangefinders are listed according to my personal rating from highest to lowest. The links on this page will take you to the respective listings of each of the rangefinders where you can buy them for a great price.

Golf Laser RangefinderPrice in USD (subject to change)Some SpecificationsStrengths and WeaknessesAmazon Review RatingMy Rating 1. Bushnell Tour V3 Bushnell Tour V3 RangefinderUnder $150 on eBayMagnification: 5x Range (flag): 5-1000 yds (400 yds) Accuracy: 1 yd Weight: 6.7 oz Dimensions: 4.2″ x 1.6″ x 2.8″Strengths: • superb build quality • little to no setup required • very simple to use • very durable • long battery life Weaknesses: • questionable quality of battery door component • repair/return process for problem units is unpleasant4.7/54.9/5 2. Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Rangefinder$200 or less on eBay, with included itemsMagnification: 5x Range (flag): 5-1000 yds (400 yds) Accuracy: 1 yd Weight: 6.6 oz Dimensions: 4.3″ x 2.8″ x 1.6″Strengths: • see pros of standard Tour V3 • slope feature works nicely and can really help to lower your score Weaknesses: • not allowed in tournaments • some might find the slope adjustment feature not worth the added cost4.7/54.8/5 3. Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Rangefinder$150 or less on eBayMagnification: 6x Range: 6-550 yards Accuracy: 1 yd (shorter than 100 yds), 2 yds (more than 100 yds) Weight: 4.4 oz Dimensions: 3.6″ x 2.9″ x 1.5″Strengths: • very lightweight • exceptionally clear image • picks up targets quickly and easily • feels solid in hand • great value for price Weaknesses: • a bit difficult to hold steady due to the light weight • tends to have trouble picking up flags from far away (~200+ yards out) or that have woods in the background4.5/54.7/5 4. TecTecTec VPRO500 TecTecTec VPRO500 Rangefinder$149.99Magnification: 6x Range: 5-540 yds Accuracy: 1 yd Weight: 6.5 oz Dimensions: 4.1″ x 2.8″ x 1.6″Strengths: • solid construction • modes are easy to use and work well • gives accurate and clear readings • great value for money • great customer service Weaknesses: • can sometimes have difficulty locking onto a flagstick • case scratches easily and isn’t the most durable4.6/54.7/5 5. Callaway 300 Callaway 300 RangefinderAround $200 on eBayMagnification: 6x Range (flag): 5-1000 yds (300 yds) Accuracy: 1 yd Weight: 7.5 oz Dimensions: 4.25″ x 3″ x 1.75″Strengths: • easy to use • very durable and light • sturdy design • has a focus adjustment on eye piece • reads out distances quickly and accurately even from far away Weaknesses: • unit can sometimes have trouble turning on due to an improper securing of the battery housing cap 4.3/54.7/5 6. Bushnell Tour Z6 Bushnell Tour Z6 Rangefinder$150 or less on eBayMagnification: 6x Range (flag): 5-1300 yds (450 yds) Accuracy: 1/2 yd Weight: 8 oz Dimensions: 1.3″ x 4″ x 2.9″Strengths: • lightning fast • quality construction • sharp images • accurate, compact, easy to operate • very easy to lock on to targets • long battery life Weaknesses: • jolt vibration occassionally does not work • some may find the rangefinder to be too expensive 4.8/54.7/5 7. Leupold GX-3i2 Leupold GX-3i2 RangefinderLess than $210 on eBay (great price drops)Magnification: 6x Range (flag): 5-800 yds (450 yds) Weight: 7.8 oz Dimensions: 3.8″ x 3″ x 1.4″Strengths: • high quality construction • easy to use and fast • excellent optics • LED display is easy to read in all conditions Weaknesses: • performance of pinseeker function is questionable • at times it can be difficult to target flags4.6/54.6/5 8. Tectectec VPRO500 Slope TecTecTec VPRO500S Slope Rangefinder$179.99Magnification: 6x Range: 5-540 yds Accuracy: 1 ydStrengths: • well made • easy to use • slope adjustment works well • very accurate • great value for money Weaknesses: • occasionally struggles to lock on to flags, especially from far away4.5/54.5/5

1. Bushnell Tour V3 Laser Rangefinder

Where To Buy Online

The Tour V3 rangefinder is harder to find now because newer models have been released. You can, however, get them at great prices on this eBay page.


The successor to the Tour V2, the ergonomically-designed Tour V3 has what Bushnell calls “PinSeeker with JOLT Technology”.

What the technology does is provide short vibrating bursts that allow the user to be certain the laser has locked onto the flag or any other target.

Operation is vertical and single-hand, and the rangefinder is legal for tournament play. Other features include:

  • a 24mm objective scope with a 5x magnification
  • a SCAN mode which updates the LCD screen continuously when panning the rangefinder
  • rainproof, 2-year warranty, 3-volt battery included
  • accurate to within 1 yard
  • ranging performance of 5-1000 yards, around 400 yards to flag

The Tour V3 is smaller and lighter and calculates distance more quickly than the previous Tour V2.


Extremely positive. At the time of writing, this is the #1 best-selling rangefinder on Amazon and it has a 4.7/5 rating with over 600 customer reviews.


  • excellent build quality
  • little to no setup required
  • very easy to use (point and shoot)
  • very accurate
  • long battery life


  • unpleasant return/repair process for dysfunctional units
  • questionable quality of battery door component

My rating: 4.9/5

2. Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Laser Rangefinder

Where To Buy Online

The Tour V3 Slope rangefinder is harder to find now because newer models have been released.

