Waste & Recycling in Zurich Recycling & waste disposal in your region

Waste & Recycling in Zurich Recycling & waste disposal in your region

Waste disposal & recycling in Zurich

The Swiss are efficient and conscientious about recycling (DE/FR/IT) and have a myriad of rules and regulations regarding the issue. Unsurprisingly, Switzerland tops world rankings for environmental action (FR/DE). Adapting to Switzerland’s waste and recycling collection system (DE) requires time and effort but it is good for your conscience and for your wallet. Recycling collection points for most materials are widely available.

All the information you need about waste and recycling is provided by the Federal Office of the Environment (DE/FR/IT). You can click your canton on the map to find related links. For tips on saving energy and preserving the environment visit Energy-Environment (DE/FR). Read more about Switzerland’s thorough rubbish disposal and recycling systems and their benefits on Swiss Recycling (DE/FR/IT).

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Please note: The below regulations are for the city of Zurich. Outside of the city regulations may be different. Some communes use a sticker system where you buy your own black bin bags and add stickers according to the size of the bag. Check with your commune for local regulations.

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  • provides links to cantonal waste disposal and recycling information.
  • The recycling map shows collection points for all types of waste and centre opening times.

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