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Four stars club tres agreable

grecos12 10/08/2019

livraison parfaite en 72h club comme neuf tres tolerant et performant


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Club Car Precedent Running Slow

Why is my Club Car Precedent Slow?

The main reasons for a Club Car Precedent running slow is because of a weak battery, or faults with the MCOR, solenoid and throttle cable.

Some of the other reasons the cart may slow down are:

  • Solenoid contacts can get jammed as they wear out; experts call this ‘welded solenoid’.
  • The MCOR could be an issue.
  • Resetting the default speed through buying the alternate code can solve this problem. This has to be done through a CC dealer.
  • The speed sensor could be an issue.

Club Car Battery Charging Tips

If there is a battery issue in your Club Car golf cart, it may not directly show up. Some basic procedures have to be observed while handling the batteries in an electric golf cart. If you have new batteries you must charge them fully.

  • After the charging is complete, unplug the charger and plug it on again; it will not charge.
  • The golf cart with the new batteries must be run frequently and recharged fully to ensure that they reach the optimum performance and have a longer life.
  • The general observation by long-time users of electric golf carts is that the 12V batteries last only around 3-4 years. The 8V batteries may last longer, say 5-7 years.
  • When you are checking the batteries for power, you must do the check at the pack level and again, the individual batteries.
  • A 48V battery pack must show 50.9V when fully charged.

How to Fix a Club Car Precedent Slow Start

Replacing the spark plug on a Club Car Precedent can fix the issue of the golf cart starting slow.

There are other areas also that you can check. These include the brass fuel filter which may need a cleanup. The fuel hose also has to be checked.

The usual checks can be run starting with the solenoid, the battery pack, and the cables. One test to know the reason for the slow start in a Club Car Precedent is given below:

  • You will need a set of jumper cables.
  • First, try jumping with the negative cable from the battery side. The other end should be on a grounding spot on the starter.
  • Check if the cart starts and moves normally.
  • Next, do the same with the positive side of the battery and connect to the white post on the starter.
  • If the slow-start problem is not still resolved, you should conclude that the brushes or the armature are shorted.

Other Parts you Need to Check

  • Check the solenoid.
  • Check all the wires and cables and see if any of them feels warm or hot.
  • Some cables can corrode from inside and won’t be visible from the outside.
  • A few recommendations are based on the serial number of the Club Car since the engine type may vary
  • Check if the generator belt is tightened properly.
  • The throttle cable may have to be adjusted.

Club Car Precedent Only Goes at Half Speed

A Club Car Precedent golf cart can be running at half speed due to a a broken magnet in the motor.

You must check to see if it’s faulty and replace it if required so that your cart will run at the normal speeds.

You must look at are the speed sensor and the controller. Some of the Chinese made speed sensors don’t perform to the same level as the original ones.

To know if the speed sensor is Chinese, check the color of the wires.

The original one will have red, black, and green, whereas the Chinese have a blue instead of the green. To check if the motor magnet is broken or not, you will need to connect a laptop to the Curtis controller.

The speed sensor can be checked in the following manner:

  • Keep the Run/Tow switch to the ‘Run’ position.
  • Now push the car manually.
  • In a Club Car golf cart in which the speed sensor is working fine, it will slow the cart down.
  • If the cart keeps moving, then the sensor is bad.

One important advice concerning batteries is that only golf cart batteries should be used in golf carts. Do not use deep-cycle batteries.

Club Car Precedent Slow up the Hills

Faulty batteries could once again be the reason why your Club Car Precedent golf cart slows down while climbing up the hills. Many users may not be familiar with the steps to fix this problem.

Given below is a summary of the steps recommended by experts.

Method #1

  • Always buy and install only good golf cart batteries; other batteries may appear to be good for some time but won’t last long.
  • The new batteries should be put to charge for at least 16 hours before the first use.
  • After running the golf cart, the batteries must be recharged.
  • This has to be repeated at least 20-30 times before you can expect to get the optimum performance from these new batteries.
  • If cared for well, the new set of batteries can last 5 years without any trouble.
  • You must have a DVM to check the voltage of the batteries.
  • The voltage must be checked first at the pack level terminals and then the individual batteries.
  • You should not allow the charge to go below 70% SOC for the first 20 charge cycles.

Method #2

  • The Run/Tow switch must be in the ‘Tow’ mode.
  • Disconnect the battery.
  • Remove all the cables from the motor.
  • Use penetrating oil to spray on the studs.
  • Take care you don’t break the studs.
  • Now, take the DVM and turn it to the Continuity setting.
  • Test the following combinations:
    • It should beep between A1 and A2.
    • It should beep between F1 and F2.
    • Between A1 and F1 there should be no beep.
    • Between A1 and the motor case, there should not be any beep.
    • Between F1 and the motor case also, there must be no beep.

After this, set the DVM to Ohms/Resistance and Test between F1 and F2; the reading should be ~0.8 to ~1.2 Ohms

If your readings conform to these, then the motor on your golf cart has no issues.

How to Make a Club Car Precedent Go Faster

You can speed up your Club Car Precedent golf cart from 14MPH to 20MPH by upgrading components such as the motor and battery.

Here are some suggestions to make your Club Car Precedent go faster.