However, they are still available at great prices on this eBay page (modify the search query as needed).


The Tour V3 Slope is virtually identical in terms of design and features to the standard Tour V3 (see the features above) except for one feature: the ability to adjust distances/yardages based on the degree of incline/decline of the slope.

As you probably know, the correct yardage to shoot for changes depending on the elevation of the flag (or any other target) relative to your current position; the Tour V3 Slope accounts for this automatically, saving you time and taking away the guesswork involved in determining the optimal yardage to hit.

Bushnell is evidently valuing this “Slope Technology” at almost $100. This should be well worth the extra cost for golfers who frequently play courses that are hilly or have a lot of elevation changes.


Like the standard Tour V3, this is a very highly rated rangefinder — 4.7/5 rating on Amazon (Patriot Pack is #12 best seller) with over 190 customer reviews.


  • slope feature works beautifully and can really help shave off strokes
  • same benefits of regular Tour V3


  • not legal for tournament play
  • some might find the slope adjustment feature not worth the added cost

My rating: 4.8/5

3. Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Laser Rangefinder

Where To Buy Online

This is an older model (there are several newer variants of the COOLSHOT 20), but you can still get them on eBay.


The Nikon COOLSHOT 20 weighs 125 grams, is lightweight, and has an ergonomic design.

It has a ranging performance of 6-550 yards and is accurate to within roughly 1.5 yards on average depending on the distance to the target.

Nikon’s “First Target Priority” technology enables the rangefinder to easily identify a flagstick against a backdrop such as a forested area. Other features include:

  • a multilayer-coated, high quality Nikon 6x monocular that produces excellent clarity and brightness
  • a continuous measurement feature (enabled by pressing the POWER button once) that allows for quick and easy measurement of multiple targets even with slight hand shake
  • rainproof, two-year warranty
  • a long eye relief design favourable for eyeglass wearers

The COOLSHOT 20 is compact (3.6″ x 1.5″ x 2.9″) yet very precise. It is also legal for tournament play.

Nikon is a world leader in optics and this rangefinder is certainly a reflection of that.


This rangefinder has a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon (with over 42 customer reviews) and at one point was the #2 best seller there.


  • exceptionally clear image
  • very lightweight
  • picks up targets quickly and easily
  • feels solid in hand
  • great value for price


  • a bit difficult to hold steady due to the light weight
  • tends to have trouble picking up flags from far away (~200+ yards out) or against certain backdrops in some cases

My rating: 4.7/5

4. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Where To Buy Online

The best place to get the VPRO500 is still Amazon. The price is rock solid and it ships out quickly.


The Tectectec VPRO500 has a ranging performance of 5-540 yards. It features “Advanced PinSensor Technology” which helps to measure overlapping subjects in your path (such as in the rain).

It has three modes, which are:

First Target Priority Mode

This calculates and displays the distance to the closest subject, which is useful when you want to measure the distance to a flagstick with woods in the background.

Distant Target Priority Mode

This calculates and displays the distance to the farthest subject, which is useful when measuring the distance to a target through a wooded area.

ProScan Mode

This is useful for measuring the distance to hazards.

The rangefinder has a 6x monocular with a multilayer coating for a sharp and bright image. Other features include:

  • rainproof, one-year warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • includes carrying bag, strap, microfiber cloth, one battery
  • accurate to within 1 yard

The battery is a CR2 cell and is not rechargeable. The rangefinder is tournament legal.


The VPRO500 rangefinder has been received very well; it is currently a #1 best seller on Amazon and has a 4.6/5 rating with over 130 customer reviews.


  • gives accurate and clear numbers
  • modes are easy to use and work well
  • solid construction
  • great value for money
  • great customer service


  • can sometimes have difficulty locking onto a flagstick
  • case scratches easily and isn’t as durable as it could be

My rating: 4.7/5

5. Callaway 300 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Where To Buy Online

The Callaway 300 is more difficult to find these days, but you can check out this page.


The Callaway 300 has a sleek, compact, ergonomic design, a light weight (7.5 oz), and is legal for tournament play. It has a ranging performance of 5-1000 yards and is accurate to within 1 yard.

Callaway’s “Pin Acquisition Technology” (P.A.T.) enables the user to lock onto a flag from up to 300 yards away. Other features include:

  • 6x magnification
  • water and fog proof
  • includes carrying case and a CR2 3V lithium battery
  • a mode that allows for quick scanning of multiple targets like hazards and bunkers


This rangefinder has a great 4.3/5 star rating on Amazon (with over 25 customer reviews) and it is the #11 best-seller.


  • very durable and light
  • sturdy design
  • easy to use
  • reads out distances quickly and accurately even from far away
  • has a focus adjustment on eye piece


  • battery housing cap is not secured properly and it may prevent the unit from turning on due to a bad connection

My rating: 4.7/5

6. Bushnell Tour Z6 Laser Rangefinder

Where To Buy Online

Your best bet now is to pick up the Tour Z6 from eBay here at a discounted price.


Like the Tour V3 series of rangefinders, the Bushnell Tour Z6 also features PinSeeker with Jolt Technology, which provides short vibrating bursts that confirm to the user the laser has locked onto the flag.

