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Battle Cat

Fighting tiger

Battle Cat is a huge, armored tiger that serves as the companion of He-Man in battle. Equipped with a saddle, Battle Cat can carry several warriors into battle like a steed, but his ferocious claws make him more formidable in combat than a mere horse. In many versions of Masters of the Universe continuity, he can speak, making him not simply a pet but a trusted confidant of He-Man.

In stories where He-Man is secretly Prince Adam, Battle Cat is similarly the alter ego of Adam’s pet tiger Cringer. Whereas Cringer is lazy and cowardly, and usually doesn’t even want to assume his heroic form, Battle Cat is headstrong and eager for action and excitement.


Main article: Battle Cat (early minicomics)


In the early minicomics by Donald F. Glut and Gary Cohn, Battle Cat is simply a wild animal that answers when He-Man calls out to him in the woods.[1] Because of his role as He-Man’s steed, his appearances are limited by the need to feature the other modes of transportation from the toy line, such as the Battle Ram and the Attak Trak. At first there is little indication that Battle Cat is anything more than a trained beast, but in The Terror of Tri-Klops! he converses with the other Heroic Warriors as if he were human.

In the story “Masks of Power”, Battle Cat is shown together with Fisto and Prince Adam. If this was not a mistake by artist Alfredo Alcala, it indicates that Cringer either did not exist in that timeline or that he could somehow change into Battle Cat by himself.

DC Comics

Main article: Battle Cat (DC Comics)

The Paul Kupperberg comics published by DC introduce Prince Adam and Cringer as the alter egos of He-Man and Battle Cat. Adam is an imposing, if irresponsible, warrior who is granted the power to become He-Man while defending a jungle village from Damon. Cringer, born in those same jungles, does not join him until later, unrevealed events.[2] Cringer is always upset by whatever disrupts his peace and quiet, except when he and Adam are summoned to the Cavern of Power and are transformed into their superheroic forms. Although Battle Cat is large enough for He-Man to ride on his back, Cringer is merely the size of an ordinary tiger.

Filmation era

Battle Cat allows people who He-Man rescues to ride on his saddle too.

For Filmation’s animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, both Cringer and Battle Cat are largely unchanged from the Kupperberg stories. The Cavern of Power is replaced with a transformation sequence, wherein Adam holds up his sword and calls upon the power of Grayskull to turn him into He-Man in a burst of energy. He-Man then points his sword at Cringer, directing some of the power to his friend until he grows and changes into Battle Cat. Although He-Man does not have to transform Cringer, it is not clear if Battle Cat can exist while He-Man is Prince Adam.

The origin of the character is established in “Battlecat”. The episode recounts that Adam, while on a few days exploring the jungle as a boy, found a green tiger cub being attacked by a vicious sabrecat. After scaring the sabrecat away, Adam took the kitten back to the palace where it was tended to by Man-At-Arms. After it became well, Adam adopted the kitten as his pet. However the kitten was scared very easily, and Adam and the kitten were teased by Teela and the other children, with the kitten being called a cringer. Although Adam defended his pet, the name stuck. The Sorceress appeared and told Adam that Cringer might bring him embarrassment now, but in the future he would be useful. Years passed, and after Adam was given the ability to become He-Man he usually hid from Cringer. However, when an archeological dig was attacked by a recently released monster, Adam transformed into He-Man without knowing Cringer was watching. After spotting him, He-Man tried to reassure his pet that he was really Adam, but after pointing the Sword of Power towards Cringer it let out the usual energy beam, transforming Cringer into Battle Cat for the first time. He-Man was shocked to see the change in the usually timid cat, but remembered the Sorceress’ words from when he was a child and he received another message, telling him Battle Cat was now his partner. Using Battle Cat, he was able to confine the beast and save the endangered team.

Compared to He-Man, Battle Cat is far more impulsive, hotheaded, and grouchy than his partner. Whereas He-Man always says and does the right thing, Battle Cat can be short-tempered and sarcastic when he’s annoyed.[3] He becomes anxious when there is nothing for him to do, which may indicate the reason he must return to his Cringer form whenever Eternia is at peace.[4]

Upon meeting him, Kittrina of the Cat Folk becomes quite fond of Battle Cat, regarding him as more handsome than He-Man and calling him “big boy.” Battle Cat seemed distracted by this affection, although his exact feelings were left unclear. Upon leaving the Royal Palace to return to her people, Kittrina expresses a desire to return to visit Battle Cat, and blows a kiss in Cringer’s direction, possibly indicating an awareness of their dual identity.[5]

Masters of the Universe (2002)


200X Battle-Cat

For the 2002 relaunch of Masters of the Universe, Battle Cat was redesigned with bulkier shoulders and sabre-like fangs, making him more distinct from his Cringer form.