  • Increase the torque or the pulling power; this can be done by installing a higher-rated motor.
  • Change your golf cart’s motor type to series wound DC speed type. This will give the motor a greater spin and therefore higher speeds.
  • Simultaneously, replace the related electrical components to match the new motor; these include the solenoid and the controller.
  • You can change the tires of your golf cart to a larger size.
  • A golf cart battery pack with a higher voltage can be installed to enable higher power and higher speeds.
  • Don’t overload the golf cart; keep the weight to the minimum.

With these changes, if your Club Car golf cart was running at around 14MPH, you can increase the speed to around 20MPH.

There are other ways a Club Car golf cart’s speed can be enhanced. One of them is to make use of the latest software in new carts to change the speed settings in the stock controller. The other setting change is to adjust the braking setting to ‘None’. These changes can yield speeds of up to 30MPH.

Some users have been able to scale up the speed of their golf carts by fixing a new Alltrax 400 controller and a matching solenoid. They have used the stock tires and are running at around 27MPH.

Yet another suggestion to increase the speed of your golf cart is to reprogram the 4-speed setting to 4. This can only be done through a Club Car dealer using a code that the company sends directly to the CC dealer. You may be able to get speeds of up to 25MPH with this change. This may cost around $75.

2007 Club Car Precedent Running Slow

With all components in excellent condition, if the 2007 Club Car Precedent golf cart is still running slow, there could be other problems. A cheap volt reducer, for example, could cause the cart to run at half speed. Remove and replace such parts.

The MCOR can also be an issue at times. Check it out. If you are not able to locate it, it is attached to the pedal. You will have to look underneath for this component.

A mandatory check on the batteries, including the pack voltage and the individual batteries power output has to be done. A hydrometer test should also be done to be doubly sure.

2008 Club Car Precedent Running Slow

You must check the speed sensor and the MCOR to see if either one of these is creating the problem.

To test the MCOR in your 2008 Club Car Precedent golf cart, follow these steps:

  • You will need a DVM.
  • Set the units to Ohms.
  • Remove the floor mat and unscrew the 4 screws you see holding the pedal assembly.
  • Now, separate the harness having 3 wires.
  • Connect the DVM leads to where the yellow and white wires were on the MCOR.
  • Ask someone to help you to press the pedal slowly.
  • The reading on the meter will start at 6,000 and will drop to zero when the pedal is pressed fully.
  • The signal will also follow the pedal’s movement.

If these are perfect then the MCOR is not an issue.

To find the fault with your cart’s computer you will have to take your cart to the CC dealer point and it will cost you dollars. The CC dealer’s testing equipment will indicate the fault but you will need a professional mechanic to diagnose the result properly.

2009 Club Car Precedent Runs Slow

The MCOR is often the reason for the 2009 Club Car Precedent golf cart slowing down after running fine for some distance. You must carefully remove it from the pedal assembly and replace it with a new one after ascertaining that the problem is actually with it.

Try to avoid cheap products generally manufactured in China. If you can spend a few dollars more, you can order from an authorized source.

While testing the batteries individually, you must check the voltage you are getting when the batteries are fully charged. An 8V battery must indicate 8.49 V. If you get figures like 8.22V then that is not sufficient. Assuming that it is negligible is a mistake that many users make.

2010 Club Car Precedent Runs Slow

In the 2010 Club Car Precedent golf cart, the MCOR3 could be causing the problem of the cart running slow. Check it and change it to MCOR2 and the problem might get resolved.

If the issue is not resolved, check the speed sensor and the F & R switch as well.

2011 Club Car Precedent Runs Slow

You must check if the speed sensor circuit is functioning properly.

For this, you should follow the steps given here:

  • Set the Run/Tow switch to ‘Run’.
  • The golf cart’s ignition should be ‘OFF’.
  • You can keep the F & R switch to Forward or Reverse.
  • Now manually push the cart.
  • You will hear the buzzer sound after one or two seconds and the motor will offer resistance.

If these results are positive, the speed sensor is working fine. Another reason could be the solenoid contacts. Check that as well.


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Five stars Redoutable

Gastou13 12/07/2019

Superbe Club. Efficacité redoutable. Produit en super état à la réception.


Top 10 Wrist Braces For Golf (Updated 2021) | 60S Today


Arm Wrapped in a Black Wrist Brace

Sometimes when you play a round of golf, it can be difficult on your wrists.

If you experience an injury, the best way to go about fixing the issue is to start wearing a wrist brace.

However, since you must be careful how you are gripping the club, you must ensure that the wrist brace is built explicitly for golf.

In addition, it’s important to note that some of these wrist braces for golf are built with the idea that they can also train your wrists where they should be in the swing.

We have put together a list of the top ten wrist braces for golfers, and there is sure to be an option on this list for all player types and budgets.

Wrist Brace for Golf (Top 10)

The word TOP 10 written in vintage metal letterpress type on a soft backlit background.

1. Scott Edward Golf Swing Aids Pro Power Band Wrist Brace Smooth and Connect

Key Features

  • Anti-slip
  • Sweat absorption
  • Made with high-quality materials

The Scott Edward Golf Swing wrist aid is also used as a training device for some players.

Whether you need to work on your wrist position or you are having some pain, this could be a great option for you to consider.