The Tour Z6 can acquire flags from up to 450 yards away, and it has a total performance range of 5 to 1300 yards. The rangefinder is legal for tournament play.

The Tour Z6 also has what Bushnell calls “Second Generation E.S.P.” (Extreme. Speed. Precision) and “VDT” (Vivid Display Technology). E.S.P. provides very quick and accurate yardages, and VDT improves clarity, contrast, and light transmission.

Other features include:

  • accurate to within 1/2 a yard
  • 6x magnification
  • fully waterproof, 2-year warranty
  • includes carrying case and a 3-volt 123 battery
  • adjustable diopter setting


The Tour Z6 rangefinder has an extremely good 4.8/5 rating on Amazon (over 115 customer reviews), where it is the #10 best-seller. It is on the pricey side, but you can be certain that it is a quality product.


  • lightning fast
  • very easy to lock on to targets
  • accurate
  • compact
  • easy to operate
  • long battery life
  • sharp images
  • quality construction


  • some may find the rangefinder to be too expensive
  • jolt vibration occasionally doesn’t work

My rating: 4.7/5

7. Leupold GX-3i2 Golf Rangefinder

Where To Buy Online

This Leupold model is quite difficult to find now. Your best bet is looking at the listings here.


The Leupold GX-3i2 rangefinder features “Digitally Enhanced Accuracy” (DNA) which affords faster, more precise measurements. The optics are bright, clear, have low glare and are scratch-resistant.

The maximum range is 800 yards, or 450 yards to the flag. Legal for tournament play.

The GX-3i2 also has a “Fog Mode” — in this mode, the rangefinder ignores any fog or weather artifacts that might be between you and the pin and would otherwise interfere with your measurement.

Other features include:

  • “Pin Hunter 2” laser technology, which filters out images in the background and makes it easier to lock on to a flagstick
  • “Prism Lock” technology, which helps the rangefinder find the flag prism and display the distance quickly
  • scan mode (for continuous measuring)
  • quick set menu for easy settings navigation
  • 6x magnification
  • waterproof, lifetime warranty


This rangefinder is highly rated: 4.6/5 with over 30 customer reviews, and many people prefer Leupold GX rangefinders over those from Bushnell, Nikon, etc.


Easy to use, fast, LED display is easy to read in all conditions, excellent optics, high quality construction


Can be difficult to target flags at times, questionable performance of pinseeker function

My rating: 4.6/5

8. TecTecTec VPRO500S Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder

Where To Buy Online

Like the regular VPRO500, the best place to get the VPRO500S is Amazon, where TecTecTec has officially taken up shop.


The Tectectec VPRO500S Slope is similar to the standard VPRO500 but with the added benefit of being able to factor the elevation change into the distance calculation.

The VPRO500S has three modes:

1. Slope Mode

This mode has “PinSlope Technology” and cannot be turned off. It provides a slope-adjusted distance, taking into account any inclines or declines in front of you so that you can be confident you’re hitting the right club.

2. Flagseeker Mode

This mode has “Advanced PinSensor Technology” and consists of two sub-modes: First Target Priority (displays distance to closest subject) and Distance Target Priority (displays distance to farthest subject).

3. Scan Mode

This provides continuous measuring, useful for finding distances to hazards.

As this rangefinder has a slope feature, it is not legal for tournament play. It comes with a carrying bag, cloth, strap, and a CR2 3V battery. Other features include:

  • 6x monocular with a multilayer coating for bright, sharp images
  • rainproof
  • accurate to within 1 yard
  • 1-year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee


This rangefinder has a good reception, but not as good as the VPRO500. It has a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon with over 35 customer reviews, and it is one of the best selling rangefinders currently available.


  • great value for money
  • very accurate
  • well made
  • easy to use
  • slope feature works well


  • occasionally struggles to lock on to flags, particularly from far away

My rating: 4.5/5

Final Thoughts

Based on my own research and testing, these are some of the best laser golf rangefinders currently available. Most of them are more than a few years old and can be obtained at a great price.

For those on a tight budget who are looking for something effective but on the lower end, something the VPRO500/VPRO500S or the COOLSHOT 20 would be an excellent choice.

What I would recommend doing is simply choosing a rangefinder (either from among this list here or from here) with a price that is closest to your budget.

If your budget isn’t set in stone, the Bushnell Tour V3 is really a rangefinder to consider; it offers a fantastic balance between price and quality.

Best of luck shopping for your golf rangefinder!

Have you tried any of these rangefinders? Which ones are you interested in the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


golf pride mcc plus 4 review | 60S Today


Golf Pride MCC Plus 4_0034

50 Words or Less

The Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip takes Golf Pride’s hugely popular Multi Compound grip and increases the size of the lower half to create a taper-free grip.


If you read the in-depth What’s In the Bag articles about PGA Tour pros, you will notice that many of them prefer extra wraps of grip tape under their lower hand. Whether this is simply a preference or a necessary defense against hooking the ball, it’s a trend that you can also see among better amateur players.

This trend has not gone unnoticed by Golf Pride. To the delight of club builders everywhere, they’ve released the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip, a grip with a thicker lower half that eliminates the need for extra wraps of grip tape.

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4_0032


The Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip is indistinguishable from the classic New Decade Multi Compound, with the exception of the white outline around the Golf Pride logo. The standard sized MCC Plus 4 is available in grey, red, and blue. At least for this year, the midsize grip is available only in grey.