Cringer is somewhat of a pet to Adam. Although it seems clear he can understand what is said to him, he cannot speak and sounds like a typical house cat, while as Battle Cat he has vocals of tigers and cougars. He is a coward, although this does not come up as much as in the original series, but more than once he has shown some bravery in order to help Adam. As Battle Cat, he is most often seen merely transporting He-Man and roaring loudly. In the first season of the 2002 animated series he only has a few fight scenes, going one-on-one with Panthor, helping against Evilseed’s vines, fighting giant mutated rats, taking out Clawful and fighting a powered up Tri-Klops.

In season 2 the writers gave him a more active role; he often fights against the Snake Men (he nearly kills Kobra Khan) and Skeletor’s forces. Since he never speaks, there seems to be an effort to portray his relationship with Adam/He-Man as more than master/pet, most often through either Battle Cat or Cringer being badly injured and He-Man entering a rage, or by He-Man explaining things to him.

During the Sorceress’s vision of King Grayskull’s past, it is revealed that he rode on a gigantic green lion, who wore the same helmet and armored claws as Battle Cat. This lion helped defend the castle and was the only one of Grayskull’s companions not to become an Elder. What happened to him is uncertain, however it does mean that Cringer’s presence at He-Man’s creation may not have been coincidental. Assuming the lion followed its master into the Sword of Power, this would perhaps form the basis for Battle Cat’s power.

2002 Battle Cat action figure.


Note: For Battle Cat’s appearances as Cringer, see Cringer.


  • King of Castle Grayskull
  • Battle in the Clouds
  • The Terror of Tri-Klops!
  • The Tale of Teela
  • Dragon’s Gift
  • Masks of Power
  • The Secret Liquid of Life!
  • Double-Edged Sword
  • Slave City
  • Siege of Avion
  • Spikor Strikes
  • The Stench of Evil


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983)

Season One

  • The Cosmic Comet
  • The Shaping Staff
  • Disappearing Act
  • Diamond Ray of Disappearance
  • She-Demon of Phantos
  • Teela’s Quest
  • The Curse of the Spellstone
  • The Time Corridor
  • The Dragon Invasion
  • A Friend in Need
  • Evil-Lyn’s Plot
  • Like Father, Like Daughter
  • Colossor Awakes
  • A Beastly Sideshow
  • Reign of the Monster
  • Daimar the Demon
  • Creatures from the Tar Swamp
  • Quest for He-Man
  • Dawn of Dragoon
  • Song of Celice
  • The Return of Orko’s Uncle
  • Wizard of Stone Mountain
  • Evilseed
  • Orko’s Favorite Uncle
  • The Defection
  • The Taking of Grayskull
  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • The Starchild
  • The Dragon’s Gift
  • The Search
  • Valley of Power
  • House of Shokoti Part I
  • House of Shokoti Part II
  • Double Edged Sword
  • The Mystery of Man-E-Faces
  • Orko’s Missing Magic
  • Eternal Darkness
  • Keeper of the Ancient Ruins
  • Return of Evil
  • Temple of the Sun
  • City Beneath the Sea
  • Dree Elle’s Return
  • Game Plan
  • Quest for the Sword
  • The Once and Future Duke
  • The Witch and the Warrior
  • Pawns of the Game Master
  • Golden Disks of Knowledge
  • The Huntsman
  • The Heart of a Giant

Season Two

  • The Cat and the Spider
  • The Energy Beast
  • Day of the Machines
  • The Gamesman
  • Fisto’s Forest
  • The Great Books Mystery
  • Origin of the Sorceress
  • To Save Skeletor
  • The Ice Age Cometh
  • Trouble in Trolla
  • Attack from Below
  • A Trip to Morainia
  • Things That Go Bump in the Night
  • Three on a Dare
  • Just a Little Lie
  • One for All
  • Jacob and the Widgets
  • The Littlest Giant
  • Trouble’s Middle Name
  • A Bird in the Hand
  • Battlecat
  • Search for the Past
  • The Greatest Show on Eternia
  • The Good Shall Survive
  • The Secret of Grayskull
  • The Bitter Rose
  • Teela’s Triumph
  • The Eternia Flower
  • Time Doesn’t Fly
  • Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Visitors from Earth
  • Monster on the Mountain
  • Search for a Son
  • Mistaken Identity
  • The Toy Maker
  • Bargain with Evil
  • The Cold Zone

