A Timeless Gordon Lightfoot Song: "Circle of Steel"

A Timeless Gordon Lightfoot Song: "Circle of Steel"


Canadian Singer/Songwriter Gordon Lightfoot is perfect recognized for writing hits together with “Sunset”, “Ruin of the Edmund Fitzgerald”, “Carefree Freeway”, “Early Morning Rain” and “If You May just Learn My Thoughts”. In a occupation spanning 5 a long time, twenty studio albums and a number of other “perfect of”, “largest hits” or “Gord’s Gold” compilations there’s a bottomless smartly of lesser-known Gordon Lightfoot songs which meet the top songwriting requirements set via his well known hits. On this first of a chain of articles devoted to this sensible songwriter’s not-so largest hits we can check out “Circle of Metal” and read about what makes this piece so undying and essential.

Recorded for Gordon Lightfoot’s step forward album “Sunset” in 1974 the music “Circle of Metal” represents any other facet of Lightfoot’s songwriting. Whilst Gordon’s subject material continuously comes to love, misplaced love, nature, trips, self-realization and many others., “Circle of Metal” takes us to the internal town at Christmas time. And what we discover isn’t precisely what one expects to listen to right through the vacation season. Sure, there are some “sounds of the season” and there’s snow fall and there are even references to Christmas morning and circle of relatives heirlooms. However this actual “vacation music” paints a extra real looking image of what some Christmases are like in positive puts.

The music’s stunning opening options Lightfoot’s recognizable finger-picking on acoustic guitar to the sound of a recorder blowing the melody of the music’s forthcoming verses. The lyrics give you the best possible temper for a Christmas music as Lightfoot sings “Top home windows flickerin’ down in the course of the snow. A time . Attractions and sounds of the folks goin’ ‘spherical, everyone’s in line with the season.” Alternatively it does now not take lengthy for the temper to shift as Lightfoot cleverly brings us into one condominium specifically. The house of a “welfare case” the place Gordon notes “the rats run round like they personal where…”

So we discover ourselves within the condominium of a circle of relatives suffering on welfare at Christmas time. However it seems that the following door neighbors don’t seem to be having a very easy time both. Lightfoot paints the image of the music “Deck the Halls” coming in the course of the partitions of “the flat subsequent door the place they shout all day. She pointers her gin bottle again until it is long gone. The kid is powerful. Every week, an afternoon they’re going to take it away for they learn about all her dangerous conduct.”

The music’s ultimate verse reveals the mummy explaining to her kid why their father is in prison: “Your father’s satisfaction was once his manner to offer and he is serving 3 years because of this…” sooner than the music resolves via repeating the outlet verse. As listeners we discover ourselves a bit of surprised (for lack of a higher time period) as we now have simply been handled to an overly catchy melody, an-almost “satisfied” temper, sounds of the recorder (courtesy of wind-player Jack Zaza) and a vacation “vibe”. But those musical “treats” are balanced via the lyrics which paint an overly actual (and gloomy) image. In essence, Lightfoot has musically “tricked” us into fascinated about one thing actual right through the vacations.

By way of taking truthful and actual subject material and juxtaposing it towards an upbeat, satisfied or “sure” melody Gordon Lightfoot is in a position to ship Circle of Metal’s severe and intense message and make the listener in truth revel in receiving it. Subsequent time you imagine burning a Christmas “combine” CD imagine including “Circle of Metal.” This music’s message is essential, actual, common and would maximum undoubtedly purpose any one (with a soul) to take pause. The important thing to nice songwriting…