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4_0049


While the new MCC Plus 4 grip looks exactly like the New Decade Multi Compound, it does have a distinct feel. First, of course, is the thicker lower half. This difference is immediately noticeable, even to those who aren’t equipment fanatics. The lower half of the grip is also softer than the NDMC due to the use of a softer rubber.

The upper half of the MCC Plus 4 does feel just like the classic Multi Compound. It’s firm with just enough cord to give you a great all-weather grip.

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4_0038


4.6%. That’s the difference in the size of the lower hand. While it doesn’t seem like much, it’s immediately noticeable and, for me, much more comfortable. Golf Pride says that this design also has great benefits: lighter grip pressure, reduced tension, and increased power. It’s also thought that a larger lower hand makes hooking the ball less likely. While I don’t have data to prove any of those claims, there are plenty of tour pros and thousands of skilled amateur players who swear by it, myself included.

These grips also have the benefit of consistency. Golfers are obsessed with the word consistency, and it’s one of the biggest reasons that I’m a convert to the new Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip. I’ve played Multi Compound grips for years, and I’ve always built up the lower half. The difficulty and hassle is in doing this precisely: making the half pieces of the tape exactly the same size and placing them perfectly on top of one another. That’s now a thing of the past. With one full-length strip of grip tape, I can have grips that are nearly taper-free and exactly the same from club to club.

One final point for the swing weight obsessed: the midsize version of the MCC Plus 4 is substantially heavier (66 grams) than the standard (52 grams).

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4_0050


For the thousands of golfers who prefer a larger lower hand on their grip, the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip is a godsend. It offers the taper-free shape, and all the benefits thereof, without the hassle of extra wraps. The only question left is what you’re going to do with all those extra rolls of grip tape.

Buy Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grips HERE


‘What a CATch:’ Cat effortlessly grabs golf balls in its paws, viral video amazes netizens


A video was posted by former Australian cricketer turned commentator Dean Jones on his Twitter page where a cat effortlessly catches a golf ball hit by its human.

It starts with a woman taking her position with the golf stick and positioning the ball underneath. In front of her, the cat is crouching down to take its position in order to grab the ball within its paws with the utmost ease.

As soon as the ball is flung towards the flung, off in the air it goes, catches it, and lands on the floor smoothly. Like that, it is able to grab many balls coming its way without any difficulty in both the catch and the landing after it.

Take a look at the video. Jones captioned the video as, “I have seen worst fielders, I assure you.”

As soon as it was posted, it started to go viral at lightning speed. Till now, it has garnered 1,55,900 views on the microblogging site with 1100 retweets and 7000 likes.

Netizens loved the feline’s quick reflexes. Coming from a cricketer’s profile, many were reminded of the ace South African fielder Jonty Rhodes after seeing this. One also called the cat, ‘billiyon ka Jonty Rhodes.’

Some also felt that the cat should be a fielding coach for many teams. Hence, the funny cricket banter ensued under the comments section.

Here are some of the reactions.

Indeed, the cat-like reflexes made the feline go viral as soon as the video was posted. Pretty sure, it could be the best cat fielder anyone would have ever seen.





In this article, you can explore quick mini golf king guide and walkthrough about how to play? how to get everything easily.


Mini Golf King is an interesting and 3D game in which players of this game can easily fight on the Internet against opponents from all over the world.

The Mini Golf King games, in addition, are from a single hole, so they rarely last more than one or two minutes.

On Mini Golf King to play online against players all over the world and browse different circuits as we win games.

By reading our mini-golf king guide you can discover the interesting APK game.

Not just golf. This is action-packed mini-golf with full fun and lots of adventures and thrills.


Mini golf king is offered and delivered by PINX


mini golf king guide and walkthrough
mini golf king guide and walkthrough cheats hacks

You can win a mini golf king game by reading the latest mini golf king guide.

Play real-time online games on beautiful on your Android/iOS platforms. In this game, you can win & collect trophies to unlock top levels by following the mini-golf king guide.

Discover and improve golf balls, the gloves & clubs to customize your gameplay.

Join the weekly leaderboard and tournament for great prizes and fame.

Do some great tricks in Hole in One Challenge and Tour Challenge. You can also play with your Facebook friends!

With mini golf king guide, shooting is easier than ever.

Pull and release to hit the ball like billiards! Aim and shoot carefully to collect the most gems as you make the fastest path to the hole.

Control System Of Mini Golf King

Get all information about the game in this updated mini golf king guide.

The control system of Mini Golf King is intuitive and is well adapted to tactile devices: by sliding your finger across the screen we can adjust the direction and the power we want to give the shot.

Of course, the type of club we use in each throw will determine how much power we should print at the stroke.

The control system of this game is similar to the games of mobile billiards.

That is, you have to slip to determine the momentum of the ball and direct the shot to succeed in getting the ball into the hole directly or with a carom.


Collect Gems

Collect gems when you are playing the game by following the mini golf king guide.

Gems are scattered along the way. You can collect gems to increase your score. When you have enough gems you will be able to get gem chests.

Final Score

One of the most important elements to keep in mind when we are playing Mini Golf King is that the final score is very important.

It will not do us any good to get the ball into the hole before our opponent if we have not managed to get any gem along the way.

Each gem will provide a hundred points, so it is very useful to try to catch all that we can with each launch.