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Season One

  • Into Etheria
  • Beast Island
  • The Battle for Brightmoon
  • Gateway to Trouble

Feature-length movies

  • He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002)

  • 2. The Beginning Part 2
  • 3. The Beginning Part 3
  • 4. The Courage of Adam
  • 5. Sky War
  • 6. The Deep End
  • 7. Lessons
  • 8. Siren’s Song
  • 9. The Ties That Bind
  • 11. Turnabout
  • 12. Mekaneck’s Lament
  • 13. Night of the Shadow Beasts
  • 17. Roboto’s Gambit
  • 18. Trust
  • 19. Orko’s Garden
  • 23. The Sweet Smell of Victory
  • 24. Separation
  • 25. Council of Evil, Part 1
  • 26. Council of Evil, Part 2
  • 29. Out of the Past
  • 30. Rise of the Snakemen, Part 1
  • 31. Rise of the Snakemen, Part 2
  • 33. Of Machines and Men
  • 35. The Power of Grayskull
  • 38. History
  • 39. Awaken the Serpent

Masters of the Universe Revelation

Main article: Battle Cat (Revelation)


Masters of the Universe


The original Battle Cat, based off an earlier Mattel design for a safari-themed toyline, is a moulded plastic figure with zero articulation; its legs are fixed and cannot move. The figure comes with a removable helmet and saddle (allowing for the closest we ever got to a Cringer toy, albeit a ferocious one). The figure is in scale, capable of fitting one standard figure astride it.

Masters of the Universe (2002)


The second figure is much more detailed, including a button-operated claw-slashing action. The figure comes with removable armor and helmet, as well as removable claw guards. The weapons attached to the armor have lever-operated launching projectiles, and the figure is again in scale with the line of human-scale figures within the same toyline.

Masters of the Universe Classics

The third figure from the “MOTU Classics” line is a far more detailed figure. Battle Cat’s armor is now a magenta-type color, instead of the straight red from the vintage line. The figure has far more articulation, and has more textured details.



Disc Golf Snap Tips | 60S Today

Disc Golf Snap Tips

Snap is a crucial aspect of disc golf motion. The definition of the term snap varies from player to player. Some players prefer this to the snap sound that they get at the rip. On the contrary, some people believe it to be the amount of spin. Or basically how fast a player’s wrist uncoils. Snap sound might be the result of that fast acceleration, and this might be one of the reasons why people call it snap. To be defined, we can say that snap is transferring the body motion from the body to the disc. Snap is instead using your body like a whip to create maximum power. This article will pinpoint some of the vital disc golf snap tips to develop your skills.

Follow the chain of events properly

Snap follows a chain of events while maintaining the perfect timing. Starting with a sidearm motion, first, shift your weight from right to left, turn your hips, your shoulder should get fired through which will fire the elbow forward and at the end snap your wrist by extending your elbow and forwarding your arm. You can do this with your backhand as well. Shift your weight from bottom to up, turn your hips, turn your shoulder, extend your elbow by pulling it forward, fire the arm ahead and release the disc. Just try to follow the events one after another and try to maintain the time.

Use Newton’s 3rd law

If you want to accelerate the disc in one direction, something else has to get slower, even moves backward to the other direction. It is basically the 3rd law of Newton. So make sure before releasing the disc, your arm follows through not your whole body.

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Try to find similarities with other sports

This suggestion is primarily for the new players. Beginners most likely are familiar or have played other form of games such as golf or badminton. While playing golf, an angle between the hip and shoulder is maintained, which is called the X factor. What you will be doing while throwing the disc is the mirror-inverted image of X factor in golf. So if you are a new player, try to find similarities with the games that you have played before. Try to trace the fact that helps you to transfer motion from your body to an object.


You can use four fingers when you are looking for the most snap for a long drive. Use four of them to get a good hold and slide your thumb more to the middle of the disc squeezing on top of your index finger. Grip it hard enough to rip the disc out of your fingers. But do not grip it too hard. Else you will lose control of the flight. Try to get a perfect balance.

Master some related distance skills here.

