Roger Waters Responds to 19-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl Asking Him to Speak Out: Invasion is “Act of a Gangster”


In a long open letter written to a Ukrainian citizen, famed Purple Floyd guitarist Roger Waters mentioned that he believes Russian chief Vladimir Putin is performing like a “gangster.”

A 19-year-old Ukrainian Alina Mitrofanova, who’s an enormous Purple Floyd fan, wrote to Waters to thank him for his reinforce of her now-war-torn nation. Within the letter, Mitrofanova talked in regards to the prerequisites she and her countrymen are struggling ever since Russia started an invasion of Ukraine overdue final month.

In an open letter reaction, Waters commiserated with Mitrofanova and known as Putin a “gangster.”

Learn their complete letters underneath.

Rogers shared the correspondence on social media, writing on Twitter, “A NOTE FROM ROGER REGARDING UKRAINE. BUT FIRST, A NOTE FROM ALINA: My title is Alina Mitrofanova, I’m 19 years outdated, and I are living in Ukraine. Nowadays my nation is resisting the Russian invasion and the true warfare began via Russian president… Extra:“

From Alina:


My title is Alina Mitrofanova, I’m 19 years outdated, and I are living in Ukraine. Nowadays my nation is resisting the Russian invasion and the true warfare began via Russian president and led via Russian military.

I’m an enormous Purple Floyd and Roger Waters fan, and it used to be essential for me to listen to Roger’s opinion in this complete state of affairs. It won’t appear as pressing and demanding, as a result of this warfare may also be thought to be as handiest “our downside”, however sadly it impulsively turns into a disaster for all of the Europe and international.

The warfare began 11 days in the past, and each day we listen sirens that signalize about bombs thrown via Russian occupants. Russia’s aggression destroys MY nation, kills loads of blameless adults and kids in MY nation, and I can’t give an explanation for what number of Ukrainians are pressured to go away their houses and run clear of this insanity. Ukrainian Jap towns are being destroyed via Russian military, loads of hundreds of individuals are evacuating and turning into refugees, and their quantity is expanding each minute. I’m in ache, as many different Ukrainians, as it hurts so much to peer how MY nation turns into an army goal for Russia and its mad chief, who’s satisfied that there are “neo-Nazis”, who need to be killed. It’s completely false, as a result of I are living right here, and I will inform 200% that there are not any such other people there!

I ask Roger to talk publicly about this warfare as a result of I nonetheless can not know the way an individual, who wrote an important collection of anti-war lyrics, hasn’t spoken about tragedy but. Moreover, totally remember that Roger’s viewpoint could also be other, however I ask him to proportion his personal opinion in this warfare. It’s higher than simply being silent, as a result of on this state of affairs, silence is among the worst enemies – it’s unimaginable to construct a wall on this state of affairs and keep remoted from this downside.

I’m 95% positive that this letter is probably not brought to Roger at once, and it will be only a miracle if a have a solution. On the other hand, a person who speaks about dangers of nuclear disaster and in regards to the senselessness of the warfare can’t be silent on this state of affairs. Inform the sector your place!

Highest regards from Ukraine,

Alina Mitrofanova

From Roger:

Pricey Alina,

I learn your letter, I think your ache, I’m disgusted via Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, this is a legal mistake, individually, the act of a gangster, there should be a right away ceasefire. I feel sorry about that Western governments are fueling the hearth that can damage your stunning nation via pouring hands into Ukraine, as an alternative of attractive within the international relations that might be important to forestall the slaughter. Relaxation confident if all our leaders don’t flip down the rhetoric and have interaction in diplomatic negotiations there might be treasured little of Ukraine left when the combating is over. An extended drawn out insurgency in Ukraine can be nice for the gangster hawks in Washington, it’s what they dream of, “taking part in the sport” as they do, ”with the bravery of being out of vary” I desperately hope your President isn’t a gangster too and that he’ll do what’s highest for his other people, and insist of the American citizens that they arrive to the desk. Unfortunately, alternatively, many international leaders are gangsters and my disgust for political gangsters didn’t get started final week with Putin. I used to be disgusted via the gangsters Bush and Blair after they invaded Iraq in 2003, I used to be and nonetheless am disgusted via the gangster govt of Israel’s invasion of Palestine in 1967 and its next apartheid career of that land which has now been occurring for over fifty years. I used to be disgusted via the gangsters Obama and Clinton ordering NATO’s unlawful bombings of each Libya and Serbia. I’m disgusted via the wholesale destruction of Syria initiated, because it used to be, in 2011 via outdoor interference in the reason for regime exchange. I used to be disgusted via the invasion of Lebanon in 1982 when the gangster Shimon Peres connived with the Christian Phalangist Militias within the homicide of Palestinian refugees in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps within the south of that nation.

I think for you Alina, and your Mum and Dad and your uncles and aunts and brothers and sisters and cousins, I misplaced each my father Eric Fletcher Waters, and my grandfather George Henry Waters in wars combating the Germans.

Please imagine me once I let you know that I imagine within the Common Declaration of Human Rights signed in Paris 1948. I’ve fought as exhausting as I understand how to foster and reinforce human rights for all my brothers and sisters far and wide the sector for so long as I will consider, and I reinforce you and yours now, with all my center.

Talking of gangsters, I do need to take factor with you about something on your letter, your “200%” trust that there are not any Neo-Nazis on your nation is nearly indisputably fallacious. Each the Azov Battalions on your military, the Nationwide Armed forces and C14 are well known self-proclaimed Neo Nazis teams. They’re gangsters too.

Additionally, I’ve no longer been silent on Ukraine, I wrote a work which used to be allotted six days in the past via Globetrotter, I shall append it to this publish:…

What else Alina? Neatly, we the folk, all people in each nation on this planet, together with Ukraine and Russia, can battle the gangsters, we will be able to inform them we can no longer be a part of their obscene and fatal wars to garner energy and wealth on the expense of others, we will be able to inform them that our households, if truth be told, all households far and wide the sector imply extra to us than the entire energy and cash on this planet.

The place I are living in the United States we will be able to sign up for Black Lives Topic or Code Purple or BDS or Veterans For Peace or myriad different anti-war, pro-law, pro-freedom, pro-human rights organizations.

I can do the rest I will to lend a hand impact the tip of this terrible warfare on your nation, the rest this is excluding wave a flag to inspire the slaughter. That’s what the gangsters need, they would like us to wave flags. This is how they divide and keep an eye on us, via encouraging the waving of flags, to create a smokescreen of enmity to blind us to our innate capability to empathize with one some other, whilst they plunder and rape our fragile planet. I can do the whole thing in my energy to lend a hand carry peace again to you and your circle of relatives and your stunning nation. The long-drawn-out warfare/insurgency that Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice and the remainder of the has been gangster Washington Hawks are encouraging isn’t on your nor Ukraine’s highest pursuits.

I want you smartly Alina.

Thanks on your letter, and for those who selected to ship a respond to this.

I can print that answer.

I promise.



PS. Have you were given a canine? If that is so please ship a percent.

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