Why Did Greg Davies Split With His Longtime Girlfriend Before She Could Be His Wife?

Why Did Greg Davies Split With His Longtime Girlfriend Before She Could Be His Wife?

Comedian’s life is not always a happy journey, and laughter is not always a part of their life.

Having faced a similar kind of scenario was British stand-up comedian Greg Davies who split with his wife-to-be.

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Let’s find out whether they are still clinging on to each other with anger in-between them, or they have already moved on?

Break-Up With Partner, Liz Kendall

The 52 years old Inbetweeners star has had many rough days in his life, and the most recent one was in 2015 when news of his split with his longtime girlfriend started circulating. For many years, Greg Davies was dating the Labour leadership contender Liz Kendall.

Greg Davies’ Labour leadership contender girlfriend Liz Kendall (Photo:

The news about the couple’s split came weeks before the general election in May of 2015. In an exclusive interview with Mirror, Liz said that the two had broken up but remained good friends with each other.

She further implied that she would not be the kind of politician who will mix up stuff about her private life and reveal it for everybody and like some space just for her. She said,

“I am not going to be the sort of politician who does all that stuff about their private life. It’s very precious to me and really important I have that space that’s personal and just to me.”

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On the other side, Greg Davies has not spoken, nor has he given any statement regarding the splitting information that Liz outed. Although Liz says that she remains a good friend, Greg has not acknowledged anything.

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Is Greg Davies Gay?

There was a twist in the story with rumors of the comedian being gay after a fan tweeted a picture of Greg kissing another man in the show Taskmaster in August 2019. The picture of the host became viral overnight, and a lot of talks of his sexuality erupted.

Moreover, rumors were circulating that Grey Davies might be having a romantic fling with fellow British comedian Alex Horne. Davies was well aware of the rumor and addressed it while talking to English comedian Russel Howard.

As per the YouTube video posted in 2020, Davies went through the rumor in Reddit and felt very unhappy.

That statement cleared it all; Greg Davies is definitely not gay.

Greg Davies’ On-screen and Off-screen Loss:

In 2014, Greg went from other serious tragedies before the split when his on-screen father Rik Mayall died. The sad news did not stop after that as Greg lost his real-life father a couple of months later, he lost Rik. He said,

“My dad died a couple of months after Rik. It was a difficult year. It’s a unique set of circumstances. It was incredibly sad. I was very close to my dad.”

It has already been over a year since Greg broke up with his partner/girlfriend; however, he has not been seen romantically linked with anyone else. Having broken up with a woman has indeed crushed any speculation regarding his gay rumors. Now, the only wait is for him to get married as people don’t get any younger, but in Greg’s case, he still carries the charm and continues his work in Man Down and Cuckoo.

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Greg Davies Net Worth

Davies is going through the highest of his career with projects like Taskmaster, 8 Out of 10 Cats, and Netflix comedy special You Magnificent Beast.

Moreover, he has had a number of TV shows under his belt that includes Saxondal, The Wall, The Inbetweeners, We Are Klang, Ask Rhod Gilbert, Fast and Loose, Cuckoo, Man Down, This Is Jinsy, AGert Lush Christmas, Travel Man, Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods and many others.

From the grand success of his shows, his net worth has propelled to $5 million.

Apart from that, the giant of a man is also going places with his comedy shows and making a sold-out crowd every time. Now, he is undoubtedly one of the greatest performers and entertainers in the business, and he is sure to come with more mind-boggling projects in the future.

More About Greg Davies

Davies was born Gregory Daniel Davies on 14 May 1968 un St. Asaph, Flintshire. His parents were Welsh who lived in England then.

His parents moved across the border to ensure Davies was born in Wales so that he could play rugby for the Welsh national team. He regards Wem, Shropshire, as his home because he was brought up there.

For his education, he attended Thomas Adams School in Wem. Then, he studied English and Drama at Brunel University in Uxbridge, London.

Prior to pursuing his comedy career, he was a secondary school Drama and English teacher for almost 13 years. He taught at Sandhurst Scholl, Orleans Park School, and Langleywood School.

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