Use a towel

You can use cloth for practice. There are products available that have a piece of disc attached with the end of a towel. Try to get one of you can. It will help you to create a backhand snap. This might be proved as one of the useful disc golf snap tips for a beginner.


When you are in your backswing, don’t pull as hard as you can then. Pull slow till your disc gets right at your chest then turn your hips and explode your arm through the air like a whip. Be sure to follow through your throw to ensure maximum effort.

Choose the right disc

Choose the right disc to start playing. Some of them have over-mold technology. Pick one if you can. Such discs have the potential to make a difference. It will cause a lot of rotation. More spin will create more momentum, and it will give your straight and long flight. Best disc golf drivers, mid-ranges and putters are reviewed here. Disc golf putters buying guide is here.

Film it

You can film yourself while playing or throwing a disc. Later you can use those clips to spot your mistakes. Try to avoid those on your next throw. This method will allow you to see yourself as a player through your own eyes. Review yourself and develop your skills on your own.

Disc golf putters buying guide is here.

Have patience

No trees give fruit overnight. Patience is bitter, but it is the final result that will matter. It will take time even if you are born with natural talent. You have to struggle to master this art. Keep practicing, and over the years, you will get your perfect snap.

Find the history of disc golf disc here.


These few disc golf snap tips are some of the significant features of disc golf motion that a disc golfer should be aware of. These are not enough, though. There are many other factors that you will discover on your own while playing this game. Get on the field and trace the things that will help you to achieve a perfect snap. To ace it, you have to work on it hard enough. These tips will surely help you to get your desired result. But none can say what is best for you unless you decide to find it by yourself.

Learn Snap related issues with the video below


Titleist Forged 755 Série de fers | 60S Today


Five stars Bon Achat !

cARDELINE 30/05/2014

J’avais un peu peur en achetant d’occasion sur le net et la série du 5 au Pw est en tres bon etat le fer 4 est meme offert car abimé .tres content de ce site et de cet achat.


Golf Clash Tour 5 Walkthrough (All Courses With Best Clubs)


Congratulations on reaching Tour 5 in Gold Clash! So, here’s where you will first see some solid opponents so I have written this guide to show you how to win here.

Below you will find all the courses in Tour 5 with the best ways how to play them as well as some recommendations which clubs will work best for each course.

White Cliffs Walkthrough For Tour 5

tour 5 - White Cliffs - Hole 1Hole 1 (Par 4)

Clubs To Use: Backbone or Saturn

If you have strong headwind or winds from the side the left line will be the recommended way to play this hole at Tour 5.

Use all the front spin you have and maybe even overpower your shot slightly to land in the middle of the fairway. In your second shout you can go directly for the green by either using all backspin you got (and help of the headwind) or you bounce on the rough to slow down the ball and roll on the green.

If you have good tailwind you can pick the right line and bounce right in front of the bunker with frontspin to get to the end of the fairway. From here you can use a short iron to go directly for the pin easily but use some backspin to neutralize the tailwind.

tour 5 - White Cliffs - Hole 2Hole 2 (Par 3)

Club To Use: Big Dawg

This is a little tricky but this is the best line to play this hole in Tour 5. You will need to slightly overpower your shot to bounce it on the end of the fairway and bounce over. Use all the topspin you have here to make it far enough and hopefully on the green.

You also want to curl it a little bit to the right to stay away from the bunker in the right side.

tour 5 - White Cliffs - Hole 3Hole 3 (Par 5)

Club To Use: Big Dawg

You’ll typically play this hole in the left side (except you have strong tailwind). Go as far as you can on the first fairway and then use the small island in front of the green to bounce and get as close to the green as possible. You will probably make it to the rough and have a good chance for eagle from there – you can also overpower but if you fail you might just land in water, so beeter play it safe.

In the presence of tailwind you want to try th right lande where you should get the ball as far on the island as you can so your second shot will make it to the green – overpower it if you need to in the second hit as long as you can avoid the bunker you will have a safe eagle at Tour 5.

tour 5 - White Cliffs - Hole 4Hole 4 (Par 3)

Clubs To Use: Backbone or Sniper

The best way to play this hole is to bounce at the first fairway before the water – going directly for the green is not possible because you will come in too fast and can’t stop the ball from going into the bunker!

You want to bounce it and also use a lot of topspin to make it over the island – always aim for the point next to the bunker to bounce and the ball will slow down enough before it reaches the green 🙂

tour 5 - White Cliffs - Hole 5Hole 5 (Par 5)

Club To Use: Big Dawg

Unless you have strong tailwind you want to use the blue line. You’ll need one more hit to get to the green but with higher chances to eagle than the red line offers to albatross.