Unlock Holes

In Mini Golf King we will find more than thirty different holes, which we can unlock little by little, as we win games against other players.

All these holes, in addition, are divided into eight different scenarios, each with a theme totally different from the previous ones.

Overcome Difficulties

We will find here the usual difficulties of any minigolf, like ramps, absurd constructions or circuits that you can only overcome with blows and where the wind also affects.

At the same time, we will find gems and gems that will serve to increase your score as well as other aids and power-ups.


Exciting mini-golf duel in real-time online multiplayer.

Simple and intuitive controls: wipe and let go to strike.

Play against players from all over the world to get their coins and trophies!

Play on over 35 beautiful golf courses with lots of dynamic tricks and fun.

Get chests to find new and powerful golf apparatus and enhance existing ones: riders, irons, sand wedges, putter, balls and gloves!

Progress through advanced levels to the very top.

Play 3 rounds of the tournament, win mega prizes and become the golf champion!

Sink every putt and get special rewards in the Hole-in-One Challenge!

Travel through 50+ holes and get free stars.

Connect with Facebook to send and request gifts!

Play online games against other players in real-time.

Intuitive control: touch, slide, aim, and shoot.

Play against other players to take away their coins and trophies.

Play over 35 different terrains that contain all kinds of dynamic tips.

Unlock chests and discover new teams to play golf.

Make progress in stages and reach the top of the rankings.

Participate in special competitions to make a hole in one.

Connect to Facebook to send and solicit gifts.

Conditions & additional information

Minimum operating system required: Android 4.0.3.

Integrated in-app purchases.

Get unlimited gold bars and tickets.

100% safe (free from viruses / Trojans).

Compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

No root/jailbreak.


How To Get The Soccer Ball Club In Mini-Golf King?

You can win a soccer ball club by playing tournaments and stages of mini-golf king. Do not waste chests because you can get unlimited rewards, clubs, and balls by opening these chests.

What Do The Gloves Do In Mini Golf King?

In mini golf king, you can get gloves which helps you to shoot balls exactly in the hole. Gloves increase the friction and prevent the club from turning.


Mini Golf King is full of entertainment and original minigolf game, which also has a beautiful graphics section.

A very funny title, which we can play online against opponents from all corners of the world. So you can get gems by following our Mini Golf King Guide & Walkthrough.

[button color=”black” size=”medium” link=”” rel=”nofollow” target=”blank” ]Mini Golf King Multiplayer Game[/button]



TaylorMade SpeedBlade irons: Editor Review | 60S Today


Pros: At address, SpeedBlades are an absolute confidence booster with a thin(ish) top line. They have a great trampoline-like feel when flushed, and mishits won’t punish your joints. The ball flight with the long irons can look down right majestic.

Cons: Trendy-ish design. The long irons are a bit clumsy for working the ball, and the generous amount of offset is a touch worrisome for any golfer that is potentially considering “regressing” towards the game improvement family from a player’s stick.

Bottom Line: Forceful, forgiving and pretty freaking awesome. But low-handicap golfers might want something more workable.


Speedblades are a cavity-back, cast iron with a moderate amount of offset and a brushed finish. The size and shape looks appealing and doesn’t look as forgiving as we now know they are.

The SpeedBlade irons have a two-tone, satin nickel chrome plating with dark smoke satin ion plating that looks great.

More importantly than the finish these irons feature a newly engineered speed pocket, a handle-bar shaped slot in the sole of the 3-7 irons that enables a large area of the face to flex and rebound at impact, resulting in faster ball speed, higher launch and better feel.

TMag’s research indicated that 72% of shots by 5- to 25-handicappers are impacted below the center of the face, which typically results in low-launching shots of inconsistent distance.

taylormade speedblade

They build on the technology of Taylormade’s RocketBladez irons, which were the first of the company’s irons to have a “Speed Pocket.”


Above: The new SpeedBlade (Left) and the older RocketBladez (Right).

The SpeedBlades have a slightly different Speed Pocket than the RocketBladez, however, as it is now longer, wider and has a handlebar shape that TaylorMade says adds more forgiveness than the RocketBladez irons.

[youtube id=”_k9unWck_wY” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Click here to read more about the technology in the SpeedBlade irons.

TaylorMade touts its latest Speed Pocket as “a deep slot behind the clubface that allows the face to flex and rebound faster, increasing your ball speed and launch angle to boost your distance dramatically.” This club purportedly differs from the RocketBladez irons in that TaylorMade has “lowered the [Speedblade’s] CG to further increase your launch angle. Shots scream high into the sky and stay there longer, equaling longer carry and more distance.” Hey, I’m all for it if it works.


Above: The handlebar-shaped Speed Pocket of the SpeedBlade irons is longer and wider than the RocketBladez irons.

The SpeedBlade irons retail for $799 with the company’s stock SpeedBlade 85 steel shaft (available in regular and stiff flexes), and $899 with TaylorMade’s Velox T graphite shafts (available in senior, regular and stiff flexes).

