Dave Matthews Band, Ants Marching – A Deeper Look At The Lyrics

Dave Matthews Band, Ants Marching – A Deeper Look At The Lyrics


Ants Marching is, definitely, probably the most iconic songs via the Dave Matthews Band. Whirling Violins, blasting saxophones, arpeggiating guitars, freakish drumming and genial bass strains. This tune used to be their 2d unmarried unencumber(after What Would You Say) on their 1994 hit document entitled Below The Desk and Dreaming. It used to be launched in 1995 and simplest in fact hit #18 at the Trendy Rock Tracks charts.

However but even so the masterful musicianship, what makes this tune deeper than your reasonable Pop/Rock music? Let’s take a better glance….

He wakes up within the morning

Does his enamel chunk to consume and he is rolling

As people, we are probably the most adaptable species in the world. On the other hand, at the turn aspect, we even have the best tendency against repetitive redundancy than some other species as smartly. DMB addresses this latter factor in those above strains via discussing the monotony we position ourselves into via repeating the similar patterns day in and time out. We get up, brush our enamel, consume after which move about our days, by no means converting a factor. Although we could be ingenious and rational other folks and beauty what everyone seems to be considering, however how incessantly are we in point of fact brave sufficient to invite that particular person sitting throughout from us at the subway what they are considering? Or lean over to that particular person sitting subsequent to us at the bus with the blackberry telephone and ask their opinion of whether they choose the Blackberry to the iPhone, simply out of blameless interest. However worse but. how incessantly is it that if anyone DOES in fact spark up a dialog we are in an instant pissed off that they have got damaged our regimen. We are in an instant at the defensive, giving little to no knowledge to the well mannered stranger.

Those subsequent strains are my favourite within the tune…

Other people in each and every course

No phrases exchanged

No time to switch

Right here, DMB makes use of the metaphor of marching ants to provide an explanation for the conduct of contemporary day society. Implying that we move from one position to the following by no means asking why. We proceed this conduct till at some point we discover our whole lives have handed us via. I assume you want to say that during some ways the lyrics of Ants Marching are about conforming to existence’s stereotypical monotony. We take into consideration taking dangers however we do not. We dream about a greater existence however we conform. We toy with the theory of plan A however paintings against having a plan B simply in case Plan A does not figure out, thus by no means in point of fact dwelling our personal lives. I feel Dave Matthews Band is good so as to describe such intensity in this type of quick period of time.