Anyway, go as far on the first fairway as you can and take a clean shot with some curl to the left at your second shot to make th balll run down the fairway and not into the rough. From here you have a clean take on the green and you need to use backspin or bounce it on the rough in front of the green.

The red line is a lot more difficult to play, especially at Tour 5, but you can make it to the grren in two hits. First you need to go to the very end of the fairway so overpower although you have tailwind and even add frontspin.

From here you will need curl and overpower again and bounce the ball right next to the bunker. You play upchill so don’t add too much backspin here.

tour 5 - White Cliffs - Hole 6Hole 6 (Par 4)

Clubs To Use: Backbone or Goliath

You want to go as far on the fairway as possible and stay on it to have a chance for an eagle, so bounce next to the bunker and add frontspin (don’t use too much when you have tailwind).

From here you have a clean hit for the green and you can go directly for the pin. The green is upchill so don’t go short and you can bounce directly on the green and add some backspin. If you don’t go directly for the green you might come short and the ball could roll back and end up in the rough.

This is the best way to play this hole at Tour 5.

tour 5 - White Cliffs - Hole 7Hole 7 (Par 3)

Clubs To Use: Sniper or Viper

There are two ways how you can play this hole at Tour 5.

If you don’t have much backspin the blue line is what you should be play – bounce the ball before the bunker and add top spin to bounce it on the rough right before the green to slow it down and maybe even go for your hole-in-one.

The red line needs more backspin but has a better chance to get you a hole-in-one at Tour 5 – you can bounce it on the rough before the green and add backspin. That’s overall easier to adjust because bouncing two times make it hard to 100% predict the ball direction (blue line).

tour 5 - White Cliffs - Hole 8Hole 8 (Par 4)

Clubs Tu Use: Viper or Sniper

The best way to play this hole at Tour 5 is the left side, unless you have strong headwind. Bounce the ball on the fairway and go to the right side island with solid frontspin to go as far to the end of the fairway as possible. From here you will go directly fot the green but don’t use too much backspin as we play uphill here and don’t want to come in short and roll back for a good chance to get an eagle.

The left line is the best way when you have strong headwind, so you use curl to the right to make the ball roll on the fairway as far as possible. For the second hit you will bounce on the rough in front of the green so don’t add any backspin, you won’t come in too fast.

tour 5 - White Cliffs - Hole 9Hole 9 (Par 5)

Clubs to use: Big Dawg

Unless you have good talwind you need to play the left line here. The trickly part on the left line – which is the normal way to play this hole at Tour 5 – is that you need to bounce over the bunker and land on the island-shaped fairway without rolling into the rough. Still, don’t be afraid to use topspin to make it over the bunker.

The right line is easier to play but you need tailwind you you will not get far enough to make it to the green in two hits. bounce at the end of the fairway and land at the end of the small fairway. From here you need to bounce over the next small fairway to directly go for the green with slightly curl to the left.


Ping G-Series Crossover Hybrid Bois de parcours | 60S Today


Four stars Super 👍

Trebor5 12/09/2018

Je suis très content de mon achat Le club est en parfaite état comme signalé sur le site Je vous recommanderais à d’autres golfeurs pour votre professionnalisme Bravo


Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi Bois de parcours | 60S Today


Five stars Parfait

cromagnon 12/02/2020

Conforme au descriptif du fabricant , le club réagit comme prévu et en plus la finition est excellente.


Musashi Goda | 60S Today


Musashi Goda

Image Gallery

Musashi Goda (郷田武蕨, Gōda Musashi) is a student of Salt Middle School and the Body Improvement Club’s President.


Musashi is a very tall, powerful and muscular teen, which makes him look a lot older than he actually is.


Musashi has a strong sense of justice but strongly disagrees with senseless violence as seen when he refused to assist Onigawara in beating up Teruki Hanazawa. However, it’s shown that he has also had a kind heart, where he openly welcomed Mob into the Body Improvement Club. He also gave the former Telepathy Club refuge in their old room, since they only needed it to store their exercise equipment.


Musashi grew up on a family farm.


Springs of Youth Arc

In his first appearance, Musashi welcomes Mob to the Body Improvement Club with open arms.[1]

Teruki Hanazawa Arc

After Mob is kidnapped, he and the rest of the Body Improvement Club attempt to rescue Mob from students from Black Vinegar Mid. However, after effortlessly defeating most of their students, he is later defeated by Teruki Hanazawa.