The Scott Edward Golf Swing trainer is comfortable and supportive, and it does a great job even on those warm days on the course.

If you struggle with getting too warm and your wrist brace getting wet, you will enjoy the moisture absorbing capabilities of this option.

Players who worry about high quality materials and keeping this wrist brace for a long time are going to be pleasantly surprised with the quality of the materials in the Scott Edward model.

In addition, the fit is going to be snug on your wrist.

The tighter fit is essential so that the wrist does not slip and slide at all when a golfer is playing the game.


  • Will not slip and slide on the wrist
  • Adjustable strap
  • Made with high quality materials


  • It can be a bit bulky in the hand part

2. Neo G Wrist Brace – for Joint Pain, Arthritis, Sprains, Strains, Instability, Gym, Sports, Golf, Tennis, Basketball

Key Features

  • Works for a variety of sports
  • Medical grade materials
  • Fully adjustable

The Neo G Wrist brace is an excellent choice for golfers who struggle with wrist and joint pain as they play the game.

The wrist brace is completely adjustable so that it will fit a wide range of players.

Luckily, the Neo G is made with premium medical grade material so that it will be very high quality and last for years to come.

Golfers have found that this option will provide relief from pain and make the game of golf more enjoyable.

Our favorite thing about the Neo G is that it is fully adjustable and has a compression fit.

It truly does not matter what size your wrist is because you are going to find that the Neo G should fit just fine.

The compression system is safe and will not cut off circulation.

Overall, you will find that this is an excellent solution for golfers who struggle with arthritis or pain while they are playing.

If you are new to the game and are looking for a solution that will keep your golf swing from being a problem, this is the way to do it.


  • Maximized blood flow
  • Stable brace
  • Compression fit


  • Upper band gets in the way on some swings

3. Elixir Golf Swing Trainer Wrist Brace Band

Key Features

  • Helps maintain angles in the swing
  • Neoprene material
  • Available in left- and right-hand options

We love the Elixir golf swing trainer wrist brace because it is a combination of a training device and wrist brace.

With the Elixir in place, you can improve your shot distance and get the correct angle of your wrist as well.

The most important thing is that, when you have this wrist brace on, you will be able to avoid the issues that are potentially causing you to get hurt.

The material of the Elixir is a Neoprene that will be comfortable and long lasting for the golfer who ends up needing to wear it quite often.

Overall, you will feel as though you have more stability and a chance at some extra distance when you have the Elixir on your wrist.


  • It helps players to get more distance
  • Can help protect against making the wrong motions in the swing
  • Neoprene material and long lasting


  • Built more as a swing trainer than just a brace

4. Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace, Black, Right Hand, Small/Medium (5-8)

Key Features

  • Supports a weak or injured wrist
  • Can relieve pain and swelling
  • Still allows for movement in the thumb and fingers

The Mueller Fitted Wrist brace is a perfect option for the golfer who needs to protect their wrist while on the course.

If you have had trouble with pain or turning your wrist improperly while you swing, the Mueller fitted wrist brace is a perfect choice.

The wrist brace comes in a few different sizes, so you will have to find something that works well for you.

Overall, you are going to want a fit that feels secure but still allows for you to have your typical range of motion.

One of the things we like best about this Mueller Fitted Wrist brace is that it is both soft and lightweight.

You will find that the material makes it easy to keep this on for your entire round.


  • Relives pain and swelling
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Helps support and prevent injury


  • Not a one size fits all solution

5. 2 Pack Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace, Wrist Wraps for Working Out, Arthritis Hand Support Bands

Key Features

  • Helps to relieve pain
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to get on and off

One of the things that golfers have to be most careful about is that the wrist brace they are using does not interfere with your grip on the club.

If your grip on the club is difficult to secure because the wrist brace is in the way, then the product is likely not an excellent fit for a golfer.

Overall, the wrist brace is going to help to relieve wrist pain and make sure you can’t make the wrong move as you swing through a ball.

Many golfers who practice on mats or hit shots out of the rough are going to struggle with what can happen when using the wrong wrist position.

Luckily, the Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace can help protect against this problem and give very stable support to a player’s wrist.


  • Adjustable design
  • Soft material
  • Compression strap material


  • It does not provide as much support as the wrist braces with thumb support holes

6. DonJoy Performance Anaform Wrist Wrap Support Brace, Maximum Wrist Protection for Football, Motocross, Cheer, Golf

Key Features

  • Double straps
  • Limited range of motion
  • Very easy to get on and off

The DonJoy is an option that we like best for the golfers who have already experienced some type of injury.

With the DonJoy Performance Anaform, you will find that the wrist wrap is easy to get on.

When you need to get it off after or before a round you can simply use the straps to pull the wrist brace on and off with ease.

One of the things to remember about this particular model is that it is built for stability and will hold your wrist securely in place.

Chances are you won’t be able to move around much at all once you have the brace on.

If this is going to impact your ability to play, and you are a player who uses a lot of hand and wrist motion, then you will want to look at alternative options.


  • Easy to use pull tabs
  • Helps with a variety of wrist issues
  • Movable foam pads


  • Universal fit does make it difficult for some players to get the size they need

7. CopperJoint Compression Wrist Sleeve – Copper-Infused High-Performance Design, Promotes Improved Circulation and Help Reduce Inflammation and Pain

Key Features

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Performance fabric
  • Copper Ion technology

If you are a player who believes in more than just support and is looking for something that will provide recovery, the CopperJoint Compression Wrist Sleeve is a great choice.

