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Prazza Golf Ball Finder

The Prazza Golf Ball Finder handset locates a connected Prazza golf ball within seconds, in the deepest rough or thickest forest. It will change the way you play golf, and will make every round more enjoyable.

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The Prazza Golf Ball Finder will help you lower your scores by eliminating penalty shots due to lost balls. It will also help you save money, imagine playing several rounds of golf with the same golf ball?

Click Here to see a demonstration of the Prazza Golf Ball Finder in use.

What is Prazza? The Prazza Golf Ball Finder handset locates a connected Prazza golf ball within seconds, in the deepest rough or thickest forest. It will change the way you play golf and will make every round more enjoyable.

Performance The Prazza handset has an effective range of up to 100 metres. You’ll hit the ball with more confidence because you’ll know you can find it again.

How Does it Work? Each Prazza Golf Ball Finder comes with a set of high-performance, micro-chipped Prazza golf balls. Each Prazza ball emits a unique radio signal: simply pair your Prazza ball to your Prazza handset before your round starts, and your handset will locate your ball every time. On a search, the handset screen shows you where to walk, and guides you to your ball using graphics and sound.

Prazza Saves Time Golfers spend over 30 minutes per round looking for their ball. Factor in provisionals, re-loads, and the dreaded walk back to the tee’, and small wonder a round of golf can take over five hours. Imagine being able to let fly, and walk straight to your ball with confidence wherever it ends up. Golf simply becomes faster with Prazza. It saves shots

Golfers worldwide lose, on average, 500 million golf balls every year. How much money will YOU save if you play with a ball which can’t be lost (besides lakes and out of bounds)?

Included with The Prazza Golf Ball Finder: Prazza Tracker – The Prazza Tracker handset is about the same size as a modern smart phone Prazza Golf Balls – Two high perfomance micro-chipped Prazza golf balls are included with each set USB Cable- Fully charged batteries in your Prazza Tracker handset by connecting to your computer. Charge will last for up to 8 hours Quick Start Guide – The Quick Start guide gets you up and running within minutes. Click Here to download the complete Instruction Manual.

Prazza Golf Ball Finder Diagram

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Frequently Asked Questions Questions Answers Why does the world need a golf ball finder ? With ball-finding technology, the game of golf speeds up worldwide. Also, beginners can venture onto the fairways with more confidence. How does the Prazza system work ? The Prazza golf ball contains an active RFID chip, which transmits a unique radio signal once per second, once activated. Before you tee off, you pair your Prazza Tracker handset with your Prazza golf ball. Thereafter, the handset will find the ball within 100m, depending on the local environment and weather conditions. Why hasn’t there been a golf ball finder which works before ?

Prazza is the first company in the world to include Active RFID technology in the golf ball, which creates a practical solution to lost golf balls within a huge 100m+ range, depending on the local environment and weather conditions. Previous golf ball finders have only worked over a very short range, and have therefore not been widely used.

Can I play Prazza in a competition (like a monthly medal) ?

Prazza cannot currently be used in competitions which are used to adjust handicaps. However it can be played in all forms of casual or friendly golf, and in any Society or Company golf day where the organisers agree to its use. How good are the Prazza golf balls ?

Prazza golf balls are high-performance distance golf balls with excellent spin control. Can I buy the Prazza balls with different distance / spin characteristics ?

At present Prazza is available in one version – Distance. Please watch this website for announcements regarding future versions. Who are the people behind Prazza ?

The Prazza Group was established in 2008, to develop a range of Prazza golfing telematics products. The management team has previous expertise in the field of tracking & tracing commercial vehicles. The Prazza RFID Golf Ball Finder is the company’s first product in a range of golf telematic systems. What do I do before I start my round ?

All that you need to do is ‘pair’ your ball with your handset.

1. Switch on your Prazza Tracker handset 2. Activate the Prazza ball by bouncing it once on a hard surface 3. Press the button on the handset, and hold the ball within 10cm 4. The unit will beep when it has paired with the ball – this only takes a few seconds. 5. Tee off!

What happens next ?

Your Prazza Tracker handset will take you straight to your ball – just follow the arrow. As you approach your ball, the screen display will change, the unit will beep / vibrate with increasing frequency as you approach your ball After I have hit the ball, how long do I have to find it ?

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Your Prazza ball transmits a signal for 30 minutes after it is struck. How accurate is the Prazza Tracker handset ?

The Prazza handset will get you to within 0.5m / 2 feet of your Prazza golf ball. How many Prazza balls can you find with one Prazza Tracker handset ?

The current model enables you to pair a single Prazza ball per handset. If more than one person in a group has a Prazza, does performance suffer ?

No, each Prazza handset works on a unique frequency, so individual handset performance is not impaired by proximity to other Prazza handsets. Under what circumstances can the Prazza Tracker handset not find a paired Prazza ball ?

1. If the ball is submerged in more than 8” of water; 2. If the Prazza ball is more than 100m away from the handset. Does Prazza work in all weather ?

Yes. Can the Prazza handset find Prazza balls in water ?

Up to a depth of 8”, yes. Can the Prazza handset find Prazza balls in snow ?

Up to a depth of 8”, yes. What is the battery life in the rechargeable Prazza Tracker handset ?

On average, at least three rounds of golf per recharge, although we recommend a full recharge after each round. As a power-saving measure, the handset switches itself off if it has not been used for 5 minutes. What is the battery life in the micro-chip in the Prazza ball ?

The micro-chip battery will last for at least 120 + 18-hole rounds of golf. What technology is in the Prazza golf balls and Prazza Tracker handset ?

Active Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). Can I turn off the sound of the beeper in the Prazza Tracker handset?

Yes, you can use the handset in Vibration Mode by pressing the Mute button. Sound Mode can be toggled On / Off by pressing the Mute button. NB: the unit does not vibrate in Sound Mode, and makes no sound in Vibration Mode.

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