Big Cleanup Arc

After being framed by Kamuro and Ritsu, Goda tried to cheer up Onigawara.

Separate Ways Arc

Much later in the series, he takes Mob and other members of both the Body Improvement Club and the Telepathy Club to celebrate birthdays. This celebration and Reigen telling Mob that his friends aren’t real and are only using him is ultimately what causes the eventual disconnect that occurs between Mob and Reigen.

World Domination Arc

He places 1st in the track race.

He later fights Shibata alongside Onigawara and the Body Improvement Club, only able to put up a real fight when Dimple possessed him. After Shibata got up again, Dimple is unable to possess him again due to the strain on his body and he is saved by Mob.

Powers & Abilities

Gouda’s stats

Gouda’s test scores (in order: Japanese, Math, Sociology, Science, and English)

Musashi isn’t very clever book-wise, as seen by his shocking mediocre mid-term exam results. However, he possesses incredible physical strength, durability and endurance from countless months of dedicated fitness and muscle training as part of the Body Improvement Club. Musashi was capable of withstanding attacks from Espers such as Teruki and Shibata.

After possessing him to combat Shibata, Dimple noted that Musashi’s naturally built muscles held a lot of power[2] allowing Dimple to overwhelm Shibata. This power is called 100% muscle usage.[3]



Main article: Shigeo Kageyama

Like the rest of the club, Goda has a decent friendship with Mob. He is willing to go to war with a school when Mob is kidnapped. Goda also shows some respect towards Mob when he is able to keep up with them.

Tenga Onigawara

Main article: Tenga Onigawara

Despite the fact Onigawara manipulated him into going to war with another school, Goda gets along with Onigawara. When Onigawara was framed as a pervert, Goda comforts him and soon made him an honorary member of the Body Improvement club.

Teruki Hanazawa

Main article: Teruki Hanazawa

Originally, Goda was reluctant to fight Teru due to the difference in their physiques, but was overwhelmed by the latter’s psychic powers and assumed it was muscle power.


“I don’t know what you have against him… But he isn’t a man you can just step on… Right, Kageyama? Someone like you… I’m not gonna give him up! We are training buddies! You’ve always been working so hard! How many times did you collapse due to anaemia or injuries? Yet you always stood up and kept going. It didn’t matter if you’re not athletic. It’s the process of your growth… You showed us how much you struggled. You gave us courage. And that… isn’t something that someone can crush that easily! Attacking someone weaker than you… That’s why I won’t hand over Kageyama to you!” Musashi defending Shigeo from Shibata.



Josh Redgrove | 60S Today


If you were looking for the article about the female alter ego of Josh, then see Joshalyn.

Josh Redgrove Josh Redgrove Profile General information Occupation(s): Cashier Education: Scaunchboro High School Interests: Stardust CrusadersGirlsBeing popular Friends: Parker DinklemanBrittanyDoug Enemies: Edward R. CarneyMr. Wink Physical appearance Age: 16 Gender: MaleFemale (Parkerina) Hair: Blonde Color: White Eye color: Light-yellow Ethnicity: Canadian Family Decedents: N/A Series information First Appearance: In Parker’s Sight Last Appearance: Dream of the Dead Voiced by: Jamie Shannon List of Characters

Joshua “Josh” Redgrove is the main protagonist of Mr. Meaty. His main lifetime goals are to get his one true love and be a celebrity with his best friend, Parker. He has a job at the Mr. Meaty restaurant food chain, which carries his work as a cashier and won’t let anyone stop him from accomplishing his goals.


Josh has an intrinsic way of despising his cashier job, and to that, he tries to be cool by impressing the girls he likes, but he always seems to fail or make himself look like a loser in front of them.

His personality consists of being a straight man, staying sane, and a little bit detached. Mostly, he likes girls, music, and hanging out, and his personality is very opposite from Parker, according to the co-creators of the show.

Physical Appearance

Josh has blonde hair (which is over his left eye), light yellow eyes (yellow in the pilot and shorts), and pimples. He also appears to be of Native American descent.

He almost always wears a short-sleeved Mr. Meaty work shirt with his name tag on it (with a red long-sleeved T-shirt inside the work shirt in the pilot and shorts), long black pants, and blue and white sneakers.



Coming soon!


Coming Soon!