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 3.30.19 PM


TaylorMade’s branding posture is not a subtle one. I still snicker recalling the excessively brash “IER” campaign from early 2013 to promote the RocketBladez (“I. PLAY. A DISTANCE IRON.” said a scowling Justin Rose). The Speedblade’s advertising has a similar bravado: “The Speed Pocket makes all other irons inferior. It’s nothing personal. It’s innovation” according to the TaylorMade Website. Well, TaylorMade, insulting my beloved (and aesthetically superior) AP2’s I DO take personally, so pipe down a bit, ok? Let me hit them on my own and decide for myself.

taylormade 2014 irons

But I must say, the performance of the SpeedBlades is eyebrow raising here, in a good way. Long and mid irons explode off the club face and reach soaring, green-holding heights. In a few instances, well-struck shots appear to fly past my target. Short irons, while still forgiving and powerful, are also precise. It’s an impressive display of ball striking all around. I’m reminded of that scene from Demolition Man where Wesley Snipes’ character (Simon Phoenix) finds the futuristic ray gun in the museum, fires it and is immediately dazzled.


Off-center hits are quite playable. I spent a couple of hours hitting these on a brisk New Jersey fall evening and mishits didn’t die miles short of my target. I was surprised at how balls that were struck outside the sweet spot ended up achieving a respectable ball flight.

72fa209a9f5a6507a0fe512ec70995e0 3faa17ddd51a9d85352cfba907fd429b

Above: The SpeedBlade “A Wedge” (50-degrees) and is noticeably more compact than the longer irons.

It is worth mentioning the SpeedBlade A Wedge (a gap wedge), Sand Wedge and Lob Wedge, which are not cavity backs like the rest of the set, and have more of a blade appearance. They are impressive tools; very accurate and crisp at impact.

One minor gripe: Working the ball with long irons was a bit challenging because of the clubhead size and offset, which does indeed lessen as the set progresses. Nonetheless, TaylorMade’s general assertion that your “shots scream high into the sky and stay there longer, equaling longer carry and more distance” was true for me.

Looks and Feel


I wouldn’t say the SpeedBlades are necessarily beautiful, but there is a handsome, albeit a bit hunky presence about them (perhaps a bit more Mustang than Maserati). The top lines are thinnish for a game-improvement club, and the brushed steel looks soft, receptive and ready to compress the ball. The finish also serves to negate glare. If placed in your golf the bag, the blue font/decal on the back of the club adds some “pop” without being (too) tacky.

taylormade speedblade

The feel of the SpeedBlade irons is more muted than the RocketBladez, which will be a big selling point for them. As stated above, there is a springy, energetic response on flushed shots; it’s almost marvelously violent on occasion. Perhaps it is the slot technology at work, but it is at times an addictive, pulse-pounding sensation that leaves me periodically giggling and feverishly positioning more range balls to be thoroughly pulverized.

Again, I wish to praise the merits of the wedges here; a “player’s” looking club with a soft, yet crisp feeling at impact with a downright precise look at address. With a nice click, these club send the ball exactly to your intended target.

Nonetheless, this is a cast set of irons. The sensation experienced on flushed shots never quite approaches euphoric levels of sensory ecstasy that one could can encounter with a finely crafted forged club. It’s just a touch less solid.


Above: A SpeedBlade 6 iron at address

Feedback on mishits is also a bit numb at times, but I suspect that could be a goal and not a defect. The more than moderate amount of offset is also not going to be for everyone, although it’s essentially non existent in the shorter irons.

The Takeaway


One word definitely comes to mind here: long. These SpeedBlades send the ball a long way, particularly with the lower lofted irons that, let’s face it, are the clubs most golfers struggle with and the reason hybrids were invented.

I’m also a fan of the “toned down” design in the Speedblade vs the Rocketbladez, whose loud appearance and color scheme was a bit “much” for me in the looks department. The Speedblade has a more tasteful, pleasing presence. You could be proud to slip these into your bag.


The short irons are also “player-like” enough to create curiosity from better golfers, who might like more forgiveness in their long irons, but also the smaller size and additional feel and precision from of their shorter irons. They would not be disappointed here.

TaylorMade SpeedBlade irons: Editor Review


Who is Sung Kang’s from “Fast and Furious” wife Miki Yim? Her Bio, Wiki, Ethnicity, Age, Marriage, Fashion Career


Who is Miki Yim?

Sung Kang has come to prominence through the “Fast & Furious” film franchise and has since continued to improve his career. With his own popularity, people around him came into limelight, including his wife, Miki Yim. So, who is Miki Yim, when and where was she born, what does she do for a living?

Miki Yim

South Korean-born Miki Yim is a fashion designer, and currently serves as a General Manager of the famous fashion brand Prada. For now, she hasn’t revealed her exact birth date and place, though we remain hopeful that she will share this information with us in the near future.

Do you want to find out more about Miki Yim? If yes, then stay with us for a while as we uncover all the interesting details about Miki in this article.

Miki Yim: Age, Early Life, and Education

Although she hasn’t revealed her exact birth date, Miki is around 30 years old. She grew up in South Korea, but further information about her childhood remains unknown to us, such as the names of her parents, and if she has any siblings or not. After finishing high school, Miki enrolled at the prestigious Meiji Gakuin University, from which she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in the English Language.

Miki Yim

Miki Yim Career

When it comes to her career endeavors, Miki has also remained silent on the larger part of it, and has only revealed a few notable endeavors. Her first major position was as Louis Vuitton’s Supervisor in Honolulu, Hawaii, and from there got her hands on several other popular fashion and cosmetics brands over the years. She continued her career by joining Sephora, and then switched to Chanel. Miki continued to transfer from one fashion brand to another, and as a result also worked for La Perla, and Celine Inc., however, she is best recognized for her work as the General Manager for Prada, Honolulu, which in large part has contributed to her net worth.