The product is made from a performance-type fabric so that it is ready for any type of sports court or field.

Even when you are playing golf in hot temperatures, you will not feel as though your wrist is getting overheated with the CopperJoint Compression Wrist Sleeve in place.

The CopperJoint technology produces copper ions that help with the stress your wrist is under throughout the golf swing.

Overall, some people believe that this Copper technology works well, and others don’t think it has too much of an impact.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Works well in a variety of temperatures
  • Stays cool and dry on your wrist


  • Some find that it stretches out a bit over time

8. ComfiLife Wrist Brace – Adjustable Compression Wrist Support Wrap – Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

Key Features

  • Adjustable compression
  • Comfortable
  • Lifetime warranty

If you are concerned about comfort and making sure that the wrist brace fits you as it should, then the ComfiLife Wrist Brace is a perfect choice.

This brace offers tremendous support and stabilization while still allowing it to be comfortable.

This is an option that you can wear both on and off the course for complete relief of any wrist pain you may be experiencing.

In addition, ComfiLife can help to keep swelling down and make it easier to do things, even like sleeping or working out.

The ComfiLife is made with durable and high-quality materials.

If you want a product that will last for years to come, this is certainly one to consider.


  • Thumbhole and fastener keep the brace in place
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Breathable materials


  • Hard to wear with a golf glove on

9. Neotech Care Wrist Band (1 Unit) – Adjustable Compression Strap – Elastic & Breathable Fabric

Key Players

  • Not restrictive
  • Comfortable
  • Uses a variety of materials

For players who are worried about their thumb being contained in a brace, this is an excellent option to consider.

The Neotech Care Wrist band is an option that wraps around just your wrist, and it is very comfortable.

Chances are that, at some point throughout your round, you will forget that you have this on.

Overall, the Neotech is a perfect choice if you are concerned with feel in your golf game.

The better a wrist brace can fit, the more feel you can maintain in your game.

The materials used in the product are nylon, polyester, and spandex.

This combination seems to be a really good fit for those who play golf even in the warmer months.

You should feel comfortable yet supported with the Neotech on your wrist.


  • Can purchase more than one wrist band at once
  • Very breathable fabric
  • Comfortable design
  • Works on left or right wrist


  • Not always the best at preventing injury used more as a support

10. Wrist Braces with Adjustable Compression Strap,Wrist Band for workout Men & Women

Key Features

  • Great for all sports
  • Comfortable
  • Comes in a few different sizes

Last but not least, we have another wrist compression brace that will work for both comfort and various activities.

One of the great things about this wrist brace is that you can use it for various reasons.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to prevent injury, trying to keep swelling down, or you just want a bit of extra support for a day on the course because these wrist braces are the way to go.

We love that you can pull this on and off as you please, and it should not cause any annoyance to your other hand when you swing through your shots.

The material is very lightweight, which works out well for summer golf.

In addition, the fact that it is available in several sizes will make it quite a bit easier to manage to get the proper one for your wrist.

If you are worried about sizing and finding a good match, choose this option.


  • Will work for a wide range of players
  • Helps with pain relief
  • Not difficult to wash


  • It won’t support the thumb all that well


Hopefully, these wrist braces have helped to open your eyes to some of the options that will work on the golf course.

If you don’t properly manage a wrist injury or wrist pain, it could be the end of your golf career.

It is essential for you to properly invest in the products that are going to suit your needs best.

Managing a wrist problem from the start is the best way to ensure you don’t miss any days on the course.

You may need to get two different wrist braces: one that you can use on the course and one that you can use off the course.

Always pay attention to how the brace is going to impact your hands’ position on the club.

It can get in the way, and that will make it difficult for you to have the control you need.


WGC Bridgestone Invitational Picks and Preview | 60S Today


WGC Bridgestone Invitational Picks and Preview

I’ve been writing for The Sports Gambling Podcast for about nine months now. Every time I put together a tournament preview, I can at least take solace that next year I can lift portions of the old column and not have to re-do a lot of the legwork that I do to prep.

Unfortunately, this will be my first and last tournament preview I write on this website for the WGC Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone CC in Akron, Ohio.

I’m not exactly crying spilled milk over here that Firestone CC will no longer host the WGC. After all, it’s a punching bag for the hipster golf architecture community against the boring, unimaginative, overbunkered golf course design from people like Robert Trent Jones and Tom Fazio. Here’s a look at the layout from above:

bridgestone course map

Not exactly the most thrilling layout, huh? Sixteen of the eighteen holes on the South Course has either a north-south or south-north tee-to-green directional track. It’s only on the 5th and 6th holes where the golfers get to spice things up a bit by trekking to the northeast and then back the opposite way southwest. And every hole is basically the same – hit a narrow 25-30 yard fairway and avoid hitting into a fairway bunker or into the oak trees, then land on a back-to-front sloped green where going long means you’re basically dead.