  • Arthur Holden was rumored to voice Josh many times.
  • Josh was named after one of the creator’s nephews, while Parker’s appearance was based on his other nephew.
  • His street address is 193 Augusta Ave. Scaunchboro. His education was in the 9th grade.
  • His position was applied for working cash.
  • Working at the front counter, Josh is the first line of defense against crazed holiday shoppers, health inspectors, and tar monsters, all of which make it tough to carry on conversations with girls.
  • He never worked for Mr. Meaty before, and is his first job.
  • Josh is a year older than Parker.
  • Even though he once admitted that Parker isn’t exactly the coolest dude in the universe and frequently seems tired of Parker’s “nerdier” tendencies, Josh is genuinely very close to him.
  • Most girls do not like Josh; some girls (such as Goth Girl) like Josh at first, but sooner or later, they always ditch him in the end.
  • It is revealed in “Josh-Off” that he weighs 86 pounds.
  • On his job application in “Original Sin,” his special skills and hobbies are film-making, skateboarding, sling shot-making, girls, boxing stuff, buttering bread, and fixing holes.
  • Josh is a former member of the Dirt Bike Club.
  • When he screams, he often screams like a girl. This is noted by Ken in “Ninjam.”


(The gallery will get its own page, as of right now it’s available here.)


SIR Branch 116 Golf


All SIR Branch 116-sponsored 9-Hole golf, 18-hole golf, and golf lessons were approved on February 15, 2021 by SIR Branch 116 BEC provided: 1. Such activities are not prohibited by an applicable order of the California Department of Public Health or County or Municipal Health Department.

2. All activities are conducted with strict compliance with all applicable State and Locally mandated mask, hand sanitizing, distancing requirements, and any other pertinent Health Related Requirements as well as State SIR Golf Protocol and additional SIR 116 Branch rules shown in the linked documents below.

Protocols for golf signups: – State SIR Golf Protocal Branch 116 Protocol

This page was last updated on February 15, 2021

18-Hole golf memberships are available to all SIR Branch 116 Members who are also members of the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA). Weekly tournaments are held at private and public courses throughout the Bay Area, generally on Mondays. Memberships include eligibility to play in all 9-hole events. Separate 9-hole memberships do not require NCGA membership. Coordination of the 18-hole group is under the leadership of Chairman Bernie Wroblewski and Vice-Chairman Jim Johnson. Please check out the Membership Q&A by clicking on the menu below the header and navigate to Administrative/Membership Q&A.

You may sign-up for Boundary Oak & Paid-in-Advance tournaments on this website. Simply navigate to 18-Hole Schedules & Signups and choose either Boundary Oak Signups or Paid-in-Advance. Please follow the instructions when signing up.

Navigation is easiest on a desktop or laptop computer. You can also navigate on a mobile device by using your finger to click on the gray area just beneath the SIR Branch 116 Golf heading. Depending on your monitor, or what type of mobile device you may be using, some pages may require you to scroll either horizontally (by going to the bottom of the page) or vertically (on the right edge of the page). Any concerns, questions or suggestions about the website should be directed to Kevin Donahue.

9-hole tournaments are generally on Wednesdays. Coordination of the 9-hole group will continue under the leadership of Dick Chaffee and Darrell McClaughry.

From the Office of the Chairman….

A special thanks to the entire Golf Committee for all their hard work. Also, a very special debt of gratitude goes out to Kevin Donahue for maintaining this golf website, to David Harris for his continuing efforts to establish flights, forms and other administrative requirements, to Wayne Cook t for compiling the results for the trivia page, and to all the other volunteers who help make our golf outings run smoothly.

The 4 competitive flights for 2021 were determined following the release of the January 2020 indexes. With limited play due to the virus, we will be using the same flights from 2020. Every effort was made to have approximately equal numbers of golfers within each Flight. Those not wanting to compete for points were assigned to a non-competitive flight, enabling them to play in any tournament.

Those assigned to Flight 1 have the option to play from either the white or forward tees. The decision as to which tee to play was made at the beginning of the year and may be changed at the mid-year break. Handicaps at the course being played will take into account the slope differential for white/forward tees for that course. Scoring shall be based on NCGA Rules Section 3-5 for playing from different tees. All those in Flights 2, 3, and 4 must play from the forward tees.

The Carson City and Carmel outings will continue in 2021. As each outing approaches, information will be posted on this website. The current schedule for 2021 is posted on this website.

In 2021, the Special Events Committee is holding off on planning special events until we are able to resume play.