Miki Yim Net Worth

Although part of her career remains unknown, Miki has earned a decent amount of wealth through her endeavors in the fashion industry. So, have you ever wondered how rich Miki Yim is, as of late 2018? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Yim’s net worth is as high as $2 million, which is pretty impressive don’t you think?

Miki Yim and Sung Kang

Miki Yim and Sung Kang Love Story

Miki and Sung have been together for 16 years, four of those years they were married; the two met back in 1992 and since then nurtured their relationship. This was way back when Sung still wasn’t even a professional actor. As the years passed, their bond became stronger and in 2014, the couple held a small and private wedding ceremony, far away from all the glitz and glamour, with just a few close friends and family. The couple doesn’t have children, yet.

Miki Yim Husband, Sung Kang

Now that we have shared all there is about Miki, let’s share some information about her husband, Sung Kang, from his childhood to most recent career endeavors.

Sung Kung was born on the 8th April 1972 in Gainesville, Georgia USA, the son of South Korean immigrants, and spent his teenage years in California. After he finished high school, Sung enrolled at the University of California, Riverside, but during his college days, Sung chose acting instead of law, of which his parents disapproved, and would often express their concerns for his future, since at the time, there weren’t many Asians on American television programs. Nevertheless, Sung continued his studies and has become a successful actor.

Career Beginnings and Rise to Prominence

Sung’s acting debut came in 1999 in a minor role in the fantasy comedy film “Mystery Man”, starring Ben Stiller, Janeane Garofalo and William H. Macy, while his first major role was as Han Hu in the film “Better Luck Tomorrow”, while it was in 2006 that he reached prominence with the part of Han in the action film “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”, co-starring Lucas Black, Zachery Ty Bryan, and others, then repeating his role of Han in the sequels “Fast & Furious” in 2009, “Fast Five” in 2011, and “Fast & Furious 6” in 2013. Sung has continued his career by appearing in such films as the action thriller “Bullet to the Head” in 2012, with Sylvester Stallone and Christian Slater, while in 2015 he was the star of the fantasy drama film “Pali Road”, co-starring Jackson Rathbone and Michelle Chen. Most recently, he’s portraying Assistant US Attorney John Mak in the crime-drama series “Power” (2017-2018), and is working on the film “Code 8”, scheduled for release in 2019.

Sung Kang Net Worth and Internet Fame

Since launching his career, Sung has over 50 film and TV credits to his name, which have increased his net worth to a large degree. In addition to acting, Sung Kung is also a businessman, having run his own restaurant – Saketini – located in Brentwood, Los Angeles, though it closed in 2013. So, have you ever wondered how rich Sung Kang is, as of late 2018? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Sung Kang’s net worth is as high as $8 million.

Sung has become quite popular on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, though he is also no stranger on Twitter. He has over 12 million followers on his official Facebook page, while on Instagram, he is followed by more than 965,000 people, and on Twitter by 260,000 fans. He has used social media to promote his personal and professional endeavors as well.


How do you open Volkswagen Golf trunk from inside ?


If you’re running rubish, assisting someone move, or going away for the weekend, the extra volume given by the trunk of your Volkswagen Golf is fundamental. However, it can happen, sometimes, that your trunk gets stuck, whether it is because of a power issues, or a problem with the lock, you will unavoidably end up struggling when encountered with this problem. That’s why we chosen to compose this article content to help you understand how to open the trunk of a Volkswagen Golf from the inside? This should give you a temporary remedy to access the trunk whilst you reflect on a complete repair. To do so, we will first discover why the trunk of your car is blocked, and additionally, how to open the trunk of your Volkswagen Golf from the interior.


Why is the trunk of your Volkswagen Golf locked?

We will now see one after the other the problems that can make you want to open the safe of your Volkswagen Golf from the inside.

Lock connection wires cut off that blocks your Volkswagen Golf trunk

First motive for a locked trunk on your car. It is possible that the wires or the wiring harness of the trunk lock may have been cut by force or because of shocks. This problem causes the outside trunk release handle to not act in response and may also generate problems with your rear lights which may be linked with the same wiring harness. If you have these two problems and your bulbs are not burnt out (please browse our article content on changing the bulbs of the rear lights on Volkswagen Golf if you don’t know how to verify their state, there is a good chance that the tailgate of your Volkswagen Golf is blocked caused by an electrical problem.

Broken trunk lock on Volkswagen Golf

The second problem that may cause you to search for how to open the trunk of your Volkswagen Golf from the inside, is that it is the lock of the trunk of your Volkswagen Golf that is at the cause of your problem. After a while, it may become blocked or internal mechanisms may break. In such a case, the action of the exterior trunk handle no longer stimulates the mechanism. You may still perceive the sound of activation, but the mechanism will not turn.

Something’s jammed in the lock

To conclude, a last situation, despite the fact that the origin of the problem is in most cases already established. It is possible that you have something (a bag for example, a jacket, leaves…) stuck in the lock of your trunk and that this foreign body keeps it in the closed position.

How to open trunk Volkswagen Golf from the inside?