Still, it’s a disgrace that they’re moving the WGC away from Firestone CC to TPC Southwind in Memphis. At least Firestone CC is well maintained and has a storied history behind it, as it has hosted three PGA Championships. There is nothing special or unique about TPC Southwind, other than the fact it’s idiotic to hold what’s supposed to be a tournament comprised of the best players in the world on a golf course that runs through the Initrode Office Park in 95 degrees, 100% humidity weather in August.

Then again, the WGC probably couldn’t pass up what surely was a sizeable check from FedEx, and LeBron James seems to be the only one putting money into Akron these days.

Back to the golf course itself, the South Course has been lengthened several times over the last few decades to accommodate the advancements in golf technology. It now stretches 7,400 yards, which is a gigantic number for a Par 70. There’s only two Par 5’s on the golf course – one is the benign 526 yard 2nd that’s reachable in two for everyone. The other is the signature 16th that stretches 667 yards, one of the longest Par 5’s in the world, and is guarded by a large green-side pond.

For even the longest hitters, the 16th will be a three-shot hole – but if you can hit the downslope on the fairway approximately 350 yards from the tee box the ball will release down the hill and set up a long iron into the green.

Alternatively, some golfers may go full YOLO and take on the green from well back anyways:

Some gamblers may make the mistake of looking at a narrow golf course like Firestone CC and gravitate their bets towards shorter, more accurate hitters. That would be a mistake. Since 2013, the median ranking in driving distance on the PGA Tour for golfers who finished in the Top 20 at the WGC Bridgestone is 49th. The median ranking in driving accuracy for those same golfers is 80th. While that seems counter-intuitive, longer hitters off the tee have an advantage of hitting a short iron from the rough over a shorter, more accurate hitter that’s hitting a long iron from the fairway.

Sure, a bunter like Zach Johnson has a very good track record at the WGC Bridgestone, but the elite, generational drivers like Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, and eight-time champion Tiger Woods are usually the ones holding the trophy at the end of the weekend. While I won’t solely pick bombers this weekend, I will use driving distance as a tie-breaker.

Some other unique stats to keep in mind when choosing golfers this weekend is Scrambling from the Rough. All the greens at Firestone CC are surrounded by a small collar and rough. If a golfer misses a green, chances are it’ll be in the rough. For most pros, getting up and down from the rough is a fairly easy task, however, that also means that golfers who are more adept at it can gain a significant edge on the field.

Lastly, with the best golfers in the world making up the field, almost everyone ranks highly in the relative Strokes Gained ball-striking statistics. Instead, try and lean more heavily on recent performance in those areas (you can find recent tournament stats on websites like

Here’s who I like this weekend (with DraftKings values and odds courtesy of

The Favorites:

  • Dustin Johnson – 7.5/1, $11,700
  • Rory McIlroy – 11/1, $11,300
  • Tiger Woods – 14/1, $10,800
  • Justin Rose – 14/1, $10,700
  • Jordan Spieth – 16/1, $10,400
  • Rickie Fowler – 20/1, $10,000
  • Jason Day – 20/1, $9,800
  • Jon Rahm – 25/1, $9,600
  • Francesco Molinari – 28/1, $9,400
  • Brooks Koepka – 28/1, $8,900
  • Henrik Stenson – 28/1, $9,000
  • Tommy Fleetwood – 30/1, $9,200
  • Justin Thomas – 30/1, $8,800

All of these guys are capable of winning the WGC Bridgestone, and I do think the winner ultimately will come from this group. Most of these guys check all the boxes – strong drivers of the golf ball, good ball strikers from the fairways and good scramblers. I wouldn’t fault anyone from building a DraftKings lineup around any of them, however for a reference on who’s playing the best, here’s a table of Strokes Gained Tee-To-Green since May 1st to help break some ties:

Despite a field consisting of the Top 50 golfers in the world, Dustin Johnson is a ridiculously low +750 to win the WGC Bridgestone. While I almost never prescribe betting on anyone less than 10/1 to win a golf tournament, I would not be shocked to see DJ win two events in a row and is all that anyone is talking about early next week at Bellerive.

After a disappointing Open Championship, DJ bomb and gouged Glen Abbey on his way to recording his 19th career PGA Tour victory. He was magnificent in every ball-striking statistical category last weekend – 3.56 Strokes Gained Tee-to-Green, 1.89 Strokes Gained Off-the-Tee, and 1.45 Strokes Gained – Approach. If the driver and irons remain hot, there’s no reason why he can’t win again in Akron and become the huge favorite at the PGA Championship next week.

Following his Top 10 at Carnoustie, not only were the Tiger Woods fanboys jacked up about his performance but also because he was able to qualify for the WGC Bridgestone, a tournament that he’s won eight times in his career. It’s by far the golf course he’s had the most success at. His results timeline there is ridiculous:

Between his strong play of late and his course history, there is a lot of buzz of Tiger finally getting over the hump and notching his first victory since 2013.

Fading Tiger badly burned me at the Open Championship, but I’m once again not buying it. Firestone CC is a very driver heavy course and while he was great off the tee at Carnoustie, it was mostly on the back of his stinger iron. We’ve seen him falter when having to rely on the driver, and I have a gnawing feeling we could see a mediocre round or two to knock him out of contention. He’s going to be a very popular play in DraftKings, but I won’t be using him there. I also will look to fade him in matchups. You can get Dustin Johnson -180 or Rory McIlroy -130 against Tiger in a matchup play, who are two guys I really like this week.

