Billie Eilish issues an apology


A latest TikTok confirmed Billie probably singing or mouthing alongside to a Tyler the Creator track named Fish. The lyrics embrace an Asian slur, “Slip it in her drink and within the blink, Of a watch, I could make a white lady look c***ok.” One other clip within the video reveals her talking in a special accent, to which individuals claimed was her making enjoyable of Asian accents.

Billie made an IG Story, that is proper, solely viewable for 24 hours, not even a twitter submit to clear up the racist subject.

Claims she was 13 or 14 on the time, and that she solely mouthed the phrase and did not really say or sing it.
Did not know the phrase was derogatory on the time, however is appalled and embarrassed.
Was talking gibberish within the different clip of the video, and was not attempting to mimic any accent or any race.
Is sorry for anybody she damage and her coronary heart is completely breaking that she is being labeled now that causes ache for anybody who hears it.

[Full IG submit Billie placed on her story]
Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 12.57.34 AM

Do you forgive Billie?

Not my place to supply forgiveness.


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