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Order of the Gauntlet


The Order of the Gauntlet was a coalition of morally upstanding warriors, knights, paladins and clerics who dedicated themselves to the destruction of evil in Faerûn in the 15th century DR. They were a unified group, bonded by either their fervent religious beliefs or staunch dedication to enforcing justice in the realms. To these brothers and sisters in arms, evil had to be dealt with and could not be ignored.[1][2][3][6]

Members of the order were strong in their faith, using it to stand against evil forces.[2] While this faith ranged from believing in one’s personal god, it extended also to those considered close friends, and especially to oneself. Most often, Knights of the Gauntlet venerated either the God of Guardians, Helm; two of the deities of the Triad, Torm and Tyr;[4] as well as the Poet of Justice, Hoar.[6]

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The Order of the Gauntlet had a number of chapters in various cities located across the western Realms of Faerûn.[7][8][9][10][11]


As part of their duties the Order of the Gauntlet remained vigilant against any potential threats to the Realms, standing ready to stop any aggression. When necessary, they investigated potential threats or secretive organizations, and watched over those creatures they saw as inherently evil.[6]


The Order of the Gauntlet held three tenets:[6]

  • Faith was a member’s most potent weapon against evil
  • Great challenges required heroic demonstrations of both strength and valor
  • It was justified to punish an act of evil, not a thought or feeling


Knights of the Gauntlet undertaking a valiant endeavour

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The order was clear on its methods of operation, and would never preemptively attack an opponent. They forewent the approval of local leadership when striking against evil.[2] They struck their foes fast and hard, seeking decisive victories.[12] They would never punish someone who had not committed an evil act nor those who merely expressed immoral thoughts.[6][13]

It was very uncommon to see a lone member of the Order as they almost always traveled in groups.[6]

Base of Operations[]

In the North, the Order of the Gauntlet maintained a strong presence in the city of Neverwinter,[11] several members stationed in Waterdeep,[8] and a representative in the Ten Towns city of Bryn Shander.[10] In the Silver Marches, they maintained a small watchtower near the Silverymoon Pass known as the Hawk’s Nest. It was there they bred hippogriffs, that were trained as aerial mounts.[14]

The order was well-represented in the Western Heartlands. In the devout city of Elturel, their chapterhouse operated out of the tavern known as A Pair of Black Antlers.[7] Order members in Baldur’s Gate discreetly supported those vigilantes who fought out against lawlessness.[15]

Far south in the land of Chult, the order first settled in Camp Righteous near a Chultan shrine, until it was taken over by undead creatures. They then established Camp Vengeance further up the river, near the Aldani Basin. The leader of the 50-man expedition was an incompetent nobleman named Niles Breakbone.[9]


Members of the order were known to proudly display the holy symbols of their respective deities.[1]


The Order of the Gauntlet counted a number of influential organizations among its allies. While they operated in very different ways, the Harpers and the Gauntlet ultimately shared the same goals for Faerûn.[2]

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As of the early 1490s, they sought to ally themselves with the Knights of Samular to conduct an allied campaign in the Savage Frontier.[16]


As of 1489 DR, the Order of the Gauntlet was considered one of the newest power groups in Faerûn.[3]

When the Cult of the Dragon began amassing vast stockpiles of treasure in the 1480s, the Order of the Gauntlet went to investigate. Working with the Harpers, they tracked a cult shipments across the Sword Coast to learn more about their far-reaching schemes.[5] When the threat of the cult, and the summoning of Tiamat proved to required a coalition of power groups, the Council of Waterdeep was established.[17] The order’s delegate to the council was the Tormar paladin of Elturel, Ontharr Frume.[2]

At some point in the late 15th century DR, the order established themselves along the River Soshenstar, so as to rid the jungle of the undead infestation.[18][19]

In the Year of the Scarlet Witch, 1491 DR, the Order attempted to cultivate more political influence in the Sumber Hills region of the Dessarin Valley. They sought alliances with various local leaders, including the Waterbaron of Yartar.[16]


Members of the Order were staunch comrades, never failing to trust in each other completely. While united, they were highly competitive and strived for excellence in all of their actions.[2][6]

Notable Members[]

  • Savra Belabranta: This Tyrran knight was a noblewoman of the storied Belabranta family of Waterdeep.[20]
  • Ontharr Frume: The jovial paladin of Torm headed the Elturel chapter of the order.[7][2]
  • Sir Baric Nylef: Another champion of Tyr, Sir Baric lived in the far-north city of Bryn Shander.[10]
  • Lanniver Strayl: A well known and highly respected member of the Order and an adherent of Tyr, lived in Neverwinter.
  • Javen Tarmikos: The former member found fault with the Gauntlet and founded the Order of the Gilded Eye.[13]
  • Preceptor Theraclast: An order representative who operated out of the Protector’s Enclave district of Neverwinter.[21]
  • Daran Edermath: A formerly active half-elf member of the Order. Retired in Phandalin and started tending an orchard there.



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