Besides Tiger, the two golfers with the most buzz right now are Francesco Molinari and Tommy Fleetwood. Molinari has been blistering hot over the last two months, culminated by winning the Claret Jug at Carnoustie for his third win and fifth Top 2 finish in his last six tournaments. As for Fleetwood, it’s no longer sneaky to brag to your co-worker at the water cooler about how you love this long-haired Englishmen. Everyone knows who Tommy Lad is from his fantastic performances at all three majors this year. Both of these guys will be heavily owned in DraftKings this weekend, but given their hot play of late, I don’t mind using them as long as you round out your lineup with a few other contrarian plays.

As far as traditional betting goes, while their futures prices are tasty I don’t see Molinari or Fleetwood winning this week. However, because both are long, straight hitters with their driver and are world-class ball-strikers with their irons, they should be towards the top of the leaderboard and are worth a look at +240 each to finish in the Top 10.

Two guys without a lot of buzz that I like this week from a futures perspective are Jon Rahm and Justin Thomas. Both golfers left a bad taste in bettors mouths after their dueling 2nd round collapses at Carnoustie led both to miss the weekend. But I think a more traditional parklands golf course where elite drivers will have an edge on the field fits right up their alley. Plus, both of their play over the last few months hasn’t been as lackluster as what the public thinks of them right now. While neither has a strong course history at Firestone CC, I expect that to change with a good finish and a chance to win on Sunday. Their raw talent and ability alone are worth laying 25/1 and 30/1 on each.

Other Contenders:

  • Patrick Cantlay – 40/1, $8,200
  • Tony Finau – 50/1, $8,000
  • Xander Schauffele – 50/1, $7,900

Patrick Cantlay used to be one of the more popular options in DraftKings early in the year, but his popularity has cooled off a bit. At the U.S. Open he was only ~10% owned in contests, and at the Open Championship, he was only ~6%. I expect his ownership to be up this week because he’s had some very solid performances of late, but I’m not shying away from him. Patrick Cantlay is a little bit of a poor man’s Rickie Fowler – he’s not elite at any one skill, but he’s pretty good at it all (well…except putting).

Using him in DraftKings isn’t the only place I like putting money on him though. You can get Patrick Cantlay -130 over Bryson DeChambeau this weekend. Statistically, in my analysis they’re about even. Both of them are towards the top of my list of guys between 40-70/1. However, DeChambeau just had a complete meltdown over in Europe, playing the last 4 hole at +5 to blow a late lead at the Porsche European Open. I’m not talking about just a bad stretch of holes – he literally had a mental break. This hiccup is also on the heels of a temper tantrum on the driving range before his opening round of the Open Championship:

Bryson’s making Bubba Watson look like Tim Tebow. He has an unorthodox swing, and if it’s a bit off we’re going to see some really ugly shots out of him. We saw him struggle badly in 2017 as he was working out some kinks, so maybe we’re on the precipice of another prolonged slump. I love putting action on a solid and steady guy against someone who appears to be in the weeds.

Tony Finau and Xander Schauffele are two golfers who seem to play their best against tougher competition. In the highest profile events this season (majors, WGC’s and the Players Championship), Tony Finau has an average finish of 20th, while Xander Schauffele has an average finish of 15th. Both are them are also excellent drivers of the golf ball and each is coming in on a very good form. While they will be popular on DraftKings this weekend, their price point is perfect to add to a lineup if you want to splurge on more expensive guys like Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy or Justin Rose.


  • Kevin Na – 100/1, $7,200
  • Gary Woodland – 125/1, $7,100

Kevin Na isn’t a huge bomber but he’s been very good at courses that reward good ball striking like Firestone CC will. Over his last five events, Na has averaged 1.15 Strokes Gained Tee-to-Green, including over a stroke gained on the field in his approach shots. Along with being one of the best scramblers out of the rough in the field, he also has three consecutive Top 30 finishes at the WGC Bridgestone. With good ball-striking on his side this time around, I think he can land closer to the Top 10.

Gary Woodland’s results haven’t matched his ball-striking statistics. Over his last six events, Woodland’s averaged over a stroke gained tee-to-green, including 0.85 strokes gained off-the-tee during that time. But all that’s netted him is a high finish of T22 with two missed cuts. What’s bogged him down is his putting, which is a normal area of weakness for him. However, with fast green speeds at Firestone, it’ll help mask his deficiencies in that area a bit when the tougher surfaces shrink the gap between poor putters and good putters. If he carries over the fantastic ball-striking he showed last weekend at the RBC Canadian Open, he should post a solid finish.

WGC Bridgestone DraftKings Lineup #1

  • Jon Rahm – $9,600
  • Tommy Fleetwood – $9,200
  • Paul Casey – $8,600
  • Patrick Cantlay – $8,200
  • Ian Poulter – $7,300
  • Gary Woodland – $7,100

WGC Bridgestone DraftKings Lineup #2

  • Rory McIlroy – $11,300
  • Patrick Reed – $8,300
  • Zach Johnson – $8,100
  • Tony Finau – $8,000
  • Kevin Na – $7,200
  • Emiliano Grillo – $7,100

2015 WGC-Cadillac Match Play Championship printable bracket | 60S Today


With just 24 hours until the 2015 WGC-Cadillac Match Play Championship begins at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco, you don’t have a whole lot of time to fill out a bracket to pick a winner. So we’ve created a bracket for you to download, print and use to guide your path to victory in your pools.



