The 18 Best Leonard Cohen Quotes


There are few writers regarded as as insightful as Leonard Cohen. Many lift the lyricist and put him within the stratosphere with other folks like Bob Dylan or even… Shakespeare.

To make certain, Cohen is a professional songwriter. However one of the crucial explanation why is that he’s taking his time. He does no longer rush issues. For Cohen, whose circle of relatives introduced just lately that his unpublished fiction writing shall be accrued for a brand new posthumous e book, A Ballet of Lepers, writing was once sacred, non secular.

It’s for those causes we needed to dive into Cohen’s ideas about issues that lie outdoor making a song and writing songs. Even if Cohen, who is understood for all-time tracks like “Hallelujah,” “Tower Of Tune” and “Dance Me to the Finish of Love” is known as a grasp of track composition, let’s dive into what the artist needed to say about the remainder of existence, too.

So, with out additional ado, let’s examine the Most sensible 18 Leonard Cohen Quotes.

1. “Poetry is solely the proof of existence. In case your existence is burning smartly, poetry is solely the ash.”

2. “There’s a crack in the whole thing. That’s how the sunshine will get in.”

3. “Act the best way you’d love to be and shortly you’ll be the best way you act.”

4. “I don’t imagine myself a pessimist. I recall to mind a pessimist as somebody who’s looking ahead to it to rain. And I think soaked to the surface.”

5. “This global is stuffed with conflicts and stuffed with issues that can not be reconciled. However there are moments when we will… reconcile and embody the entire mess, and that’s what I imply by way of ‘Hallelujah.’”

6. “If I knew the place the nice songs got here from, I’d move there extra frequently.”

7. “When issues get truly unhealthy, simply carry your glass and stamp your toes and do some jig. That’s about all you’ll be able to do.”

8. “The older I am getting, the surer I’m that I’m no longer working the display.”

9. “Luck is survival.”

10. “Tune is the emotional lifetime of most of the people.”

11. “The final shelter of the insomniac is a way of superiority to the slumbering global.”

12. “Kids display scars like medals. Fanatics use them as secrets and techniques to expose. A scar is what occurs when the phrase is made flesh.”

13. “I’ve were given stunning evaluations for all my books, and I’m rather well considered within the tiny circles that know me, however I’m truly ravenous.”

14. “As we make our means towards the end line that a few of us have already crossed, I by no means idea I’d get a Grammy Award. Actually, I used to be all the time touched by way of the modesty in their pastime.”

15. “I used to be 15 once I first turned into deeply touched by way of the rhythm and construction of phrases.”

16. “All of my writing has guitars at the back of it, even the novels.”

17. “I didn’t wish to write for pay. I sought after to be paid for what I write.”

18. “Some other folks care about their paintings lasting ceaselessly—I’ve no real interest in it.”

Picture by way of Matt Kent/Redferns