For 2021, a minimum of 2 members of a foursome need to sign the scorecard.

Improvement of “pace of play” generated the most input from the survey. We all need to do our part to enhance “ready golf”. So let’s do all we can to keep up with the group ahead of us, limit the time looking for lost balls, limit practice swings, and keep moving in the fairways and from green to tee.



2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn Review | 60S Today


The Autobahn is a place where there are no limits. You can go as fast as you want without fear of getting a speeding ticket. Here in the U.S. we aren’t so lucky to have such a highway, so you will need to be careful if you buy the Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn. It’s the top trim for the Golf GTI and it’s a hot hatch that pegs high on the fun-to-drive meter.

It will be hard to keep this Golf GTI flying under the radar! Over the weekend we tested a cop-attracting, Tuxedo Red 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn to see how it performed in the curves and on the open road.

What’s New For 2016?

The Volkswagen GTI gets an all-new infotainment system for 2016 with a standard 6.5 inch touchscreen interface, rearview camera, universal USB input and, for compatible phones, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Last year, the GTI received upgrades to the steering and brakes making it better in the curves. We were eager to see for ourselves on the twisty mountain roads west of Denver.

Features & Options

The 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn ($30,135) comes with a power sunroof, automatic headlights and wipers, keyless ignition and entry, leather upholstery, and a Fender premium audio system. It also features a navigation system, 10-way power driver seat (with two-way power lumbar), and dual-zone automatic climate control.

Outside, the GTI Autobahn, gets 18 inch alloy wheels, LED front fog lights, heated foldable outside mirrors, rain-sensing wipers, rear spoiler, GTI bumpers, and special exterior trim.

Total MSRP including destination: $30,995.

Interior Highlights

The Golf interior is simple and well laid out. The controls are easy to use and the 6.5 inch touchscreen controls the navigation and Fender premium audio system. The cabin is high quality and there’s lots of soft touch materials throughout. We would describe it as distinctly European, comfortable, and red stitching on the leather steering wheel, sport seats, and gear shifter boot sets the interior apart. The sport seats provide ample support and comfort, even on longer trips in the hatchback. There’s a handy bin ahead of the shifter, perfect for a cell phone.

The rear seats offer excellent room for adults and are comfy for longer trips. There’s ample head and shoulder room too, thanks to the higher hatch roof. There’s also a convenient folding rear armrest/cupholder with a pass-through to the back. Behind the rear seats, it comes with 22.8 cubic feet of cargo space that’s easily accessible through the rear hatch.

With the seats folded flat, it offers up a class-leading 52.7 cubic feet of space.

  • 2015 golf gti 4217
  • 2015 gti 3941
  • 2015 gti 3940

Engine & Fuel Mileage Specs

The 2016 VW Golf GTI is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 210 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed manual transmission is standard and a six-speed automated manual DSG is optional. They both send power to the front wheels.

The EPA’s estimates for fuel economy are 25/34 city/highway and 28 mpg combined with the manual gearbox.

Driving Dynamics

Our tester came with the 6-speed manual gearbox and we are glad it did. This car is fun to drive and the shifter provides even more engagement to the already sporty nature of the Golf GTI. We chucked it around the tight mountain corners this weekend! The GTI has more responsive steering and the upgraded brakes make it far more capable and enjoyable in the curves.

We pushed the GTI hard and it accelerates quickly as the turbo spools up to utilize every bit of the 210 horsepower. The turbocharged 2.0-liter engine with 258 pound-feet of torque makes this hatch one of the quickest compacts in its class.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI lives up to its hot hatch heritage instilling plenty of driver confidence. The only complaint we have with the GTI is this model comes with the larger wheels and high-performance tires. The GTI’s ride is a bit rough over the bumps likely because of the summer meats. We also barely made it home as more heavy, wet snow hit the mountains as winter continues to hold on late this year.

A better option would be all-season tires for the colder climates.

  • 2016 golf gti 4034
  • 2016 golf gti 4005
  • 2016 golf gti 4214


The 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn is a fun hatchback that’s also practical with plenty of utility. It absolutely dials up driver engagement with the 6-speed manual gearbox. The GTI can be a real sleeper and you can fly under the radar if you don’t get the red exterior paint we did. There’s a lot to like and we would recommend it for those want a sporty, hot hatch.

*Denis Flierl has invested over 25 years in the automotive industry in a variety of roles. Follow his work on Twitter: @CarReviewGuy