2015 WGC-Cadillac Match Play Championship round-robin groups

2015 WGC-Cadillac Match Play Championship format

2015 WGC-Cadillac Match Play Championship betting odds

2015 WGC-Cadillac Match Play Championship fantasy golf picks, betting tips

Since it’s hard to get all of the names on one page easily, here are all of the groups.

Group 1

A – Rory McIlroy (1)

B – Billy Horschel (18)

C – Brandt Snedeker (35)

D – Jason Dufner (53)

Group 2

A – Jordan Spieth (2)

B – Lee Westwood (26)

C – Matt Every (40)

D – Mikko Ilonen (62)

Group 3

A – Henrik Stenson (3)

B – Bill Haas (23)

C – Brendon Todd (42)

D – John Senden (60)

Group 4

A – Bubba Watson (4)

B – Louis Oosthuizen (29)

C – Keegan Bradley (33)

D – Miguel Angel Jimenez (63)

Group 5

A – Jim Furyk (5)

B – Martin Kaymer (17)

C – Thongchai Jaidee (44)

D – George Coetzee (59)

Group 6

A – Justin Rose (6)

B – Ryan Palmer (22)

C – Anirban Lahiri (34)

D – Marc Leishman (56)

Group 7

A – Jason Day (7)

B – Zach Johnson (24)

C – Branden Grace (38)

D – Charley Hoffman (49)

Group 8

A – Dustin Johnson (8)

B – Victor Dubuisson (21)

C – Charl Schwartzel (37)

D – Matt Jones (58)

Group 9

A – Adam Scott (9)

B – Chris Kirk (25)

C – Paul Casey (36)

D – Francesco Molinari (64)

Group 10

A – Sergio Garcia (10)

B – Jamie Donaldson (30)

C – Bernd Wiesberger (39)

D – Tommy Fleetwood (54)

Group 11

A – Jimmy Walker (11)

B – Ian Poulter (27)

C – Webb Simpson (46)

D – Gary Woodland (50)

Group 12

A – J.B. Holmes (12)

B – Brooks Koepka (19)

C – Russell Henley (45)

D – Marc Warren (51)

Group 13

A – Rickie Fowler (13)

B – Graeme McDowell (32)

C – Shane Lowry (47)

D – Harris English (55)

Group 14

A – Matt Kuchar (14)

B – Hunter Mahan (31)

C – Stephen Gallacher (41)

D – Ben Martin (61)

Group 15

A – Patrick Reed (15)

B – Ryan Moore (28)

C – Danny Willett (48)

D – Andy Sullivan (57)

Group 16

A – Hideki Matsuyama (16)

B – Kevin Na (20)

C – Joost Luiten (43)

D – Alexander Levy (52)

The groups play among each other in a round-robin format to determine the winner, with playoffs likely. Then a bracket-style tournament continues with the winners of Group 1 and 16 facing off, their pairing off based on ranking.

ROUND of 16

Group 1 winner vs. Group 16 winner

Group 8 winner vs. Group 9 winner

Group 4 winner vs. Group 13 winner

Group 5 winner vs. Group 12 winner

Group 2 winner vs. Group 15 winner

Group 7 winner vs. Group 10 winner

Group 3 winner vs. Group 14 winner

Group 6 winner vs. Group 11 winner


2015 WGC-Cadillac Match Play Championship betting odds

2015 WGC-Cadillac Match Play Championship format


Taylor Made SLDR Fairway | 60S Today


Five stars Good

Attoe007 14/08/2020

Really pleased with the condition of the club. And it goes straight!


Ping G30 Wedge | 60S Today


Five stars Un bon choix

pminella 19/02/2019

Facile d’utilisation. Bounce parfait pour les sols gras.


Cleveland 588 RTX Satin Chrome Wedge | 60S Today


Four stars Cleveland 588 RTX satin Chrome

Aime Giaccone 29/01/2019

Conforme à la description. Service parfait.


15 Degree Hybrid Vs 3 Wood | Distance | Length + (Chart)


15 degree hybrids

What is a 15 degree hybrid?

A 15 degree hybrid is a golf club that has 15 degrees of loft and the equivalent of a 3 wood.

A hybrid is much easier for beginners to use than a wood club. A 15 degree hybrid is one of the only hybrids with such a low loft that can hit big shots with low speed.

I would not recommend using a 15° hybrid as your first hybrid. But if you’re still willing, practicing shots with it will help get a feel of how to use the club. With time, once your hands are set on it, you will make straighter and clearer shots.

These hybrid golf clubs are all that golfers prefer these days. Staying true to their name, these clubs are a mix of designs used in both wood and iron clubs. A hybrid club has the wood club’s superior distance and the iron club swinging mechanism.

For golfers who have handicap higher than 3, playing with a hybrid golf club is recommended. They may find it difficult to hit properly with long irons. Thus hybrids are a better choice as it gives best of both iron and wood.

Loft Comparison table of iron and hybrid

Hybrid Loft

Equivalent Iron















What is a 15 degree hybrid equivalent to?