After reviewing the various reasons why you might want to open the trunk of your Volkswagen Golf from the inside, we will describe how to do it in practice. You may not be informed of it, but there is an internal handle on your trunk, which is there for security. This handle is hidden and many of us are not even advised of its existence. However, it is the handle that will allow you to open the trunk of your Volkswagen Golf from the passenger compartment. To identify this “handle” you’ll have to get in the back seat (don’t hesitate to fold it down for more space), and, at the trunk lock of your Volkswagen Golf (center of the tailgate), you’ll have to remove a plastic cover to see the complete lock appear. Once this has been achieved, you should locate a sort of lever that once activated will allow you to open the tailgate of your Volkswagen Golf from the inside. Be careful though, on many models if this lever remains in the open position you will not be able to lock your trunk when locking your car with the central locking system. So remember to put it back in position once you close your trunk.

To find more tips on the Volkswagen Golf, take a look at the Volkswagen Golf category.


Nike Hyperflight Golf Balls Review | 60S Today


Have a proper posture, strong grip, and great swing are all signs of improvement in your golf game. But do you feel like your progress is slow? Maybe it has nothing to do with you or your club set. Have you considered that it may be due to the wrong choice of a Golf ball? In this post, we’re going to talk about the importance of golf balls and an in-depth Nike Hyperflight golf balls review:

So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your golf balls, just do it!

Choosing a Golf Ball

Golf is a game of precision, strategy, and great equipment choices. Before we get started with our Nike Hyperflishgolfball, you should know the importance of choosing a golf ball and how to choose the best one. Beginners and amateurs spend a lot of time looking for a great golf club, but when it comes to selecting golf balls, they think they’re all the same.

You have to understand that the only equipment you use in each shot is a golf ball, so you have to emphasize it. When choosing a golf ball, it is important to consider the following:

  • Distance

If you need to improve your long game, a distance ball will help. However, you may have to give up control on the greens. If you need more control, you’ll need a ball with high spin, and Nike offers a mix of styles to help you work on different aspects of your game.

  • Trajectory

Do you want to improve or lessen trajectory? The dimple design affects the trajectory of the ball – Large dimples improve height, whereas smaller dimples lessen it.

  • Feel

This depends on your game and what level you’re at. Beginners like a ball with a hard feel to get more distance, while pros prefer a soft feel for playability on the greens.

  • Compression Rate

The firmer the ball, the longer it will travel, and if you keep buying softballs, you will never reach your true potential. If you want to improve, use firmer balls to get longer shots and practice control on greens.

Nike Mix Golf Balls - Top Styles! 24 Near Mint Quality Used Golf Balls (AAAA RBZ One Tour and More golfballs!), White, One Size

Nike Hyperflight Golf Balls

Nike has dominated the sports world with great design, cutting-edge technology, and superior ease of use provided by golfing and sports equipment. The Nike Hyperflight golf ball is no exception and is a great ball for beginners and amateurs. It has an ultra-soft compression core designed to maximize forgiveness for golfers who usually swing less than 85 mph.

At 85 mph, the carry distance between a short ball and a long ball is about 8 yards and increases further as the swing speed declines. Regular golfers usually swing at 115 mph, so the carry distance is over 17 yards, and that’s why the Nike Hyperflight golf ball is ideal for beginners.

How Do They Feel?

When you touch the ball, you immediately feel that the ball’s design intends to optimize performance on the greens, thanks to its softer cover. And its lightweight (1.1 lbs) allows it to travel more distance than other golf balls hit with the same force.


As any golfer, and you would know the importance of a golf ball’s distance ability on this game’s outcome. So, while selecting the right ball for the game, they often choose one that provides a good distance. The Nike Hyperflight golf ball is a great choice because it delivers faster speed for maximum distance.

You can launch it off the tee and stop it on the green as its 3-piece construction delivers versatile performance for a soft feel around greens as well. Thanks to its soft compression core, golfers get enhanced speed, accuracy, and control.


One outstanding attribute of most Nike products is precision, and the Nike Hyperflight golf ball is precise. It succeeds where most golf balls suffer – consistency. While testing with swing robots with lower speeds, the golf ball goes about similar distances or directions. Inconsistent golf balls can exceed 20 yards in carrying distance.

This doesn’t have much to do with the design but the quality of production, something the engineers at Nike don’t take for granted. Every dimple is accounted for, and if the ball isn’t round, it doesn’t make the stores.


Nike Hyperflight golf balls are durable. If you are a beginner, you can use the same ball for a long time, but as you improve your swing speed and start hitting the ball harder, it’ll soon be time to replace this golf ball with an option for amateurs or pros.

Nike Mix Golf Balls - Top Styles! 24 Near Mint Quality Used Golf Balls (AAAA RBZ One Tour and More golfballs!), White, One Size


  • A great choice for beginners
  • Performs well on greens
  • Three-piece construction for versatile performance
  • An inexpensive option for beginners
  • Nike is a reputable and reliable brand
  • Ultra-soft compression core design promotes incredible distance
  • White color shell
  • Mantle layer designed to equip golfers with enhanced speed, accuracy, and control
  • Innovative dimple design to reduce carry distance


  • Not suitable for pros that regularly swing between 110-125 mph
  • Doesn’t generate much backspin on the greens

Our Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, choosing the right golf ball to improve your performance and reach your potential is essential. We hope you enjoyed reading our Nike Hyperflight golf balls review. The Hyperflight is a great golf ball to have in your beginner golf kit.

Great golf balls go longer and straighter and make you look like a pro. Hyperflight Golf Balls are an ideal blend of feel and control for beginners to enhance speed, accuracy, and control at any distance.