Most of the golf club manufacturers use the specs as such- 15 degree hybrid is equivalent to 1 hybrid iron and 3 wood.

A 15 degree hybrid does not just increase the distance covered by the club but also improves the shot.

Some golfers also use this hybrid club as a substitute for 4 wood and 1 iron. The shaft may be smaller than the wood golf clubs which may reduce the distance covered, but it also gives better control over the club.

On average, the specs used by manufacturers are this:


Hybrid Iron


14 Degree

1+ Hybrid Iron

3 Wood

16 Degree

1 Hybrid Iron

4 Wood

1 Iron

18 Degree

2 Hybrid Iron

5 Wood

2 Iron

21 Degree

3 Hybrid Iron

7 Wood

3 Iron

24 Degree

4 Hybrid Iron

9 Wood

4 Iron

27 Degree

5 Hybrid Iron

11 Wood

5 Iron

What iron does a 15 degree hybrid replace?

The 15 degree hybrid club is said to be a low lofted hybrid. This hybrid club can be used to replace 1 iron.

This 15 degree is called the loft, and it is one of the factors that help you choose a hybrid club to replace any old ones. The loft describes the clubface’s angle relative to the ground.

The difference between a low loft and a high loft is that a lower loft will cover more distance whereas, on the other hand, a higher loft will give the ball more height and spin.

What is the distance of a 15 degree hybrid?

The average distance of a 15 degree hybrid golf club is 240 yards.

The shot can also go higher if the golfer can play a precise and accurate shot. One of the best things about hybrids is that if you can use them properly, which comes with a bit of practice on your side, then the ball will cover distance and have an improved shot.

These hybrid clubs are so in demand among golfers because using them makes hitting the ball much easier. Many users have claimed that using a hybrid makes them feel more confident while hitting shots, and there are more chances of success.

This is why there at least will be one hybrid club in every professional golfer’s bag.

15 Degree Hybrid golf club

The distances covered by hybrid clubs are shown in the table below:

Loft Degree


Distance For Women (in yards)

Distance For Men (in yards)





































15 degree hybrid shaft length

On average, the length of a 15 degree hybrid is 42.5 inches.

These 15 degree hybrid clubs have the longest shafts in hybrids, and they replace the longest shafts in iron. The common rule between the length of hybrid shafts and their next iron replacement is that the former should be 0.5-1 inches longer than the latter.

The manufacturers use different length measurements for men and women hybrid clubs. A very long shaft does hurt the performance. So be careful when selecting the 15 degree hybrid club. Avoid choosing a club shaft that is too long.

15 degree 3 wood Vs 15 degree hybrid

  • The 15 degree hybrid has a shorter shaft compared to the 15 degrees 3 wood. Depending on the manufacturers, sometimes the length can also be the same.
  • Compared to 3 wood, the 15 degree hybrid club covers less distance. The difference of yards covered is around 5-15 yards.
  • The 15 degree hybrids are a bit difficult to use compared to its replacement, 3 wood. Both professionals and new players need some time to get used to the club.
  • Even if a 15 degree hybrid covers quite a distance, but cannot give proper height to the shot. Whereas a 3 wood easily lifts up the ball in the air.
  • The low lofted hybrid gives better control over the shots and makes you more confident about your success. 15 degree hybrid is a better choice when direction needs to be controlled.
  • A 15 degree hybrid gives a more versatile performance compared to a 15 degree 3 wood.

What is the difference between 19 and 15 degree hybrids?

  • A 19-degree hybrid covers a distance of 253 yards, whereas a 15 degree hybrid covers 240 yards.
  • A 19-degree hybrid has an equivalent of 2 iron, and the 15 degree hybrid has a 1 iron equivalent.
  • A 19-degree hybrid has 5 wood as the replacement, and a 15 degree hybrid has 3 wood.
  • A 19-degree hybrid has a shorter shaft length (average range 38.5”- 39”) compared to the 15 degree hybrid (average 42.5”).

What are the best 15 degree hybrids?

Below some 15 degree hybrid golf clubs are mentioned, which are good for both recreational players and professionals.


  • The golf club is right-handed, and the shaft is made of graphite. The grip at the end makes swinging the club easier and covering approximately 240 yards.
  • And since it has a stiff flex, it is a good option for those with a fast swing speed.
  • The shaft length of this 15 degree hybrid is 42.5 inches.

Titleist 906F2 15 Degree Hybrid Golf Club Stiff Flex Graphite Pro Force V2 Right

  • This Titleist 15 degree hybrid is right-handed has a stiff flex. The stiff flex gives better control over the club to make accurate hits.
  • The shaft is made of graphite. This makes the club lightweight. Combined with the stiff flex, which sometimes reduces the distance covered, allows you to have a better swing speed.
  • This is a good choice for high handicappers, as the granite will help with generating speed.


  • This is not a 15 degree hybrid but a 16-degree hybrid. Irrespective of that, it can be used as a 1 iron replacement.
  • It is a right-handed men’s golf club. Its shaft length is 40.25 inches. The steel material makes it durable and suitable for low handicappers.
  • The club has stiff flex, which means if you have a high-speed swing, then the flex will help control the hit to make the shots more accurate.